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Location: Hexarus Triune star system - aboard Decimator- super dreadnaught flag ship of
Draco 7th fleet (Zor’s command ship)   

Hanger bay 117 in Z section was so large that it had its own weather. It had  miniature
weather controlling satellites hovering near its ceiling that controlled and regulated
humidity, temperature, air pressure, etc, since the  Draco were of  course cold blooded (
though not all sentient species of reptilians in the known galaxies were.)  They liked their
ships nice and hot like their home world and colony worlds and the Draco conquered but
rarely migrated to worlds that were not at least temperate  ( if not down right tropical or hot
) and that included desert worlds. They did conquer and exploit ice worlds and some rather
inhospitable planets   for their resources or potential slave populations and or food sources,
but in those cases they built pressure domes with an environment to their liking and
manned them with a skeleton crew of personnel from the high commands “shit list,” like
how the U.S army or air force sends personnel to Alaska or the North pole.

The hangers of their ships were no exception; frequently open to the ice cold vacuum of
space or high atmosphere, their hanger bays had the heat cranked and the Draco were
masters at utilizing space so the hanger sections along the walls also served as “sunning”
spots for personnel on a break, and these area’s were climate controlled with areas of
rocks, grass, tropical plants, running water, with special force shields that screened out
any dust, ships exhaust, harmful chemicals, etc. General Malaize of the super mutant
cockroaches was still amazed at the hanger’s size, having first been aboard to see the
demonstration of the Draco “bio weapons,” the “Yarns.”

There were rows of large and mid sized Draco military shuttles and a section for assault
fighters    divided into Draco assault craft and Gray Cyborg clone fighters. There were
service bays where ships were being serviced and repaired by Draco and bot maintenance
crews and in some cases humanoid or non humanoid slave labor ( though they rarely got to
work on Draco ships unless they were extensively conditioned and brain washed for fear  of
sabotage and these individuals were closely watched.)  Malaize also marveled at the   huge
crane hoists that ran along a gigantic ceiling track that lifted ships larger then his shuttle
or Pulsar 9 and  could move  them to other sections of the bay. He saw  what looked like
recreation areas of “Jungle” and big rocks along the walls with naked Draco sunning them
selves under the fantastically bright over head   lights (  simulating their home worlds sun
)   of the bay.

Malaize and the other cockroaches hated this and had taken the precaution of wearing
large “sun glasses” over their huge compound eyes after nearly going blind from those
dammed lights on their last visit. Malaize, Major Salmonella and their combination ,  
shuttle pilot (  all around “peon,” )  and body guard, Private Sluuurpp , were all standing by
their shuttle as instructed by Zor ‘s adjutant, until  Zor or one of his aides could find time
to meet them there. Malaize was already regretting his impulsiveness on deciding to come
here and demanding an audience with the “mighty” Zor, and now he had a bad feeling
about this. Three Yarns were still in their cages with in spitting distance of the cockroach
shuttle and their blood curdling screeching and growls Were giving Malaize and his “men”
the heebie jeebies as they watched   the stolen C.G Lyran shuttle, Pulsar 9, enter the
gigantic bay escorted by two Draco fighters  and this gave Malaize  a chill.

He looked out at the seemingly open hanger doors with just a thin force shield holding in
the atmosphere and heat and preventing any wreckage or lazer bolts, etc,   from the on
going space battle from coming in and killing them. The general was wondering if he and
his men would even make it off this ship alive   when he noticed the phalanx of Draco
shock troops in full battle gear, approaching the extending ramp of the Pulsar 9. He knew
that what ever was about to happen was going to involve some form of violence and death
and Malaize was not a big fan of either, especially if it involved HIM and he knew that Elvis
Mellon and his crew had just shown up and that included Doctor Sax and that spider, Zik,
and people had a bad habit of getting real dead around them, at least anyone on the Draco
alliance side of things.  Malaize hoped that his tipping off Elvis of Zor’s plans for Zik’s
brother and the Mantis had bought him some good will in that department. He knew that
Elvis and the colonel were no slouches either when it came to death and destruction and  
they too were known to leave a trail of bodies behind them, even when they had the best  of
Malaize and his fellow cockroaches heard the sound of Pulsar 9’s hatch opening and the
ramp extending and braced themselves for the worst.

Up on the Decimators Bridge, Zor, (  unlike Malaize)  had no clue nor anticipated any
problems as he watched Pulsar 9’s hatch opening  from the safety of said bridge and the
comfort of his command chair. He was enjoying the clarity and bright colors of the Bridges
H.D Holo screen and enjoying himself and even gloating a little, but that all changed in an
instant when instead of seeing Elvis Mellon and his crew being lead out in chains by
Zlaarissh and his men, he was instead watching that gigantic nightmarish spider jumping
out of the stolen cargo shuttles hatch and tearing his troops to shreds.

It all happened so quickly that Zor’s normally sharp mind had trouble catching up with
what he was actually seeing as if time had slowed down to a crawl like in a bad dream. He
watched in shock as a legion of his elite deadly shock troops, set aside from the skirmish
on “Rex’s balls” and kept aboard Decimator to protect their High commander and heir to
the throne, was/were being thrown about and torn to shreds like their armor was made of
tissue paper! Squads of death bots and back up Gray cyborg clones were blasting at the
crystalline “monster” to no avail, their laser beams, bolts, plasma charges, explosive
projectiles, etc, all harmlessly bouncing off the spider’s diamond like exterior and
ricocheting into the surviving Draco troops causing further death and injuries.

Charging down the ramp behind the huge arachnid was first cohort Zlaarissh and five Gray
cyborg clones, all firing at their own troops!! Zor was beside himself with shock, dismay,
and growing rage as one after another unwanted surprise unfolded. Zor was starting to feel
SPIDER!!! NO, NO, NOOOO!!!   THIS IS INSANE!!!!”  Zor was NOT however surprised to see
Elvis Mellon and Colonel T.P Sommo following behind Zlaarissh and the Gray cyborg clones
with four other humanoids that included the infamous Doctor Sax, his hairy green ape -
side kick, a Plaedian woman and a human that Zor recognized from news feeds and Intel
photo’s as Professor Krophf, the Galactic Confederation’s most brilliant scientist.

Zor wanted HIM alive; he could prove to be a very valuable asset.  They were all armed and
firing their weapons at anything that moved and the surviving shock troops, Gray cyborg
clones  and death bots were all shooting back at them,  but dammed if  all the laser bolts
and beams and projectiles flying around did not some how narrowly miss Elvis and his
band of invaders! This was pissing Zor off to know end, knowing his shock troops and the
Gray cyborg clones were all trained as totally “crack” shots that never missed their targets
and yet they could not seem to hit such a large target as that dammed giant of a human or
his companions, including that big green primate!!  He had to wonder if Elvis Mellon’s
dammed super computer intelligence had something to do with their seemingly incredible
“luck.”   Zor was pacing around the bridge swinging his scimitar like a cheerleader with a
baton, his eyes bulging and wild as he kept glancing from the main holo screen to his two
WE CAN USE HIM!!!”    

He turned to his communication’s officer, an attractive Draco female who was busily
manning her post, monitoring all inter ship communications and incoming transmissions
from the fleet; and pointed his sword her way and shouted. “Patch me through over the
ship’s loud speakers. This is your commander, Zor; we have been boarded by hostiles!! Elvis
Mellon, Colonel T.P Sommo, DOCTOR SAX (audible gasps)  and one of those big crystalline
spiders from Arachnidonazarathain!!  SHOOT TO KILL!! ALL AVAIALABLE COMBAT

On hanger deck 117, Zik was effortlessly wading through the Draco shock troops of Legion
Seventeen like Godzilla strolling through Tokyo. Some of the meanest, toughest, battle
hardened Draco warriors in the 7th fleet were being ruthlessly terminated with extreme
prejudice before they could hardly fire a shot. Zlaarissh and the five Gray cyborg clones
under his command now seemed to have the same “luck” that Elvis Mellon and his crew
had in some how managing to not get shot point blank and narrowly missing the deadly
volley of projectiles, laser and plasma bolts and beams being hurled at them. Zlaarissh
could not help but wonder if this was Elvis Mellon’s super computer being, "Virgil,” at work  
as  he and  his Gray cyborg clones  followed in  Zik’s wake as he cut a swatch through the
Draco troops and Gray cyborg clones and it became obvious to Zlaarissh that Zik was
making a B line towards the Yarns in their cages. First cohort Zlaarissh had now fully
committed himself to being a traitor to his people after Elvis Mellon assured him that his
family would be rescued by Elvis Mellon’s super computer being, Virgil, and given asylum
and a better life either in the confederation on a free Draco colony world of pro C.G Draco’s
or on one of the utopian worlds of Ovid’s great world ark ship “Tellepharon,” or one of the
other world ark ships.

After Zlaarissh’s initial decision to help Elvis stop Zor from nuking Triune # two, Zlaarissh
had realized that the moment he was revealed to be a traitor; Zor and the high command
would punish his treachery by killing his family. Elvis had promised him that with the
incredible god like powers of the Cybernetic children of the Ascendant, that Virgil, with
help from his brethren,  could  quickly  locate Zlaarissh’s loved ones and faithful friends
and if so willing, transport them to safety no matter how deeply in Draco space they were
located and with no effort. Zlaarissh would not have believed this himself if he had not seen
it with his own eyes when shortly before their shuttle docked in Decimator’s hangar bay,
Elvis had shown Zlaarissh via a holo projection sent by Virgil of   a communication from his
wife and children and others that they were all safe and sound and beyond Zor and the
emperor’s reach.

There was no turning back now as Zlaarissh cut down Draco that he had served with in
many bloody campaigns against the confederation. The Draco in turn seemed to be
deliberately concentrating most of their fire power on him because he was a traitor and
“turn coat” in their midst.   The hanger was in total chaos with alarm claxon’s sounding off,
red emergency lights blinking, explosions and fire. Clouds of black and gray smoke were
being blown about by the hanger’s atmosphere circulating fans making for poor visibility
with laser and projectile fire going everywhere. The sounds of screaming and blaster fire
added to the chaos as  Draco troops, hanger personnel, death bots, etc, were running to
and fro, ducking for cover  or in their death throes as Zik continued his rampage and the
Yarns screeched and yowled, excited from the scent of blood.

Elvis Mellon and Colonel T.P Sommo continued their usual conversations and bickering as
they calmly sauntered behind Zlaarissh and the Gray cyborg clones following the very
pissed off spider. Elvis seemed incredulous as he responded to his friend’s earlier
comment.   “So you actually like “Amok time” better then “The Doomsday machine?” The
colonel was shooting at Draco with a pearl handled revolver in each hand as he yelled back
over the din of explosions, screams and gun fire. “YEAH, Amok time RULES!!! Spock got
himself a case of “Pon far” and had to go home to mate!! Awesome!!!  Doomsday machine
was o.k. but it looked like a big turd in space!!!”  Elvis squinted over his shades as he took
aim at approaching Draco troops and shot them down like carnival ducks with his huge
blaster pistol. “Well, I thought it looked pretty cool for a space turd!”
The colonel   swept his cape behind him with his right hand still clutching his pistol and
shrugged. “What ever, F*&^ it!! Who cares??!!  Now where do you think that kooky spider is
heading?” It was then that Zor’s voice came booming over the hanger’s loud speakers

Elvis stopped in his tracks to listen, as did the Colonel, they were both  looking up as if
they would hear  Zor’s message better over the sound of explosions and gun fire.  Elvis
looked at  his old friend and cracked a smile. “I still say he sounds just like Mr. Burn’s on
“The Simpson’s!” Don’t let them out of the hanger alive? Hmmmmmmmmm , I am
beginning to think  he doesn’t like us.”  The colonel grinned and nodded. “I THINK HE
HATES US, He’s just jealous cause we get more fan mail then he does!” Then they both
turned to look at the professor, who was looking back at them like a deer in head lights.
“Well, Professor looks like they LIKE YOU!! You heard them, they want YOU alive!”  Elvis
pointed a finger at the professor’s head as the roar of battle went on around them and
plasma and laser bolts continued to narrowly miss them or exploded near by.  “Guess they
want that big brain of yours and all your technical know how.”
The colonel chimed in with a sly grin. “Yeah, and I heard they like jellied brains for
desert!!!” Professor Krophf looked like he was going to pass out as Doctor Primm reached
out and steady him on his feet. “You really think they will eat me when their done
torturing me for information?” Elvis chuckled and studied the end of his blaster’s gun
barrel. “Torture? Nahh, they will probably just use a mind sifter and extract any vital info
and THEN jelly your brains after leaving you a vegetable, OR they might just eat you alive.”

Grond had not been paying attention to the fact that Elvis had stopped running and was
standing still and  slammed into him from behind and knocked him over just  as a  burning
piece of shrapnel from an exploding death bot came hurtling by the empty space where
Elvis had been a second ago.  Professor Krophf just stood there in a state of agitation and
shock as Veracose Primm held him up.  Doc Sax came running up and with the help of the
colonel they pulled Elvis to his feet as laser fire, plasma bolts and bullets still whizzed by
Grond sheepishly grinned at Elvis and clumsily tried dusting him off with his big hairy
hands. “Me sorry Mr. Elvis, me no stop in time!” Elvis patted Grond’s huge arm as he
reached into his sport coat pocket and produced a flask. “Hey, I owe you one big guy! You
can knock me over any time!” Professor Krophfl seemed to come out of his momentary
panic attack and once again with the help of Doctor Primm’s steadying hand, they both
started firing back at the Draco “Red Claw” shock troops, the professor managing to hold a
blaster rifle as his suitcase dangled from his left arm.  

Doc Sax and the colonel were also picking off approaching Draco reinforcements as they
came pouring through the nearest hatchway. Zlaarissh and the Gray cyborg clones
continued to follow Zik, crouching down behind him just like foot soldiers in W.W II would
crouch low while walking behind a tank,  as the spider    drew close to the Yarn cages.
Zlaarissh had heard Elvis and the colonel’s conversation with Professor Krophf and he
yelled over to him. “Don’t listen to them, professor, we don’t eat jellied brains!  We put
them in our soup with crackers! …………OH, COME ON, I’M KIDDING!!!!   They’ll probably
keep you alive and just brainwash you into working for them.”  Somehow this did not make
the professor feel any better as he looked to Veracose Primm, who was clutching her big
blaster rifle and looking a bit out of her depth. She had been regretting her decision to
come along more and more and she found herself shouting at Elvis.

“You do realize we are out numbered like a thousand to one??  WHAT exactly is your
brilliant plan??  Am I missing something??!!   AND NOT TO SOUND UNGRATEFUL for the
fact that we have had no casualties so far,   BUT   how do they keep missing us???”  Elvis
sipped from  his flask and looked around at the scene of utter chaos around them as green
and orange laser beams and plasma bolts flew with in inches of their heads and all around
them and then he grinned cheerfully at the distraught scientist.  “Oh, DO RELAX Miss
Primm!! We will  be fine,  Virgil likes to have a little fun. He does not like to just give us
personal body shields except in dire consequences And he does not want me to get to
cocky and to feel invincible so he just sort of diverts the laser and bullet fire enough  to  
keep us alive and relatively  unscathed  but every now and then he likes to put the fear of
God  into me, so to speak.”

Just then a blue plasma bolt winged and singed the sleeve of Elvis’s left arm, causing him
to almost drop his flask as he patted the smoking hole on his shoulder. He looked annoyed
for a second but then his expression returned to his usual look of not giving a shit. “SEE?
That Virgil is a kidder! Don’t worry Miss Primm; every thing is going according to my
plan……” She still looked worried never the less. “That’s, DOCTOR PRIMM, if you don’t
mind…”    They were all startled by the ferocious screeching and growling of the Yarns and
looked to see Zik had torn apart their cages and had freed the hybrid monster “bio
weapons.” Zik had apparently gotten Virgil to dissipate the triple force shields surrounding
the transparent plasteel cages and he had then torn and then shredded the cages like they
were made of cellophane.

For a brief moment all laser/blaster/gun fire ceased on the hanger deck and all action
(save Zik and the Yarn’s) stopped at the deafening sound of the Yarn’s screeching. Elvis
Mellon’s “team”  and their Draco and Gray cyborg clone opponents all  stood motionless for
a moment to see what the gigantic Arachnid was up to. General Malaize of the super
mutant cockroaches and his two fellow cockroaches all backed away quickly and took cover
behind their shuttle as the deadly  predators leapt from their destroyed tanks. Zik  
motioned with his right front leg and yelled. “HALT.” And the Yarn’s all obeyed. Zik had
apparently gotten Virgil to reconfigure the Yarn’s implants to respond to his Ascendant
technology “Watch,” which in turn was attuned to his brain waves.

Zik swung his head around and looked in the direction of his   friend and leader, Elvis
Mellon. “Bet, you didn’t see that one coming!” Then the spider turned his massive frame
towards the Draco shock troops that were now replacing their fallen comrades as they
scrambled over their   mutilated corpses.  Elvis knew what was coming next as he took
another belt from his flask and then put it away as he reached for his other blaster pistol
from his left holster. Zik charged into the second wave of shock troops like a bowling ball
knocking down bowling pins and the three Yarns charged behind him like excited puppies
as the bullets, lasers and bombs began flying again.

Zor watched this from his bridge with a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. He was
sitting dejectedly in his command chair with slumped shoulders and massaging his
forehead with a clawed hand. “WHAT ELSE CAN GO WRONG?’  As if on cue his
communication’s officer spoke up. “Sir, General Zaaaaaanng from forward base ten on the
front battle lines of Triune # Two says the Lubricators are turning on Draco alliance troops
and they are bringing down drilling and digging rigs and equipment! They know about the
oil reserves and they are starting to drill for it and there are reports of Lubricator ships
firing on Draco and cockroach destroyers!!”  Zor glared at his two military leaders. “Did
either of you two genius’s know about this???” Fleet Admiral Zaarrgh and General Zleerg
exchanged looks and simultaneously said. “No, high commander, sir!”  Zor glanced at the
holoscreen as the spider and the Yarns were making mince meat out his best troops.
“GREAT!  JUST GREAT!!  I should have staid in bed today!! Can things get any worse??? ”
The communication officer cleared her throat again. “Sir, I hate to disturb you but Emperor’
s Rex, Umm, your Father’s ship, “The Merciless,” just dropped out of warp. He wants a
progress report.”  

Back on hanger bay 117, General Malaize of the super mutant cockroaches was peeking
out from behind the back of his bulky and unseemly looking shuttle. Cockroach shuttles,
like cockroach star ships looked like they were built out of junk, used scrap and garbage.
(That’s because they were…) He and his two subordinates were hiding behind their shuttle
and praying to the cockroach gods that Zik and his newly acquired “pet” Yarn’s did not
come stampeding their way and hoping they were not caught in any cross fire. Malaize
found he was thinking of the cooler filled with pastrami sandwiches and skunked beer that
was sitting in the shuttle all by its lonesome. He wondered if this would not be an
opportune time to crawl into the safety of the shuttle and have a quick Nosh  while awaiting
a lull in the battle to get the F*^% off this ship. His stomach was gurgling at the thought of
those sandwiches with their moldy bread and rancid mayonnaise and mustard when he
heard a tremendous crashing and thrashing and he cautiously peeked around the corner
of the shuttle to witness something extraordinary.

Zik, the massive crystalline spider had made it to the nearest entrance/exit/hatchway that
led into a main corridor of deck 28 on Decimator. He and the Yarns had cut a swath of
death and destruction through the Draco and Gray Cyborg clone reinforcements and the
Draco had closed the huge double blast doors to seal the invaders in and trap them in the
hanger bay. Zik was tearing apart the triple reinforced steel (and what ever other metal
alloys) doors and yanking them apart like they were made of tin foil as robotic hanger
defense guns, ceiling and wall mounted gun emplacements with huge laser cannon’s were
blasting away at him  and the Yarns to no avail. The red and green laser bolts were
bouncing off the spider and the Yarn’s alike as Zik had reconfigured the Yarn’s personal
shielding which came standard with their body armor.

Hemroidicus Buurrnzz parting gift to Zor was to give a second demonstration of the Yarns
full potential while they were wearing body armor and shielding and when the Draco
scientist made a rather hasty departure to escape Zor’s wrath, the Yarns were left behind
in full battle mode. Zik was now controlling the beasts and their bonus features with great
and rather devilish glee. Zik knew his brother was still alive and well,  thanks to updates
from Smokey via their Ascendant technology watches communicator function but he knew
he had to find the nearest access point to the Decimators main computers in hopes that
he, Professor Krophf and Doctor Primm,  could take control of the ship and taking its
nukes off line. The other option was getting to the engine room and crippling the
Decimator and or blowing it up, but either way he wanted to skin that son of a bitch Zor
and make Elvis a pair of Lizard hide boots out of him as a present.

The three super mutant cockroaches scuttled slowly and cautiously out from behind their
shuttle when they realized the gun fire and explosions were  getting farther away as the
battle moved off of the of the hanger deck. Major Salmonella whistled loudly (No one is
quite sure how the giant cockroaches whistle with out lips but they are known to be
champion whistlers…) as he looked around at the carnage that the huge spider and its
companions had left behind. Mutilated corpses of Draco and Gray   Cyborg clones alike,
were strewn all over the hanger and it’s normally white metallic floors were red with their
blood. The smashed and burning wreckage of death bots littered the floor as well, as acrid
black smoke from their sparking and burning circuitry swirled through the vast hanger like
some sinister wraith from beyond the grave. Malaize watched Elvis Mellon and his team, all
with their blasters and guns blazing away in a deadly barrage against the few surviving
Draco shock troops, escape into one of Decimator’s corridors. He knew this would be the
perfect time to turn tail and get off this soon to be death trap, but his curiosity was getting
the better of him and he wanted to see just what Elvis Mellon and that crazy spider were
going to do.

Location:  Hexarus Triune star system- Ice Station Sommo- in orbit of Triune # 2 – Central
Dome command center.

On the cold and barren rock known as Ice Station Sommo, in the warm and protected C.G
built base, Smokey and Voltaire, along with the remaining base personnel of Ice Station
Sommo, continued to monitor the events unfolding on the three planets known as “Rex’s
balls,” and in particularly the front battle lines of Triune # Two as well as the situation
aboard Decimator. Thanks to Elvis Mellon and those members of his team wearing
Ascendant technology watches, Virgil was able to broadcast a live feed to Smokey and the
other station personnel. The feline had now suckered Private Tomita into standing next to
the command chair (where the cat was still sitting) so she could  scratch his head and neck
while he enjoyed a little catnip laced tuna fish.
Smokey felt no guilt over this manipulation of humans since The colonel HAD indeed left
specific instructions for everyone to obey the cat and to do what ever he requested and the
big tom cat was able to concentrate better if his stress levels were reduced and a good
massage and some cat “dope” did the trick.  The main screen now showed images of Zik,
Elvis, and the team, rampaging down a corridor of Decimator and a screen to the left
showed the Lubricators undertaking a massive drilling operation that was now centered in
the middle of the battle field.  Sgt. Sssszzivicck, the white mantis insectoid, took a special
concern in the events happening in real time on the battle front of Triune # Two.

Her “people,” the Mantis, were now fully involved in the conflict between the Galactic
Confederation and the Draco star empire alliance since Virgil and Smokey, acting on the
behalf and request of Elvis Mellon (or so they would convince him later, and stick with that
story….) and the best interests of the confederation, had talked the Mantis into a much
more active involvement in the conflict later known as the “Battle for Rex’s balls.”  The
Sergeant watched intently as the large holo screen to her right showed the battle raging
around the Lubricators drilling operation. Gigantic Lubricator tankers had taken up orbit
around Triune # Two as the two massive fleets engaged each other in a fight to the death
and Lubricator “battleships,” and destroyers fired upon both Draco alliance and
confederation ships alike that got to close to their huge oil transports.  Lubricator assault
ships and support craft (all themselves actual “Lubricators,” living ships as it were…) flew
back and fourth from the surface to the tankers, (some now in the upper atmosphere.)

The Mantis had been promised a portion of the planets resources and mining rights and
they were not taking this Lubricator intrusion lying down. The skies above the battle
grounds buzzed with flying Mantis engaged in horrendous dog fights with the Lubricators
and  Gray Cyborg clones whose instructions and orders ( since they were fresh out of the
test tube )  was to engage all Galactic Confederation  members and allies in combat with  
out question. The Draco had now taken to blasting the Lubricators to bits to stop them
from getting to the oil they had hoped to sell to them or use as a bargaining chip or means
of leverage against them.

This was causing major confusion and chaos on the battle field as the Draco and Galactic
Confederation both fired upon the Lubricators but still also fired upon each other. The
Mantis were an altruistic race but now they  were protecting their own interests by  
concentrating on stopping the flawed and mechanoids terror known as the Lubricators at
all costs and the Lubricators were trying to blast the Mantis and their ships out of the sky.  
Zek, the blue hued crystalline spider could still be seen leading several legions of C.G
troops that included Mantis, humanoid Plaedian, Lyran, Andromedian, etc, Vash, C.G
battle bots, and various C.G non humanoid races against divisions of super mutant
cockroaches, Draco shock troops and Gray Cyborg clones as they all drew close to a
defensive line of Lubricators protecting the drilling operation.
Sgt. Sssszzivicck watched all of this in horror as gigantic Lubricator drilling machines dug
enormous, cavernous holes in the area known as “No man’s land.”  The Mantis Sgt could no
longer contain herself as she addressed the feline in charge of the station. “With all due
respect, Mr. Smokey, shouldn’t we inform Elvis and the colonel about what the Lubricators
are doing down there? Maybe they can do something to stop the Lubricators from aboard
Decimator?” Smokey’s tail twitched back and fourth in a subconscious display of agitation.
“I don’t know if telling them any of this will help or hurt. What are they supposed to do?
Make a temporary alliance with Zor to stop the Lubricators?

That would go over big considering they just invaded his ship and Zik has just cut to pieces
hundreds of his best shock troops! And let’s not forget that Zor is about to nuke the planet
and everyone on it to Kingdom come!” Smokey gave Private Tomita his best annoyed look to
let her know she could stop petting and scratching him and return to her post as he
enjoyed the lingering effects of the cat nip. He jumped down off the chair and was about to
make his way out the sliding double doors to use the lavatory down the hall (he preferred
the litter box on Visigoth but he could use a toilet…) when Virgil’s disembodied voice (still
as Edward Everett Horton) spoke from somewhere above his head. “We may want to make
Elvis and his team aware of this, especially Zik; I believe Elvis wants the momentum of Zik’s
anger and rage to continue, and this info will do it!”

Location:  Draco flag ship- super dreadnaught “Decimator” in high orbit of Triune # Two.
Deck 28 -Main corridor junction 23.

The main corridors of Decimator were built high and wide to allow for Draco troops to run
four a breast , armed and in body armor and to also allow for  easy transport of supplies,
equipment, etc. This was working to Zik’s advantage as he barreled down the corridor like
an out of control freight train with three enormous Yarns’, almost equal in size to him,
galloping behind him and tuned to his brain waves. The Draco personnel and service bots
lucky enough to see him and the others coming had time to jump out of the way or duck
into a door or hatchway but some where not so lucky and the Yarns either made a quick
meal of them or in the case of mechanoids like service or death bots, they were battered
and trampled into sparking and smoldering pieces of compressed junk.

A good many of the ships auxiliary troops were down on Triune # Two and Elvis, Zik and
their “posse” had made quick work of the others and  what survivors remained were trying
to regroup farther down the corridor and they were being joined by many non essential
members of Decimators crew. Ship’s security, engineers, janitors and porters, food and live
stock handlers (Draco kept live –live stock on board, they like their meat raw, warm  and
still moving…) technicians, support staff, etc, if they could handle a blaster or a sword, they
were called to stop the invaders.  When Decimator was being built at the orbiting Alpha
Draconis ship yards, the ships designers and engineer’s never anticipated a crystalline
spider from Arachnidonazarathain to be rampaging through the ship  But never the less
they built the ship with every contingency in mind in terms of security, defense, safety,
possible attempts at boarding by hostiles, mutiny,  etc. They used their strongest metal
alloys and titanium steel and lots of triple reinforced durasteel and kevlon coated plasteel.
Zik was making it all look like it was made from Lego’s, tin foil and  balsa wood as he ripped
through hatchways and plowed through  walls and left a trail of bodies behind him ( If the
Yarns did not get to them first…)

Elvis Mellon was panting slightly as he jogged and occasionally jumped over heaps of Draco
corpses and or body parts   and he was sure to keep a safe distance behind the hybrid
beasts and the angry spider. Zlaarissh and his Gray Cyborg clones kept pace with him and
the others followed behind as Elvis was shouting to get the attention of the raging
arachnid. “HEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYY, ZIIIIIKKK!!! STOP A MINUTE!!!!” The corridor they were
in was brightly lit with glaring yellow over head lights and the almost seamless metal and
plasteel walls and floors were painted a sort of off white that helped reflect the heat and
light since the Draco liked things hot and bright. Elvis and the colonel were both starting
to sweat  as they all caught their collective breath and  Zik slowed down and waited for
them to catch up, sending the Yarn’s a mental impulse to sit obediently  like huge guard
dogs. Elvis suggested that he and the colonel adjust their personal environmental
thermostats to cold, one of many features of their A.T watches, a sort of portable air
conditioning that surrounded them like an invisible bubble. Laser and plasma bolts were
still zipping by and exploding near them but Zik was taking the brunt of the attack and not
feeling a thing as the bolts and projectiles harmlessly bounced off him, this allowed “Team
Elvis” to gather near the Yarns to discuss their next move at least that was the initial plan.

The Decimator, like all Draco star ships, had also been built with security and safety
protocols that allowed sections to be sealed off and the atmosphere vented and this was
now being put into effect in the corridor junction that Elvis, Zik and their team were
currently taking a breather in. It did not matter to Zor that nearly seventy seven of his own
troops and ship’s crew were also in the area now losing atmosphere and being replaced by
deadly nerve gas just as a precaution. Elvis had been talking with Zlaarissh and the Gray
Cyborg clones that gathered around him as Grond and Doc Sax checked out the now
“tamed” Yarns sitting near them, when the Yarns started to howl and whine. Zik did not
seem to notice and seemed rather distracted but Doctor Sax knew something was up when
Grond and the Yarns started gasping for breath and he felt a little tight chested as he
called to Elvis.  “Hey, they’re  venting the atmosphere!!”  Elvis and Zlaarissh suddenly
realized the barrage of laser fire and bullets had stopped and they looked down the
corridor and saw the Draco soldiers and crew were all clutching their throats and falling
over dead like a line of dominoes.

Elvis calmly spoke into his A.T watch (he could have just spoken out loud, he talked into
the watch for effect…) “Virgil, atmosphere bubble around all of us, including the Yarns, and
filter out the nerve gas.” And it was business as usual. The Yarns were wagging their tails
and trying to lick Grond but the Doc yanked him away and out of reach of their deadly
tongues. “Their drool has poisonous neurotoxins in it, DUMMY!!”  Grond looked rather
dejected and confused. “What am Neurocotten?” Doc Sax knew better then to try to explain
chemistry and syntax to the arboreal primate. Grond was by no means dumb, on his home
world and among his people, a tribe of tree dwelling, “ape men,” Grond was a “prince” of
sorts and he was an “Alpha male” with a harem and lots of children.
But theirs was a stone age culture , pre, pre, pre-industrial ( AND THEN some…) and since
Doc Sax first brought him off world and groomed him to be his side kick and best friend *(
See-  Origin’s of Elvis Mellon # 2 “DOCTOR SAX” )  Grond was a little slow with the high
tech lingo (  OR ANY  lingo. )  The Doc just patted the big hairy ape on the back and shook
his head. “Never mind, just don’t let the Yarns get spit on you, its bad mojo, you remember
what I said about bad mojo?” Grond’s eyes brightened and he grinned. “BAD Mojo am bad,
bad stuff, Grond no like!!” The Doc met his eyes and grinned back. “There ya go!!”  Elvis,
Zlaarissh (with the Gray Cyborg clones in tow) and Colonel T.P Sommo came walking over
by Zik (giving the Yarn’s a wide berth) as Professor Krophf and Veracose Primm trailed

Elvis had to kick Zik in one of his legs to get his attention. “What’s  going on buddy, you
seem a wee bit distracted?” Zik, scuttled around to face Elvis and the others, his massive
head drawing close to Elvis. “Oh, I am o.k., I was just thinking about how I AM GONNA
ZORRRR!!!!” Before Elvis could respond, Zik had turned around and was charging down the
corridor with the Yarns yelping behind him, over the pile of dead Draco bodies and ripping
apart the triple reinforced Titanium barrier that had come down from the ceiling and sealed
off that section of hallway. Elvis yelled after him. “WAIT!  WE NEED TO FIND A COMPUTER
ACCESS TERMINAL!!”  But Zik was in rampaging mode again.  Zlaarissh and his Gray
Cyborg clones, the professor and Miss Primm, all stared in amazement and awe as the
spider tore through about two meters of solid metal like it was cardboard. Elvis and his
crew knew what Zik and his kind were capable of but Zlaarissh and the other had never
been around a real crystalline spider before and they were blown away by what they saw.

Zor was too. Zor sat  in his command chair clutching the arm rests, white knuckled,  
watching the monstrous arachnid punching through the steel barrier as atmosphere came
hissing in the now unsealed section the invader’s were in. Zor’s blood pressure was
through the roof and he had called the ship’s chief medical officer to come up to the bridge,
Doctor Zeeennz stood by Zor’s chair, examining him with his medical scanner. “Are you
taking those pills I gave you? I have a colleague, Doctor Zuuunng, who might be able to
help you deal with your stress levels.” Zor did not take his eyes off the holo screen as he
motioned for the Doctor to go away. “YES, I am taking your bloody pills!!  Isn’t Zuuunng a
“HEAD” Doctor?

I think he was treating my sister for  awhile for one of her many imaginary ailments and
neurosis. ARE YOU SUGGESTING I NEED MENTAL HELP Doctor??”  Doc Zeeennz was a
wizened older Draco with a twinkle in his blood shot, watery eyes. He had been friends
with Zor’s Dad since before Zor came out of the egg and he could get away with putting Zor
in his place as he was like an uncle to him. “I am SUGGESTING that some psychotherapy,
the emphasis on PSYCHO; could do you some good in relieving your stress levels!!  Now sit
back and take some slow, deep breaths and calm down before you have a stroke!”
Lieutenant Zoooonnse, the communications officer, swiveled her chair and turned to Zor,
her clawed right hand over the ear jack of her head phone. “Sir, Emperor Rex is still
requesting a status update and he says he is growing impatient.” Zor turned to his doctor
and old family friend and to Doctor Zeeennz, he suddenly looked like a little boy about to
cry (or have a temper tantrum….) “You’re his old friend, cant you distract him? Tell him I
just came down with Privellian flu and I am in sick bay in a drug induced coma? Great
mother serpent knows I WISH I was right now….”  Zeeennz shot Zor a scolding look. “You
will have to face him sooner or later, why not distract him by telling him your sister Vipra is
on board?” Zor perked up and a diabolical grin spread a cross his already diabolical looking
“face.” “Doc, you’re a genius, I will tell him that Elvis Mellon and the spider stowed away on
Vipra’s yacht and took her hostage to gain access to Decimator and their in leagues with
the Lubricator's!!!”  

More then several decks behind and way below the bridge on deck # 28, approximately
sixteen standard minutes from the moment Zik charged down Pulsar 9’s ramp and into Zor’
s nightmares, Elvis Mellon and the rest of the bipeds were struggling to keep up with Zik
and his newly acquired pets. Zor had left his two top military aides to deal with the
invaders and Admiral Zaarrgh and General Zleerg were running out of options as they ran
things from the safety of the tactical section of the battle bridge. First cohort Zlaarissh  was
running behind the Yarn’s and trying to stay just out of reach of their spiked and very
deadly tails as they swung back and forth  like happy over sized ( and very ugly…)   dogs.

Zlaarissh was in excellent shape for a Draco of his age and even in their old age (which was
considerably older then humans) they could out run just about any humanoid. Zlaarissh
WAS however getting tired of running behind Zik and his  trio of monsters and blindly  
going along with Elvis Mellon’s alleged “plan,” ( which Zlaarissh was beginning to think  did
not exist)   and he decided to call him  on it as he stopped running and swung around to
face  the over sized human. Zlaarissh signaled his cyborg clones to stop as well and he held
his blaster rifle over his head to get Elvis’s attention. Elvis stopped short but this time he
swung around and put out a hand to stop Grond from running into him.

Everyone else stopped as well and stood there panting and catching their breath as Elvis
used the loud speaker feature on his A.T watch. “ZIK, STOP FOR A MINUTE AND STOP
THOSE YARNS!!! Zlaarissh wants a conference!!!” Zik slid to a halt and commanded the
Yarns (via his brain waves) to stop and they all slid into him in a heap.  As “Team Elvis” took
another breather and the motley group of humanoids, a big green hairy ape, a Draco, five
Gray Cyborg clones, three hybrid bio weapon monsters and a gigantic crystalline spider all
gathered together to see why Zlaarissh signaled for a meeting, weapons fire now flew from
behind them as well in front of them as Draco shock troops, Gray Cyborg clones, and death
bot reinforcements came at them from both sides.
Zlaarissh stood eye to eye with Elvis Mellon and with rasping breath and a rather gravelly
voice asked him. “WHAT exactly IS your game plan? IF it’s to get to the engine
rooms/engineering section, we are running in the opposite direction. IF its access to a
computer terminal port, we have passed about fifty of them since leaving the hangar bay!”
All eyes were on Elvis Mellon (except the Yarns. They  sat panting and looking hungrily at
the Draco and Gray Cyborg clone corpses and body parts laying about the corridor….)  Elvis
was about to open his mouth when his watch beeped  and that beep was followed by a very
distinct. “Meeeoooww.”

Zlaarissh motioned for his Cyborg clones to continue firing  past Zik At the “enemy”
approaching and firing from that direction while Doc Sax and the Colonel T.P Sommo faced
the other way and picked off the encroaching Red claw elite shock troops as Elvis answered
his watch. “YES, Smokey, This better be good, we are sort of caught between a proverbial
rock and a hard place here.”  Zik maneuvered so he was blocking all the incoming fire
power from his direction  and drone b113 and his Cyborg clones were firing at the
advancing troops from underneath Zik’s legs as the Yarns started moving towards the Draco
soldiers (under Zik’s silent commands) growling and baring their horrible sets of fangs as
their deadly neurotoxin filled saliva sizzled and smoked as it hit the floor. “Hello, Elvis,
Virgil and I felt you should know there have been some new developments down on Triune
# Two.
The Lubricators found out the Draco have been sitting on those oil reserves and they
started drilling for it right in the middle of the front lines and they started firing on any
Draco alliance troops that have tried to stop them! They are drilling a great big hole down
there and it’s getting pretty chaotic!”  Elvis had his usual, dead pan, “Life is hunky dory,” I
just don’t give a shit,” expression as he nodded slightly and scratched his beard. “Anything
else?”   “YES, if you did not know, Zor’s sister, Princess Vipra is on board the Decimator
and their Father, Emperor Rex’s command ship, “The Merciless,” just showed up in orbit
and Rex is aboard!! Oh, and Several Lubricator war ships have broken off from their main
fleet and they are headed towards Decimator, JUST thought you should know, Smokey

To be continued….
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