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Here is a small section of "Origins of Elvis Mellon –vol# 1"
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Part 1 chapters 1.

The sleek but battered starship glided thru the asteroid field like Fred Astaire
dancing with Ginger Rogers-flawless and graceful.. The craft was needle -like
reminding one of the old Concord S.S.T  with a dull off white paint job and
the words painted in standard- '' Viking" across the side of its long pointed
"nose cap."  the inside of its "cockpit" looked like that of one of Earths old
World War Two bombers a B-17 or B-24   and it had a "hotrod" feel to it
with a pair of "fuzzy dice" hanging from a "rear view mirror" mounted above
its "windshield." the pilot was a large

"Behemoth' of a human male, Caucasian (white European-perhaps Irish)
sitting in a "bucket seat.  He sat back with his right hand on what looked like
a "stick shift" his left on a small "half wheel" steering wheel. .
He was dressed in green converse basketball sneakers faded blue jeans, a
cream colored sport coat with one of those "flowery" Hawaiian shirts with
"Stratocaster guitars instead of flowers. The shirt hid an impressive gut
hanging over a black leather belt with a Harley Davidson belt buckle.  He had
a "3 day shadow" coming in-not quite a beard and long "Elvis Presley" style
side burns and auburn hair with Elvis Presley haircut under an old fedora
with a few medals and fishing lure’s hanging off of it. He pushed up his
mirrored aviator sunglass's and blew smoke out of his nostrils from the filter
less cigarette

Hanging out of the side of his mouth, the cigarette ash was over an inch long.
He calmly shifted gears and steering with his knee flicked ashes on the floor
of the cockpit. A door slid open between the bucket seats and a small barrel
shaped robot with a silver translucent dome came "rolling" in on tank treads
and an arm extended from an opening in its side with a vacuum attachment
and the ash’s disappeared as the pilot shifted in his chair and produced
"flatulence”, the robot extended another arm with a "spray attachment" and
sprayed the air with a type of odor remover. The pilot grinned and said
"mmmmm cherry!" the little robot twittered and made bleeping sounds and a
series of lights blinked in its dome. The pilot looked down at it and said
"yeah,  it would make a good weapon if they could bottle it, can I have a beer?"

The little "bot" bleeped and a can of beer came out of its head, the bot opened
the tab and the pilot took it and placed it in a cup holder on the dashboard.
Outside thru the front "windshield"/view screen large asteroids danced and
spun as the ship dodged them and the pilot turned a knob on the dashboard
with an old style "radio tuner" with a needle that moved right to left as
"stations" came and went . Many strange dialects and sounds came thru the
speakers until he stopped it when the sound of the "Sex Pistols" and Johnny
(Lydon) Rotten’s tattered vocal cords screamed "god save the queen"

a voice came over his "this is Pete moss filing in for Elvis Mellon at non
station K-L.S.D  the rockinest  place in he known universe broadcasting from
zero to infinite on all bands sub light and beyond,
That was the sex pistols with the late  Syd Vicious and that goes  out to the
Queen mantis who called in earlier asking for some "egg laying music" to start
her day"...and now here’s   David Bowie with back up by john Lennon doing
"space oddity" about Major Tom and that goes out to  Vlaax  Uuridrt of Sirius
who faxed in "Pete  I’m a shuttle pilot between the moons of Xxnar and
Clampos and i need some quality music to relax me and this Earth music that
Elvis brought us is just the ticket"

The pilot in the battered ship turned the volume up as the door between the
seats slid open and a chimpanzee wearing silver shorts and a silver cape  and
a beanie with a propeller on top of  his head. He grinned and spoke (a device
on a necklace around his neck transmitted his thoughts.. A rather "gravelly"
Danny Devito ( voice Chimps don’t have vocal cords)  "jeeeeeze  you make
me sick the way you fly!!" he climbed into the passenger seat and strapped
himself in ."Beer-two how bout some suds?" the little bot produced a beer and
gave it to the chimp who  cracked it open and drank it down with one hand
over his eyes. "Sedgwick relax already!! We are not going to hit anything" the
pilot exclaimed

The chimp belched "that’s what you always say Elvis, you ever look at all the
dents on this thing?"  the pilot was the before mentioned "Elvis Mellon" pirate
radio station D j on non station K-L.S.D on his way to the radio station
hidden amidst the asteroid field   operating illegally , breaking many galactic
confederation  laws and offending many star faring  races that didn’t
understand what the music meant. As Elvis guzzled his beer a voice came
over the speakers sounding like David Niven   "Elvis two galactic patrol
ships..."pigs" as you call them are in pursuit...shall I take over control?".....
Elvis looked to Sedgwick who refused to look forward at the spinning rocks
they were missing by inches and the occasional "clunks" of the ones that didn’t
miss...."let Virgil take over elv. He'll out fly em"

Two small triangular crafts with blue and red lights screamed behind the
Viking dodging rocks and debris. Elvis grabbed the wheel and pulled up with
all his might the ship did a loop and came in behind the smaller ship as
Sedgwick vomited his beer al over beer two who quickly vacuumed it off
himself and the rest that floated in now zero gravity from Elvis’s maneuver.....

The Viking shot a pencil thin beam that knocked the engines out of the patrol
ships.....then a tractor beam in reverse repulsed them safely out of the
asteroid field to safety.....they would be rescued eventually and the Viking
disappeared back into the "belt"

A huge asteroid came looming up that dwarfed the ship and the ship passed
into it.....a holographic cloak shielded the real appearance of the asteroid
where it had been drilled   and bored out to install living quarters and space
docks and hangers This was the hidden base of non station K-L.S.D   a huge
door slid open and the Viking flew in to an enormous hanger with other
various sized ships parked haphazardly about. If any were to see from the
outside the ship had simply disappeared into the rock. Thanks to the The
holographic cloak. The huge asteroid named "Big Daddy"  had  huge windows
and lights and pressure domes.\
The Viking  flew into one of the opened Hangers and touched down...

To  be continued   

This has been a portion of "origins of Elvis Mellon vol. #1 " We hope you
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