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The place:  Planet Earth- an Alternate timeline circa 2015.  As battle raged in the
streets of Boulder, Colorado between the mutant forces of Zor, the high commander
of the Draco contingency from Zeta Reticuli and the ragtag army of human Americans
led by Colonel T.P Sommo of the "Peoples republican guard,” Elvis Mellon frantically
searched the canyon above the town where his former alternate self had found the
Atlantean time machine back in 1983 while exploring the hills around his
cave/mineshaft home.

A squadron of fighters flown by Gray cyborg clones - enslaved by the Draco- strafed
the canyon knowing full well that Mellon had come and must be stopped at all costs!  
Using the device Doctor Sax had given him, Elvis scanned the hills for any Atlantean
technology and then decided to use his portable transwarp to simply jump to
alternate 1983 and spy on his younger self.

As Elvis Mellon pressed the button on his digital watch he disappeared in a swirl of
lights as Zor’s fighters fired their lasers at the ground where he had just stood, but
now he was back in his past in the same exact   place in
Boulder canyon on the side of a mountain covered with pine trees and cactus and
boulders- thus the name of the town below.  He pulled his old fedora down close to
his aviator sun glasses so his "young self" wouldn’t recognize his face as his-as this
skinny 20 years old "punk" of a kid,   this wacky hippie he had been.  “God was it that
long ago?”  He thought- as he looked down at the long ribbon of road that snaked
through the canyon. The same road he-his younger self would be walking up any
moment from a day of foraging for food and junk in town.

Maybe he had better cloak?   He asked "Virgil", the "Visigoths" central computer who
often accompanied him in holographic humanoid form, currently in 2015 but
speaking through Mellon’s "watch".  Virgil put on his best "Jack Nicholson" voice-
“cloak yourself ya fat fuck, ya don’t want to give the kid a heart attack".  “Are you
sure today’s the day he finds the time portal in the cave"?  Elvis nodded “August 19th
1983-   Yep I found it up in the rocks looking for a place to smoke a jay.  And next
thing I know I’m beamed into the hold of a starship from falling through some kind of
stargate/ portal, and started my long strange journey to becoming what I am now-
Elvis Mellon, Renegade pirate radio station DJ , Media celebrity and intergalactic
super hero.”  

*note to our readers...  
*Note to our readers-when our hero "Elvis Mellon"  "renegade rock n roll pirate
radio station DJ for non station K.L.S.D broadcasting through  out the known universe
from its hidden location near the Helix Nebula in the Aquarius constellation ,   in an
asteroid field -and former 20th century human from a frontier world called "Earth",  a
rather backwards "backwater' to the rest of the galaxies standards including the
insidious Draco-an ancient reptilian race bent on spreading their militant empire to
every known planet with their armies of gray cyborg clones). When Elvis was
looking for an "Atlantean" time machine (stargate) he didn’t expect to actually find
the very same portal that his younger self had discovered 32 years earlier-but the
general area,   The "spot" -   So when he jumped back in time with his portable

Contained in his "watch" and powered by the engines of his ever present in near by
orbit starship the "Visigoth" built by the "Ascendant" the elder race that built the fleet
of "world arc" dome ships that carried self contained worlds of every variety of
galactic life in protected Biosphere habitats as large as a planet.  The "Ascendant"
had done just that.  Ascended beyond the need for physical form, leaving a "race' of
sentient benevolent "computers" and "holographic" beings to carry out their work.
Some of these computers were encased in these massive "world arc" ships, able to
project themselves (their sentient awareness.)  Into holographic beings in any form
they desire to better

Interact with the "primitives", Such as the humans from the before mentioned "frontier
world".  It was one of the cybernetic children of the "Ascendant" from the "world arc"
Tellaraphon" that found “Elvis Mellon" adrift in an escape pod from a gray cyborg
clone slaver ship.  It is this holographic being that set him down on the mostly water
world of Aquallaron where he would meet his future

Allies - a sentient race of humanoid amphibians that would take him in as one of their
own and teach him the ways of space faring,   But we are getting ahead (or is it
behind? Ourselves) Elvis planned to watch his former self stumble upon the stargate
and he thought perhaps he could use his own portable gate to not interfere or change
time but rather secretly tag along behind his former self to learn some secrets from
the gray cyborg clone ship that would register the newly activated gates power
surge and beam it along with the young Elvis into their hold.   

As we last left off our hero Elvis Mellon had used his portable transwarp field in his
digital watch to jump back to 1983 to follow his younger self to a piece of valuable
technology that had gotten him into this mess in the first place.  

Elsewhere Colonel T.P. Sommo led his armored Humvees adapted to methane
through the remains of what had been the Boulder mall in Boulder Colorado- post

For our alternate timeline readers:  the cataclysm happened in 2012 in December
when the Canary Island volcano finally fell and caused a 650 meter tsunami to take
out the entire East Coast from Greenland to South America, Causing a chain reaction
of earthquakes and volcanoes that ultimately caused a pole shift (don’t laugh...  Looks
like it will happen here around the same time in this time line) millions dead and
California dropped into the pacific and the Great Lakes drained into the Gulf of
Mexico.  The Midwest had an inland sea and only patches of "civilization" survived.  
Mainly life had gone back to a sort “Mad Max -Wild Wild West” sort of scenario.  It
was   He with the biggest guns and defenses survives,  And -    No-  the "gangs" and
mobs (Mafia) didn’t rule, they lived in the cities which were either washed out to sea
or fell hard.  

Now people were pulling together and rebuilding and that’s when the Draco decided
to send in their gray cyborg clone troops with Draco back up to claim the Earth as a
slave planet and feeding ground.  Guess who they planned on eating?  They really
did it because it was the home world of their arch enemy, Elvis Mellon.  The anti
Draco alliance of Plaedian,Arcturans,Sirians  and others, rallied to Earth’s aide and
supplied technology , weapons and troops of their own.  But most of all it brought
back   Elvis Mellon.  And his old friend Colonel T.P Sommo  -WHO was a force to be
reckoned with on this world or off.   

*Additional note to our readers
As the readers of the original printing of "legend of Elvis Mellon' know the story of his
discovering the ancient Atlantean time portal guarded by "chubbacabres" in the
ruins of an old pyramid caved in on top of one of the Rocky Mountain foothills, is
slightly different in the "graphic novel" version (see "Elvis Mellon origins vol. 2") in
that he does not activate the portal only to be beamed into the hold of a gray cyborg
clone slaver ship.  He steps thru into the hold of said ship with portal still half buried
in cave.  *note -also concerning the "gray cyborg clones’, as you all

Know there are several contingencies of Gray’s ;  The "traditional" large "bulbous"
headed , black eyed,  spindly bodied "E.T"s who abduct people in the middle of the
night or in some cases broad daylight; Then there are  the "malevolent' grays with a
sinister agenda that seem cold and in personal as they probe anal cavities and
genital with icy cold metal instruments.  Then there’s the more "friendly" -"we are
here to help you” variety.  It has been said that they are not of extraterrestrial origins
at all, But from an incident in the "future” In 2012.  When the Mayan calendar ends, at
least in one timeline (I’ve heard almost all….) a cataclysm drives survivors under
ground and they slowly evolve into the Grays and use future or discovered Atlantean

technology like the kind that  Tesla found in New Mexico and used with Einstein in the
1943 "Philadelphia Experiment"  to travel time, space, and other timelines where this
didn’t  happen.  They establish a home world on Zeta Reticuli in our "past", and
colonize other planets and establish a base on the dark side of our moon like the
"domed glass city" that several Apollo astronauts admitted seeing.  And the Mars
moon -Phobos,   and speaking of Mars, some have said the origin of the grays is far
in the past during the "Lucifer rebellion” Not the Judeo Christian bible

Version  But like in the "book of Urantia";  The great intergalactic war caused when
the sector lord guarding the now extinct 10th planet Filaria ,  took matters into his
own hands and with the aid of our Earth’s planetary guardian - "Hanurabi'-  they
taught the inhabitants of those worlds technology and warfare.  It is said Lucifer made
Grays like Morgoth made the Orcs in Tolkiens “The Silmarillion”  

Anyway,   the ancient race of reptilians -The Draco that long ago had colonized
Earth and were expelled by the Atlantean’s- enslaved some (not all) of the grays and
attached cybernetic implants to them to control them and they cloned armies.  It was
the son of the emperor REX- His son-  "Zor" who conquered Zeta Reticuli and who put
a bounty on the head of Elvis Mellon.  Shocked to learn a human from that primitive
frontier world was out in deep space with a following of many star races and among
them some that regarded him as a god.  A human!  Their ancient enemies!!

He never forgot the tales his father told him of the backwards world and the place
called "Atlantis" that blew itself up and killed millions of its own inhabitants to
eradicate the Draco from their world.  And now this warm blooded "talking monkey"
was out here with his "rock n roll" music and his irrational behavior.  Zor would crush
the Earth once and for all and turn its inhabitants into snack foods and appetizers, just
like that silly but eerily prophetic video transmission the earthlings had made- Called
“ V"...  
Meanwhile, Elvis was cloaked and back in 1983 following his much skinnier self up
the side of a mountain.  The "future" Elvis adjusted his watch to "anti gravity" and
weightlessly floated up the mountain in a cloaked and air conditioned bubble.

As we last left off our hero was floating up the side of a mountain in air conditioned
luxury and invisible to the naked eye or any radar/sonar/heat sensor,
extraterrestrial sensor device.  It would have been a sight to see if anyone could, a
six-foot six 300 pound "giant" of a man in sneakers,  jeans and a sport coat with a
fedora and necktie decorated with clowns, sitting as if in a comfortable recliner chair
except there is nothing below him but the rocky cactus covered terrain as he
seemingly hovers several feet above it ascending uphill 30 feet behind this also tall
but lanky, long haired hippie freak in shorts and tie dyes who strangely resembles
the larger older man almost like father and son. The hippie in question was making
good speed up the rocks having lived in this canyon for months.

Elvis looked around with nostalgia at the old path leading to his campsite and noted
that his younger self veered off to the left, to the old mines up above.  There had been
old silver and gold mines honeycombing these "foothills" said to have been sacred to
the Arapaho Indians who spoke of strange legends.  Entrances to "the underworld",
portals that led to heavens and hells,   buried temples left by their ancestors.

Meanwhile in 2015 Colonel Sommo looked thru his binoculars towards the end of the
old open air mall the "boulder mall" now littered with smoldering wreckage, downed
gray cyborg clone fighters ,  terrestrial trucks and tanks alike burned and melted,  
charred and looming up like the skeletons of dinosaurs.  His foot troops spread out
ahead of him, laying down steady fire at the Draco ground assault units. The Draco
looked like "raptors" from the old movie "Jurassic park", wearing body armor and
carrying long laser rifles and

Reflective goggles over their large eyes.  They   could run like the wind and some of
them stopped to eat the humans they had just killed.  They knew this horrified the
humans even if a lot of them tasted like shit.  Colonel Sommo had taken to doing the
same to them except he cooked them over a large fire -usual one of their downed
ships   and he let him and his men be seen roasting their limbs and eating the cooked
meat- they said they tasted like chicken.  

Zor himself heard of this and   He was not amused.  Nor was he having a good day.  
His flagship the "Decapitator" was in orbit around earth cloaked and armed against
the armada of Pleiadian warships that entered the system days ago and now took up
positions by the earth’s lone moon.  Zor's ''mouse pate" tasted sour and he had a
tension headache.  The thought that his own sister "Princess Vipra" and her newest
"consort" might actually be "traitors" to the Draco Empire and forming alliances with
"Elvis Mellon" and the Aquallarons, made his stomach turn!  Rumors had come to him
that she had secretly married her consort; a lesser Draco male of poor breeding who
showed signs of being a "vegetarian” And worse- Elvis Mellon had actually sung at
her wedding!  That insidious noise he called "rock n roll".  Zor glanced down at the
blue and white planet below and smiled his fanged grin.  "If nothing else I shall
destroy your "allies" and eat them all.”

Cut back to- Earth/America/Colorado-   in 1983 inside this dark gloomy mineshaft.  
Elvis used the night vision on his aviators to watch him stumble over these rocks and
fall several feet into an older shaft not made by 1800's miners.  This was but much
older- Like 30, 000 years older, exposed during a rescue attempt of trapped miners
in the 1920's.  This shaft led into an old "chamber” and the young hippie "Joe” lit his
bic lighter and looked at the strange carvings and hieroglyphics on the walls.   It
looked like something almost “Egyptian"?  But how could that be?  And then
something or “things” moved behind him,    Dark shapes the size of large dogs.   
Both "selves" heard a low guttural growl and saw two sets of glowing red eyes
moving slowly towards them.

EPISODE # 7" CURSE OF THE Chubbacabres'
The place: Earth 1983 -Colorado-foothills of Rocky Mountains- in a buried Atlantean
Elvis felt odd and dreamlike , watching himself in the darkened chamber’s he
younger self was oblivious that another human- His "older" self was standing 10 feet
from him.  Joe (formerly called "RJ") had been in these mines a dozen times in the last
few months but he had never stumbled across this weird place, he knew all the
Edgar Cayce stories about Atlantean and Lemurian colonist's and refugee's who had

Established communities in the American southwest called "Mu" and "Og" and 40,000
years ago the mixed with "Amerindians" and even the 13th lost tribe of Israel who
had made their way to what is now Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico, etc.  “This
must be from then”- He thought as He held his bic lighter higher to look at the
carvings on the walls and that’s when he saw the glowing red eyes in the shadows.  
He thought it was coyotes.  He had already had a showdown with a wounded
mountain lion in the back of his cave/mineshaft but he didn’t talk about that much.  
He didn’t know the word "Chubbacabres” -*note to our readers-this was a good 10
years before the Chubbacabres (goatsucker) Suburban/urban myth started
concerning strange (possibly

Extraterrestrial) in origin creatures that had hooves, fangs, bat wings, spiked backs
and vampiric tendencies, known to drink animals dry of their blood-usual in places
like Puerto Rico, Cuba Mexico,   Texas-   Maybe they like the climate better?  Now it’s
a household word, there are   Countless internet sites on the subject but our young
lad was clueless.   Maybe that’s why he ignored the growls as he poked around the
pile of rocks in the corner of the chamber.  Older Elvis remained cloaked and
sweating despite the climate control of the bubble, nervous at the prospect of seeing
the most life changing moment of his life about to unfold again,   knowing he could
change it if he wished.

He turned his head just in time to see himself trip and fall, knocking the pile of rocks
down revealing a strange circular "ring" of metal and crystal.  The "creatures" paced
back and forth growling louder and with a yellowish, foul smelling liquid coming out
of their mouths and dripping onto the chamber floor and smoked where the yellow
drool hit it.  Joe knew they weren’t coyotes now and leapt up to his feet and tried to
pull the huge ring out of the rocks. It slowly came "upright" where it stood and it was
large enough for him to walk through it.

He held his light towards the beasts and drew heavily on his now lighted “jay”,   
blowing smoke out at them in a bluish cloud.  They hesitated and seemed to back up.  
Older Elvis could swear they glanced over at him despite his cloaking device?  
Young Elvis/Joe picked up a big rock and leaned on the ring - it immediately started
to "hum" and "light up", various colored crystals started to blink and the loud
humming got louder.  The sinister looking creatures howled, barring their fangs and
Joe blew another hit at them which made them walk in circles and act confused.    He
laughed out loud - "you’re stoned"!! He moved towards

Them as if to pet them - “Here boy” They growled in unison and he backed up as the
ring began to glow and swirling lights spun in its center.  They jumped towards him
and he stepped backwards,   and fell into the center of the ring,   disappearing into a
flash of light as the Chubbacabres leapt as if to jump after him.  They landed on the
other side of the ring inside the chamber; But Joe didn’t come out the other side.  
Elvis adjusted his watch attempting to tie into the rings frequency so he could follow
himself with out going through the ring.

The Chubbacabres looked right at him now and growled; he hit the button on his
watch and jumped into his own "swirl of lights” He was standing back in Boulder
canyon and above   Draco/Gray fighters strafed the Humvees rolling up the canyon
road.  "This isn’t the hold of a ship in 1983!!???" "This is where I was in 2015!!???"  He
was on the side of the mountain where his old cave had been, near some large pine
trees.  Sitting on a large rock near him Elvis saw a man who appeared to be "Albert
Einstein" in shorts and sandals and one of those Flowery Hawaiian shirts.

"You of all people should know you shouldn’t try and follow yourself through time!”  
Elvis sat down on the rock next to him taking his hat off and wiping his forehead with
a bandana from his pocket - "new look for ya, Virg?”  "Und I am not "Virgil" said the
man who looked like Einstein.   A voice from behind Elvis  spoke and his holographic
friend was in his many familiar appearances as "Ronald Coleman" *(for our younger
reader Ronald Coleman was a famous film/stage actor in the 1930's 40's and fifties a
handsome dashing leading man with a charming British accent though some said he
was Australian.)

Elvis looked confused and asked Virgil/Coleman "If you’re Virgil then WHO Einstein
is??”   Einstein smiled at him benevolently.  He seemed to turn translucent, then into a
ball of glowing light.  Virgil lit a holographic woodbine cigarette and nodded
towards the light.  Elvis, meet one of the Ascendant".  

The hovering ball of light morphed back into a humanoid form this time looking like
the actor/character that played one of the "Organians" from "Errand of mercy" an
episode from the original "Star Trek" with "Kirk and Spock",   the actor was David
Hilary Hughes.  He was an older man in his late sixties, early seventies- also with a
British accent (the Ascendant and their cybernetic children seemed to love affecting
British accents...) in "Errand of mercy" David Hilary Hughes had transformed into a
ball of light to prove to Kirk and the Klingons that they were not backwards feudal
system people, but advanced beings, evolved   beyond the need for physical form-

(Who do you think gave them the idea for the show?)  I’m sure our readers have
heard that Gene Rodenberry was a bomber pilot during World War 2 and had
several experiences   with "foo-fighters" -  U.F.O’S  -  where the real intergalactic
"federation" gave him the idea to do a television show about space travel and the
future and friendly aliens, to get the inhabitants of Earth prepared.  This wasn’t lost on
Elvis Mellon.  Elvis looked at Virgil and said in his best "Shatner" "Errand of Mercy."  
The "Ascendant/Orgainian Smiled,   Looking at "Ronald Coleman" he said- “it’s
rather scary- He quotes Star
Trek better then he quotes Shakespeare or Plato, Turning to Elvis he said, "We may
be more comfortable on your ship."

Cut to a panorama of stars- The distant Earth in the back ground with   Fleets of
Plaedian ships like great silver hubcaps in orbit about it And in the foreground a
sleek ship with a fanciful appearance much like the "Nautilus" from the 1954 "Disney"
version of "Captain Nemo's' submarine.  Large fins like wings and rivets and large
round portals,   elegantly "classy" the inside was much the same.  The three of them
stood in a huge room with high arched ceilings, with a look like 1880 meets the
Jetsons with mahogany bookshelves filled with the best in English American ,
European , Spanish , Chinese, Japanese and other Earth and Galactic    literature.  
The walls had swords and weapons and old

Paintings of   Rembrandts,   Van Goughs, and several framed sketches by Da Vinci
Contrasted against the velvet painting of Elvis Presley.  Plush carpeting and
comfortable old chairs draped in velour and velvet.  There was a giant fish tank big
enough for Elvis himself to swim in with a myriad of tropical fish and plants.  To the
left there was   a bay window 30 by 30 feet by a futuristic looking white –gleaming
and glowing bar with retro 1950’s bar stools.   Virgil/Coleman Elvis and the
Ascendant took chairs by the window looking out at the Earth.  Out of a sliding door,
a gleaming silver and translucent domed robot glided out with multiple arms holding
a tray with drinks and a bowl of "goldfish" crackers.

Virgil waved the robot passed him.  The Ascendant giggled and said "why not?”...  
And took a handful of goldfish and a tumbler of scotch...  "It’s been a few billion
years...  Now Elvis, Virgil here has great hopes for you but you almost "screwed the
pooch"... or in this case the "Chubbacabres"... With that stunt going back to 83".  We
don’t like to get involved but Virgil and his creator - Ovid,   From Tellapharon, One of
the older "children" thought I should speak to you.

EPISODE #10 THE Visigoth
The Visigoth cruised through  the atmosphere of Earth descending down into the
stratosphere and down lower until it seemed to skim the snow covered mountain
peaks of the Rocky Mountains.   The ship was/is double the size of a "Los Angeles"
class U.S. submarine with a smaller ship in its hold the size of an old S.S.T. like the
"Concord".  The Visigoth was a gift to Elvis, built by Ovid - the sentient computer
being that runs the Arc world ship the "Tellapharon".  Ovid is several million years
old which is relatively young for an Ascendant child. -   Ok about that: Suffice it to say
that a species of humanoids in an other galaxy whose

Ancestors had like ours climbed up out of primordial oceans and developed/evolved
over many time cycles to bipedal hominids with opposable thumbs, overcoming their
fear and hate and violent tendencies.  To eventually leave their planet and evolve as
they crossed vast distances, colonizing worlds as they went.  To eventually evolving
to a stage of consciousness’ awareness beyond the 3rd and 4th planes   becoming
pure energy, Pure thought, as many other races had done in many other universes
before ours.  The masters in question occasionally appeared from time to time to
teach the monkeys how to speak and make fire.

Well these particular beings the "Ascendant" built incredible computers that become
aware themselves and unlike the Cylons or Terminators, didn’t hate their master’s
creators but loved them.  They knew love   and they cherished all life even the likes
of the Draco.  And they built themselves into great Arc ships to preserve life and save
it and spread it and thus the great domes and spheres.  And soon the Ascendant left
them to carry on their affairs, to preserve life and bring knowledge.  And it is one of
those ships that found Elvis.  A primitive from a "backwater" of a world but it saw in
him possibilities.  And after long

Conversations with this lost refugee from the Draco wars, Escaped from a gray
cyborg slaver ship.  Ovid saw an instrument standing in front of him to bring peace
and new knowledge among the enemies of the Draco to perhaps even change the
Draco themselves thru the unlikeliest of means-  Thru the vibrant personality of this
human and his devotion to "rock n roll' music and its culture...  So here we have Virgil
Elvis and the Ascendant now morphed into "Robert Donat" (* for our younger
readers-  Robert Donat was an English actor who played "Mr. Chips" in the 1938
movie "goodbye Mr. Chips")   So "Robert Donat" in his Mr. Chips tweed suit sipped
his scotch and lit a cigar the robot had given him.  "It’s wonderful to

Pretend to be mortal again".  They all looked out at the vista of the mountains as this
enormous cloaked and shielded ship glided over the tree tops and headed towards
downtown boulder as Colonel Sommo engaged the Draco assault troops for the third
consecutive day this week.
Virgil looked down at the Humvees and the man on the black and chrome "Triumph"
motorcycle who led them, with his black leather jacket and white scarf flying behind
him as he steered with one hand and fired his glock 10 into the approaching gray
cyborg clone troops.
'Your friend has incredible courage".  Elvis grinned   “Yeah and a huge set of balls."  
The Ascendant smiled and said, “The Draco are playing with timelines and you
shouldn’t be in this one.

The "Ascendant” sat cross legged in his chair ,   sipping his single malt scotch and
Elvis noticed that no matter how much "Robert" sipped it,  the level remained the
same-a self filling glass.  The Visigoth now was directly over the battlefield' where
Colonel Sommo road his vintage "Triumph" motorcycle across "settlers park" with his
armored Humvees close behind him.

"Elvis, how long have you and your "foolhardy" friend down there been engaged in
this war against the Draco?”  Virgil asked.  "Two years?"- Elvis looked confused and
took his hat and sunglasses off, placing them in the hat and handing them to "beer-
two's" extended pincer arm.  The little robot produced a wet cloth from a hidden
compartment and Elvis took it ,  wiping  his face and neck with it and ran his hand
through  his thick hair , messing the Elvis Presley  hair- doo he had going. -   "Er was
it 15?”  The Ascendant and Virgil looked at each other- concerned.  "How long since
you escaped the Grays and met Ovid?”  "32 years.”  "What happened to the last 9 or
10 years?”...  "Do you remember Elvis?   Elvis scratched his head,   looking scared "I
was 42 and all the sudden I’m 53?”  "Virgil" stood up now morphing into "Terry
Thomas" (* for our young and un-attuned readers "Terry Thomas"

Was a brilliant British comedian in the 40’s, 50's, 60's with a huge gap in his front
teeth and always playing the "gentleman" scoundrel/con man) dear boy,   You were
aboard Ovid’s ship the Tellapharon for almost 750 years before he brought you to
Aqualaron, But that’s besides the point-we have taught you about time.   It’s all
happening now-   Past, present, future,  Linear time is an illusion and the timelines,   
we have told you there are an infinite amount of

timelines-multiverse’s- Some identical to yours and some not.  You shouldn’t be in this
one with an intergalactic war ravaging the planet.  Your other self from this one and
you   have switched.  As have we.   We are your timelines Virgil and Ascendant.  It’s
rather complicated   But the Draco and Gray’s have- as you say, "done a number on
you."  We must unscramble all this and set things right.  There will still be a war and
the earth still had a cataclysm in 2012.  But you hadn’t even been near that yet.  We
must get you to go back.  Tell me what you remember about stepping through  the
stargate into the hold of the grays ship?

Elvis looked out at the scene of mayhem below as Virgil said "let’s put your
memories up on the viewer so we can all see it.  A large projection screen slid out of
the wall covering the huge bay window.  A door slid open across the "stateroom"
near the old organ with its many pipes,   just like “Captain Nemo’s.”  A very large
almost "VW bug" (Volkswagen) sized  spider with 10  "legs" and a huge abdomen
and at least 20 eyes, looking as though it was carved out of amethyst ,  scuttled across
the room towards the "humanoids"  "wait I don’t want to miss this!” -  Its voice
sounding uncannily like Bob Newhart.  Elvis smiled and made introductions

"Zik- the drummer, guitarist in my band,  from the planet
"Zzzzxxzisisidusdfunsncxnmcnm" or “Anachathrond” in standard. Zik- this is the
"Ascendant”, a member of the super evolved race I told you about that built the
world arc ships and Ovid and Virgil”.  I never did catch your name?”  The Ascendant
bowed and said – “call me   Woody.”   Zik bowed and offered several long pincher
tipped appendages – “an honor sir,  I was getting bored down below in the holo
suites.  The rest of the crew will be up later”.

(The rest of the "crew" at this point in time- consisted of several robots of various
shapes and sizes, several chimpanzees who had the ability of speech thanks to Virgil,
a large German shepherd and a smaller red setter, a   cat and a very human like
android that was quick to point out that he wasn’t a robot or a cyborg but an android.)
The lights dimmed and "beer-two" passed out bowls of peanuts and pop corn and it
handed Zik a large canister of some kind of gas that it stored in its bottom half.

Elvis started his narrative- “I fell thru that portal/stargate and thought I was falling
down another mineshaft!! All the sudden I am standing in this dimly lit room with
metal floors and walls and these "aliens", these Grays-   -the ones that shove metal
instruments up yer ass!!  I couldn’t believe I was actually standing aboard some kind
of spaceship with these big headed "things!”   All the sudden I’m shot with this drug
from a dart gun and I’m waking up on a metal table.  As Elvis speaks images as
though from a home video camera, a bit shaky and sometimes blurry, then in focus,
showed on the screen.  The young slim 20 something  year old "Joe",   strapped to a
table with large headed Gray aliens crowding around him holding  strange
instruments in their hands.  “ My arms and legs  were strapped down"   as Elvis
spoke, Zik was inhaling this bluish gas,   He spoke in gasps "get to the part where
they try and read your mind and it overloads their equipment and blows their
engines and you escape!!”

"Thanks for ruining it for me!!" a rather deep voice from the shadows said "a large
male chimpanzee with silver shorts and a cape and a silver necklace (which allowed
him to speak) came up and patted Elvis on the back and held a hand out to "beer -
two" who produced a can of beer and handed to him.  "I never saw this part
before"...  Uhh "Woody” member of the Ascendant...  Meet "Sedgwick" member of
the "descendent" "heyyyy!!...  Look who’s talking!!”  Sedgwick grinned at Elvis who
grinned back and punched the chimps arm.  Virgil looked at them  annoyed-  "I’m
trying to watch this!!”  

The "Visigoth" majestically glided over the foothills of "Settlers Park" (though no one
could see it!)  as Colonel Sommo former ex "special forces" and "black ops" agent
turned militia man survivalist -and now leader of "the Americans Peoples Republican
Guard" -the closest thing around Colorado to a real army since 2012 since the small
pockets of army marine and navy are on the "new" pacific coastline guarding against
invaders...  Of course President Schwartz nagger runs things from the "bunker" but
its all loose "broke up" pockets of civilization in between areas of "wasteland" and

Colonel Sommo, former Eagle Scout and a big fan of the NRA, liked the word chaos
and now he was about to show those gray cyborg clone bastards what solid food
tastes like, He had heard they eat some kind of green bile in a test tube but he’s
feeding them lead from his glock 10 and they are scattering like ants to get out of his
way.  Their laser rifles don’t seem to be of any use against the shielding Elvis’s ships
computer gave him that emanated from that fancy wrist watch that Virgil gave him.   
He had slight indigestion from that "Draco burger" he had for lunch; it had gone
down good with a Budweiser.   Thank God for replicator’s! He thought as he jumped
off his Triumph into the crowd of Grays and wounded Draco trying to get out of his
way, while his troops brought up the rear.  Suddenly from above a huge shadow
appeared over him, it was the Visigoth!!

Elvis’s ship was de- cloaking right above the tree tops!! A cheer went up from the
ground troops as the last of Zor’s fighters were blasted out of the sky by "Hector” The
younger chimpanzee crewman of the Visigoth,   While Elvis and his friends and guest
sat watching Elvis’s first adventures, and having a good time of it.  Virgil had allowed
Hector to run things manually and Hector was manning the guns.  He liked guns!!  
Colonel Sommo had shown him how to fire all kinds of guns and he wasn’t going to
let him down.  

From high above the equator, Zor sat with his head in his claws, fuming….   "I don’t
want to look!"  Their wiping us out!!! -   Dammmmmm it, Elvis is winning again!!! And
Zloook, Zor’s second in command, ducked from the flying jar of pickled rat embryo’s
that flew at his head.  Zloook ran out into the corridor as the doors sealed behind
him.  He looked at the guard with the visor over his eyes and whispered "he's in one
of his moods...  Elvis's ship just showed up and wiped out the chiefs assault troops.
To be continued….

Virgil stood behind Hector in a "gunnery bubble" on the lower, outer decks of the
Visigoth.  Hector the chimp was from “Tellaraphon’s" equatorial rainforest habitat, a
sprawling biosphere of jungles where chimpanzees and many creatures from
equatorial Africa had been rescued and now lived in a near-paradise world without
predators or enemies.  Ovid and his assistants in holographic and robotic form came
among them and taught them things and helped them evolve more so then chimps
and great apes still on Earth.  Hector and Sedgwick were two of Ovid’s "projects"
who chose to leave their home for awhile and eventually fell in with the likes of Elvis,
Zik and Virgil, and later Colonel T.P Sommo and others of Elvis Mellon’s crew and
inner circle
Hector was strapped into his laser gun turret having just “smoked” the last of Zor’s
fighters.  Virgil morphed into Jack Nicholson , one of his more frequent "incarnations"
in a white suit with sunglasses-  "ya know Hec, I do abhor death and violence, but
those poor gray bastards were clones and didn’t have much of a life!  Born into test
tubes, Brought up as worker/drone slaves, they all look the same.  They have no
Personality, No fun, and no pleasure.  They choke down that protein crap for food,
The Draco breeds them like flies and they have no remorse about killing millions of
them in the front lines of their many wars.  You’re doing them all a favor- Hec,   at
least in oblivion they have some rest.  We have been taught to cherish all life but Zor
has got to be stopped.  His sister Vipra and her new husband Zleeek are the hope of
the Draco.  They want peace, and they have become vegetarians like the iguanas.  
Hector nodded- "yeah that was a fun wedding”!!

Elvis and Zik really stirred things up with that Elvis Presley song "hunk of burnin
love".  I didn’t know Elvis could dance like that!! Even the Princess got up and
danced!! Virgil/Jack took off his sunglasses and wiped his eyes.  "Yeahhhh - Hec.  
That was a fine moment."  Now in awhile we'll go down and meet with yer buddy “the
Colonel” and his troops after they mop up the rest of Zor’s ground troops.  But now I’
m also up stairs, as we speak, watching Elvis’s “home movies".  (Yes the beauty of
being a super, sentient computer/holographic being with many sub routines - is

You can be many places at once.)   Virgil was still sitting next to Elvis telling him and
Sedgwick to shut up so he could pay attention to see how Elvis got out of an
"abductor” ship at the young and ignorant age 23 ) in the darkened state room
Woody, Virgil, Zik, Elvis and Sedgwick sat on chairs that "beer-two" kept bringing  
from somewhere , watching the screen as grays hooked up some kind of electrodes
to the young hippie’s head as he screamed and  cursed,  Then suddenly got silent. He
started laughing hysterically and that spooked the grays and they looked nervous
and stepped back.  Off screen a light shone in the darkened stateroom as Hector
came in wearing his blue jumpsuit.  Beer-two produced a chair and a bottle of rolling
rock (Hectors favorite).
Down below some of Colonel Sommo’s top squad rounded up gray cyborg clones
and a few Draco still alive and kicking, marching them towards a fenced in heavily
guarded compound.  Colonel Sommo took a deep drag off a Marlboro and looked up
at the great ship hovering above them.  He barked into his wrist watch "hey??  Virgil?
, Elvis?  Get yer asses down here for a few cold ones at the local bar.  We’re almost
done down here".  Just then a ragged looking woman soldier in khakis came up with
a gray, holding its thin arm tightly.  "Sir this cyborg clone “thing” says he wants to
switch sides".
To be continued...  

Elvis sat transfixed, watching himself on this "movie screen", his much younger and
slimmer self from a "world away", a different moment in a far away time.  He
marveled at the strange life he now lived aboard this ship when not back at "non
station K.L.S.D " in the asteroid belt, his home of many years, and Aqualaron the
water world with many tropical islands,  in turquoise waters as clear as  the
Caribbean of his native Earth.  He had lived aboard the Visigoth on and off for years
when out on missions and adventures.  Now he sat with his "adopted" family ,
consisting of a holographic computer being, a giant crystal spider, two talking
chimpanzee's a robot that doubled as a beer cooler drink dispenser and a special
guest who was so far advanced to them all it was like "us" hanging out with an

He felt like he was in a movie theatre with the "warm blooded" organic beings eating
popcorn and sipping drinks and Virgil added the sound and "flicker" of an old style
movie projector to complete the illusion.
On the screen the scene panned in close to a now placid young "Joe" (later he would
become Elvis.)  Smiling and laughing as the Greys checked instruments and
exchanged looks.  On one of their screens you could see images flickering from Joe’s
mind, and images that seemed to be of Earths past, earlier

Centuries- People in 16th century Europe clothing, then shifting scenes with people in
Roman togas, shifting again to Knights in chain mail and armor, etc.   "Woody" the
Ascendant whispered to Virgil and Elvis "they were starting to tap into your "akashic
files", you’re other lives. What you call your past lives, though as you well know-   
Incarnations happening simultaneously.  The grays are checking to see if you’re dna,
Your genetic bloodlines have ever been tampered with by their kind,   If you were
ever abducted before or if you have Plaedian or Sirian dna.   They did not expect to
find any humans by that stargate and   they know you activated it.”  Elvis looked
puzzled "I didn’t activate anything??!!   It just came on and started humming and
glowing." Woody smiled.  "You activated it with your thoughts, and that scares the shit
out of the grays because they are not afraid of many humans, just those that have
incredibly strong minds that can resist them, and that’s what happening now- in this
“scene” is.  On the screen Joe looked at the closest gray and said "I see thru your
bullshit".  I’m not in a "mental hospital", you’re not Doctors.  I’m not having a bad
acid trip.  You’re frigging aliens and I’m on a spaceship...  And now I’ll show you
what I’m thinking.

Up on the screen our young hero lay strapped to a table aboard a gray (as in gray
skinned "'E.T’s”"...) starship.  Joe was being "mind raped" by these cold calculating
"hive mind" beings who at the moment were beginning to wish they hadn’t brought
this particular "specimen" aboard but since he was near the 40,000 year old stargate
that hadn’t been activated or used in over 10,000 years, they let their curiosity and
sense of superiority get the best of them.  This human was not behaving with in
standard parameters.  Joe had an extremely "vivid" imagination and a photographic
memory.  This combination gave him the ability to let his mind wander and go into a
type of "gestalt” sort of meditation where you let your thoughts drift by unattached
and in his case it was not so much a "drift" as a "hurricane".  As they tried to pry into
his mind he simply let them in.

The nearest gray to him clutched its own head and fell to the floor as arcs of blue
electricity leapt from the diodes implanted in Joe’s head to the instruments they were
attached to.  The entire room was lit by explosions, fire and sparks as their
equipment overloaded and they were literally blown away by his thoughts.  It was
too much sensory input for them!! They saw a collage of images, shapes, sounds,
colors, words scenes, swirling about them.  Emotions they couldn’t comprehend and
ones they couldn’t stand feeling, one after another - they collapsed and writhed on the
floor as Joe sat up and pulled all the wires out of his head and stepping over the
twitching bodies shouted, "Exit stage right...  Where’s the Escape hatch?”...  The
whole ship was going into some kind of "overload"...  He ran down the nearest
corridor looking for any kind of escape pod and thinking of "C3PO" and "R2D2" in the
beginning of "Star wars."  He saw what appeared to be such a door, a round opening
into a small, round room, barely big enough for him to sit.  Suddenly a gray was
standing in his way with one hand holding the side of its head.  Joe could "hear" its
thoughts in his own head; "who are you??!!,   What have you done to us???" The young
and future Elvis knocked him out of the way and said "you kidnap me and torture me
and stick things in me and probe my mind and now you’re mad because my
brainwaves were too much for your Equipment?  

Where did you get it from? -  "K -Mart"?  He leapt into the round compartment and
started pushing buttons, next thing he knew he was looking out the small portal at
space and the pod he found was shot into space just in time for him to see the cigar
shaped dull white craft blow to bits hurling wreckage in all directions.  Now he just
had to wait and hope he didn’t get picked up by something worse.

"Woody" leaned to Elvis and whispered-  “ In the other timeline it was gray cyborg
slavers who grabbed you.  In your timeline (the proper one), the one you belong in,
there are no cyborg clones.  The Draco work with some grays and they have
enslaved them to an extent but they haven’t put cybernetic implants into them or
cloned them.  In other timelines, you never found the stargate and went back east
and married and had children.  In others you became a famous writer and actor and
in yet others you were a   nobody".  Elvis took a deep gulp of his scotch clinking ice
cubes-   “A-  nobody?”    Woody nodded.  “Yeah,   you sit in front of a computer
writing these ridiculous fantasies”.

EPISODE 16 PART # 2...  
The lights came on and the screen dimmed.  The audience sat blinking their eyes (In
Zik’s case all 20...)   The chimps got off their chairs and stretched as a large German
shepherd also wearing a silver necklace came striding in like a small horse.  He
barked and then after a burst of static a pleasant voice said, "what did I miss?”  
Hector petted the dogs back and introduced Woody to “Thor".  Introductions were
made and Virgil seemed to phase out for a minute getting see thru then solid again,
His head  turned up as if looking at the ceiling-  "Incoming transmission from
surface,   Colonel Sommo requests our presence below for "kicking Zor’s ass party"
-   All are welcomed.  

Down on Earth,  all over the planet - the Plaedians  who had brought their fleet and
medical supplies, food and weapons, but remained relatively un involved in the
actual fighting, were actively taking part in rounding up Draco and gray prisoners for
transport to "rehabilitation colonies”.  There they would be treated fairly and given
the chance to become productive members of the galactic federation.

The tired looking "private" with her hair pulled back brought the spindly armed Grey
cyborg in front of Colonel Sommo.  "Sir this prisoner wants asylum and wishes to
speak with you” Colonel Sommo removed his mirrored "foster grants" and stamped
out his cigarette butt, squinting he looked down at the small bald creature with the
implants sticking out of its skull.  "How do I know this isn’t some kind of trick?  The
Draco control your every move, son,   Hell they even control your bowels!!”  The
pathetic looking

Humanoid held his large bulbous head up and with guns trained on him slowly took
his right arm and reached up and pulled this long plastic and metal implant out of the
side of his skull and dropped it to the ground and stepped on it.  "I am 13 and a half".  
'"Is that your age son"??  "No sir that’s my name".  "What’s the half for”??!!  "I don’t
know sir, some kind of Draco joke."  Colonel Sommo smiled and offered the gray a
Marlboro which it took in a shaky hand.  "I didn’t know those cold blooded bastards
had a sense of humor”!  13 and a half gave a weak smile and said, "They are
bastards, sir."  All we ever

Wanted is to be like you humans, to be individuals, to have families to eat solid food
and go to baseball games and ice hockey and drive cars."  Colonel Sommo liked this
"son of a bitch"!  Private, take this man to the medical center and get him fixed up and
get him some grub, we'll see what we can do for him".

As the private and 13 and a half walked into the crowd of soldiers, civilians coming
out of hiding, people milling about...  There was a flash of light and Elvis Mellon and
his two chimp companions and his shepherd with a guy that looked like Jack
Nicholson and one that now looked like "Woody Allen" and a large translucent
crystalline spider all stood around Colonel Sommo-   "Look at this freak show!!  Elvis
how’s it hanging brother?”  “Let’s go to the bar and talk of dead lizards and captured
little gray men.”    The

Strange assembly of mismatched individuals followed the man in fatigues, black
leather jacket and white scarf, towards the building where the neon martini glass
blinked on and off.  The huge crystalline spider scuttling behind them was not getting
so much as a second look from  the weary citizens of Boulder.

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