Gray saucer filmed over island
You never know what you will
find or see on Cabo Diablo!
The "friendly" Gray-related aliens like to keep
up with  the latest Earth news.
The U.S Navy Once again greeting a
frequent vistor to the island.
Elvis Mellon and his guests private
Below are some of the civilians that found
themselves on the beachs of Cabo Diablo
BELOW we have the infamous and  mysterious "Mr. X"  -Cabo
Diablo-Operation "Devils Doorway" U.F.O portal contact. Little is known
about "Mr. X" and intel is scarce. He is rumored to be a Soldier of
fortune,con man, gambler and general miscreant and friend of Elvis
Below is one of the stranger sights at Cabo Diablo-
Below captured Grays waiting to be
processed and or released at the Cabo
Diablo debriefing facility.
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