PART # 8



Siegfried Frankenstein was in his glory. Night was finally arriving on this “All Hallows
Eve” or “Samhain” as the ancient Celts called it. He stood in his  black and red hooded
robe's  on the flat area atop the temple pyramid on  Wolfs Bane Island. The flat
expanse of black granite stone at the summit  of the ziggurat was over a hundred feet
across,  with a circular opening about
thirty  feet across in the middle of the structure
that was built around the shaft that lead down through the pyramid into the earth for an
unknown distance, speculated to be well over a mile if not further into the bowels of the
earth. This had been built long before the ancestors of the American Indians crossed
the Bering straight and spread across the North American Continent and long before
the fabled Atlanteans had colonized the area some
thirty thousand years or more ago.   
Siegfried had dug it out and cleaned it up , making  repairs where necessary and putting  
electric lights in the inside chambers and flood lights around the outside perimeter and if
one were to climb the stairs from the base to the top of the Ziggurat and walk towards
the shaft, they would find an altar in front of it where sacrifices were made to the old
Gods who fed on blood much like the vampire Gods of the Aztec's and Mayan's There
were great torches burning around the altar and  

Siegfried’s “coven”, the members of his Black Lodge, the secret occult society-“The
Order of the Knights of the Black Swastika”,   Where with him and his   disciples and
acolytes  were  also dressed in black and red hooded robes  and were stationed at
cardinal points around the portals mouth and others  further out at the four  corners of
the ziggurat's highest platform, next to enormous statues, one for each direction and
corner of the square surface. The gigantic stone “Gargoyles” were carved into the
likeness of horrific creatures out of a nightmare. They crouched like perverse demons
with huge rows of fanged teeth and several mouths and eyes with tentacles and claws.
The wind howled as Siegfried took one of the torches and lit the bonfire next to
(behind) the great stone altar. He stood up and looked towards the north shore of the
Island where he could see the lights of a tanker far off in the fog. To the east he could
see the spires and towers of the castle above the tree tops and to the south east he
could see the lights of Bears Tooth.

He looked up at the stars as they started to twinkle and thought about the comet that
was due to pass over very shortly. He could feel the power of the vortex throbbing  and
humming  through the massive granite blocks of the monument and there was an unearthly
greenish light swirling like a spectral tornado from inside the shaft and rising up into the
night sky. Ghosts and spirits flew around it as his Werewolves, Vampires and other
supernatural creatures of the night gathered around the Ziggurat, drawn by its power
like moths to a
Flame. Underneath the Castle, in one of its laboratory’s
,  Uncle Eric wasn’t looking
too hot. He was starting to age and needed another fix of  virgin's blood and pineal
gland fluid  soon. His nephew wouldn’t let him have any of his, saying he needed them all
for the opening of the portal. He had sent some of the families private security force,
consisting of ex
 Special forces members and  trained Ninja's  to acquire some young
nubile virgins out past Bears Tooth but none of them had come back save one and he
had been tied, beaten and shot in the ass and was now a raving lunatic, ranting about the
giant spider and Colonel T.P Sommo being his former commander in “Special forces”
and he had a note pinned to him which read “Sorry Charlie….F@#$ you gerk off!!” Eric
Von Frankenstein’s hands  trembled as he read that and he almost popped a blood vessel
screaming and strangling Renfield
,  Count Dracula’s personal assistant and friends with

NOW he was pissed!!  “die behinderende Arschloche töte ich sie Tote!!”
(Those interfering assholes, I will kill them dead!)   He screamed and punched the stone
wall!! He had to find some virgins if it killed him and Cuthulu and his nephew be dammed!!
At that very moment in the town of Bears Tooth , Elvis Mellon and his crew were
walking through  the down town area. Despite all the strange and horrifying events of
the last few days the people of Bears Tooth were not a superstitious lot and most of
them didn’t see a thing. They were far too busy watching “Dancing with the Stars” or
“the Fishing show”, E.S.P.N etc, to notice that their town was overrun with ghosts,
Vampires and Werewolves. The vortex was especially strong due to the approaching
comet and the time of year and every supernatural thing and or monster or ghoul was on
the island surrounding the ancient temple monument. If any thing were to come into town,
Virgil was ever vigilant with his sensors and shields. Sheriff Pemberville had deputized  
several more volunteers and had neighborhood watch programs and the fire dept out to
watch those kids who’s parents let them trick or treat.

The night air was cold and crisp with the smell of burning leaves and wood fires . Elvis
wore a black sport coat and black jeans with his usual green converse basket ball
sneakers , a red t shirt and a big tie with a black background and orange Jacko Lanterns
and skulls on it. He had his mirrored aviator’s  set to night vision as  he  walked down the
sidewalk with Grond and
Thirteen  behind him and then X, Doc. Sax and the Colonel –
all in their usual attire with Smoky and Zik in the back. Smoky walked under Ziks huge
frame as children in costumes "oohed and ahhed"  at the glittering,  

Translucent spider, gigantic green hairy monster and  large headed alien with the  other
strange looking grown ups walking passed them. They thought the cat with
eye  glasses
was especially funny and Smoky  begrudgingly allowed them to pet him with Elvis
standing nearby giving him the “evil eye” which meant for him to keep quiet and not speak.
One little girl in a Ballerina outfit with her Mommy asked how many people were  inside
the spider costume and Elvis explained with a grin that it was a Radio controlled robot
that they had built in their basement. The pretty Mother, dressed as a Playboy Bunny
asked Elvis what

He was supposed to be.  He leaned over and whispered (in a perfect Austin Powers
impersonation) “I
'm the Easter Bunny, Baby, Do I make you horny?  Now what do you
say we shag like rabbits?” and then took a sip from his Martini glass. The “Playboy
Bunny” lost her smile and dragged the child away
.   “Was it something I said?”
X shook his head
. “Smooth, very smooth….” Elvis grinned “It always worked in New
York.”  He shrugged his shoulders and sent
 Thirteen , who was wearing a bubble helmet
over his enormous head – to several houses with a pillow case in his hands and got him to
say “Trick or Treat.” People assumed he was a kid dressed up and showered candy on

They reached Gladys Dracul’s house and
 Thirteen  rang the door bell. She came to the
door dressed like “Elvira mistress of the night"  which ironically was what her sister
Anastasia and many family members looked like every day of the year. Elvis and the crew
were waiting for her outside, he introduced her to Grond,
Thirteen , Zik and Smoky (she
knew the others from the bar…) her eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw Zik
standing behind   Grond and below them a cat with
 eye glasses that looked up at her and
said “Hello.” She swooned and Elvis caught her with one arm while still holding his
martini glass upright. X, Doc. Sax and the Colonel grinned at her ample breasts as they
almost came
Out of her low cut Black satin gown, her milky white skin glowing in the street light.
“Down boys
, we have a big night ahead of us, maybe afterwards.” She came to and he
stood her up and held her steady, she blushed and smiled at everyone
.  “My Father is
Count Dracula and my sister married a Frankenstein , name change or not, and I have
seen some pretty strange things in my life but you’re my first aliens
and talking cat!”  

Grond grinned and
 Thirteen bowed, Zik rotated several eyes towards her.  “We prefer
Extraterrestrial biological entitys.” They escorted her to the Viking and gave her a tour
of the starship/bus where she was reunited with her “Brother in law” (so to speak…)
Frankie. She had always felt sorry for him and tried to be kind to him and it hadn’t gone
unnoticed. They hugged and she commented on his new look. She liked it!  Frankie had
agreed to help them tonight in exchange for his freedom and protection later. Virgil
appeared in holographic form as Vincent Price from his heyday during the early sixties

and the
“Roger Corman” years and Elvis explained to Gladys who and what he ( Virgil )
was. They made themselves comfortable in the lounge while
Thirteen  spent some quality
time in the bathroom after gorging himself on too much candy. Elvis briefed everyone and
reminded them that their watches contained not only cloaks and shields but mini arsenals
that could do serious damage.  Grond looked at his hairy but watch-less wrist- “ME no
have watch?”

Elvis rolled his eyes and gave the Doc. a sideways glance
. “That’s because you can’t tell
time; Dummy
,  you have a deadly weapon behind you…remember?” Grond smiled his
toothy grin and his stomach rumbled- “NOT NOW!!!” the Doc. yelled and threw his hat
at him. Elvis left the group for a moment and went into the galley, then returned with his
beloved beer stein (the real one…) filled to the top with some sort of beer and other form
of alcohol (Elvis loves to mix…) and he raised it up for everyone to see. “Before we cry
havoc and let slip the dogs of war” …..( looking around at his crew…) or in this case -the
drunks and miscreants of war…..upon the Frankenreich ( winking at Gladys…) castle …let
us all drink from the magic beer stein…..TO VICTORY AND MAYHEM!!”

(The whole crew cheering) - “VICTORY AND MAYHEM!!!”   Elvis drank deeply
and passed it to the Doc.  Wiping the froth from his mustache   and grinning at Smoky-
who was now drinking from the stein that the Colonel held in front of him. The cat licked
his whiskers and lips and his eyes turned to slits
. “WHAT …was in that? I am almost
afraid to ask.”  X was now drinking from it and eyeing Elvis with an inquisitive look as was
everyone else except Grond (Grond never questioned what was put in front of him
, he
just ate or drank it.) Elvis grinned
. “Relax, its just a little something I whipped
. Its some Pabst Blue Ribbon, Crown Royale, Absinthe, a splash of corn liquor and
some of Elvis’s special secret ingredient.”  Gladys politely refused the stein and passed
it to
Thirteen  who took it in both hands and gulped it down   as Smoky’s barred his
.  “Special secret ingredient?-  NOW? As we are about to take on Doctor
Frankenstein, Dracula, an island of full of ghosts, monsters, Vampires and
Werewolves…NOT to mention Cuthulu and the OLD ONES??!!! NOW? , You
friggin spike our drink with your Special secret ingredient??!! “Relax, Smoke!! It will just
make things a little more

COLORFUL! ” Elvis stood up and gestured towards Colonel T.P Sommo “Uhh…I
think the Colonel would like to say a few words before we go into battle…Colonel?”
The Colonel had a devilish grin on his face and was now dressed in his custom made dark
green World War #
two  – British style Colonel's uniform jacket with his chest full of
medals, shoulder epaulets and piping and his pearl handled revolvers in their ornate
leather holsters at his waist. He had dark green slacks with black, knee high “Jack”
boots   and a long black and silver cape tied around his neck. His mirrored aviators shined

as he swept the cape dramatically behind him and lit a cigarette in a long holder. “Men,
uhh and ladies, spider, cat, aliens, etc….Oh AND Monsters….Our objective is to stop
that crazy son of a bitch  and to plug that dammed vortex with what ever it takes to stop
those friggin Ancient, Old ones –demonic Alien Gods er what ever they are
gaining access to our world.
 Now with the young ladies help and Frankie’s,  we will invade
that island and terminate any and all hostiles with EXTREME GOD DAMMED
PREDIJUCE!! Do I make myself clear?!!   

We will eradicate every shit filled maggot that stands in our way!! (Theme to “Patton”
playing over loud speakers…)WE shall go on to the end.WE will fight them on the
beaches. We shall fight them in their bloody castle and on that Shit filled island of
spooks and goblins and WE SHALL…..(Elvis interrupts with hands in time out signal
while a sound is heard like record being yanked off  the turn table- being scratched…)  
“O.K , WE get the point!! ….ENOUGH!!
  Gladys and Frankie will fill us in on the lay
out and we will find this vortex temple er what ever it is and knock it out and hopefully
throw Frankenreich and his minions down the  hole and stop Cuthulu from crashing the
party! Virgil? Let’s GO!!!”   
Anyone out trick or treating or walking by the Lake front park would have seen a big
tour bus driving up and over the curb and through the park and down to the beach and
into the water. The “bus” suddenly transformed into a long , sinister looking black
submarine with a painted fanged mouth full of white teeth on either side of the wedge
shaped front with huge red reptilian eyes above the mouth  and sharp angled Bat like fins

of riveted black metal on the top and sides . It submerged into the dark waters, leaving a
frothing wake behind it. Muffy Frankenreich and her Mom were holed up in the North
West tower of the castle drinking Swiss Miss hot chocalate while   looking at the
spectacle unfold around the ancient temple on a video surveillance camera mounted on
one of the tall fir trees at the edge of the clearing by the temple. Neither one of them
wanted any part of Siegfried’s crazy plan to raise Cuthulu and  they both had bags
packed and plane tickets on hand with Igor waiting by the docks to ferry them ashore if
something went wrong. They watched on a large video monitor as Siegfried and his
 Martin stood atop the temple pyramid in their robes as Count Dracula and
several of his senior Vampires stood with them, their black capes blowing in the wind.

The Vampires in the Frankenstein/Dracula “employ” and extended family, like the
, had several classifications. The “Upper echelon” Senior members who were
sophisticated, sentient beings who could blend in with normal society and walk about by
day, seemingly human and then –in the case of the Werewolves, transform at will, NOT
just during a full moon and in the case of the Vampires, they could walk in sunlight and
even eat a meal or drink wine. Then there were the “soldiers” the Werewolves that were
more beast then man, who stayed in Werewol
f  form and needed handlers, otherwise they
would turn on their masters. The lower caste Vampires were just blood drinking ghouls
who didn’t do much cognitive reasoning or   thinking of any kind.

Some of the “Alpha” members of both groups were family members of the two ancient
families and some were trusted friends in their employ….as Lawyers and accountants by
day. The increased power of the vortex was drawing in rogue Vampires and Werewolves (
among other things...)  from the entire region and it was up to the upper caste members
under Dracula’s and Siegfried’s rule to control them. Eric Von Frankenstein had
temporarily solved his
problem by killing one of the castles cleaning staff. What luck to find a virgin among them!
He would compensate Siegfried for her later but for now there was no need to say
anything. He just had to find something by midnight or he would be in trouble. He put on
his S.S uniform of black and silver and wore his red and black swastika armband proudly.
He climbed the steps of the pyramid as the throngs of ghouls, spirits and monsters
parted to let him through. Martin Frankenstein and his son greeted him as they brought
out the ancient relics needed to open the portal. Siegfried knelt reverently before the
altar with
The sword of his namesake “Siegfried” passed down from generation to generation and
once in the possession of King Ludwig of the eastern Franks. He placed the sword
lengthwise on the altar and then took out a large chalice from his robes and placed it by
the sword. He stood up and nodded to his Father, who then helped him lift this large
metallic framework, like a wagon wheel, a lattice work of crossed silver and gold across the
circular opening of the shaft. Siegfried then carefully stepped onto one of the rods of
metal extending to the center of the metal framework and once again took an object from
his robes. He brought out the beer stein of the “Old ones” that Muffy had retrieved
(wink, wink) from Elvis Mellon and he placed the stein at the center of the metal

The vortex was now humming  louder with power and  blue arcs of electricity were  rising
out of the hole and arcing across the metal cover . Around this  maelstrom of lightning
and unholy green light flew countless spirits and phantom shapes and the wails and moans
of the dead and other stranger things could be heard on the wind.  Siegfried looked up
to check the progress of the comet but it was not  yet in sight. He looked past his Uncle
to the open lake of Superior and saw ghostly ships of different eras sailing close to
shore, among them  was the Edmund Fitzgerald.  Everything was  almost  ready to open
the portal  and if that nuisance Elvis Mellon tried to show up they would be ready for
him. No sooner had Siegfried thought that-  when he heard what sounded like a
monstrous engine roaring from  the east by the front of the castle Keep and coming his
way. The heads of every ghoul, spirit, and monster (those with heads….) turned to see a
strange vehicle slightly smaller then a Boeing 707, black as midnight with sinister , jagged
fins and a horrific painted face like a shark or some reptilian monster come barreling
through the trees with flames spouting out the back of it with lazer bolts , bullets and
missiles flying. Explosions and flames broke out everywhere as the crowd of supernatural
denizens of the night scattered and howled. Siegfried screamed at the top of his lungs
“GET THEMMMMMMMMMM!!!”  The strange vehicle floated on some kind of anti
gravity  repulsors and slammed into the massive temple blocks and stopped. As the army
of the dammed rushed towards the great metal beast , all Hell was breaking loose....

To be continued.....
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