From CC :  Central intelligence agency- foreign operative identification
and retrieval
Sub section # 4                                                                             

From:  the office of C.R Langsford –acting section chief.
To acting CIA Rep. Agent Dirk McKinley –

“In regards to the latest  Transmission intercepted by HMS Lancaster off
shore 10 miles east of Cabo Diablo. Transmission is believed to be similar
in nature to those intercepted earlier.
We have briefed their captain and Vice admiral Winston Rhyes
Worrthington of Royal naval affairs and joint MI
6  Royal navy task force
for homeland waterway security of the current situation on Cabo Diablo-
as much as we are at liberty to tell them. It is not known how they are
able to intercept these particular radio signals from an off world in orbit
craft of extratestrials origins to a mercenary operative on Cabo Diablo but
area 51 and Dulce base scientists have a working theory that the entity
calling itself “Mr Smoky” and his associate and alleged master “Elvis
Mellon” –WANT these transmissions intercepted and decoded- to what
end we have not yet ascertained.

The last transmission they intercepted was rather garbled and thought to
have been effected by high levels of electro magnetic energy and possible
Gamma radiation being generated by either the under water- “vortex”
anomaly or something that came out of it and is currently prowling the
waters off Cabo Diablo. Congratulations for being the longest CIA rep. to
remain alive and on active duty while posted to that island. Two months
is a new record. In regards to your last transmission concerning  the
individual calling himself “Elvis Mellon” and his association with certain
unclassified extratestrials biological ( we must assume ) entities like the
tremendous Anacharaid-  “Spider” described as made of translucent
crystal and speaking in a voice near identical to Bob Newhart ( Jesus this
shit is getting weird- OFF THE  RECORD!)

We are aware of this Elvis Mellon and his “associates” and they are to be
handled with extreme caution. The KGB, MI5, MAUSSAD, THE F.B.I,
INTERPOL, MAJESTIC-12-ETC have all lost many agents in an attempt  to
capture him and  or interrogate him and the Spider ( The Spider is
believed to be called “ZIK” ) seldom visits Earth but was spotted at area 51
and the Lincoln bedroom with Elvis Mellon while President Clinton was
in office. Your job is to observe and be a link between Mr. X and the
various branches of this department. Try to steer clear of the myriad of
“visitors” and creatures arriving at random from the space/time vortex.
Majestic -12 has a rep dealing with them and the Galactic Alliance. I
know you were concerned with the appearance of what looked like
President Theodore Roosevelt- in Rough Rider garb. And Alexander
Hamilton and how this would effect current timelines but we are assured
that the Galactic alliance and their Reps Elvis Mellon and Colonel T.P
Sommo have this all sewn up.

The German U-Boat and its crew from 1942 with a member of the
Gestapo aboard will also be handled by them after their quarantine. You
are doing a fine job son and just keep taking the valium. We understand
that Elvis Mellon and Mr. X are quite the “Booze hounds” so try not to
mix too much. I look forward reading your next report.
German U Boat from 1942 shortly before it
ran aground at Cabo Diablo - 2007
Another stranded civilian found wandering
the mysterious island of Cabo Diablo
Captain and crew of German U Boat crew
British MI6 agent  sent to investigate
Cabo Diablo
Rogue archeologist caught on island
Pirate dog stowaway from Pirate ship
"The Florence"
Two members of the German Wehrmacht-
a Sgt. and a Colonel were aboard the U-
boat escorting an American Prisoner.
A very confused surfer in
Lost sailor on right and this man
on left  found wandering the beachs
Special Police task force agent sent
to Cabo Diablo

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