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PART # 13

Location: Hexarus Triune star system -Triune # Two (Larry) “No Man’s Land” front battle
lines near the equator.

Zek was wondering what his brother, Zik, was doing right now and hoping he was doing
better then he was. Zek was literally up to his eyeballs in blood, corpses, body parts
and gore and most of it was that of the “enemy.” HIS enemy in so far as he had spent
the last several years living and working at a space station that was in Galactic
Confederation space in a system claimed by the “Aquallarons,” who were charter
members of the Confederation. They were sworn enemies of the Draco star empire
alliance and since his brother, Zik, and their mutual friend, Elvis Mellon, both had prices
on their heads courtesy of the Draco star empire, THIS made them HIS enemies and
now he was wading through their corpses as he attempted to lead the Galactic
Confederation forces deep into Draco alliance held territory. It had been pretty easy
going up till a little while ago when the enemy troops, fighters, tanks, gun
emplacements, death bots,  etc, started concentrating all of there fire power on him
and  though the cacophony of sound vibration’s from all the weapons, explosions,
screams, sonic booms, etc, was energizing him, it was also giving him a splitting  

He was also no longer having a good time or   having a relaxing vacation from his job at
the asteroid base known as “Big Daddy,” that housed Non station K.L.S.D. He had
thought that taking a cruise with his brother and Elvis Mellon aboard the fabulous  star
ship , “Visigoth, ” would be all “Wine, women and song,” (An expression he picked up
from Elvis Mellon, and Zek’s version was- “Rocket fuel, females and good vibrations, ”
Though sadly he knew of no female spiders of his race that were also running around
away from their home world…) Zek had been having fun even up to the first hour or so
of battle but now things were wearing very  thin.

He had not signed on for this shit and this war had nothing to do with him or his
species but once again he let his brother, Zik, and Elvis Mellon talk him into something
that he would later regret, and Later was NOW. He was fairly confident there was
nothing the Draco alliance could throw at him that would kill him or even maim him for
that matter, but that was beside the point. Zek was of a different temperament then
his brother, Zik, and the spiders of Arachnidonazarathain were a relatively peaceful and
easy going species. (Zik was an exception.)

The spiders were an ancient race, one of the Milky Way galaxies “Elder races,” long
rumored to be nearly as old as the “Ascendant,” the mysterious and long dead race that
created the likes of Ovid and the other Cybernetic children of the Ascendant and the
world Ark ships (who in turn created Virgil and Visigoth) and though legends spoke of
the spiders once being ambassadors of light and learning and said to have once
traveled far and wide among the known galaxies as teachers and peace keepers, legend
had it that another ancient galactic civilization had challenged them and made war upon
them and this enemy , who’s name was long forgotten in ages past, had wrought great
destruction upon them and though the spiders won and vanquished their foes to the
voids of space, their victory came at too high a price.

Not long after that terrible war the spiders had withdrawn to their remote and distant
home world and they had shut themselves off from the rest of the galaxy. They became
the stuff of legend and mythos for countless eons until a few of the sons of  Queen Ipp,
the ruler of Arachnidonazarathain , grew restless and  took it upon themselves to  
venture  far from their home world  and  chose to live among those of the Galactic
Confederation.  With few exceptions the spiders were forbidden to venture very far from
their home world or to mingle with other galactic species and or civilizations by order of
their Queen. The crystalline spider society was a matriarchal one and had been as long
as they could remember. Male spiders were treated with respect and near equality
(unlike non crystalline spiders, whose females killed and ate the males after mating
with them…) but there was no King, only the royal consort with the title of “Prince,” Zik
and his (many) male siblings were given that title.   Dad had mysteriously disappeared
shortly after they were hatched and he was rumored to have ventured off world and this
was the main motivation for Zik and his two closest brothers to leave home. They
hoped to find him and get to know him despite their Mom’s insistence that he was a
dead beat Dad.    

They were also fascinated by the rest of the galaxy and neighboring galaxies and they
watched all the Galactic Confederation news feeds and holo-programs as well as many
other non C.G news feeds and that of civilizations spread a cross the known universe
and even that of the Draco star empire alliance. Another motivating factor for Zik and
his three closest brothers (in age –too) wanting to leave home was their older and very
bossy sisters who nagged them incessantly and constantly reminded them of their
authority over them and being above them in not only the families but their society’s
pecking order and Zik blamed years of therapy on his older sisters antagonist
relationship with their younger brothers. He was the oldest male and the smartest and
Zek and Zak trusted him implicitly. It was Zik that hatched a plan for him and his
brothers to quietly slip off world and to explore the galaxy for several years and after
many adventures separately and together, they all ended up working at Big Daddy’s, the
home to Elvis Mellon’s Pirate radio station, the former listening post and hidden base in
the Aquallaron system near the Helix nebula and hidden among countless asteroids, in
a vast asteroid field in the constellation of Aquarius.

Zek and his brother’s queen mother was none to happy about their decision to leave
their planet to explore the galaxy and to meet and mingle with other non spider races
but she did not stop them. They never did find their father but they heard persistent
rumors stories of one of their kind being spotted here   and there around the Milky Way
galaxy but nothing ever panned out.
(How Zek and his siblings ended up working at “Big Daddy” and meeting Elvis Mellon is
a story for another time.)  The reappearance of three of these fabled spiders,  after
their race faded into legend and galactic faerie tales  was something akin to the
peoples on earth finding the lost continent of Atlantis or a flying saucer landing on the
White house lawn or at Buckingham Palace.

Word had spread through the galaxy like wild fire and both the Galactic Confederation
and the Draco star empire alliance (among other galactic governments….) was/were a
buzz with what this portended. It was not lost on the “powers that be,” that the spiders
stepped out of legend and myth as friends with Elvis Mellon. Elvis Mellon was
considered some kind of enigma himself and those same galactic “powers” found it
rather unsettling and disturbing that some backwards primitive from the fallen ,
quarantined, frontier world of earth had  gained the trust and favor of another legendary
and fabled race of beings, the Cybernetic children of the Ascendant. The fact that this
same troublesome “Talking monkey,” was now running around with three of the fabled
spiders of Arachnidonazarathain  was something the Draco High command and Galactic
Confederation council were both losing sleep over.

Zek could care less about any of this stuff, he had heard all the family stories and
history and myths of his people since he was still solidifying and fresh from the egg. It
amused him that he and his brothers were the subject of so much galactic scuttle butt
and wild rumors but all   he knew was he liked hanging out with Elvis Mellon and his
crew and the good folks that lived and worked at Non station K.L.S.D, and Big Daddies.  
Right now   Zek found himself wishing he was back at his adopted home. The daily
routine of running the stations maintenance crew and the seemingly dull job of repairing
the air and atmosphere circulators and emptying and cleaning the waste storage tanks
was now something Zek longed for instead of wading through Draco, Gray Cyborg clone,
slime  and super mutant cockroach guts and gore.

He was also tired of smashing death bots and those dammed self repairing and
replicating Lubricators to bits. Zek really hated those dammed homicidal robots and he
was slipping and sliding all over the place on their leaking gear oil. He had agreed to
beam down to this planet and act as Elvis Mellon’s “secret weapon” as a favor to both
Elvis and his brother Zik and he owed them both big time for getting him the job at Big
Daddy’s/non station K.L.S.D, and he did not want to be excluded from future trips
aboard Visigoth, but he definitely wanted hazard pay for leading the charge against the
Draco star empire alliance when he was not even a citizen of the Galactic Confederation
or a member of its military! Zek had been given an Ascendant technology watch like the
rest of Elvis’s crew wore, so he could communicate with Elvis and to make it easier for
Virgil and Visigoth to track him in case he got into a jam and both Smokey on Ice
Station Sommo and Virgil aboard Visigoth (which was cloaked and following closely
behind Decimator) were keeping tabs on Zek’s progress on Triune # Two.  

Zek had, had no trouble carving a path into the heart of Draco star empire alliance
territory with squadrons of white mantis providing more then adequate backup for him,
along with the confederations humanoid and non humanoid ground troops, but now the
game had changed drastically with the arrival of so many giant sized Lubricators and  
thousands of smaller ones with  some kind of mining and drilling equipment,  all   
swarming together on the Draco side of the battlefield like metal shavings being pulled
together by a big magnet. They were all gravitating around this enormous hole that
they were drilling and digging out and a large portion of the Draco alliance side of the
battlefield was collapsing in on itself around the massive pit.

Zek glanced around him with his more then 360 degree vision (his twenty eyes could
rotate completely around behind him to almost any angle and independently of each
other) and noted that the battle had intensified to the ninth degree in the last hour or
so. Draco and Gray Cyborg clone fighters screamed over his head, strafing him and his
winged Mantis support  troops as individual   Mantis’s broke off from their “squadrons”
to engage these fighters in spectacular dog fights with lazer cannon’s and plasma
weapons mounted on the undersides of the huge insectoids. Draco ground troops lead
by their elite “Red Claw” shock troops,  were still pouring out of air to ground transports
as super mutant cockroach and slime reinforcements landed as well.
The scene was chaotic as the massing Lubricators turned and fired on their own allies,
the Draco, cockroach and slime troops that got to close to their impromptu mining
operation. Zek quickly glanced around as he crawled through the heaps of corpses and
dying enemy troops that launched themselves against him with what he could only
conclude were suicidal intentions, since he was impervious to any thing they could
throw at him. He noticed the big Lubricator oil tankers and their defensive support
“ships” were hovering right over the massive Azure colored,   ice covered mountain
peaks that fenced in the valley to Zek’s left and right.

The bottoms of the ships almost scrapped the jagged  pinnacles of ice that were framed
against the once light green sky, now turned to a battleship gray from all the clouds of
smoke and dust from the  seemingly endless months of continuous battle and the fleets
of ships and smaller atmospheric fighters were almost blotting out the sky. He had
made it about as far as he could into Draco alliance territory but this unexpected
Lubricators drilling operation that had spring up out of “left field” was throwing a
monkey wrench in his basic plan to lead the confederation forces into the heart of the
Draco base of operations and to take out their “on planet” military high command. The
gaping hole that the Lubricators were digging out was between him and his C.G army
and the Draco alliance battlefield head quarters and Zek was steadily losing his
motivation and running out of steam. He had taken a page from the Elvis Mellon guide
to decision making and planning things by simply making things up as he went along
and following his “gut instincts” and the occasional whim. He had certainly seen Elvis
and his brother, Zik, do that enough times but he was getting tired of all the carnage.    

Zek was not especially fond of taking lives but he knew the Draco and their allies were
the aggressors here and  they had been conquering, enslaving and committing genocide
against the Galactic Confederation and many  non aligned worlds and civilizations and  
the Lubricators were right along side them in this hostile and often homicidal behavior
so against his better judgment he had allowed Elvis’s super computer being, Virgil, to
beam him down here and to  equip him with one of those fancy multipurpose watches to
keep an eye on him and to track him  and now he was trying to get through to Virgil,
Elvis, or that Brainiac  cat to tell them to beam him the hell back up to Visigoth  or Ice
Station Sommo but so far he was getting a “busy” signal.   

Location: Hexarus Triune star system- Draco Flag ship-Super dreadnaught –“Decimator.”
– Deck # 39, Princess Vipra’s private guest quarters. Princess Vipra was reclining in all
her reptilian glory (nude as the proverbial “Jay Bird”…) on her Queen sized bed in her
guest quarters, the finest Decimator had to offer, reserved for visiting dignitaries. The
suit had all the perks, including special artificial sun lamps, heated rocks that produced
steam, a Draco version of a hot tub, mini bar, etc.  Vipra was smoking and admiring her
painted toe claws and she was not alone.

Zaaren, her personal secretary/assistant, was sitting on the side of the bed, pulling his
boots on while Vipra smoked a cigarette.
The little Pleeb was barking its head off as Vipra yelled (in a voice reminiscent of Fran
Drescher) for it to shut up. Zaaren was just the latest in a long line of “distractions” on
Vipra’s payroll and he knew better then to complain about having to do everything from
pick up her dry cleaning to walking the Pleeb (as well as “servicing” her…) because if he
played his cards right he might become the latest “Mr. Vipra” or at the very least, get a
boost up the social and career ladder of Draco star empire alliance society. On the other
hand he could also end up with his throat cut or    as fertilizer in Vipra’s flower garden
or worse yet, on the receiving end of Zor’s wrath or that of the Emperor if they found
out about his OTHER “duties” as Vipra’s toy boy.

Zaaren had an adjacent room, as to be able to wait on her “beck and call” and her
security force of several body guards had to share a room with bunks down the hall.
Zaaren was careful not to get spotted coming in and out of Vipra’s suite at
inappropriate hours but the guards were no dummies. What none of them knew
(including Zaaren) was that Vipra was not only coming out as a plant eater, but she was
also secretly a member of a clandestine underground movement of Draco’s dissatisfied
with their current government, and its war with the Galactic Confederation. In short,
Vipra was not only a “Peacenik,” but she too had the recessive gene that allowed her to
enjoy various forms of non Draco music, including Earth “Rock and Roll,” and she was
also a secret admirer of Elvis Mellon and that was why she was aboard Decimator in the
first place. The super mutant cockroaches were not the only ones that  had  Zor’s bridge
bugged,  “The peoples movement for a Democratic Draco society,”  had a radical branch
that stooped to rather subversive methods of spying and fighting back against the
Draco military High command and the imperial  power structure  and Vipra had “dated”  
one of its leaders.

She now had access to their network of spy’s and all of their Intel which she of course
used for her own rather self centered and selfish (though well intentioned) designs. She
knew all about Ice Station Sommo and Zor’s plans to capture Elvis Mellon and his crew,
long before she set foot on Decimator and she had an odd sort of “crush” on him,
especially now that she had gone vegetarian and swore off meat. She wanted to meet
him and his crew and even had a rather hair brained scheme to bust him out of the
ships brig if necessary, though she had not thought the plan  out any further then that.
She had heard Zor’s announcement over the ships loud speakers concerning Elvis’s
deception and Zik’s rampage through the ship and First Cohort Zlaarissh’s mutiny and
she was quivering with excitement.

Zaaren had finished getting dressed and with out saying a word he leashed the barking
Pleeb and took it out of the swishing door into the corridor for its walk. Vipra reached
for the data pad on the bureau next to the bed and making a few adjustments to it with
her long clawed hands she had it tuned into her brother’s bridge with an image of the
bridge apparently from a tiny camera bug up on the oval shaped ceiling looking down
behind Zor’s command chair. She could see the back of her brother’s head and the main
holo view screen in front of him as huge Lubricator warships filled the screen as they
approached Decimator. Decimator was built with the best safety protocols and sound
reduction/minimal vibration requirements known to Draco technology so despite the
below decks on ship battle raging between Elvis Mellon and his rampaging giant spider
and crew of pirates and mutineers against Zor’s best shock troops, and the pounding
Decimator was taking from Confederation forces and now the turn coat Lubricators, had
Vipra not heard Zor’s announcements or tuned to the bridge bug, she would have had no
idea Decimator was under attack from with in and without.

Her guards, assigned from Rex the emperors private staff but hand picked by Vipra,
were loyal to her and would do anything she said, including helping  her  in aiding Elvis
Mellon and his band of mercenaries get off the ship if need be, though Elvis Mellon did
not know this and had never met Vipra. She was filing her toe claws to sharpen them
and re painting them while she listened to the bridges communications and watched Zor
barking orders to his crew and his two top military aides. Zor’s communications officer
was telling him that the emperor demanded to know why the Lubricators were firing on
the Fleet’s flag ship and their allies and he would be coming aboard in a shuttle of Zor
did not respond immediately.

Vipra grinned and stubbed her cigarette out as Zaaren came in with the Pleeb in his
arms. “Toodles has been walked and fed my Lady, she’s a bit nervous and agitated from
all the commotion going on.”  Vipra clicked off her data pad and looked up from painting
her toe claws a bright crimson. “Commotion? WHERE did you take her??  Did she do her
business?”  Zaaren put the Pleeb down on Vipra’s bed after he detached its leash and
dropped it on the bureau next to her data pad. He eyed it briefly and smoothed his dark
blue business suit with his long claws. “I thought I would take her down to S section
where the cattle and feed animal pen’s are but it was total pandemonium below deck
forty four. Every thing is either sealed off or being evacuated so I took her to the
sunning rooms on deck forty two and let her crap between the rocks.”

Vipra grabbed her robe off the edge of the bed and swung her muscular legs down by
the floor as she pulled her robe on and picked up the yelping Pleeb. “Who’s my good
girl?? Mommy’s going to take you to see the crazy monster spider and his friends
(cuddling the small lizard like “Pleeb”) Yes she is!!!” Zaaren turned to give his boss a
quizzical gaze. “Um, my lady, I just said, no non military or ship’s personnel are allowed
below deck forty four!”  Vipra turned and barred her teeth in a rather intimidating and
unnerving smile. “Nonsense, I am the daughter of emperor Rex and the sister of High
commander ZOR and I can go any dammed where I please!”

Location: Hangar bay 117 in Z section.  General Malaize and his two fellow super
mutant cockroaches had decided it was in their best interest to return to the relative
safety of their shuttle craft. Malaize had passed pastrami on rye sandwiches (rancid
mayonnaise, yellow mustard, a little wilting, browning lettuce) to his men and some
skunked Pabst Blue Ribbon beers (another Earth “American” icon Elvis Mellon turned him
on to and never mind how he got cases of it….) as they waited to see if Zor or his
military aides would actually meet with them or if they were just blowing smoke up
Malaize’s ass. The general nervously peered out of one of the shuttle’s view ports at the
carnage and destruction that “Team Elvis Mellon” and that crazy monstrous spider and
its pack of Yarns had wrought on the hangar bay.

Hangar bay Maintenance crew’s were still putting out fires and dragging away dead
bodies and wounded (  ALL Draco alliance….ZERO causalities on Team Elvis Mellon’s
part…) as Draco service bots and slave labor cleaned up the wreckage from destroyed
hangar equipment, star ships, destroyed death bots, etc. There was blood and body
parts everywhere and the work/clean up crews were tracking it all over the once
spotless white metal hangar bay floors as huge exhaust fans vented and dispersed the
black smoke from the fires and smoldering bodies and wreckage.  Malaize still had
trouble absorbing what he had witnessed, the crystalline spider was like a deadly
juggernaut of death and destruction and it had laid waste to Zor’s most fearsome shock
troops like they were a troop of girl scouts!

(Malaize also had a passion for Girl Scout cookies,  another earth “treasure” he had
procured from Elvis…) He really had to hand it to Elvis Mellon and his crew too!  They
were ballsy ( or nuts ) enough to actually  board a super dreadnaught flag ship with a
skeleton crew, out numbered like eight hundred to one with the intentions of stealing
and scuttling the ship!! Malaize thought about that as he savored his pastrami and
guzzled the skunked beers and listened to the sound of Major Salmonella and Private
Sluuurpp masticating their food and the chatter of a secure cockroach military channel.
He was glad he got off Triune # two when he did. Apparently the other crystalline spider
was really doing some damage down there and the Lubricators had really upped the
ante by drilling and digging for their precious oil in the middle of the battlefield and
turning on their allies!!      

Malaize looked over to the huge open hanger doors to see how the space battle was
progressing and noted that Decimators forward and starboard guns were blasting the
shit out C.G destroyers and battleships as Lubricator war ships were moving in
dangerously close to the Decimator. The Lubricator ships were pulling in the floating
wreckage and hulks from destroyed star ships and  recycling them, refitting them,
basically replicating themselves and adding onto their own  “living” ships using their
unique technology  that now incorporated the technology from Draco alliance and
Galactic Confederation ships alike. Malaize did not dare order Sluuurpp to take the
shuttle out now for fear of being blasted or captured by the confederation or killed while
the Lubricators turned the wreckage of their shuttle into part of their “collective.”

He knew they had to get off before Elvis Mellon blew the ship up (IF he blew the ship
up…) but thoughts of escape were put on hold when he saw the Lubricator ships
opening fire on Decimator. He could feel the tremors and vibrations right through the
floor of their shuttle as Decimator’s shields absorbed the blasts from the Lubricators
deadly barrage( Unlike Vipra's quarters on deck # 39 the hanger bay's were notorious for
their rattling and shaking in space battles...)  and then he saw something extraordinary;
The Lubricator ships suddenly exploded in a glaring fireball that was brighter then the
Hexarus Triune systems own star!! The half dozen enormous war ships all
simultaneously exploded with fierce intensity and then those fireballs imploded in and
shrank to a pin point and then nothing. No debris at all  as though they had never been
there.  Neither the Galactic Confederation nor the Draco star empire alliance had
anything like that in their arsenals; this was something well beyond their technology.
Malaize was stunned; he suspected that this had to be the work of Elvis Mellon’s ship,
“The Visigoth.” Everyone had heard the stories of the incredible power his ship’s
sentient super computer “being” possessed.

The general felt like a fool to think that he ever stood a chance of somehow stealing
the ship from Elvis or cajoling or tricking him into joining the cockroaches in breaking
away from the Draco alliance and using the Cybernetic children of the Ascendant’s
technology to become the dominant force in the galaxy. He still wondered why Elvis
Mellon had simply used this technology to blast Decimator and the Draco out of
existence and to subjugate the Galactic Confederation and to rule the galaxy as its
supreme emperor. (That’s what Malaize would have done with it.) Malaize’s attention
was suddenly drawn to the Draco troop carriers entering the hangar, obviously from the
surface of Triune # One or Three, where there were reserve shock troops in the plenty.
Malaize knew they must have been ordered as back up by Zor for his “infestation
problem” and his suspicions were confirmed when he saw the transports land near the
stolen Lyran shuttle, Pulsar Nine and the fully armored shock troops, several legions
worth, along with a phalanx of Draco death bots,  all took up positions surrounding the
stolen  shuttle. If Elvis Mellon and his crew were going to get back off this ship, they
were not getting off with out a fight.

Location: Deck # 47 – Z section – Draco star empire alliance- super dreadnaught -flag
ship –Decimator- Near engineering.

Zik had relented and had taken First Cohort Zlaarissh’s advice and had reversed
direction back towards the engineering section. (Getting him to slow down was another
matter...) The enormously wide central corridor that ran the length of deck forty seven’s
stern section looked almost as bad as the battlefield on Triune # Two, with the
exception that all the casualties were Draco , death bots and Gray Cyborg clones. The
section of corridor that ran a “click” (Kilometer) to either side in front of Hangar  117
was now an obstacle course of dead bodies, fallen sections of ceiling, cables,  wreckage
of mangled death bots, fires, ruble from collapsed sections of wall, black and gray
billowing smoke, etc. The main cause of this destruction was now running back through
it where it had started, and its name was Zik. The squads of Draco shock troops that
had poured into the corridor from the hangar in pursuit of the invaders were now finding
themselves being trampled and torn apart by the massive crystalline spider and its
accompanying trio of hybrid living bio weapon monsters. Those that managed to escape
the shredding and trampling claws and mouths of the “beasts” found them selves being
relentlessly  fired upon by the renegade Draco veteran, his Gray Cyborg Clones, Elvis
Mellon and his band of mercenaries.

The Draco troops and their underlings were not standing for very long as the likes of
Doctor Sax, Colonel T.P Sommo and their new “turn coat” allies blasted them with
precision lazer, plasma and projectile fire. Soon there was a lull in the fighting and
barrage of fire power and Elvis Mellon took full advantage of it. He stopped running
after his Arachnid friend and newly acquired “pets” and signaled for everyone to take a
breather. Doctor Sax put two fingers in his mouth and whistled loudly to catch Zik’s
attention. The spider slid to a halt and turned around to look as the three Yarns once
again slid into him with yelps of distress and obedience. Everyone was panting except
Zlaarissh and his Gray Cyborg Clones as Elvis leaned against a soot and blood stained
wall and caught his breath and still panting, he looked towards the older Draco.

“How far to engineering, Zlaarissh?” The big Draco’s armored tail swished behind him as
he put one of  his booted opened claw toed feet on the sparking and smoldering
remains of a death bot. He pointed a gloved finger past where an annoyed and antsy
looking Zik  paced back and forth. “About half a click that way through those big double
doors. The engineering section is huge, it takes up several decks but if your want a
computer access terminal for your two scientists to plug into there’s one right behind
you  through the door to your right.”  A disheveled looking Veracose Primm perked up as
she heard that and exchanged glances with Professor Krophf as she wiped sweat from
her brow.

She nodded to Zlaarissh and then shouldered her blaster rifle and gave Elvis a raised
eyebrow. “WELL, you want us to tap into their central computer and seize control of the
ship or what?” Elvis   straightened up and used his colorful tie to wipe the sweat from
his face and then nodded affirmatively. He then turned to Zik. “Zik, YOU head to
engineering with your cuddly puppies and see if you can’t throw a monkey wrench in
their engines or at least  stop them from going to warp or well, just capture
engineering, DON’T blow us up!! We will follow you momentarily.
DOCTOR Primm, you and the Professor here see if you can tap into things from here , (
Looking at Doctor Sax )  Doc, you and Grond  stand guard with our esteemed Brainiac’s
and  Zlaarissh, you and your boys keep an eye out for more troops, they can’t be too  
far behind, or in front, er what ever!!”

Colonel T.P Sommo was standing by Elvis Mellon, tapping the polished toe of his left
boot against the breast plate of a Draco corpse; he looked around at everyone as they
moved off to their assigned missions and then gave Elvis a tap on the shoulder. “So
what are WE going to do?” Elvis pulled his faithful flask from his jacket pocket and
grinned. “WE are going to supervise and observe….”  The colonel produced a silver
cigarette case from his pocket and a long cigarette holder from another, placing a
cigarette in the holder and lighting it with an old fashioned Ronson lighter that seemed
to come from nowhere. He gave his old friend a devilish grin as he placed his boot on
the head of the Draco corpse in front of him. “Pass some of that “SUPERVISION” over
Elvis watched Grond and Doc Sax following Mrs. Primm and the professor into the door
that Grond had just forced open with his bare hands, next to him as he passed the
colonel his flask. “Doc, make sure that door stays open and you don’t get trapped
inside.” The Doc murmured something to Grond and Grond placed his war club in
between the two sides of the archway in the slot where the door would slide a cross
and shut. The sound of alarm klaxon’s blaring in the distance and the crackling of
various electrical and other fires droned in the background as Zlaarissh broke up the
Gray Cyborg Clones into two teams of three and two, and signaled them to patrol to
either side of the doorway and Elvis and the colonel as the Draco soldier patrolled the
corridor for approaching foes.

Elvis heard his watch beep and looked annoyed as he answered it. “YES?”  Virgil (still
sounding like Edward Everett Horton) answered back.
“Just informing you that Zek has been trying to contact us for some time but you
instructed me not to answer him.” Elvis put his hand over his watch as though to mask
Virgil’s voice as he peered down the corridor to see Zik and the Yarn’s way in the
distance, ripping through the big blast doors to engineering. “Don’t let Zik hear that I
said that. I want Zek to do as much damage down there as possible. He will be fine!
Anything else?”     “Yes, I had to neutralize several Lubricator warships that were firing
on Decimator, they had assimilated wreckage from Draco destroyers into their
reconfigured and replicated ships and I estimated a 90% chance of their weaponry
punching through Decimator’s shields and doing damage to her.

I figured that  since YOU are aboard with your associates I felt it best to lower the odds
by removing the problem.” Elvis looked at the colonel who was giving him the thumbs
up as he handed the flask back. “Good going, Virg, anymore news?”  “Yes, You won’t be
getting back to the Pulsar 9 with out a fight and it looks like the Emperor’s shuttle is
docking with Decimator, thought you should know.”  Elvis placed his sneaker near where
the colonel had his boot on the Draco corpse and he gave him a tired smile. “ I did not
plan on using Pulsar 9 to get off this ship, Virg, got other plans, Elvis out.”  
“Colonel, things are about to get a whole lot more interesting. Rex is coming aboard!”  
The colonel’s eyes widened and he gave Elvis another devilishly grin, as   rubbed his
hands together. “Oh Goody!! Now we can take Zor AND his Dad!! So how were you
planning on getting us off this bucket of bolts if not with Pulsar 9?” Elvis shrugged and
took another nip from the flask and then wiped his mouth with his coat sleeve. “Shit, I
don’t know, I was just telling Virgil that because I did not want to sound stupid.”

To be continued
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