CC: From Central Intelligence agency- Foreign operative –identification
and retrieval sub section # 4.
page #4
From the office of C.R Langsford acting section Chief.

To Office of Royal Naval affairs –Vice Admiral Winston Rhyes-
Worrithington acting commander of  joint MI5-Royal Navy task force –
concerning homeland waterway security.

In regards to your inquiry into the identification of several individuals
mentioned in intercepted transmissions from the island of Cabo Diablo
and an unknown or as yet unidentified ship named “Visigoth” and one
“Mr. Smokey” in association with individuals mentioned in
transmissions. In the interests of good relations between our two
countries and our duel efforts to protect our shores against foreign
invasion and any form of terrorist activity, we will share what we know
within limits of violating our own national security.

Cabo Diablo – One end of the intercepted transmissions is currently the
location of a top secret military operation being conducted by the
United States Special forces, Navy and private sector interests. We are
not at liberty to discuss the nature of this operation nor do we have
intel as to the nature of said operation. Your match of previous satellite
retrieval photographic images and names listed in transmission and
other confirmed sources of both image, video and audio and written
documentation and eye witness accounts in regards to – One Elvis
Mellon and One Colonel T.P Sommo- two rogue individuals seen in your
own country at various points of time in the last 40 or more years and
in Europe, Asia, North American continent and other parts of the globe –
is almost identical to ours  and  we will start with this.

Name ; Elvis Mellon. This name was heard being used by many
eyewitness accounts and audio portions of video surveillance and our
face recognition software matches the individual with one Joseph
Mellon born United States –state of New Jersey March 12th 1962. There
is however some discrepancies concerning this match as that would
make the individual approximately 45 years old as of this date May 31st
2007 and yet we have film and video documentation of this person
appearing in an media/entertainment capacity on several or more
television kinescope recordings of live broadcast circa 1954, 56, 57 and
later with programs in the United States such as the “The Jack Parr
show” or “The show of shows” with Syd Caesar among others. Our
software has clearly identified said individual appearing on those
recordings with Joseph R  Mellon missing  since August of 1984 last
seen  in the foot hills outside of Boulder Colorado.

If this is indeed the same person that disappeared August 23rd 1984 at
the approximate age of 22 then we have no rational explanation as how
this individual appears in stock historical footage before the year of his
birth seeming to be at least 30 years of age in aforementioned footage.
Elvis Mellon as he has come to be known has also been identified from
satellite and other reconnaissance film and audio sources as being seen
around the globe in such diverse places and times as El Salvatore in
1979 with Sandinistas running guns and the Great Wall of China in
1988. He has been seen with

President Reagan at area 51 but no member of that administration has
ever been available for comment. Stranger still is black and white film
footage of him seen onstage with the “Rat pack” –Frank Sinatra, Dean
Martin, Sammy Davis Junior, Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop. Elvis was
dressed in the appropriate clothing of the period (1959) in a suit similar
to Mr. Lawford but with his trademark battered fedora and aviator
sunglasses. All the members of the Rat pack seemed to know him like
he was one of their  own. This was at the Sands hotel and casino in Las
Vegas Nevada. It has been speculated that these appearances might be
in connection with the atomic bomb testing near by but this is merely

Colonel T.P Sommo fits the same pattern of having first disappeared in
an undisclosed part of Southeast Asia while working with the United
States “Black Op’s” division. In 1996 after a distinguished military
career that included graduating from West Point, in 1982, 4 years in
the Marines stationed in Beirut Lebanon, 6 years in “Special forces” –
before being hand picked to join “Black Op’s.” Decorated with the
Purple Heart, Congressional metal of honor, Bronze Star, Afghanistan
campaign medal, etc.

Like Elvis Mellon whom he would often be seen with after his
mysterious disappearance –Colonel T.P Sommo has been spotted
around the planet at different times –also before his birth in 1962 –
conferring with General Patton in North Africa in 1942 , there is
reputed to be a tin type photograph of him with General Grant at
Vicksburg during the American civil war. We would be interested in
seeing your photo of him with Sir Winston Churchill at 10 Downing st
in 1941.  The most elusive of the 3 listed is “Mr. Smoky.” Several audio
transmissions were taped and a voice identified as Mr. Smoky

which sounds eerily like the late American comedian/actor Paul Lynde.
The strange thing is when the visual-video footage was matched to the
audio via satellite of a conversation said to be face to face with Mr.
Smoky and Cabo Diablo’s chief of operations “Mr. X” –the one person
identified in the video transmission was clearly “Mr X” however the only
other living creature on the beach with him was a large gray house cat.
Our video image specialists and audio transmission professionals swear
the cat is talking and is some how Mr. Smoky but we must conclude
this is some kind of extratestrials biological or some kind of elaborate
hoax. We will send further data and information along shortly.

Sincerely, C.R Langsford – acting section chief-foreign operative –
identification and retrieval branch-sub division of CIA
Below left H.M.S Lancaster- below right Cabo Diablo Cove
Frequent visitor to Cabo Diablo getting welcomed by U.S
Above- bottom-last known picture of "Joe Mellon" Colorado
1983-4, Above "Elvis Mellon" Surveillance photo 2008   
Below left OF CAT  is only   existing photo of
"Colonel T.P Sommo" pre- West Point 1980. Right is
"Mr. Smoky"
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