The following Transmission was picked by Russian Navy Typhoon
class Nuclear Submarine “The Leningrad” Captained by Nikoli
page 6

from office of  “Majestic 12” –C/O Area 51 Bureau of  
extraterrestrial biological entities  threat assessment and
information dept.  Floor 15 sub basement 21. Doctor Kurt
Vanleifheimer-acting Bureau chief.

To Office of C.R Langsford acting section chief.  Central
Intelligence Agency - Foreign operative identification and retrieval
–sub section # 4.

C .C Acting C.I.A Representative   Senior agent Gordon Henderson –
Cabo Diablo

In regards to certain extraterrestrial biological entities known as
Alpha Draconis reptilians or “Draco” and the “Grays” from Zeta
Reticulli. These two species of “Alien” life forms are our main
concern in tandem with the special operation at Cabo Diablo- Code
name “Devils Doorway.”

We do not have time to give details of their  past history and
involvement with Earth history and their  obvious appearance in
ancient myths and legends and even religious text and lore. The
other extraterrestrial biological entities that appear to be at
least partly or fully humanoid in appearance and genetics –known
as the members of the “Galactic Confederation” or Alliance- in
particular those individuals from the Pleiades   , Sirius and Lyra-
Who have acted in an ambassadorial capacity in meeting with
certain members of Majestic 12, Black OP’S and Presidential aides,
Have informed us that the Draco and Grays potential threat level
in a scale from 1 to 10 is a 10. Word has recently come to us that
said Galactic Confederation is comprised of no less then 57
aligned worlds and civilizations spread out through the Milky Way
galaxy and this Confederation has been protecting our planet
from hostiles.  

Due to certain amendments to treaties with certain factions of
these Draco’s and Grays of which we understand there are 3
subspecies ( Of Grays ) and in regards to the Draco there are some
splinter groups aligned with the Confederation- Some hostile
Draco and their Gray underlings have been able to slip through
the quarantine blockade imposed by the Confederation and have
not only been harvesting dna through abductions and visitations
but are now engaged in construction of an underwater base in the
“Bermuda Triangle” –

Near the underwater ruins of part of the lost civilization known
as “Atlantis” where strange electro magnetic anomalies have been
occurring since recorded history of the area.  It is theorized by
some of the worlds leading scientists that these disturbances are
perhaps caused by some kind of Atlantean “Time/space portal” or
vortex and reports of U.F.O and U.S.O activity in the surrounding
area is “off the map.”

The base at nearby Cabo Diablo with its scientific facilities,
nuclear reactor and military presence has holding facilities for
both Draco and Gray captives. We have dispatched several
members of our team to aide both the military and private sector
personnel in they’re assessment of Gray and Draco genetic makeup
and behavior. It will be determined there if any “entities” need
transporting to our larger facilities here at Area 51.

From both Captive Draco and Grays and those Grays working with
Area 51 members in a joint sharing of technology, weapons ,
information and certain biological resources we have been able to
piece together your request for further information on
“unknown” and “Random Elements” known as “Elvis Mellon”,
Colonel T.P Sommo as well as the Draco and Grays building the

The last intel regarding the leader of the Draco Star empire
stated his name is “Zor” son of the former emperor Rex. The Draco
Empire is vast and countless star systems have fallen under their
rule and many colony worlds have been established. They are cold
blooded and extremely aggressive and mostly carnivores with a
taste for raw meat but there are some sub species of vegetarians
much like the Iguanas of Earth. They are sentient and very
intelligent and technologically advanced. It is said they are tone
deaf and can not appreciate music. It is said that the ex patriot
Human Elvis Mellon who is currently acting as a liaison between
Mr. X Cabo Diablo and the Military and Galactic Confederation is
one of their  (the Draco) greatest enemies and drove them to war
with the Confederation from the playing of Earths Rock and Roll
music through out the galaxy as an Pirate radio station dj.

The Draco have been using cloaked and shielded submersible craft
and have somehow figured out how to use this portal like a
subway. The Grays working with these Draco seem to be the lower
sub species that is more hive minded and insect like.
The vortex or space/time distortion near Cabo Diablo is
unpredictable at best and Draco wreckage has been recovered my
Mr. X’ private team of mercenaries along with Navy Seals called in
for the operation. Reports of strange Events and occurences  on
the island or off shore is increasing. Also reports of “lost”  
people identified as being from different time periods such as the
1600’s or 1890’s etc have appeared and disappeared with alarming
frequencies. We will continue to send more information as
sanctioned and allowable.
Russian Navy Typhoon class Nuclear sub
"The Lenningrad" often pass's Cabo Diablo
Below is Draco underwater base
underconstruction as seen by recon. sub.
Cabo Diablo recon sub .
Divers investigate Atlantean ruins
Prehisoric Tylosaurus seen off Cabo
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