To our loyal legions of fans across the known universe,

You all know the story of Elvis Mellon.  From his humble beginnings as a pirate radio
station DJ and singer with his Elvis Presley tribute band, then expanded his resume over
time to include outlaw, galactic superhero, syndicated talk show host, and then finally his
rise to media personality and superstar.

His fan club has chapters everywhere, even among the many worlds in the Draco star
empire.  This is impressive in itself considering the majority of Draco are tone deaf and
hate Rock ‘N’ Roll which in turn is due to the fact that humans created it. Elvis’s
broadcasts from his hidden location at non-station K.L.S.D have become the stuff of
legend, not to mention collector’s items for anyone who recorded them. His tours with his
band along the front battle lines was always considered entertaining.

During conflicts with the Draco and Slime Alliance, Galactic Confederation troops freed
him of his outlaw status. It is then that Zor - the dreaded emperor of the Draco
insidious race of reptile sentients with little or no sense of humor)
- put a price on his
head. But Elvis Mellon and his tribute band soldiered on.  With his best friend Zik, a huge
crystalline spider that feeds on sound waves and plays a mean guitar
(and drums and
bass and… well you get the picture!)
, and his faithful crew of misfits, they traveled the
stars in his mighty star ship,  “Visigoth.”

The Visigoth was built by the "cybernetic Children of the Ascendant" , super computer
beings encased in massive “World Ark Ships.”  These ships housed enormous domes and
sphere’s containing entire worlds and ecosystems, preserving and cherishing the myriad
of life found throughout the Universe.  These sentient computers were created by an
ancient race of creatures that evolved far beyond the need for physical bodies and have
long since vanished from the physical universe, save for occasional appearances as beings
of pure energy with god-like powers. They created these cybernetic children to carry out
their philanthropic objectives.

One such super intelligence named Ovid found Elvis Mellon adrift in deep space after
having escaped the sinister clutches of the Grays.  Familiar to most of us, the bulbous
headed, large eyed extraterrestrials were infamous for abducting humans from the
primitive frontier world of Earth where the talking monkeys were all killing each other
over ridiculous political and religious ideologies, while destroying their ecosystem and
playing with atomic weapons.  
(Silly talking monkeys…sigh…).  The cybernetic children,
like Ovid, hoped Elvis Mellon could be taught and groomed into an ambassador of “good
will” for that poor backwater planet, that was why they built him the Visigoth,
generously equipped with its own super intelligent sentient holographic being named
“Virgil.”  Virgil would be Elvis’ guide and mentor. With the Visigoth, our hero and his
cohorts could be sure to outrun the countless Draco troops, bounty hunters and assassin
bots while spreading his message of Rock ‘N’ Roll to the star races of the Confederation
and beyond.


A FOREWORD –before we begin our tale,  we would like to give our  readers some
background on the history and politics of the universe Elvis Mellon lives in.
Unbeknown to the inhabitants of twentieth  and twenty first  century Earth, The Milky
Way galaxy
( and  almost all galaxy's in this Universe/Multiverse )  is/are  teeming with a myriad of
life forms on many worlds and it has seen the rise and fall of many galactic civilizations.
The Galactic Confederation came about with an alliance forged of many star races and
groups,  including the Plaedians, the Lyrans, and the Sirians, the Orion's, the Arcturans
and many others.  The Draco Star Empire had once been admitted to the alliance but
later withdrew and declared war.  This was back in the days when Rex and his son Zor
held the throne, but that is another story.  The Confederation has maintained a peaceful
coexistence for eons and many great civilizations have flourished and prospered under its
protection.  It is this Confederation that kept a watchful eye on the primitive frontier
world of Earth , where they had
(under the guidance of higher authorities, which will not
be detailed here)
genetically tinkered with the native hominids of that backwater world.  
Using the DNA of at least five races from within the Confederation, they had created
hybrids that now looked like themselves, as many of the members of the confederation

(not all)
were bipedal and relatively hairless humanoids.

They helped these “talking monkeys” evolve, and with them they colonized other worlds
of that solar system including a planet called Mars
(Maldek) and the now destroyed
sister world to Earth, “Filaria”.  Filaria was a water world  that was blown out of orbit by
nuclear detonation's that was   the result of a Galactic war and the Planet  crashed into
the Earth  with its mass and core blasted back into space and caught in the Earths
gravity to create  the moon and contributing to the asteroid belt between Mars and
Saturn.  This  great galactic war was  in the Confederation’s early days that had started
with what later became known as the “Lucifer Rebellion”.  A sector lord named "Lucifer"  
had governed the hybrids and Confederation colonists of Earth, Mars, Filaria and Venus*
( * the morning star often associated with Lucifer,  especially after it was pulled in too
close to the star Sol and rendered lifeless and uninhabitable)
-  Lucifer taught the hybrid
occupants of those worlds  the art of war and rebellion, and gave them atomics.  Those
atomics would end up destroying those  two worlds and partially ripping away the
atmosphere of Mars.

Since the rebellion and the ensuing cataclysm, the entire star system including Earth was
under quarantine and closely guarded. The Draco had once tried to take over the
Plaedian/Sirian colony of Atlantis on Earth after the Great War when the planet was
capable of supporting life on a large scale again.  The Confederation was forced to blow up
their colony, including the occupying Draco, to stop the invasion.  The Draco Star Empire
has never forgiven them for it.  

The Draco had long ago been part of the Galactic Confederation but had left it when they
felt it was over run by too many mammalian races. They enslaved the race known as the
Grays,that  Lucifer had created for his own selfish purposes and now had established
colony worlds near Zeta Reticuli.  The Draco promised the Grays help with their dying
home world, they were unable to reproduce normally.   The Draco, using the Grays and
Gray clones, would regularly run the blockade/quarantine of Earth to harvest human
DNA for the Grays and an occasional snack for themselves.  Many Draco commented that
humans tasted like shit while others considered it an acquired taste.  

The confederation pulled its colonies from Earth and left the hybrids to their own
devices.  Occasionally a rogue member or some mid-level bureaucrat would step in and
play God or Gods to the humans since they had de-evolved after several worldwide
catastrophes.  Eventually, they abandoned Earth’s surface to observe them from nearby
mother ships and monitor their progress.  They decided to watch the humans more
closely early in Earth’s 20th century after some of the more intelligent talking monkeys
started rediscovering how to make atomic weapons while others were uncovering old
Atlantean technology.

On rare occasion’s humans found they’re way out into deep space via abductions from the
Grays or others bent on experimentation or harvesting of human DNA. Sometimes even
the  best laid plans of   mice and Martians goes south and the humans escape and picked
up by Confederation representatives who either give them a memory wipe and return
them or let them live amongst them but exiled from Earth. One such earthling – in his
case, ended up aboard a gray abductor ship after he accidentally discovered an ancient
stargate/time-space portal left by the Atlantean’s in they’re colony of Og, once located in
what is now the American southwest, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.
He not only discovered it, but was able to activate it with thought, causing the off-world
monitors to take notice as such abilities were thought to have been bred out of the
hybrids leaving only evolved Plaedians, as well as some Lyrans and Sirians with such
abilities. This was no ordinary human being that was about to crash his way into the
hearts of the Confederation and beyond.

Elvis Mellon was about twenty three  years of age when he left his native Earth.  At this
age, he could  be best described as a “New Age-hippie freak-flower child”, super sci-fi
geek, and high school stoner.  He was born and raised in a small, sleepy suburb in New
(at this time, part of the United States of America) and was weaned on the
original “Star Trek” and “Lost in Space”.  By the age of seventeen  he had become an
idealist and left home right after high school to travel the world , hitch hiking and back
backing around  in an effort to find himself. After  a period of living on communes and
camping in national parks and forests he settled in Boulder, Colorado
(also in the USA)
where he occupied an abandoned gold mine shaft for several winters.

One fateful day he fell through the floor of one of the mines he was exploring and found
an ancient, previously hidden chamber , left by a colony of the  long gone civilisation of
Atlantis , and in the chamber  a stargate
( Space time portal ) ,  guarded by
Chubacabras.   While trying to escape them, he some how activated the stargate, fell
through it, and found himself in the hold of a Gray abductor starship.  He would later
escape from that predicament, becoming the stuff of legends
(but that is for another
.)   He was rescued near the constellation of Aquarius, the same area where our story
begins.  His rescuers were the “Aquallarons”, the standard translation of their name, as it
is too complicated to pronounce in their native  Aquallaron language.  It simply means
“those of the water.”  They are an amphibious race of oxygen breathers who, for the
most part, resemble man-sized frogs.  Their planet is  a water world with a series of
small islands scattered about and it  has a climate similar to that of the South Pacific  on
Earth. They are a very bright and inventive race that took to the stars a long time ago
out of curiosity, when one of their patrol ships found Elvis floating in a Gray escape pod
and brought him to their home world.

They are members of the Confederation and are a very warm and friendly people.  It
took little time for a mutual love to develop between Elvis Mellon and the Aquallarons.  
They gave him his own half submerged beach house in their capitol city on the coast of
their largest island continent.  Elvis was treated less like a zoo animal and more like a
celebrity.  They kept thinking he was Plaedian or Lyran and couldn’t figure out why he
didn’t understand standard until their ambassador used an old telepathic technique to
figure out that he was from the quarantined frontier world they had only heard rumors
of.  They discovered that his native language of English was a conglomeration of many
earth languages that had originated as standard.  Elvis soon learned Standard and the
Aquallarons picked up Earth’s American English.

Elvis was not anxious to return to Earth and loved where he was, with a benevolent race
(to him) extraterrestrials.   To the Aquallarons, he was the “visitor” from deep space.  
The Galactic Confederation knew a human had activated an ancient stargate and from
that moment, began tracking him.  However, he was lost when the Gray ship orbiting
Earth used a portable jump gate to travel to Aquarius where they were scheduled to
rendezvous with some Confederation renegades for a prisoner exchange, only to find that
a Draco warship had gotten to them already.  The Draco assumed the Grays were pulling
a fast one and blasted them without asking questions.  The rest is history.

The Galactic Confederation’s curiosity for that human also aroused the curiosity of
another great power that is part of this multi-verse.  

The “Cybernetic children of the ascendant” were a race of sentient super computers
encased in massive star ships known as “World Ark Ships”, each containing many domes
and spheres large enough to hold small planets with their entire eco-system along with
cities, towns, agricultural lands and nature preserves.  Some spheres had no sentient life,
just a myriad of life forms within their natural habitats.  These sentient super computer
beings, who basically think of the ships as their bodies, could interface with 3-
dimensional world in many ways, most often choosing to appear as holographic beings
resembling the species they were visiting.   These cybernetic beings were created
millions of years ago
(in Confederation time) and were built by a long dead race often
referred to as the Ascended or the Ascendant.

Not to be confused with similarly named beings existing in similar timelines of the multi-
verse, the cybernetic children of the Ascendant were programmed to cherish and
preserve life wherever found, and to avoid direct interference with a world’s evolution
unless the planet was in imminent danger of destruction or total catastrophe; in which
case they would save the ecosystem and as much life as they could and allow it to grow in
the totally safe and stable environment of their “bodies”.   The “master intelligence” of
the ship that came to Aquallaron and met Elvis was known as “Ovid”.  The ship was
named “Tellepharon.”

The cybernetic children of the Ascendant are honorary members of the Confederation,
but answer to no one save the Ascendant. They seldom get involved in wars and disputes
between Confederation members and the non-aligned worlds and empires such as the
Draco or the “Slime.”  When Ovid’s routine monitoring of Confederation transmissions
picked up chatter about a human activating a stargate with his mind and slipping off
Earth, Ovid knew that he
(rather then saying he/she/it –Ovid does often choose to
interface with a masculine voice and appearance when dealing with races of dual gender)

had to meet this human.  He was fascinated by genetics and knew that very old recessive
genes from the Plaedians were surfacing and some races were performing genetic

Ovid tracked Elvis to Aquallaron and introduced “himself” and his ship/body and asked if
Elvis and the Aquallarons would join Ovid in his explorations of other worlds and
ecosystems.  A sort of a tour of the multi-verse.  Elvis was pleased to oblige and thanked
the Aquallarons for their hospitality and for making his three year stay there so
enjoyable.  He left with Ovid and took several Aquallarons along. One of the domes
aboard Tellepharon had an Aquallaron colony closely resembling their home world.  

With the exception of occasional trips to Earth to visit his family and friends
friends and acquaintances were under the impression that he had a career in the Far East
and was living in Hong Kong)
.  Ovid took Elvis on a grand tour of the multi-verse,
spending years showing him various civilizations and ecosystems aboard his ship.
Ascendant technology ships can traverse space and time, folding space and somehow
using black holes like a type of subway system.

Ovid loved to scan Elvis’s mind, fascinated by the almost frivolous cultures of earth, and
in particular, the many motion pictures and television shows Elvis had memorized.  Ovid
took to appearing as various historical figures, actors and actress’s from Earth, and
particularly liked the British
(and Irish) actors Elvis seemed obsessed with like David
Niven, Robert Donat, Terry Thomas, Peter Sellers, etc.  Ovid would get so into their
screen personalities and habits that he would sometimes loose himself in the role, and
despite being millions of years old and a super computer, he developed an almost
psychotic compulsion to keep within these roles.

Elvis would just have to get used to talking to Peter O’Toole or Jack Nicholson for
months or years at a time. Eventually after what seemed like a decade but was actually
six  or seven  centuries (chronologically, Elvis is at this juncture in the story is
forty four . but with all the time and space travel, as well as Ovid’s ability to bring
aging to a standstill, Elvis has some
seven hundred and forty four  years of life
experience, and could still come back to Earth at the year and/or time of his choice to
visit his unsuspecting family and friends)
, they asked if he wanted to go back home to
Earth.  He could be
twenty three  again and return to Ovid minutes after he first left, but
his memories of his off-world adventures would have to wiped.  He said no; then asked if
he could simply be a citizen of the confederation, live on Aquallaron and find his own way.

Ovid brought him to Aquallaron and gave him a special Ascendant watch, their version of
the Swiss Army Knife. It contained a translator for any language, an arsenal of weaponry,
shields, cloaking device, portable atmosphere and gravity generator capable of handling
any inhospitable environment one might visit, environmental controls
(heating and air
, a replicator, holographic video transmitter/viewer with surround sound,
communicator capable of operating on any known frequency, medi-vac capabilities, can
opener, garbage disposal, and best of all, a teleportation system allowing him to jump
through space and time
(a gate to go anywhere-anytime, including Earth for short
indiscreet visits)
.  Amazingly, it even tells time.

All of this is told in much greater detail in the first book
(See “The Adventures of Elvis
Mellon, The Beginning, Book # 1”)

Elvis was now (as things worked out with Ovid’s time jumping) about
thirty one   or
thirty two  years old and he passed himself off as Plaedian using phony credentials
(created using his new watch)
and was no longer the skinny flower child.   Thanks to good
living and unlimited resources he had a bit of a beer gut (we are being kind) and love
handles, and was going a bit gray in the very long hair and caveman-like beard he now
(aboard Tellepharon no one said anything or even cared).  His best friend “Jeff”,
an Aquallaron
(hey that’s the translation!) who had accompanied him on the trip around
the multiverse (Ovid schooled Elvis and Jeff about the almost infinite number of parallel
universe’s as well as the different planes of density, vibration and temporal zones.  Elvis
and Jeff were also brought up to date on the real history of the particular universe and
time line they currently existed in, with brief mention of Elvis’s own solar system.

Ovid suggested to Elvis that he loose the caveman, hippie look and explained that on
most Confederation world’s, at least among Lyrans and Plaedians, not to mention other
humanoid races (and even some non-humanoid ones), that they either went clean shaven
or with well-trimmed beards, and in general, were very fashion and style conscience.  
Elvis wasn’t too happy that many other planets had their “metrosexuals”
(well the
phrase wasn’t coined then but that’s what he thought)
, as he was a bit of a slob and
having lived in forests and caves for years, didn’t really place much emphasis on his
appearance.  He did, however, decide to go for a new, cleaner look and since he always
loved his namesake
(his actual name was Joe but for some reason when he was first
rescued, they asked his name to which he responded with Elvis, half making a joke yet
truly loving the name as well as the legend).

He replicated a sequined white jump suit with rhinestones and a high collar, grew large
side burns, sported an Elvis Presley hairdo and donned the appropriate sunglasses.

Listening to an Aquallaron version of radio
(easy listening, yuck!) he guessed that the
confederation citizens might like Earth’s Rock ‘N’ Roll.  He used his watch to download
the Tellepharon files on Earth music and duplicated it on his holo stereo.

When they heard early Elvis Presley, Big Joe Turner, and Fats Domino they went wild!  
He played Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly in the chronological order that were released on
earth.  When they got to the Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Doors and Pink Floyd, the
Aquallarons in Jeff’s and Elvis’s neighborhood
(half submerged living structures abutting
beautiful white beaches, much like the French Riviera of Earth)
were whooping, trying to
sing along and dancing with funny frog-like gyrations and flailing their long slender
webbed toes, their seaweed-like green hair flying around them.  They gave Elvis a job at

Their music station and soon Earth music and rock were being broadcast all over the
Confederation.  Many loved it, but Elvis became more outspoken and opinionated about
the war with the Draco in his broadcasts.  Soon the Draco heard the music, and being
tone deaf, hated it, not to mention the things that this “Elvis Mellon” character espoused
about their Emperor
( he once said that Zor liked to dress in women’s underwear).  Soon
the Draco had put a price on his head and the Confederation counsel called for a ban on
this confrontational and barbaric music, branding Elvis a galactic nuisance, and indicating
a desire to bring charges against Elvis on the Plaedian colony world of Puluuusiton.  Elvis
didn’t want them to find out he was really the earthling they had been looking for and
with the help of many loyal Aquallarons, he set up a secret music station hidden in an
asteroid belt within their system.

Using his Ascendant watch and Aquallaron ingenuity, Elvis took an old listening post
(from old wars the Aquallaron had with some unaligned worlds) and turned it into
Non-Station (because it’s not supposed to exist) K.L.S.D  Elvis liked the initials and said
it meant “Kingdom of Lazy Stoners and Dopes”, which the Aquallaron didn’t get.  They
could live and operate on the asteroid comfortably and undetected.  He trained several
Aquallarons as fellow DJ’s and they operated around the clock
(though such a term has
little meaning in the multi-verse)
.  Rock ‘N’ Roll music, along with Elvis’s incendiary
rhetoric, were broadcast all over the galaxies.  Naturally everyone figured out he was an
earthling, which made him unique and promoted him to instant celebrity.

Flush with the success of his broadcasts, Elvis decided to start an Elvis Presley tribute
band with a few Aquallarons, several robots and his multi-talented watch.  The band
would play all over the Confederation in the equivalent to dive bars, and even near the
front lines of the ongoing war, managing to stay one step ahead of the authorities.  
Eventually, he would run into another ex-patriot human who escaped abduction; a guy
named Vinnie Finkelstein from Milwaukee who was abducted in 1974.

Vinnie looked like the love child of “Grandpa Munster”
(Al Lewis) and Jack Klugman, and
came from old Vaudevillian roots.  He had been a stand-up comic working the “Borscht
Belt” in the Catskills New York before becoming a talent agent and manager to the
“stars.”  He was abducted in Michigan one night while driving his 1964 Ford Galaxy. He
somehow managed to jump ship
(inconvenient that he was no longer on Earth)
somewhere near Orion, realizing the people and beings of the Galactic Confederation was
not that much different than his fellow earthlings.  Having nothing to really go back to, he
stayed and found a niche with his new compatriots.  “Everyone needs something” was his
motto and he would find out what it was and acquire it for them.  He stumbled upon Elvis
Mellon doing his live act at a nightclub on Alpha Centauri.  His instinct told him that he
had discovered a gold mine.

He became like an uncle to Elvis and Vinnie had acclimated to life in deep space as well as
other different worlds like a fish takes to water.  He took Elvis under his wing and made
them both a fortune.  Elvis might be wanted by the galactic authority’s as well as the
Draco emperor’s deadly shock troops and assassin bots, but he was a celebrity and cult
phenomenon with a growing fan club and between his broadcasts and stage show he was
becoming a household name on many Confederation worlds.  

So, this is what Elvis did.  He eventually surrounded himself with a small crew of misfits
and outlaws from around the Confederation and his exploits would become legendary,
making great comic book series, graphic novels and holo-movies!

He would eventually become a Confederation hero, loosing his outlaw status, and
currently hosts his own syndicated talk show but that is for later tales.

Thus begins the intergalactic adventures of Elvis Mellon.





* As promised-for our readers-

Here is a small section of "origins of Elvis Mellon –vol#2"
Copyright.  2005

Part 2 chapters 1.

The sleek, battered starship navigated gracefully through the asteroid field. The ship
looked like  an  old Concord S.S.T ,   with a dull off white paint job and the words painted
in  blood red “standard” - '' The Viking" across the side of its long pointed "nose cap" and
below the word  "Viking"  it said ( also in blood red "standard"  ) "IF YOU CAN'T F#$%
IT, KILL IT!!"   The inside of its "cockpit" looked like  one of Earth/America's  old World
War two bombers, a B-17 or B-24 Liberator, with a "hotrod" feel to it.  A pair of "fuzzy
dice" hung from the “rear view mirror" mounted above its "windshield." the pilot was a
large "Behemoth' of a human male,   a Caucasian looking (white European-perhaps
Irish/English) man sitting in a "bucket seat.  He sat back with his right hand on a "stick
shift” and his left one on a small "half wheel" steering wheel.

He was dressed in a cream colored sport coat, faded blue jeans, and green converse
basketball sneakers with one of those "flowery" Hawaiian shirts that had “Stratocaster”
guitars as its pattern instead of flowers. The shirt hid an impressive gut hanging over a
black leather belt with a Harley Davidson belt buckle.  He had a "three  day shadow"
coming in-not quite a beard and long "Elvis Presley" style side burns and auburn hair
with an Elvis Presley haircut under an old fedora with a few medals and fishing lure’s

hanging off of it. He pushed up his mirrored aviator sunglass's and blew smoke out of his
nostrils from the filter less cigarette

Hanging out of the side of his mouth, the cigarette ash was over an inch long. He calmly
shifted gears and steering with his knee, flicked ashes on the floor of the cockpit. A door
slid open between the bucket seats and a small barrel shaped robot with a silver
translucent dome;  came rolling in on tank treads as an arm extended from an opening in
its side  with a vacuum attachment-  and the ash’s disappeared as the pilot shifted in his
chair and produced "flatulence.” The robot extended another arm with a "spray
attachment" and sprayed the air with a type of odor remover. The pilot grinned and said
"mmmmm cherry!" The little robot twittered and made bleeping sounds and a series of
lights blinked in its dome. The pilot looked down at it and said
"yeah, it would make a
good weapon if they could bottle it, can I have a beer?"

The little "bot" bleeped and a can of beer came out of its head. The bot opened the tab
and the pilot took it and placed it in a cup holder on the dashboard. Outside through  the
front "windshield"/view screen,  large asteroids danced and spun as the ship dodged
them as  the pilot turned a knob on the dashboard with an old style "radio tuner" with a
needle that moved right to left as "stations" came and went . Many strange dialects and
sounds came through the speakers until he stopped it when the sound of the "Sex Pistols"
and Johnny (Lydon) Rotten’s tattered vocal cords screamed "God save the Queen."

a voice came over the end of the song-  
"this is Pete moss filing in for Elvis Mellon at non
station K-LSD  the rockiness place in the known universe broadcasting from zero to
infinite on all bands sub light and beyond,
That was the sex pistols with the late  Syd Vicious and that goes  out to the queen mantis
who called in earlier asking for some "egg laying music" to start her day"...and now here’
s   David Bowie with back up by john Lennon doing "space oddity" about major tom and
that goes out to  Vlaax  Uuridrt of Sirius who faxed in "Pete ,  I’m a shuttle pilot between
the moons of Xxnar and Clampos and I need some quality music to relax me and this
earth music that Elvis brought us is just the ticket"

The pilot in the battered ship turned the volume up as the door between the seats slid
open and a chimpanzee wearing silver shorts and a silver cape with a beanie with a
propeller on it atop his head. He grinned and spoke (a device on a necklace around his
neck transmitted his thoughts.. A rather "gravelly" Danny Devito voice-( Chimps don’t
have vocal cords)  
"jeeeeeze  you make me sick the way you fly!!" he climbed into the
passenger seat and strapped himself in .
"Beer-two how bout some suds?" the little bot
produced a beer and gave it to the chimp that cracked it open and drank it down with one
hand over his eyes
"Sedgwick relax already!! We are not going to hit anything" the pilot

The chimp belched
"that’s what you always say Elvis, you ever look at all the dents on
this thing?"
 the pilot was the before mentioned "Elvis Mellon" pirate radio station D j on
non station k-lsd on his way to the radio station hidden amidst the asteroids operating
illegally , breaking many galactic confederation laws and offending many star faring  
races that didn’t understand what the music meant. As Elvis guzzled his beer a voice
came over the speakers sounding like Alec Guinness
"Elvis , two galactic patrol ships..."
pigs" as you call them are in pursuit...shall I take over control?"  Elvis looked to
Sedgwick who refused to look forward at the spinning rocks that they were missing by
"let Virgil take over Elv. He'll out fly em!"

Two small triangular crafts with blue and red lights screamed behind the Viking, dodging
rocks and debris. Elvis grabbed the wheel and pulled up with all his might the ship did a
loop and came in behind the smaller ship as Sedgwick vomited his beer all over Beer two-
who quickly vacuumed it off himself and the rest that floated in now zero gravity from
Elvis’s maneuver.

The Viking shot a pencil thin beam that knocked the engines out of the patrol ships, and
then a tractor beam in reverse repulsed them safely out of the asteroid field to safety.
They would be rescued eventually and the Viking disappeared back into the "belt"

A huge asteroid came looming up that dwarfed the ship and the ship passed into it, it
was  holographic cloak,  shielding  the real appearance of the asteroid where it had been
drilled and bored out to install living quarters ,  space docks and hangers. This was the
hidden base of non station K.L.S.D. A huge door slid open and the Viking flew in to an
enormous hanger with other various sized ships parked haphazardly about. If any were
to see all of this from the outside the ship had simply disappeared into the rock. The
holographic cloak hid gigantic view ports, lights and pressure domes.


This has been a portion of "Origins of Elvis Mellon vol. # 2" we hope you have enjoyed it