History and information concerning Cabo Diablo
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History of Cabo Diablo is sketchy at best. The island is about 35   miles due North
of San Juan. Legend has it that Columbus discovered it on his way to discover
Puerto Rico and wrote in his diary that it was an island of devils and strange fogs
that came up in broad daylight. The Taino Indians that first lived there said it was
once part of "Azatlan
" the fabled homeland of many Indians now sunk in the
Atlantic (*See Atlantis.)  Other explorers including Juan Ponce De Leon came there
and told tales of phantom lights and squalls sinking ships in sight of its beaches.

In the late 1600’s it said to be a home and refuge of pirates. The Spanish had built
a fort there in 1597 but had left the island uninhabited by the time the first pirates
established a camp there. By the 1830’s the island was uninhabited again save for
chickens, pigs and goats. Fishermen from San Juan and Cabo Roho occasionally
stayed several days to fish in its waters but reported ghost ships and sea monsters
and flying disks. In 1868 the captain of steam ship, a freighter bound for Cuba
from London called the “Saint Maria”

Reported seeing a gigantic “air ship” rise out of the waters near Cabo Diablo and
disappear into the clouds. By then many strange tales of Cabo Diablo had been
heard of in conjunction with the “Devils Triangle” or “Bermuda Triangle” as it came
be known.
It is rumored that Jules Verne had Cabo Diablo in mind when he wrote
“Mysterious island” the semi-sequel of “20,000 Leagues under the sea” about and a
band of escapees’ from a Confederate prison who steal a balloon and end up on a
“Mysterious island with monsters and strange phenomenon and run into no less
then Captain Nemo and his Nautilus.

In 1899 the United States sent an expeditionary force there that reported ancient
stone monoliths similar to that of Easter Island in the Pacific and hearing strange
sounds at night and seeing phantom lights. The strangest thing of all is many
reports of the island simply disappearing on clear sunny days or the fact that it’s
not on many maps or sea charts. There were scattered incidents and reports over
the next five or six decades with local Puerto Rican fisherman the only ones daring
to set foot on its sands.

Intel reports say the clandestine operation between the United States and off world
Extratestrials of the “Galactic confederation” was first established in 1996.
Since then Cabo Diablo has fade into myth and is nothing but a legend to the
outside world.
View over Triangle with Cabo Diablo
The island is rich with plant life
Some say the island is
The boys from Zeta Reticulli  goofing for the camera
Escaped Gray caught in search light.
Chupacabras make excellent guard dogs
when properly trained
Strange things are seen at Cabo
Elvis Mellons Cabo Diablo
adventures coming soon!
Friendly Gray and island personnel enjoying
some R& R
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