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PART # 14

Location: Aboard Draco super dreadnaught Flag ship DECIMATOR

Hanger 99 in G Section

Hanger 99 in G section was nearly as large as Hangar 127 in Z section and though it too had
a large section reserved for fighter’s, assault craft  and shuttles, it’s main function was to
accommodate visiting dignitaries, “guests,” Ambassadors,  and military personnel from other
Alliance representatives (Cockroach, Slime, etc.) Normally General Malaize’s shuttle would
have been directed to Hangar 99 instead of # 127 but Zor had an inkling that Malaize’s
unscheduled arrival could have some nefarious agenda and he was hoping to feed the
grotesque insectoid and his aides to the Yarn’s if need be.
As it turned out,  the Yarn’s were other wise occupied and as near as Zor could tell there was
no immediate threat from his seeming allies as of yet. Never the less,   Zor stationed guards
near the cockroach shuttle and had his security surveillance teams watch the badly
damaged and smoldering hanger for any suspicious cockroach activity. Zor felt another
migraine coming on as he watched   his Dad, the emperor Rex’s  heavily armored shuttle
touching  down in the massive hangar bay with out much pomp and circumstance. Normally
any Draco emperor’s arrival aboard a Draco war ship would have been met by squadrons of
the elite Red claw shock troops, honor guard, heads of state, senior staff and crew of the
ship, support staff, etc, but these were not normal circumstances.

Both   the emperor’s staff and Zor himself had coordinated their arrangements to try and
keep Rex’s visit from drawing unwanted attention and giving the enemy (and turn coats)
another reason to attack the Draco flag ship.  Zor himself had come to greet his Fathers
shuttle along with Princess Vipra and her entourage.  Zor’s top aides and department heads
stood behind him with a squad of reserve Red Claw shock troops that had been spared being
turned into shredded meat by the insane and monstrous arachnid that Elvis Mellon had
gleefully unleashed upon the ship along with the hybrid living bio weapon’s that the devilish
talking monkey and his spider had turned on their creators.  Zor found that he was
distractedly thinking about all of this as he ran his claws over his polished battle armor and
adjusted his high leather collar as he nervously anticipated getting a verbal ass chewing
from his cantankerous Dad.
Rex was not a stickler for ceremony but his son Zor WAS. Rex would not really give a flying
shit if there was an empty hangar to greet him and he was a rather unconventional emperor
in that way. Zor and his fellow Draco troops and personnel, along with a squad of Gray
Cyborg clones and death bots stood at attention as the heavily armored,  sleek black and
chrome shuttle, escorted by two “predator”  class short range fighters, landed in a swirl of
exhaust vapors. Behind the emperor’s shuttle was a red and black military transport shuttle
that Zor knew to be filled with a squad of imperial guards that landed behind them.

The Hangar was silent except for the hum of atmosphere recyclers, distant machinery, the
thrum of the massive engines and Vipra’s Pleeb yelping and barking as she hissed for it to
be quiet. The shuttles landing ramp came down from beneath the ship with four of Rex’s
royal guards in their black and red body armor and red capes with their heads helmeted
with sinister looking armored face protection with blast shield visors as they carried gigantic
and deadly looking blaster rifles.  They marched down the ramp and stood in pairs to either
side of the ramp.  Rex strode down the gang plank with a regal air few Draco could pull off.
He was a good foot taller then most adult male Draco, with broad shoulders made even larger
by the silver and black body armor he wore with a flowing high collared scarlet cape a cross
the shoulders and flowing out behind him.
His armored tail swished high in the air to one side of the cape as his polished black jack
boots clomped down the ramp with an ominous sound.  His huge yellow orbed eyes seemed
to burn with an inner fire as he turned a jaundiced eye towards his son with a look that was
clearly annoyance. He wore a golden circlet upon his brow with a large sapphire like gem in
its center, the Draco equivalent of Caesar’s laurel leaves. All the Draco troops, personnel,
aides, department heads, bowed on one knee as they clutched their right arm to their chests
in a fisted claw, heads bowed and eyes to the floor.

Rex stood before them in regal splendor, looking formidable and as serious as a heart attack.
He breathed in the scented recycled air and took a moment to enjoy the warmth of the
artificial sun lamps as he looked past his son and his entourage and personnel and took a
look around the enormous hangar of this top of the line technological marvel that had cost
the Draco military untold billions to construct. Rows of gleaming star fighters, atmospheric
assault craft, armored shuttles, and automated maintenance/repair bots for the ships
exterior, all sat in perfect rows as ground crews of Draco, bots, and imported non Draco slave
labor buzzed about them with an assortment of tools, portable work stations, cleaning
implements, diagnostic equipment, etc. Rex had seen live feeds of the other hangar, 127 in Z
section, as Elvis Mellon and his rampaging spider and assault team wiped out ninety percent
of Zor’s seasoned shock troops, death bots and Gray cyborg clones.

That place looked like the war zone down on Triune # Two and there were under twenty in
Elvis’s crew, but that spider was a one “creature” army!! Rex did not like when someone or
something made him or his son or the Draco star empire look weak and incompetent and
the other spider down on Triune # Two was doing similar damage!! Rex blamed the big
talking Monkey, Elvis Mellon, first and for most, but those two spiders were the ones he
really wanted to destroy!! Rex found himself wondering what would happen if more of those
monstrous arachnid’s made war on his empire. Perhaps he should find their legendary
home world and make a preemptive strike and he was now thinking he needed at least one
spider and Elvis Mellon alive to obtain the location of the spider home world.

Rex was not concerned about the cost of such an undertaking just as he was not concerned
about the very real possibility of having to destroy this state of the art super dreadnaught to
prevent it from falling into the hands of the galactic confederation and the financial loss that
would entail. Rex’s family, the royal house of Rex Tyranus was wealthy beyond the dreams of
avarice and the Draco star empire was spread a cross the galaxy with its coffers over flowing
from the conquest   of countless worlds and the plundering of their resources like on the
planets being fought over that were currently below him in orbit. The Draco war machine
was powered by the raping and pillaging of these worlds and smashing these worlds into
their base resources or on the backs of their enslaved populations, one more super
dreadnaught would not break the bank.  This was something his son had not grasped yet
and a lesson he was about to learn.

Zor and his welcoming committee of guards, department heads, military aides, personnel,
etc, continued to kneel with bowed heads as they awaited a word or gesture from their
emperor. Rex cleared his throat and half heartedly raised a clawed hand in salute. “RISE.”
Everyone stood but remained as still as statue’s as Rex’s royal guards marched in front of
him and took position to either side of Zor, facing him with blaster rifles held up in respect.
Zor bowed slightly and dramatically swept his right arm in a half arc to indicate his
entourage and staff.  “I, Zor, High commander of the Draco and Gray cyborg clone unit
designated as the contingent of Zeta Reticulli, and commander of the Draco super dread
naught and flag ship of the seventh fleet, Decimator, do bid Rex, emperor of the Draco star
empire and its allies welcome!”  

Rex grunted and gave an  almost imperceptible  nod of  his head and then looked over to Zor’
s right where his daughter, Princess Vipra was standing, clutching her Pleeb. “ENOUGH of
the formalities, your entourage and personnel may return to what ever duties they have. You
and your sister, STICK AROUND. (Addressing Vipra)   “Daddy is glad to see his “little girl”
but I wish you had told me you were coming to this sector. I am glad you wanted to see your
brother but you picked a rather bad time to visit.   Rex eyed Vipra’s “personal secretary”
standing to her right with cold disdain as he spoke in what came close to actual affection to
his daughter.     “Daddy has talk to your brother for a few minutes, keep yourself amused.”  
The military transport had lowered its ramps and a full squad of imperial guards in black
and red battle armor with full face shields and armed with sinister looking blaster rifles and
other implements of death, marched down the gangplanks in formation and stood at
attention behind the emperor’s shuttle.  

Rex gestured for his son to walk with him away from the gathering of Draco, Gray Cyborg
clones, and bots.  They walked over, accompanied by the royal guards, and stood by an
immaculately gleaming and sparkling black and chrome assault fighter as Rex gave his son a
look that Zor had dreaded since he was a young hatchling. “You were doing fine until you  
F*&^ed up taking Ice Station Sommo and capturing Elvis Mellon and his crew of talking
Monkeys and Rabble!! How did you allow him and that F*&^ING spider to get aboard and
actually turn those hybrid things against your ships crew??? You let another one of those
killer spiders down on Triune # Two AND you let the Lubricators turn on us and now the F%
*&ING Mantis are involved???!!!” Zor found himself wishing HE were emperor right now and
that dear old Dad was in the underworld of the great black Dragon. “B, but how did you
know? I ordered communication and sensor black out!!” The emperor gave his high
commander and son a sly look and bared his massive fangs in a demonic and sardonic grin.
“Do you really think I got to be emperor by being a dummy? You can’t fart on this ship with
out me knowing about it!”

Rex produced a big cigar from behind one of his armored breast plate’s, bit the end off of it
and put it in the side of his long crocodilian like snout. He motioned for Zor to light him up
as he leaned against the polished assault fighter. Zor pulled out a lighter and cupped his
clawed hand over his father’s cigar and lit it. “In all fairness Dad, Elvis Mellon has the
Cybernetic children of the Ascendant on his side and some of the Galactic Confederation’s
most brilliant minds working for him, that Professor Krophfl and Doctor Veracose Primm are  
on with him on board as we speak!!”
Rex pointed his cigar at his son and blew bluish smoke in his face. “Don’t give me that
bullshit, YOU sent a squad of your best elite troops with my old buddy Zlaarissh in command
to try and capture that station  the empires greatest enemy when you should have just
blasted it to pieces and vaporized every living thing on that rock!!! YOU should have known
Elvis’s very own   cybernetic off spring of the F*&5ing Ascendant, VIRGIL, would help him
and that crazy Colonel T.P Sommo kick our asses!!!!!!” The royal guards stood with their
backs to the father and son pair facing left right and forward from them and the assault craft
and poised for action as Vipra and her entourage, along with Zor’s aides and a small
contingent of troops stood by and pretended not to hear anything.  Rex paced back and
fourth in front of Zor, dropping cigar ash on the metal floor plating as he spoke. “You do
realize the cockroaches have your bridge bugged and the Lubricators have THEIR Bridge
bugged and now we have a mutiny on our hands when we need the alliance with those bugs
and mechanical assholes the most??!!!”   

Zor looked like his eyes would bulge out of his head. “BUGGED??? The bugs have us
BUGGED?” Rex dropped his cigar stub on the floor and stepped on it and turned to glare at
his off spring with a demonic leer. His laughter was mirthless and rasping. “You really have a
lot to learn before you sit on the emperor’s throne! I have forgotten more then you know! OF
COURSE the dammed cockroaches have your bridge bugged!! Who do you think signed off
on having this ship of yours built?? I took certain precautions to ensure the safety of the
empire and my continued reign since your older brothers met with all of those unfortunate
accidents and I needed to know what was going on out here on the front battle lines with out
having to depend on unreliable Intel and doctored sensor sweeps.” The muffled sound of
explosions and gun fire could be heard and felt below them, deep with in the heart of the
ship. Zor reluctantly met his father’s icy stare for a moment and then looked away. “That
would be Elvis Mellon and his spider rampaging towards our engineering section.”

The emperor of the Draco star empire cocked his large head to one side as though listening
to the distant   sounds of battle and then started walking with purpose towards the nearest
exit, motioning for his imperial guards, his own personal guards, Zor and his aides and
personnel to follow him. He called back to his daughter as they headed for the sliding
double doors. “I will catch up with you later, Princess, Daddy has to go and show your
brother how to deal with talking Monkey’s,  traitors, and giant pests!” Princess Vipra smiled
coyly and waved to her father and then spoke out of the side of her mouth to her boy toy
personal secretary. “I’ll keep myself amused alright, get a copy of this ship’s layout and find
us the quickest way to the deck that Elvis Mellon is on!”

Location: Decimator- Deck 47    corridor (Main corridor outside Hangar 117 in Z section)   
junction 23 (or there about….)

Elvis Mellon and Colonel T.P Sommo were loitered in the badly damaged and smoldering
corridor that had recently been the victim of a certain giant arachnid’s wrath as he
juggernauted his way towards the engineering section of the huge war ship. An outside
observer would think the two earth humans that stood there amongst the sparking cables,
wrecked machinery, mutilated corpses, smoke, fire and all that go’s with destroyed Draco
war ship corridors, were simply enjoying a social event or a “walk in the park.” They chatted
amiably and passed a flask back and fourth as their new Draco (turn coat) ally, First cohort
Zlaarissh, and his Gray Cyborg Clones patrolled the nearby corridor for any approaching
hostilities. Zlaarissh was  chomping at the bit to just blow the dammed ship up or to hijack it
and then  blast the Draco seventh fleet to bits but what he really wanted to do was to take
the emperor hostage and chop Zor’s head off with his own blade. But he was going to trust
this crazy human with his superior technology a little while longer before he went and did
anything rash.

The weary Draco veteran was just about to ask Elvis if the two scientist’s had made any
progress hacking into the ship’s computer system when the distant sound of explosions,
weapons fire, screams, etc, let them all know that Zik had breeched the engineering section
and as if on cue, a new wave of Draco shock troops were marching down the corridor from
the other direction with a phalanx of death bots and Gray cyborg clones in front of them, all
laying down heavy suppressing fire. Elvis and the colonel ducked into the hatchway that
Grond had propped open with his war club as Zlaarissh and his gray cyborg clones took
cover behind a large pile of wreckage and Draco and G.C.C corpses.
Elvis listened to the loud eruption of laser and projectile fire outside in the corridor and he
knew that Zlaarissh and his cyborg clones could keep enemy at bay, irony being that until
about ten hours ago, they WERE the enemy. The room like most of the ship was brightly lit
from over head artificial sun lamps. Elvis’s aviator shades compensated for the glare as did
the colonels, but the others was squinting and holding a hand or paw over their eyes for
shade. The colonel and the big man watched the Plaedian scientist and Professor Krophf
working away on the key pads of the Draco computers, their fingers dancing upon them as if
they were giving a piano concerto. Elvis directed his question to Doc Sax, who was stoically
watching them with folded arms and an inscrutable expression on his usual poker face.   
“Any progress with our two Brainiac’s, Doc?”  

Veracose Primm shot him a quick smirk before the Doc could answer, and then she turned
back to the computer screen in front of her.  “Uh, WE are right here, and we CAN multitask.
We are through most of their firewalls and thanks to the professors astute knowledge of
Draco warship computer systems we have just knocked Decimators nukes off line. They
cannot fire at the planet. We are attempting to route control of the ships main and auxiliary
bridge to us.”  Elvis glanced at the colonel as the sounds of laser and projectile fire grew
louder outside in the corridor. “Colonel, should we leave the Doc and Grond with our two
super brains and Zlaarissh and the boys, while you and I meet Zik in engineering?” The
colonel was tapping his fingers nervously against the white pasteel wall behind him as he
shook his head negatively. “I don’t think we should split up, and why couldn’t you just have
Virgil knock every thing out? He could hack into their systems in two seconds from fifty light
years away! I say you route the computer systems to your watch and we all skedaddle to
engineering with the freak show spider and his new pets and we run the ship from there
and blow up the Draco fleet with it!!!”  

Everyone in the room  looked at Elvis for his answer ( except Grond who was thinking bout
his next meal and the professor who was still busy hacking away…) Elvis had his usual dead
pan “Devil may care” expression on his face as he scratched his bearded chin and adjusted
his sunglasses. He was about to open his mouth when he heard Zlaarissh   yelling from the
corridor. “Elvis, we better fall back to engineering and join up with Zik, it looks like Zor sent
for reinforcements and it looks like they are imperial guards!” The colonel and Elvis
exchanged looks with Doc Sax and the three men (and huge arboreal primate) ran into the
corridor with Blasters blazing, looking to their left where a full contingent of Draco troops,
death bots and Gray cyborg clones were marching towards them, stepping over their fallen
comrades that were being picked off by Zlaarissh and his renegade clones.
Red and green laser and plasma bolts were flying back and forth as armor tipped explosive
projectiles exploded around Elvis and his team. Black acrid smoke was starting to billow from
flaming holes in the corridor walls where electrical conduits and machinery were burning
and showering sparks every where. The renegade First cohort Draco and his “men” stood
between Elvis Mellon and company, blasting away at the oncoming troops as Elvis frantically
called into his watch. “Zik, what’s your status? Are you in engineering yet?” Zik’s rather high
pitched and nervous sounded voice crackled over the speaker of Elvis’s watch. “I am in
engineering as we speak, it’s gigantic!! It’s heavily guarded, OR WAS, and the Yarn’s are
mopping up any resistance! You should see these engines!!! Holy shit!!! We can control the
ship from here!!!!”

Elvis nodded and kept talking as he poked his head back into where the two scientists were
hacking away at the Draco computer systems. “Just a minute pal, ( calling to Veracose
Primm ) DOCTOR Primm, I just transferred your latest “adjustments” to the ships systems to
my ascendant technology watch, you and the professor start heading to engineering and we
will catch up.” Veracose Primm straightened her self out from hunching over the computer
terminal for the last twenty minutes. She glared at Elvis with such intensity he backed up a
foot. “WAIT!!! If you could do that in the first place, WHY did you let me and the professor
spend the last twenty minutes hacking into the ships systems?!” Elvis grinned sheepishly.
“Hell, that would have been too easy, I needed to kill some time and I wanted you and the
professor to feel needed.” The big man ducked as she threw a small piece of equipment at
his head. “You can really be an ASSHOLE sometimes!!! Don’t ever patronize me again!!
(Turning to the professor who was staying silent) Come on professor, let’s get to
engineering.” Elvis winked at the colonel as the colonel shook his head and continued
blasting at the enemy hordes with his cape dramatically sweeping behind him in the shifting
air currents caused by the heat of the explosions and flames.

Professor Krophf and Doctor Primm squeezed past Elvis and fled down the corridor as the
fire fight raged behind them. Elvis tapped Grond on his hairy green shoulder and gerked his
thumb towards the retreating scientists. “Grond, you go with them and (throwing him his
blaster rifle) use THIS. That club aint gonna do much good against laser bolts and death
beams!! We will be right behind you in a few minutes!” The big green ape grinned as If Elvis
had just given him a lollipop and saluted him like he used to see Benny Hill do on the old
earth vids. Elvis watched him lumber down the corridor after the Brainiac’s and then he
pulled a blaster pistol from his hip holster and started picking off approaching death bots
and Gray cyborg clones, shooting between his comrades and new allies. Elvis suddenly
remembered he still had Zik “on the line.” “Zik, hang tight and DO NOT blow up the ship or
ruin the engines, NOT YET anyway. The professor, Grond and Doctor Primm are heading
your way, DO NOT let the Yarns eat them. We will be there shortly, over and out!”

The Doc was in his usual gunfighter stance with a pistol in each hand, his duster trailing the
debris ridden floor as he fired away with machine like precision at the enemy. The black and
gray smoke was obscuring their view of as Elvis heard Zlaarissh gasp and mutter something
under his breath over the near deafening din of gun fire and explosions. He stepped past his
friend, the colonel, and called through the cloud of smoke to his Draco ally. “Zlaarissh, what
do you see?” The battle scarred Draco veteran stepped closer to Elvis, waving his clawed
hand to move some of the all pervading smoke. “IT’S REX!! THE F^%$ING EMPEROR IS

Location: Hexarus Triune # Two (Larry) equatorial plains, northern hemisphere, “No man’s
land”-  ground zero of the battle grounds.

Zek was beyond annoyed and aggravated that his calls to Virgil/Visigoth and to Mr. Smokey
on Ice Station Sommo were going unanswered. He was still slogging through the wastelands
of the “no mans land” between the front battle lines, crawling through and over piles of
eviscerated corpses that he himself was killing as he went along. Draco, Gray Cyborg clones,
giant cockroaches, crushed and chopped up death bots, still sparking and smoldering, and
the bodies of confederation troops that his enemies had slain. The battle was raging more
then ever as the Lubricators continued to dig a gigantic crevasse near the Draco alliance
front lines and firing on their own alliance members, Draco, cockroaches and slime, to
protect their impromptu drilling operation.

Swarms of white mantis continued to dog fight with  Draco alliance  fighters as some broke
off to fire upon smaller Lubricator “squadrons” that were  protecting the ever growing
compilation of lubricator “machinery” (comprised of smaller Lubricators linking together to
form larger ones) that were  being used as the drilling rigs. These “rigs” were  adjacent to the
massive maw of open earth that was swallowing up Draco and confederation troops alike
and  PANDOMONIUM was the word going through Zek’s mind as he watched Draco alliance
ground troops and atmospheric fighters joining with their C.G counterparts to fire upon
attacking Lubricators.
It was dusk but it seemed like night time due to the natural cloud cover and the enormous
clouds of smoke and dust being generated from the seemingly endless battle and the fact
that the skies were nearly black with countless ships from both sides, with troop transports,
cargo/supply shuttles, destroyers, battleships, fighters, Lubricator tanker ships and their
“bomber/fighter” escorts. Search beams, flares, laser bolts and explosions illuminated the
ongoing all out assault as Zek shot out a series of steel cable like webs a cross the chasm to
make a  foot bridge for him and the C.G troops that followed him to make it over into Draco

The Lubricators were throwing every thing they had at the huge arachnid but their weapons
of mass destruction were no good against his impervious exterior. Both the Draco high
command and the Galactic Confederation unified military counsel observers ( safely  back on
their respective home planets or colony worlds watching top secret coded transmissions
beamed from Triune # Two )  watched in awe as this single ( not to mention “fabled” and
recently thought to be only legend ) gigantic crystalline arachnid, plowed through the
toughest Draco alliance defenses like an out of control juggernaut of death and destruction,
leaving a trail of bodies and flaming wreckage in its wake. Zek had the ability to go into
stealth mode where he would be virtually invisible at night, not refracting any light sources
OR he could self illuminate himself and glow from within like an earth “Christmas tree”
which he was doing now.
He figured he might as well scare the shit out of his enemies (the biological organic ones)
and the Draco, gray cyborg clones and cockroaches were rather unnerved by the sight of this
monstrous glowing and glittering spider slicing and dicing its way through Draco alliance
troops and smashing death bots and Lubricators to pieces   so small that they could not
reform or rebuild themselves.  Rex was being appraised of all of this as he began to negotiate
a false truce with Elvis Mellon aboard Decimator and Rex was know determined to capture at
least one of these dammed spiders.

Zek wanted off this rock and out of this frigging battle but since the C.G forces would not
comply with giving him transport off world and Virgil and Smokey had not been answering
his hails or profanity strung tirades that he vented into the loaned ascendant technology
watch, he figured he might as well stick with the plan and spear head an assault into the
heart of Draco alliance held territory. The Lubricators were acting like a swarm of angry
hornets as they massed around him and fired every thing they had at him and even
launched themselves at him in seeming suicidal attacks and exploded themselves as they
rammed him.

Draco and C.G military techs, scientists and advisors gasped as Zek emerged from the fiery
explosions literally unscathed and not slowing down in the least as he scuttled a cross his
bridge of webs. He continued to call Smokey on his watch, if for nothing else to just annoy
him and he was surprised when Smokey actually answered back. “Zek, I read you loud and
clear, sorry for the radio silence, long story. You are doing fine, hang in there, we WILL come
and get you, and Elvis and Virgil are currently other wise occupied.”  Zek was shooting webs
at hovering Lubricators and yanking them to pieces and gutting them as he crossed his self
woven bridge , shouting over the deafening ( not to him ) sounds of battle.
“Bullshit, Virgil can perform millions of tasks at once and be more then one place at once!!
What aren’t you telling me?”  There was a brief pause and then Smokey’s voice came back
on, sounding rather annoyed. “Well, believe it or not, Ice station Sommo is currently under
attack by heavy Lubricator forces and Elvis and your brother and their buddies just got paid
a visit by the emperor of the Draco star empire and a squad of his imperial guards aboard
the Decimator, I will keep you posted, Smokey, hopefully getting back to you soon, over and
out, and as Elvis is fond of saying, if I don’t see you in the future, I’ll see you in the
pasture.”  To be continued...
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