The following transmissions intercepted by Her Majestys Royal Naval

From: Cabo Diablo  UFO Portal Operative

  page # 2
Mountain Artillery Gun #4 returned from dead-line service status. (see

Need 24 more Chupa Cabra for release on mountain to resolve tourist
trespassing issue. Please make drop adjacent Portal Entrance at mountain
top, NOT over this stations airfield.  Please advise chimps of need to
reinforce crates with appropriate quantity of sturdy bolts, as to avoid repeat
of crate failure during last delivery. Several Cabo Crew Personnel are still
unaccounted for, and as of this date, repair work is currently still underway
on the rebuilding of the left wing of our C-47, and four Quonset Huts,
including our on site "recreation" operation. (We have rebuilt the bar-top
with jungle lumber, but the inclusion of three additional "replacement"
cases of quality single malt Scotch would be considered a fitting gesture of
condolence for the remaining crew, during the next scheduled provisions
drop. (see photos)

Cabo Diablo  - Out.

ATT. Cabo Diablo  UFO Portal Operative- / Chupa Cabra "handler"

From Desk of Elvis Mellon- C/O Earth ex-patriot -Galactic confederation
consultant- in reference to *E.T lifeforms-as perimeter attack/watch
dogs-program-"Black Ops" -c/o United States military c/o Special

We regret the unfortunate "mishap' concerning the last delivery of Chupa
(* See- Species 112-97-K -From   Altaire # 3   )  -we have made note to
purchase extra sturdy cargo crates with reinforced bolts and to tranquilize
"cargo" until they are safely  in base and ready to train .  

Elvis Mellon who personally piloted in this last batch on the Visigoth's
"Cargo shuttle" the "Viking" is exempt from any "blood tests" or
breathalyzers -as he has special status with the Confederation and those
higher. Rumors that he was drinking heavily and possibly on hallucinations
and playing fetch with escaped cargo which led  to  the accidental death of
several base personal is unfounded. We are sending along several cases of
Mccellens 50 year old single malt scotch and some box's of Cohiba Cuban
cigars as well  as  several Kegs of  Nut Brown ale and Guinness Stout.  
Colonel T.P Sommo will be escorting this shipment along with Elvis who will
have  passenger status only.

We truly regret the loss of life and the loss of valuable cargo.


"Smoky" Elvis Mellon's personal secretary and Chief administrative assistant.

ATT: Smokey, CAA

FR: Cabo Diablo  UFO Portal Operative

This station wishes to express sincere thanks and appreciation to Col. T.
Sommo for his
expertise in the flawless provision drop of May 20th. All provisions duly

Report:    C-47 returned from dead-line status. All repairs accomplished.

4 of 5 Quonset quarters restored. 5th building nearly completed.

22 of 24 Chupa Cabra released after appropriate evaluation to perform
Security function. Request info on new biologics of 112-97-K from Fondar #
And if the relative respiratory issue has been resolved.

Request seven new replacements CR Personnel Crew.

Footnote: Thanks for the cigars, and the beer was a big added bonus.  
      (Refrigeration came back on-line just in time for it.)
      Express due appreciation to Elvis.

Cabo Diablo  - Out

Below see damage done to qunset huts and barracks by escaped  
chupacabras on left. Right see "Black Op's" patrol's of Cabo Diablo and
Puerto Rico.
Cargo and fuel supplys arrive on the base on a
regular basis.
Captured Gray of hybrid variety.
Captured Draco below
Draco teleportation device captured from crashed craft is now being examined by Cabo
Diablo scientists below left. On right next to Base Commander "Mr. X"  is Mountain Artillery
gun # 4 returned from dead line service status.
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