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PART # 15

Location: Hexarus Triune star system - Draco super dread naught flag ship “DECIMATOR”
in High orbit of Triune # Two –Deck 47- main corridor engineering side of junction 23.

The high emperor of the Draco star empire, Rex, in all his terrible glory, waded through the
swirling acrid white smoke of the battle damaged corridor along with his personal and
imperial guards flanking him from left to right and a legion of his infamous “Red claw”
Shock troops behind him.  Few Draco emperor’s had been brazen or ballsy enough to lead
their troops into battle, let alone come anywhere near the front lines of the wars and conflicts
that  they were responsible for instigating. Rex, did not F*&# around and his testicles were
rumored to be titanium and the fact that this war front was known as “Rex’s Balls,” spoke
volumes. Rex’s top ranking imperial guard, First commander, Vlaanex Toom, stood to Rex’s
left waving a white flag and calling for a cease fire to negotiate with Elvis Mellon and his
marauding band of “pirates.”

Rex had insisted on being in front with his troops and he was dressed appropriately in full
battle armor as he picked his way through the wreckage of smashed machinery, sparking
conduits and smoldering rubble. The visibility was near zero since the corridors air recycling
systems were damaged and the fans were working over time to disperse the clouds of
billowing black and white smoke.  The barrage of enemy fire had ceased and the corridor
was eerily silent except for the crackling of fires, the pop and sizzle of sparking power cables
and the heavy breathing of the Draco troops and the clanking and creaking of their body
armor. Rex had ordered the reserves of Gray cyborg clones to stand by until called for as he
reasoned that  putting them upfront and wasting them as fodder for the crazed spider’s
vengeance or as food for the hybrid mutated bio weapons was a bad use of resources. His son
Zor thought nothing of sending platoon after platoon of G.C.C’s to their deaths and simply
ordered more from Reptilicon # 6-113.

Rex had also ordered that the death bots be kept on stand by with the cyborg clones and he
sent Zor’s two top brass- fleet admiral Zaarrgh and general Zleerg to the bridge. Zor had left
a crew of junior officers to man Decimators battle Bridge in the middle of a major space
battle in one of the fiercest conflicts since the Draco/Galactic Confederation war had been
rekindled and Rex was beginning to question his son’s readiness to succeed him as emperor.
A ship’s commander needed his senior officers and top brass to look after things when
he/she was elsewhere. First commander, Vlaanex Toom gave a quick hand signal to indicate
it was safe for Rex and the troops to follow him into the smoke free portion of the corridor.
Toom, like his fellow imperial guards, wore a light weight helmet that covered the back and
top of his large reptilian head with a small  transparent visual display, looking like one half
of a pair of clip on sunglasses, covering his left eye.
He could see through the  light plastic display when needed and the small visor served as a
read out to  the mini computer processor tied into the Draco  central military “interfeed” and
also the helmets own sensors which included heat and infrared  sensors, a variety of
scanners and the latest high tech “bells and whistles” developed  the military scientific corps.
Draco technology was actually a step above Confederation technology and considered to be
the best in the known galaxies save for the Cybernetic children of the ascendant.

This was due in part to the Draco’s habit of plundering and stealing any and all technologies
they came a cross including that of the Confederation or anyone else’s  that they captured in
battle. Toom’s visual display read “No life forms” present in the immediate vicinity but he
proceeded cautiously assuming that Elvis Mellon’s superior C.C.O.A technology  could
render them virtually invisible and non existent. This was not good as he had expected their
opponents to either be firing at them or standing down and ready to negotiate a truce or
cease fire. He had not expected them to do a tactical retreat towards engineering. Rex, Zor
and the rest of the imperial guard and a full legion of shock troops followed Toom into the
open, smoke free corridor.  Rex held up a clawed hand as a signal to halt the advance. “Well,
apparently (turning to Zor, his son.) They don’t trust us, (Turning back to address First
commander, Toom) should we assume they retreated to engineering?” First commander
Toom nodded affirmatively and met Rex’s unblinking glare with his own. “I WOULD. IF
they take engineering and they could control this ship.”  

Rex looked to his son, Zor, who was himself looking at a small visual readout on his armor
plated wrist (Draco communication device, their equivalent of text messaging and computer
interface/internet, two way radio, etc. ) The collective breathing of over fifty bipedal
reptilians sounded like and old steam train venting steam as everyone waited for their
commanders and emperor to tell them what to do next. Rex and Toom both held their
breath as Zor’s pupils seemed to dilate as he finished reading a message from the bridge. Zor
cleared his throat and spoke loud enough for all to hear. “Apparently, they HAVE taken
engineering and hacked into the ships mainframe and they now control the ships nukes but
they are allowing the bridge to control engines and defensive weapons to protect the ship.
More specifically the SPIDER is plugged into the ships computer and running the show, at
this point we don’t even know if Elvis Mellon has a say in this or not.”

Zor, Toom and the legion of Draco shock troops all stood at attention with baited breath,
awaiting word from Rex. Rex cast a dour unblinking eye towards his subordinates and with
a dramatic swish of his cape and a jerk of his head towards engineering the “word” was
given. With in seconds the sound of more then a legion of armored Draco marching in
unison with the precision of a perfect living “machine” echoed down the wide corridor like a
drum beat. In an auxiliary emergency maintenance corridor half way between the corridor
and engineering that sound could be heard growing louder as Princess Vipra and her
reluctant personal assistant, Zaaren, (holding her Pleeb) cautiously peered around the corner
of the hatchway opening into the main corridor.
Vipra had found the quickest way to engineering when she learned that Elvis Mellon and his
crew of marauders were heading there and she intended to beat her father and brother there.
What she was going to do when she got there and met him, she did not know. Vipra’s mind,
though brilliant, did not think that far ahead. She was not necessarily “shallow” as much as
she was “scatterbrained.” She had many traits that could be interpreted as shallow as came
with being a wealthy and privileged member of a Draco royal family and the daughter of
the emperor with the title of Princess. To Draco standards of beauty she was a gorgeous and
desirable female in prime breeding years and with all of this and a very pampered life it was
hard not to be shallow and rather vain and egotistical but Vipra had a higher I.Q then Zor,
and Zor was border line genius.

(Zor was also a narcissistic sociopath and a sadist.) Vipra would have been running a
cosmetics firm or working on bio weapons at one the Draco military high commands many
clandestine facilities like Reptilicon # 6-113 or 114,115, etc, had she not been born into
royalty. She WAS however rather self serving and she wanted what she wanted WHEN she
wanted it and right now she wanted to meet Elvis Mellon and his legendary crew and  her
fathers and brothers issues with him and galactic wars be dammed!  Vipra motioned for
Zaaren to follow her down the corridor towards engineering before her father, brother and
their shock troops came into view. The percussion like sound of a legion of Draco shock
troops marching on a metallic corridor floor was growing louder but Vipra could still not see
them with the curve of the enormous hallway. She took her precious Pleeb from her
assistant and clamped her clawed hand over its mouth to prevent it from yelping as they
scurried towards engineering with the sound of her painted toe claws clickity clacking on the
metallic floor.

What Vipra did not realize was that First commander Toom picked up her and her
companion’s and Pleeb’s heat signature and bio sign’s in his helmets sensors sweeps. The
latest in Draco military technology made it to the Imperial guards and Red claw elite shock
troops before trickling down to the enlisted “foot soldiers” and grunts of the Draco war
machine. Toom knew immediately that this was Princess Vipra, Rex’s wayward daughter
and star of many of the empires online “gossip rags” and “scandal sheets.” He thought it
prudent not to say anything to his emperor or to Zor. Toom knew Vipra by reputation and
he knew that she could handle herself in rough situations and if she wanted to put herself in
the middle of a fire fight between her father, brother and  a legion of Draco shock troops
against invading hostile forces, THAT was her business.
Toom thought the less Rex knew the better, the same went for Zor. Toom was marching
(more like running) along side Rex, Zor and Rex’s personal guards with the legion of Red
claws behind them. They had passed the curve of the long corridor and entered the straight
away with the entrance to this level of engineering looming ahead of them. Toom noted that
Vipra and her escort were not in sight and his sensors could no longer detect them up ahead.
He surmised that they had some how gotten into engineering. He also noted the enormous
double doors of reinforced steel plating that the monstrous spider had ripped apart like tissue
paper were now pounded back into relative shape and closed, obviously more handy work
from the spider.

Vlaanex Toom had seen some incredible and strange things in his years of serving in the
Draco star empires elite shock troops and the emperors imperial guards in his many
campaigns against the Galactic Confederation and out in the disputed territories of the
galactic rim but this gigantic crystalline spider that was in Elvis Mellon’s crew and the one
wreaking havoc down on Triune # Two beat them all. Almost every Draco school kid heard
legends of the fable spiders but he thought they were just “make believe.”  He had thought
Doctor Sax was “make believe” too, a story to scare him into finishing his dinner of raw and
bloody Canterwhals. (A staple growing up, sort of like a big buffalo but aquatic) His Dad
used to tell him to finish his meat or Doc Sax would come and drag him off to his ship and
perform horrible experiments on him. Now Doc Sax and one of those nightmare spiders
were actually here on this ship!! Toom marveled at their leader, Elvis Mellon, another
enigma. An Earth man, Doc Sax and a giant crystalline spider all together.    

First commander-Vlaanex Toom had risen through the ranks of the elite Rd claw as a
contemporary and peer none other then Zor, the high commander of the Zeta Reticulli forces
of Draco and Gray cyborg clone legions and current commander of the seventh fleet and the
top Draco in charge of the military campaign known as Rex’s balls. Rex was not about to put
his Son in charge of anything with out first getting full military training and education and
Vlaanex Toom and Zor were in the same freshman class at the imperial academy. Toom,
like Zor, came from the upper echelon of Draco society and the highest strata of that echelon.
Unlike the rest of  Draco military machine at large and their ruthless shock troops , the Red
Claw were only picked by those accepted to the imperial academy and only those from
educated wealthy families with superior genetic backgrounds (  especially “royalty” ) got into
the academy. Any Draco could join the military and become shock troopers (providing their
DNA was suitable) but the elite Red claw and imperial guards were more then a step above
the brutal shock troopers.

Toom, like First Cohort Zlaarissh, was distantly related to the royal house of Rex and
somewhere along the line he and Zlaarissh were related. That was a thought that angered
Toom now that his former mentor and idle had become a traitor. Toom’s loyalty to his
empire, his emperor and the Draco species was unquestionable and he could even conceive
of any of his kind betraying their species and aiding the mammals and other non reptilian
species. Zlaarissh had not only instructed Toom at the academy but they have served  
together in many campaigns with Zlaarissh as Toom’s superior officer. The difference
between Zlaarissh and Toom, one of them anyway: was where as Zlaarissh felt he best
served the empire in the trenches and battlefronts with the common shock troops and the
every day enlisted grunts, Toom aspired to no less then a general or perhaps even fleet
admiral if and when he could transfer to a Draco navy bridge crew and get into an officers
program. Toom’s mother had even advanced beyond her husband, Toom’s step dad, to
become rear vice admiral of the combined Draco imperial naval fleets. The only reason that
males outnumbered females in the Draco military is that most females felt military service
was below them. Draco society was not exclusively patriarchal, there had been a long line of
female empress’s and queens ruling the empire and much of the Draco high council and
highest positions of government and commerce were filled by females and they also made
brilliant scientists.

There was however fierce competition between the sexes and Rex’s male line had long won
out over his female ancestors. Toom wanted to come up through the ranks so there were no
murmurs of nepotism or his Mothers pulling strings to help him advance. Toom had two
immediate goals as he marched with his emperor and high commander, personally kill the
traitor Zlaarissh and to take his position and rank in the red claw, and to find away to use
Princess Vipra’s disobedience of her Fathers instructions    and her wayward behavior in
attempting to meet with and perhaps consort with the enemy (Elvis Mellon) to his/Toom’s
advantage. He might personally resent nepotism but a little blackmailing never hurt
anyone. He signaled for the legion to slow down (with a questioning eye turned to his
emperor in case of countermanding orders/signals) as they approached the huge blast doors
that accessed engineering on this level, the same doors ripped off their hinges and torn
through like wax paper by the insane and monstrous spider and then beaten back into
relative shape and sealed again. Toom noted they met with no resistance, no weapons fire
and an eerily quiet corridor. He did not like this one bit.

Rex gave a brief nod to Toom and Toom held up his clawed right hand as a signal for the
legion to halt and stand down before the great blast doors. A phalanx of Gray cyborg clones
had been instructed to remain on standby but to make their way down the corridor behind
the marching legion of Draco shock troops along with a phalanx of death bots. They had just
arrived in silence behind the shock troops. Zor had been uncharacteristically quite during the
march and now he was taking the lead, stepping past Toom and Rex to approach the huge
battered doors and punching the control buttons to the left of the massive doors that would
normally open them. Nothing happened. Zor turned back to glance at his father and the
first commander and then he started pounding on the doors with his clenched fists.
With a quick nod of Toom’s head every shock trooper had their blaster rifles aimed at the
doors awaiting a response. The response came from behind them all and down the corridor
from whence they had had all just came. A loud series of explosions rocked the corridor and
shook the floor and walls as every Draco legionnaire, Gray Cyborg clone and all of the death
bots turned around to see what was causing the explosions. What they saw was an ominous
cloud of  gray smoke, flames and swirling debris rapidly approaching them and out of the
debris came three gigantic super mutant cockroaches running single file ahead of the cloud
and out of that cloud came what appeared to be a large contingency of Lubricators blasting
away at the huge roaches and  at the death bots that were immediately returning fire. Zor,
Rex and Toom all exchanged panicked looks as Rex growled. “THIS ISNT GOOD.”……

Location: Engineering section –Deck 47.   When First cohort Zlaarissh- formerly of the Draco
star empires elite designation of shock troops known as the Red claw-saw that he and his
new ally Elvis Mellon and (present) his  hand picked crew were being signaled to by their
opponents with a white flag the universal symbol of truce/parley/time out, Zlaarissh
suggested to Elvis and company they make a tactical retreat to engineering and that is what
they did.  They followed closely behind professor Krophf and Doctor Veracose Primm along
with Doc Sax and Grond. Zlaarissh and his gray cyborg clones had covered Elvis Mellon and
Colonel T.P Sommo as they all retreated under the cover of all of the swirling smoke and
chaos that had ensued from the firefight they just had with none other then the emperor of
the Draco star empire, his son and their best and deadliest battle hardened troops. When
Elvis, the colonel and their new allies arrived at the massive blast doors at the end of the
corridor they found them open a crack and they slipped inside. What they saw when they
got inside this section of engineering stopped them dead in their tracks.

The engineering section of Decimator was almost as gigantic in size as its hangars.  From the
entrance on deck # 47 which Elvis Mellon and company had just entered the area opened up
in a series of terraced levels, each deck had a sort of railed deck area that could look down or
up to the corresponding decks from which huge power conduits ran, each in turn plugged
into enormous turbines that fed into glowing columns that in turn hooked into banks upon
banks of terminals and consoles normally manned by Draco tech bots and Draco
engineering techs ( now either laying unconscious or half eaten by the Yarns ) but the first
thing Elvis and company noticed when they looked up into this vast space was Zik, sitting in
the middle of a gigantic web, like that of a giant orb weaver ( Garden ) spider, a perfect
octagonal web, hundreds of yards across and on closer inspection Elvis noticed that some of
these webs, resembling steel cables, silver and shimmering, were actually plugged into the
computer banks and machinery like power cables and they themselves plugged into Zik. Zik
glowed and a series of colored lights blinked on and off from with
in him like a Christmas

His huge spider form, legs splayed in all directions, looked sinister and other worldly as the
yarns howled and paced back and fourth several decks below him in front of Elvis Mellon
and his companions on Deck # 47. Elvis noted a series of open lift elevators and ladders ran
up and down from each terraced deck and he filed that away as something important.  
Professor Krophf and Veracose Primm were both manning computer consoles to Elvis’s left,
neither scientist gave him and his crew a second look as they busily investigated and learned
the Draco tech. Doc Sax and Grond were both leaning on the railing looking up at the
glowing spider as Colonel T.P Sommo summed up what Elvis was thinking. “HOLY
SHIT!!  ZIK, WHAT THE FUCK???!!!!”  

The hum of the ships massive engines reverberated through the gigantic lofty space that was
the engineering section but Zik apparently heard the colonel’s distinctive voice. His large
arachnid head with its twenty -something glittering diamond like eyes swiveled to look
down at his humanoid crew members below him. His eyes now shined like flashlights and
the “beams” arced down like reverse search lights to light upon the colonel and Elvis Mellon.
“Like what I’ve done with the place, boss?”
Elvis’s normally non pulsed demeanor showed signs of strain as his facial muscles twitched a
bit around his eyes, visible even with his sunglasses on as his left cheek seemed to twitch
slightly. The large man took his fedora off and waved it in the air as though trying to knock
the spider from its web. “GOD DAMMIT, ZIK!! GET THE FUCK DOWN FROM THERE!!
suddenly growled at Elvis and his companions and started slowly and menacingly barring
their hideous fangs and approaching the new arrivals in predatory stalking mode.
Zlaarissh and his gray cyborg clones all fell into combat stance with their blasters aimed at
the beasts as Doctor Sax whipped out his blaster pistols faster then greased lightning. The
Doc was closer to the beasts, in between the two scientists at their consoles and the hybrid
monsters and behind them the railing that was all there was between them and a drop to
many decks below. Colonel T.P Sommo also drew his pistols and cursed under his breath,
shooting looks of “DO SOMETHING” to his old friend, Elvis. Elvis looked up at the spider
with his arms out and hands up in a sort of shrug. “Zik, if those things take a step closer
they are toast!!! Let’s be rational about this, we are the same side! We want the same thing,
come on buddy!”

Zik’s huge body moved slightly in his gigantic web, the whole web vibrated and sounded
like guitar strings being twanged. The Yarns stopped as though hearing a silent command
and the spider addressed his friends, his voice now booming out from unseen speakers. “I
Not only captured the ship…I AM THE SHIP!!! I’m plugged right into the ships central
computer!! Hell, now I know how Virgil feels!! I can control everything!! I have been reading
all their data banks; they have lots of files on YOU, on all of us!!! You give the word and I’ll
shut down life support and snuff out all these lizards! (Swinging his head to look down
towards Zlaarissh) No offense, Zlaarissh!”
Elvis was sweating despite his air conditioned environmental “bubble.”  “NO, DO NOT cut
life support! As much as I might sometimes hate these assholes, this aint the way! Give me
a moment to think.” The colonel gave him a sideways sneer. “WAIT?! Let me guess, you are
still making up your plan as you go along?”  Elvis put his hat back on and pushed his
sunglasses up. “Who am I MacGyver? Captain Kirk?? I don’t know what the F*&% I’m
doing!! When did we ever need to capture or take over another ship before?”  Zik’s voice
came booming out again. “Well, you better hurry up and decide what to do because
Emperor Rex and a legion of his best red claw shock troops and imperial guards are almost
right outside the doors behind you and the Lubricators have just boarded the ship!” All of
the humanoids (including the big Draco and the cyborg clones) all exchanged glances of
surprise and panic (except Grond who did not seem to grasp the gravity of the situation)
Elvis held his left arm up and spoke into his watch. “VIRGIL???

I thought you were keeping the Lubricators away from the ship???” The familiar, rather
generic-combination- Robert Donat, Peter O Toole, David Niven, British accented voice
spoke from seemingly above Elvis’s head. “Well, YES, initially but you know the deal with
future probabilities and interfering with timelines…. You of all people should understand
that sometimes things are simply meant to happen a certain way and this is one of those
junctures in time. THIS needs to happen, it will have outcomes that will echo through time
and space and things will take care of themselves. RELAX; you can handle this…..” Elvis
had been the only person in the “room” who had not drawn his pistols when the yarns
acted threatening; instead he had drawn his flask from his pocket. Now, he was pouring its
brown contents into a scotch glass that he had produced from another pocket and swilling it
like it was going out of style. To everyone’s right – a view screen on the curved wall next to
the large double engineering doors suddenly came on (courtesy of Zik) with a view of the
main corridor and  the legion of approaching Draco troops with their emperor, Zor and a
fierce and deadly looking Draco officer in black and red body armor in the lead, coming

All eyes went from the screen to Elvis Mellon, other then the loud hum of the ships engines
and the occasional twang of Zik’s webs when he shifted his body weight, there was silence.
Elvis did not  like being under pressure or having to make quick decisions and starring at his
ice cubes and sipping his Jim Beam seemed like the thing to do at this moment. He looked
up and around at everyone and the horrific looking hybrid beasts who now paced nervously
near the railing, allowing Grond to pet them like they were big puppy dogs. He was trying
to think of how to deal with the Lubricators AND the Draco when a rather pleasant and
sexy, feminine (but distinctly DRACO) voice came from the far left of the computer
terminals that the two egg head scientists were manning.
“Mind if we join the party? WE are not armed and I am a big fan of yours.” All eye’s
including Elvis’s shifted in the direction of the voice to see a tall Draco female and her male
escort come walking in with their hands out in greeting, the female holding some kind of
ugly reptilian thing with one hand. Zik’s voice boomed out again, causing the two Draco to
look up in awe at the bizarre sight of the giant crystalline spider perched in a massive web
across engineering, and glowing and blinking as shimmering silver threads ran in and out of
its abdomen. “Elvis Mellon, meet Princess Vipra, daughter EMPEROR Rex and brother to

To be continued…..