( Or  Elvis Mellon meets Frankenstein’s brother in law’s sister. )

copyright 2007.


Location : Somewhere in the Western section of Lake Superior-  October 2007.

The town of Bears Tooth is a sleepy little town on the Keweenaw Peninsula in the state
of Michigan that juts out into the western part of Lake Superior. Bears Tooth is near the
larger town of Ahmeek .

On a cold crisp October night as the quaint little town of Bears Tooth with its harbor
and small fishing fleet and dense woods and logging roads, settled in to go to sleep , near
the witching hour of midnight something strange was in the air. The town had seen fogs
before but not like the eerie mist that drifted in from the tiny island of Wolfs bane a half
mile off shore. There was something in that fog and it was hungry
,very hungry and it didn’t
what it ate as long as it could fit in its mouth and was comprised of some form of meat. It
came crawling up out of the cold,  dark water at settlers cove and up past the community
beach and the town rec center ,leaving a trail of slime as it moved towards  main street with
its rows of old Victorian houses. It was not alone in the dense fog, other shapes moved
behind it
and  semi human shapes and above them large flying things.

Merle Ferguson the owner of Ferguson’s hardware on the corner of Main and Henry st
was walking home from  “O’Riley's bar and grill” . He had closed the bar as it was Friday
night and his friends had all left before him. He was feeling no pain when he saw the wall of
fog moving up main st ,  
He squinting  and tried to focus his eyes and reminded himself to
get them checked in the next few weeks as he
had just turned fifty seven  and he  was due for at least reading glasses. He saw something
large moving in the fog and knew he shouldn’t have had that last shot of Makers Mark

because he surely must have been hallucinating . Looming out of the fog was this enormous
long necked reptile  like a Plesiosaur but with sharp spike like ridges running from the crest
of its head down it several humped  back like some sort of dragon and its eyes were like red
lights from Hell itself -casting reddish beams which cut through the fog in front of it.

Its huge mouth was filled with enormous razor sharp yellow teeth with what looked like
rotting meat and sea weed stuck between them and he could smell its fetid breath. Behind it
walked several or more large  Werewolves with  shaggy manes of hair on their heads and
long sharp claws .  They were snarling and drooling from their fanged snouts.  Merle's   
heart was beating out of his chest and he was sweating profusely despite the chill in the air.
He quickly ducked into the alley way between Chows Chinese restaurant and  the
American Legion hall and he dove behind the garbage dumpster and snuck  a peek out at
the street. The huge beast kept crawling on its flipper like appendages but one of the
werewolves stopped in front of the alley and started sniffing in the air and moving his large
ears like radar.

Merle thought for a minute he was monster meat but then the werewol
f  let out an
earsplitting howl and kept walking. Merle looked again and saw huge bats as big as any he
had ever seen suddenly morph into “people” and just like the horror movies of his youth
they wore black capes and suits with high black “Dracula” collars and had pale white skin
and black slicked back hair with widows peaks like  “Bela Lugosi” (
 NO Vampire Lestat
)  Before Merle passed out from fright and to much booze he saw what looked like
several translucent ghosts
  and a Mummy pass by the alley in the fog as well and then
everything went black.
Eight or nine hours later and several thousand miles away on a tropical island known as
Cabo Diablo located
 forty  miles North of Puerto Rico,   on the veranda of a white
bungalow amidst swaying palm trees near a beautiful sandy beach and crystal clear blue
, A large behemoth of a man was lying on a chaise  lounge in boxer shorts with a
large “beer gut” starting to turn from “underbelly white” to pinkish red from the morning sun.

An old battered fedora with a pair of aviator sunglasses in it lay upside down on his chest
as he held a large ice filled glass of what looked like Tomato juice with a celery stalk in it.  
His graying reddish brown beard had crumbs in it and his full head of graying dark brown
hair was tussled as he  moaned and sat up blinking in the bright sun.  A large smoke colored

 Russian blue )  house cat ran up the steps from the beach and jumped onto his lap
causing him to sit bolt upright  in a panic  and almost spill his drink. “Smoky , God dammit I
told you not to do that!!” The cat purred and looked up at him with a pair of black
rectangular bifocals perched on its nose. “Sorry I couldn’t resist
,  I thought a whale had
beached itself on your porch!"  The cat purred in a voice that reminded those that heard it
of the late comedian Paul Lynde. Elvis Mellon
 who now  picked the cat up and placed him
on the wooden floor of the veranda/deck , often thought he had  Paul Lynde’s sense of
humor and delivery of jokes as well as sounding like him.

“I was just up on the Visigoth doing some paperwork and Virgil said he wants us to take a
little side trip to Lake Superior for a few days and said to ask X if he wants to come.”
Elvis got up and picked his jeans up that were hanging over the railing and started putting
them on.
“Lake Superior?? What the Hell is in Lake Superior?” The cat stopped licking
itself for a moment and sat looking out at the Ocean “Something to do with the Great
Triangle and Werewolves and Vampires and some town called Bears Tooth

Michigan.” Elvis drained his Bloody Mary and sat to put his green converse all-stars and
white socks on. “Bears Tooth?? Vampires??! Who am I?  Karl Kolchak- “The night
Stalker?  Or agent Mulder ?”  The cat rubbed against the chaise  lounge’s legs that Elvis
was sitting on tying his sneakers.  “Hey don’t shoot the messenger- all I know is its almost
Halloween and some little town in the Great Lake's  Triangle near some little island with a
rebuilt German castle from the Black

Forest has monsters sighted in the town and people being eaten and drained of blood
,  all
reported by your friends at  the National Enquirer” among other sources.”  Elvis grabbed
a t-shirt that was hanging on the back of his lounge and sniffed the arm pits and then  put it
on and ran his hand through his hair
, putting his hat and sunglass’s on. “Oh it must be true
then.”  The glint of sunlight reflecting off the gigantic crystalline spider that scuttled
through the sand to stand near the veranda caught their eyes.   “Speaking of Halloween
monsters!”-  laughed Elvis as he lit a filterless camel and pulled a flask from his back pocket
and poured  some brown liquid into the empty glass.

Zik- the extratestrial spider in question
; rotated half of his twenty  diamond like eyes to
Elvis and several to the glass in his hand
. “Breakfast?”    Elvis held the glass up and then
downed half of it and belched “Actually lunch
,glad you could join us.” He took the celery
stalk from the bourbon and chewed on it. “Want to get off this island for a little vacation?”
The spider clattered up the steps half way
,  the sounds of wood creaking underneath his

enormous weight.
“Sure,  all of this fun in the sun is getting to me,  and I'm tired of all of
this sea monsters and space/time vortex crap! ”  Elvis grinned and wiped the crumbs from his
.  “well that’s too bad because we are going to be investigating  monsters and a
mysterious island in the Great Lakes triangle.” Several of the spider’s eyes rolled up in
annoyance as several tracked Mr. X walking towards them. Mr. X was wearing his standard
uniform of Bermuda shorts, Hawaiian shirt, sandals and Panama hat with aviator sunglasses
like Elvis’s. “Gentlemen
, GOOD MORNING,  w ell it looks like the Hurricane clean up
is going very nicely.”  

Elvis stood up and looked around and pulled the flask out offering it to X. X nodded and
took it. “Hey –X- how would you like to get away from this place for a few days er a week?
For a s
pecial assignment investigating werewolves and vampires and some sort of Lake
Monster?” X grimaced as he swallowed the bourbon and handed the flask back to Elvis.
“Out of the frying pan into the fire?  Why the hell not! I will get that crazy German bastard
Hans to take over while I am  gone and Commander Bryce will be more then happy to help
him, When do we leave?”  X stood next to Ziks legs which-even  when bent at the knees were
taller than him. “When do we leave?”    “In 20 minutes.” A distinctly British voice much like
David Niven answered from the veranda to the left of Elvis where no one had been
standing a minute before. David Niven circa 1964 in a Black tuxedo with a white carnation
stood there. It was Virgil the Visigoths super computer being projecting to them in
holographic form. “INFORM Colonel Sommo and Doctor Sax and their respective
sidekicks to grab their gear and rendezvous here to be beamed aboard the “Viking” where
we will hold the briefing.  

A half hour later aboard the smaller space craft known as “The Viking
,” Elvis Mellon and
his team along with X and of course Virgil ( a projected sub routine from Visigoth ) were all
in the “lounge” section of the ship- that now resembled a 747 but could morph into any all
terrain vehicle from submarine to tour bus to boat to deep space star ship. The Lounge
was not as large as that of Visigoth but d
ue  to a trick of physics the inside was a lot
bigger then the outside and there was plenty of room for everyone   in a cylindrical shaped

with a bar to the left wall and stools and to the right couches and comfy chairs and even a
pool table and some slot machines and a large holo vid screen. X was now dressed in warm
cloths including combat boots
,  jeans and an old army coat with a baseball cap that said
“8th army” and he leaned against the bar next to Elvis Mellon and the Colonel while
Grond and the Doctor and
 Thirteen  sat on the couch. The side of the couch with  
 on it rose slightly in the air as due to Grond- the nine  foot tall green furry ape
like creatures weight. Smoky sat on the bar by Elvis sipping a Bloody Mary through a
crazy straw.  

Virgil’s disembodied voice ( as David Niven ) spoke as a
three  dimensional view of the
Great lakes region via satellite appeared in the air in front of everyone- all seeing the same
view from what ever angle they were at.  The View closed in and a map was projected over it
showing the Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan in Western Lake Superior
, plus a huge
triangle that covered several of the great lakes.  Virgil
/David Niven looked about and
 “I suppose you are wondering what this is all about and why I have asked you to leave
your paradise island
 (guffaws and boo’s from around the room ) for  very important
assignment to take this trip? Well it may be related to the same space/time continuum of
Cabo Diablo
,  we don’t know yet. The facts are these- There is a

Triangle in the great lake region much like the Bermuda- “devils triangle” and the “Dragons
Triangle” in the Pacific near Japan. Each triangle is associated with a now “lost” or
destroyed legendary civilization- in the case of the Dragons triangle- the lost civilization of
Lemuria- said to predate Atlantis and in the case of both the Great lakes Triangle and
Bermuda- Atlantis. For those unaware- there have been legends of Atlantis having many
colonies including Egypt- and the Pyrenees’s in France and Spain , Ireland,

Mexico, Central and South America- specifically Peru, Argentina,  etc- and in what is now
the South West United  States called “Og” and a colony in the Great Lakes region
stretching from Wisconsin to Michigan to Ohio. Perhaps another time machine/portal was
left running and malfunctioning or maybe it’s a natural vortex- we don’t know. We do know
since before the European’s came there have been strange stories of lake monsters
,  lights
in the sky, Bigfoot, people disappearing and later ships and planes vanishing.

The Town of Bears Tooth
,  near the tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula in Michigan , near
the larger township of Ahmeek and the surrounding area which includes the island of
Manitou and several islands but in particular the island known as Wolf’s bane- HAS had
strange occurrences and sightings by credible witness’s of what appears to be lake
monsters, vampires, werewolves, Mummies, ghosts
,etc.” Our Intel informs us that on Wolf’s
bane island
,  which  half of it is a nature reserve and the other half is privately

Owned by several generations of the Frankenreich family who first came to Michigan in the
late 1800’s  where Herman Frankenreich made his fortune with Copper mines and  the
lumber business and railroads and had the families ancestral castle from medieval times or
older rebuilt brick by brick on Wolf’s bane island from the Black Forest in Germany. One
branch of the family that stayed in Germany until the 1950’s had several members that
served in the S.S and were part of Hitler’s staff.   One was hung for war crimes but the
other two some how got off and joined their American relatives in Michigan in the mid
Some of our strongest space/time anomalies readings center on that island and that is
where all of the beasties and ghoulies seem to be coming from.  Oh
,  and several citizens of
Bears tooth have gone missing as well as some live stock and dogs and cats. A horse was
found half eaten outside of town  with traces of sea weed and some kind of slime on it.  Get
Everyone including Zik
,  who had come in right before the presentation – looked to Elvis
Mellon for comment. Elvis sipped his pitcher of kamikaze’s ( yes PITCHER-  no glass….)
and took a deep drag off of his
hand rolled herbal cigarette…( wink , wink…)
,  sounds pretty cut and dried to me! We go in with this looking like a tour bus or come
in from the lake with it in yacht mode- and Smoky
pretend to be just a cat
ONCE? And  Zik ,
Thirteen  and Grond-  you guys got to stay cloaked,   or on the ship
until Halloween night
.   Colonel? You turn that uniform  into a Federal  and state parks-
chief general “muckity muck”
uniform so you can  check out the up keep of the nature
preserve and I will be the writer from National Geographic and Doc.
,  You’re the
, X a Federal agent.….( nods all around..) we check out this Nazi freak show
family and see if these are real monsters or fake like on Scooby Doo-  and then as Ben
Grimm “The Thing” says in “the Fantastic 4” comic books “Its CLOBBERING

to be continued...     
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