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Here are some more excerpts/highlights from the "Furthur Adventures of
Elvis Mellon" -

(  In this excerpt- Princess Vipra the "friendly" Draco vegatarian and her
new husband are aboard Elvis Mellons star ship the Visigoth as ally's of
Elvis's against they're own kind- the Draco. Vipra's rotten brother the
emperor Zor -sworn enemy of the Galactic Confederation and avowed
hater of Elvis Mellon and his taste in music- has been thru a bizzare series
of events and circumstances brought down and captured and had even
switched sides but thats another story- now he has bjust been given the job
of cleaning the ships toilets ( in particularly Elvis Mellons ) and it is this
turn of events his sister  Vipra is contemplating in the bathroom of her
guest cabin as this adventure excerpt begins.......

Elvis Mellon further adventure of part # 2 episode 1 part B ( YOU  got A
Copyright 1996/2005

"I can see my face in it"

The stars shot by at dizzying speed as Vipra held onto the rim of the sink in her
private guest quarters bathroom. She was feeling ill and  seeing the hyperlite of
the stars blur by wasn’t helping. She noted the sink and toilet sparkled and
thought of her brother Zor's  new occupation.

''Maybe this will turn him around." "or maybe he will just stay an evil son of a
bitch-no offense mom! ( Mom-  Queen Drusilla Rex ) had divorced their father  
emperor Rex of the Draco star empire and married his accountant, they ran off
and defected to galactic federations capital world Advantis. The old man -old Rex
emperor of the Draco star empire wasn’t to happy about that even if he had been
cheating on her since their honeymoon and had hundreds of bastards running
around. ( sigh) " Vipra lit a cigarette after a good puke. She daintily wiped her
crockodile snout of a  mouth and used some levoris and spit it out and flushed the
smoke, re applying her lipstick she hit the button to open the door to her
stateroom. "What’s his name"  her husband was snoring away on the bed  the TV
screen was showing an old tonight  show rerun with  Elvis Mellon and Johnny
Carson, Don Rickles was

Making fun of Elvis’s tie and Jim Fowler from "mutual of Omaha’s' wild kingdom"
had brought out a juvenile crocodile. Vipra felt a pang of "motherhood”. The
earth crock looked like a baby Draco, Just then she clutched her belly and puked
all over "what’s his name" - he sat upright growling and wiping his face. Looking at
her accusingly. she grinned at him " darling, its  morning sickness.......we are


"Further adventures of Elvis Mellon" part # 2 "episode 6b-"
Where’s lee Harvey Oswald when you need him?''

Quinn Martians go home

Copyright 2006

Captain Ashtar in his flag ship "avatar" sat in his command chair checking his
"look" in his portable mirror. His sparkling white teeth almost blinded his white
mantis first officer who was about to go off duty when the alarms sounded. They
had been coming into the valdek system where the silver zeppelins of the hybrid
Nazi draco/humans were starting to decimate the colony worlds of the galactic
federation   when the super advanced and evil cockroaches arrived in their massive
star ships bristling with weapons of destruction.

The captain closed the compact mirror and looked to”ixxxxx" (or what ever his
name was ) His first officer (also a giant intelligent insectoid) " all personnel go to
red alert sorry ixxxxx all shift changes are cancelled till further notice. Hail the
bugs , Uhh I mean the cockroach’s. ” Ixxxxx shot him a "dirty look' and then
pushed the hail button”

A reply came in

Ashtar sat up "what did they say?"  Ixxxxx turned his robot like head with the
large white eyes to Ashtar "I said galactic federation flagship "Avatar" hailing
cockroachs. State you purpose for being in our space." "uhhhh,they said their
purpose was to exterminate us with extreme predijuce and why is an insectoid
working with that asshole ashtar"

Ixxxxx exchanged some more insect chatter  ( via his translator Mantis and Roach
were like Chinese and Gaelic, Really hard to speak if it wasn’t your native tongue
and nothing alike)    Captain Ashtar was smoothing his blond perfect hair as he
looked at himself in the reflection of one of the view screens "Ixxxxx please put it
in standard" ixxxxx nodded "yes -sir!"

Cockroaches: "hey what’s the difference between plaedians and a pile of shit?''   
Ashtar turned to glare at Ixxxxx (who weakly said) "what?"

Cockroaches: "nothing" (squeaky insectoid laughter and guffaws)
Ixxxxx was biting his mandibles to stop from laughing himself.

Cockroaches: " oh and this is for blasting our ship when we were still negotiating
“the "Avatar" was rocked by an explosion and the grotesque looking bulky
cockroach ships (they looked like they were pieced together with junk and garbage-
they were! )

Were   laying down some heavy ordinance and the silver zeppelins of the Nazi
draco /hybrids were starting to blast them as well  captain Ashtar looked
distressed "get us out of here Ixxxxx "  the avatar was in full retreat with two of
the nastiest species ( hybrid or other wise ) in the galaxy in fast pursuit.