PART # 5



Elvis Mellon and his crew, including his guest , the Frankenstein monster- or “Frankie” as he
was known by  his  friends,  all slept soundly aboard  the star ship, “Viking” –currently
disguised as a terrestrial  tour bus , and each in their own  private cabin – except Smoky who
slept  stretched out on Elvis’s chest , going up and down  with his  breathing and   snoring .
Meanwhile on Wolf's Bane island ,   Thirteen  was locked in a dank, dark dungeon after a
rather unpleasant interrogation by Uncle Eric and supervised by his nephew Siegfried as
Muffy cried and pleaded with them to stop.  Thirteen  looked  small and fragile  but was  
made of tougher stuff then they could ever dream of, having escaped from the servitude of
the Draco star Empires “Shock troops” as a “Cyborg clone”  born in a test tube  as one  
of many identical clones and then implanted with cybernetic devices allowing the Draco to
control him and do their bidding and which also allowed him to become a living , breathing

He had endured decades of front line infantry against Galactic alliance assassin bots and
their finest star legions and then got transfered  to a cramped assault fighter which  he
called home and barely left at all, eating his disgusting green   protein with the consistency
of bile and crapping out the same
 and only getting to sleep for short twenty  minute
intervals while his neural cybernetic implants interfaced with High command and received
updates and uploaded information.  Torture was nothing new to him.   Siegfried had heard
enough though, when he came upon the alien with his daughter while he and Igor were
returning with his Father in law and uncle from

Securing the virgins on the boat and some “prey” for the Werewolves
 and Vampires since
they didn’t get a chance to hunt. He had heard the name Elvis Mellon and Colonel T.P
Sommo before from some of his scientific research staff stationed on that island in the
Caribbean and  when he ran a search among his more “under the radar” contacts he was
surprised at what came up on them and how it related  not only to  Cabo Diablo
space/time travel and   extraterrestrial contact and “Black Ops” and more scandalous
His Uncle went white as a sheet when he heard those  names and then cursed in
german but
wouldn’t tell him why.  Siegfried also  remembered the  name  Elvis Mellon from his youth
but  thought he was some entertainer, singer/comedian/ and part time Rock and Roll dj   
but that would  make this guy  pushing 70 -plus   now?!  A little old to be involved in
kidnapping and black mail or what ever his game was.

He stood outside the cell looking at the strange little creature sitting dejectedly on the
wooden bench. Electric shock and having to listen to Debbie Boone
's “You light up my
five hundred  times had almost cracked him but dammed if he didn’t start whistling along
with it! When he finally did speak his dammed voice was irritating! He kept saying
. “Wait till
Elvis gets you!!!” “You will be sorry!!!”  Siegfried had been up all night and had briefly
taken a break to watch his Werewolves feed on a few bums and some sheep that
he had
brought back for them  from the mainland. He  made sure they grabbed people who wouldn’t
be missed for the Vampires and Lycanthropes. He rubbed his eyes and asked one more time
“Why you are on our planet and what does this Elvis Mellon and his accomplices want with
my families “Monster”?
What possible interest could some Galactic alliance have in what I do? Are there others like
you on his star ship?”
Thirteen  just whistled  "You light up my life."

“You just keep whistling!!  You are a valuable asset and your friends will come for you!!”
The door at the end of the corridor opened and Siegfried’s wife and her sister Gladys
came in. Gladys Dracula was a “piece of work” – thanks to some recessive gene on her
human Mothers side of the family, her and her niece
,  Muffy  were  both immune to Vampiric
blood and remained mortal humans with long life spans but no penchant for drinking blood.
Gladys was single and in her late
forty's  , a little younger then Anastasia and she worked as

an administrative assistant at his corporate head quarters building in Copper Harbor -
slightly North of Bears Tooth .   Gladys was fiercely independent and a bit of a feminist
but she still lived in her own private wing of the Castle. She drank Cosmopolitans like her
sister  drank blood and often went trolling for men in town. She favored her Mother’s looks
and Mom was still living but divorced the Count and moved back to the old country.
Siegfried hated when the two sisters ganged up on him…NOW  he would get harped on in

“Oh my God! HE’S SO CUTE!  CAN WE KEEP HIM? !!”  Anastasia grinned and
put her manicured hand on her husbands shoulder as her sister took pictures of
with her cell phone. Siegfried stamped his foot
.  “Do NOT show those to anyone!!         
Don’t you two have someone else to nag?!!”  Mean while Virgil was busy running scans of
the entire region and determining that this vortex- which was WHY they had come in the
first place, was not being produced by Atlantean technology –though there was certainly
traces of one of  their ancient colony
's scattered about  in the vast area of the Great
Lakes and their

surroundings but rather it ( THIS vortex )  was of a natural or non technical point of origin
and much older then the one near Cabo Diablo. The center of this space/time “maelstrom”
was deep beneath Wolf’s Bane Island and Virgil was interested to note the ancient stone
monument surrounding the actual earthen opening- a physical “shaft” –vertical tunnel that
corresponded to the Vortex’s location. The Monument was far older then most on Earth
and clearly not built by Human hands.
His incredibly fast cybernetic mind was already multitasking various search inquiries and
overlapping patterns of  thought and probabilities based on Frankenreich/Frankenstein
family history and  their involvement with Adolph Hitler’s  failed plan to open an ancient
portal using a vortex found in Germany and  manipulated it using both technology given to
them by extraterrestrials
 like the Draco and certain Gray factions with negative agenda’s
plus their own re-discovered ancient technology and certain esoteric occult techniques to  
open this portal that was meant to be sealed forever , blocking out an ancient horror

Trapped and imprisoned in a void beyond time and space. Interestingly enough the rare
appearance of a far away comet- “The comet Holmes” which at Moon rise of Halloween
2007-  ( “Samhain” to the ancient Celts and modern neo Pagans and Wiccans-)  will be
visible by the naked eye and despite its great distance from Earth would have a polarizing
effect on the electro-magnetic anomaly causing this particular vortex and give it just enough
of a boost that someone with the proper knowledge and skills like Siegfried Frankenreich
could  succeed where Hitler had failed. Virgil would fill in Elvis and the crew after they got a
nice long rest and since he wanted them sharp and properly rested and they had all staid up
over 24 hours due to “mitigating” circumstances he would alter their brainwave patterns and
allow them to sleep through until the following day.

He let Frankie sleep too in his own cabin with all the luxuries including a replicator to make
any food he could desire and a nice clean and private bathroom with hot tub and shower, a
wide screen holo vid with every channel on the Planet and  a comfortable king sized bed with
special air suspension. He would set him up somewhere on the planet in his own castle-
estate house with everything he could want and plenty of privacy in exchange for his
defection to their side. Elvis Mellon was deep in sleep having that
Reoccurring dream about Wynona Ryder and a bucket of Kentucky fried chicken.
Virgil didn’t mean to eaves drop but he was fascinated by this humans mind. It didn’t seam to
operate like most others and as illogical and often infuriating as his behavior could be and  
he  been programmed to be irritated and also to enjoy things and experience pleasure and
Elvis Mellon’s mind also brought him pleasure in trying to figure out what made him tick.   
His creator and predecessor as Elvis’s mentor “Ovid” had admitted to

never quite “cracking the code” after hundreds of years in Elvis’s company ( long story….)  
He understood about sexual desire and dreams and could understand why she was nude but
where the chicken fit into it……and where he placed the pieces…was just beyond even his
vast intellect.  It was almost time to wake them all up when there was a loud knocking on the
uncloaked, unshielded bus/ships exterior. He ran a sensor sweep  and found it was a young
human female.  It was the girl that
Thirteen  was with before he disappeared.
Virgil had tracked
 Thirteen's  bio signature to Wolf's Bane island and knew that Siegfried

Frankenreich had kidnapped him and would want to trade him for Frankie.   Muffy
Frankenreich had finally managed to sneak off the island . Her    mascara had run from her
crying and though she only got to talk briefly with the little Gray alien she loved him and
wanted to help him and though she loved her parents deep down inside
 they annoyed her
and she knew her father was an asshole who killed people and did horrible things. Her Mom
was better but still put up with it and she wished that she could be more like her Aunt
Gladys who had helped sneak her off the island when she came into town to
“go shopping” (Muffy knew this meant “Men trolling”…) She also figured that this Elvis
Mellon would want to rescue his little friend and she was dying to meet him and see if there
were other aliens aboard. The crew had awoken and had gone  through their  morning
absolutions and ministrations and were now having breakfast.  It was a bright Sunday early
afternoon  with traffic from late Mass at the Church of the Redeemer and the Black woods
diners Brunch buffet special. No one paid any attention to the rather “unconventionally”
dressed teenager loitering around the big bus with the Federal plates.

The silver folding passenger side door opened and the huge guy she saw run by last night
with the beer stein came out with mirrored aviator sunglasses and a different colored but
similar sport coat (this one was more of a dark brown tweed) and a blue shirt with the tails
hanging out and a black tie with Orange Jacko –lanterns on it. He still had the stein but it
smelled like coffee and some kind of booze. He smiled
. “Good morning, Miss Frankenreich I
presume? Won’t you come aboard?” She stepped aboard and followed him as he almost
staggered into the wall
,  then caught himself and with out spilling his “coffee” (wink, wink…)
straightened himself up and guided her into the “bus”. She was expecting  to find a typical
luxury tour bus like the Rock stars had but nothing prepared her for what she found. The
“rooms” or
room  she stepped into when

She passed the normal looking Bus driver’s seat and windshield was TOO big to possibly
be inside the bus she had seen from the outside!! It was like a big conference room at her
Dads office with a large wooden table and white walls and big windows  with soft modern
round lights on the ceiling . Frankie sat at the table in a new Versace suit and Italian leather
shoes and he had most of his scars removed and looked rather handsome and more normal
though he still had a sort of bluish green tint and bolts in his neck. He had a big plate of
pancakes and eggs in front of him and next to him were
three  relatively normal looking men
busily eating their breakfast and chatting but across from them was the that gigantic green
furry ape creature with a huge bowl and a big spoon- shoveling food into his mouth like it
was going out of style!

She felt like she had entered Neverland as this tremendous spider- the one she saw two
nights ago
-  came into the large room , glittering in beautiful hues of violet underneath the
soft ceiling lights. She had never seen anything like it (him?) despite her strange childhood
and he looked both beautiful and rather horrifying and monstrous all at the same time. The
cat she had seen with
 eye glasses sat to the back with his head barely coming up to the
table and then he jumped onto the table as a man in a chefs apron and hat who looked like

comedian Jackie Mason scooped out cat food and eggs onto a plate and slid them in front
of the cat and then simply vanished into thin air! Elvis gestured for her to take a seat by the
front of the room. “Mr. Mellon you have to save you friend the little guy!!”  “Yesssss… I was
um…. Just appraised of that situation
 ten  minutes ago! We didn’t even know he was missing
until our …well… Ships computer told us
. Virgil say hello to Miss Frankenreich…” a
disembodied voice sounding rather like Michael Caine -  said
. “Hello Miss Frankenreich a  
pleasure to meet you!”  

Muffy smiled and looked around like a child in a toy store
. “Wow I can’t believe I am here!!
Hello Virgil!! Hello everyone!!” (A chorus of cheerful “Hellos” muffled by mouths full of
food)  Frankie smiled at her
. “You don’t blame me for making myself at home here , do you
Kitten?”  Muffy  knew Frankie was as smart and cultured as anyone in her family if not more
and     loved him like an uncle and felt he was always treated unfairly by her Father. She
shook her head
.  “Oh Frankie ,  I am just happy you got away from my Fathers control! I can
show Mr. Mellon and his friends how to get into the castle, you can stay here.” Frankie
wiped a tears from his eyes.
“You’re a good girl Muffy; don’t let anyone tell you any
Elvis Mellon sat down next to her and Virgil ( well –his “chef” subroutine ) appeared as
Jackie Mason and  placed two big plates of home fries, eggs, sausage, bacon and toast on
the table with utensils and napkins and then a pitcher of Orange juice and glasses
appeared. “Wow! That’s a neat trick! If that’s for me No thanks, I am not really hungry.’’
She said as she pushed her plate away. The plate slid by itself in front of Grond who
promptly picked it up and slid the whole thing into his mouth including the plate which

he crunched up and swallowed along with its contents. Elvis ravenously ate his food and
talked between bites “Honey….( CHOMP , SMACK, CHOMP GULP..)  Your
Dad…..sounds like a Megalomaniac –mad scientist- asshole…No Offense…( Chomp ,
chomp, smack, gulp…..BELCH…) pardon me …and We think he has something really nasty
planned for tomorrow night …..(Chomp, chomp, munch, gulp,) Not that sending Werewolves
and Vampires to kill and eat people and animals and to kidnap teenage virgins to sacrifice to
prehistoric alien Demon gods isn’t NASTY! CAUSE IT IS!!,,…( chomp, chomp,
belch…….FART…)  Oh excuse me …..”
The others were finishing their breakfast and looking at him, Zik scuttled over by him and
the girl
.  “What’s the game plan chief?” Muffy starred in awe at the many faceted eyes of the
huge spider that sparkled like diamonds and rotated in different directions
.  “You can
talk?!”  Zik raised his large head close to her
.  “Yeah, why wouldn’t I? I am not some Earth
spider the size of a dime
with the brain of a …An Earth spider!! I am an advanced and
complex being Madam
,  and I... (Elvis holding his hand up to interrupt) “ENOUGH!!! …..
He gets really sensitive when people question him……Zik here is one

of my best friends and crew mates and like a brother to me
. If I was …half Extratestrial
spider…..Anyway……I say you guys take the Viking….er Virgil takes  you guys over to the
island in the Viking while X and I sample some Michigan home town quaintness and we will
beam over later and help you get
 Thirteen .”  The Colonel looked angry. “WHAT??!!
That poor kid is over there getting God knows what done to him by that Freak show – (to
Muffy-) Sorry Hon. - and YOU’RE going to go out drinking with X??.....AND NOT
US???!!! God Damm you’re a cold son of a bitch some times!!! (Everyone cracks up
laughing……)   “I  ALMOST HAD YOU……DIDN’T I??!!! You fat drunken bastard!!!”  
Elvis grinned
. “Hey only my GOOD friends can call me that!” (More laughter…..)  Muffy
looked horrified
.  “PLEASE!! You have got to rescue him right away!  You don’t know my
Father.”  Elvis pushed his empty plate away
,laughing.  “Honey…...YOU don’t know  
!!! At that very moment across the water in the dungeons of castle Frankenreich

Thirteen  was exhibiting a typical Gray “ability, he was using powerful telepathy and he
was  inside the heads of everyone on the island including Siegfried. They could hear
 humming and singing in his “Martin the Martian” voice- and HORRIBLY out of
key- “You light up my life” by Debbie Boone and alternating with Boy Georges “Do you
really want to hurt me”-  LOUD and non stop , over and over for the last
two  hours.
Thirteen  never got to hear music as a Cyborg clone and since the reptilian Draco were
tone deaf didnt allow
Thirteen  never heard any thing as beautiful as Earth Rock and Roll and pop music-
the kind Elvis Mellon broadcast from his Pirate radio station and he never got tired of it.
This "Debbie Boone" music was like Nirvana to his ears ( Though know one can see
them...) The islands inhabitants ( except its wild life...)  were all going mad; Siegfried was on
his knee’s begging him to stop. The Werewolves were howling in their section of the castle,
The Vampires were all trying to get some sleep in their

Coffins but
 Thirteen's  singing was blasting in their heads.  Count Dracula was almost
having a coronary, Uncle Eric drew his revolver and tried to shoot
Thirteen  but it got so
loud he dropped the gun and collapsed.   Back on the bus in Bears Tooth  - Elvis lit a
smoke and pulled a flask out of his coat and poured it into his coffee- “I think
 Thirteen  has
everything under control right now
, Virgil?”  Suddenly out of an over head speaker they
could hear this horriblesinging like someone strangling a cat. "YOU LIGHT UP MY
LIFE...YOU GIVE ME HOPE...."   Smoky jumped off the table and out of the room
with his sensitive ears and everyone held their ears- “MY GOD WHAT IS THAT???!!
X threw his hat on the floor and covered his ears - “You’re killing us!!!”  It stopped and
everyone sighed with relief - “What the hell was that?!” Muffy demanded. Elvis laughed-
Thirteen!!….I think we have time for a few drinks at O Riley’s bar and grill
before we take a pleasure cruise over to your castle to visit your Daddy.”

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