The following transmission has been decoded and translated -by Majestic12- Area 51-
Bureau of extratestrial biological entities threat assessment and information dept. floor #
15 sub basement # 21 – Doctor Kurt Van Leifheimer.  –As intercepted by U.S NAVY
“Seawolf” -Class- Nuclear Submarine “The  Jimmy Carter”
( *Note- this transmission was sent from the Extratestrial biological entities –reptilian
species from Alpha Draconis- known as the Draco-classified as “Major threat to the
security of Earth” and currently at war with the “Galactic confederation/alliance. )        

FROM :- Commander Annnnnnngggggssssssst-  Overseeing construction of aquatic base-
city- location –“Terra 3-10” designation “Earth” – Frontier world currently held by
Galactic alliance- inhabited by mammalian primates.

To:  High Command- Office of High chancellor –Akkkkkkkkkttthhhhh. Ministry of
acquisition of foreign power and technology.

High commander- Akkkkkkkkkkkkkttthhhhh. May the great serpent bless you with fresh meat
and  warm days.

You asked me to keep you apprised of our current situation on this far flung dung heap
designated by the Galactic Confederation and Draco star empire treaty of 1705779- Sol
system. As Terra – 3-10 –Known through out the galaxy as “Earth” (mainly because of that
– because of his irritating rants and playing of that horrible noise they call “Music”- and
“Rock and Roll” )

As you know we could not start a full scale invasion of this pathetic planet- inhabited by
mammalian –talking primates because of that same treaty- signed during the time of that
worlds great leader “Truman” when his territorial conglomerate- they call “The United
States” shot our then allies – whom they refer to as “Grays” out of the skies in that incident
now known as “Roswell” – due to certain claims and land rights. We could however send in
discreet “exploratory” forces to run the Galactic alliance blockade and to stake a claim to
the area on their Ocean floor where our old nemesis- the Atlantean’s-Left that bit of
hardware after they blew themselves sky high in a successful effort to eradicate us from
conquering their beloved  colony of Galactic alliance members and their hybrid star children
the primates. You know all of this of course but for the sake of those

Galactic alliance listening posts (
HHHHHSSSHHHHHSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! ) We must make this clear. I am
afraid sir that we have experienced a major set back on this horrible little world that talking
Calls – his place of origin. We were able to infiltrate certain key areas of their world
governments with our reptilian/mammalian hybrids- And also establish a foot hold- with our
submersible warships –both Dragon- Avenger “class” -  and started work on THE
submerged base city to acquire said technology. The star gate left running since it was
powered and still is- by geothermal vents in the Ocean floor – has been causing those
space/time anomalies that we initially tracked through that wormhole near our colony worlds
of  the  Darnn Saderath Cluster    and   it  is causing all sorts of disturbing  scenarios -in the
area the Earthling humans call “The Bermuda Triangle.” I apologize for the redundancy in
repeating this information   but as you well know for any later legal ramifications we must
follow protocol. I regret to inform you that we have faced a major set back of several solar
cycles they call “Months” here.   

The island known locally in their language as “CABO DIABLO” where that blasted
Captain Ashtar –Vice Admiral of the Sol sector Galactic alliance blockade fleet-
established a working relationship with the United States and their other Monkey allies – is
NOW housing a full facility and military operation with a fleet of submerable craft- and
above water battle ships and internment –interrogation camp for any of our soldiers and
engineers they capture. We had thought this would be easy as the 1705779 treaty- with its
articles of war subsection forbidding  the use of any part of this world as a battleground or
war zone. We have our best lawyers spinning it as a “Police action” over an old “Real estate”
issue.  The former Emperor “Zor’s” own cousin- nephew of the mighty “Rex” – “Murray” has
been called in to over see this. His work with his cousin princess Vipra’s first divorce should
say it all.

The setback in question involves the destruction of the bases “super structure” and our
supply depot. This pink ape by the name of XXXXXXXXXX – OR just “X” is apparently
running the Cabo Diablo operation on the recommendation of our most hated  enemy-
Talk about a major pain in the ass!!!  You would have thought after he got Zor dethroned
and actually brought him and his Dad over to their side- he would let up and just let us

conquer and enslave the galaxy in peace but I guess since this was his planet of origin he just
had to come and interfere!! Rumors abound that Zor himself might even be on the Visigoth as
we speak and may well be used on Cabo Diablo to interrogate prisoners. Elvis Mellon and
his crew of lunatics including that crazy Colonel Sommo and Doctor Sax are on that island.
I can remember my Mother and Father scaring me as a hatchling with stories of Doctor Sax-
that mammilian monster - stealing Draco children and dissecting them! He and that big dumb
green thing he travels with are said to be torturing my captured troops. What I find most
annoying is that DAMMED CAT IS THERE!!!

That Feline devil follows his master Elvis Mellon everywhere and now they have him working
on that blasted island!!! I bet it was his plan to take out the super structure- the whole thing
stinks of his cunning!!! Sometimes I wonder who is more dangerous – Elvis Mellon or that
cat?!! Emperor Arrrgghhhh has promised replacement troops and the Gray hive mind is
sending replacement clones but they can’t get here soon enough. Our hybrid Draco/Human
agent is on the island disguised as Island personnel and so far he has not been detected.
The morale among our submersible fleet and the cloaked commando force in orbit is poor.
We do not relish being so deep into Galactic confederation territory and out here on such a
remote- far flung world as this. A half hour of their “radio” or “Television” transmissions is
enough to make me want to throw myself on my sword!!

How did these primates ever survive this long???!!  I will end this transmission now- there is a
massive weather pattern – a “Hurricane” they call them here- moving in to the area and we
must stay close to the Ocean floor. I will keep you posted.
Annnnnnngggggssssssst- out.
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