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Back in the  tumultuous, dark times of the  post truce war between the Draco star empire
and their allies  against their former neighbors  the Galactic Conferation  - of near
countless worlds across the milky way galaxy , back  in the early days of the career of  
Elvis Mellon , during his  “Outlaw” days before his pardon,  before the  great
Draco/Spider wars , when Zor’s Father,  Rex, sat in the Emperors throne on  the capital
world of Alpha Draconis.

Back  when half the galaxy was already  inflamed by the aforementioned   war, Police
actions,  hostilities, genocide and/or,    border disputes, and  many humanoid and non
humanoid races  allied with the Galactic Confederation , the Plaedians, Lyrans,
Andromedians, etc, against the reptilian Draco and their Gray cyborg clone underlings and
their alliance with the “Slime,” the  Super mutant cockroaches and the Lubricators, among
others, it was Elvis Mellon and his rogue crew of mercenaries with a little help from the
Cybernetic Children of the Ascendant that ultimately turned that war in theConfederations
favor, and brought the race of exotic, crystalline spiders from the planet known as,
“Arachnidonazarathain,” to the attention of the Draco star empire and their evil allies.

It was this that  spurred  Rex and the Draco to attack and invade the spider home world
and thus start the Spider/Draco wars,  all because of the events that would unfold    in the
war  later known as “The battle of Rex’s balls,” where Zik , the son of Queen Ipp,
Supreme ruler and queen Mother ( literally  )  to almost all of
the spiders , and her
youngest son ( by thirty three seconds ) led Elvis Mellon and his band of misfits and
reprobates, along with   Galactic Confederation  troops  in a decisive battle  against  the
Draco ,Gray cyborg clones and their sinister allies,  on an obscure and inhospitable piece
of orbiting rock and ice known as ICE STATION SOMMO.

The battle got its name from three planets in a disputed part of galactic territory near
Omega Centauri. Bright as though star clusters might seem, only the system known as
Triune Hexarus, had three habitable worlds, each with a series of smaller moons and
satellite/asteroids orbiting them. Several of the larger “Planetoid”asteroids were frozen
worlds , several with  molten cores in haphazard orbits of those moons, in turn in orbit of
those three worlds, Triune # One, Two and Three, or as they would later be known, “Moe,
Larry and Curly,” collectively known as “Rex’s Balls,” since Rex was Hell bent on
possessing these worlds and their moons since they were rich in minerals and ores
valuable to the Draco war machine and though the Galactic confederation and its leading
Plaedian and Lyran counsel had laid claim to this system, first; that did not stop Rex from
sending in wave after wave of assault troops and robotic assassins ,known as“Death bots,”
to roust, capture and kill the Confederation miners and squatters, claiming these worlds as
their own.

The Galactic Confederation did not take this laying down and promptly sent in Lyran
Frigates and Orion Marauders to engage the Draco battle fleets and Rex’s infamous shock
troops known as the “Red Claws.” The front line of that conflict cut through the middle of
the middle planet known as Triune #two, or “Larry” and in orbit of that world was  a
large asteroid, more moon then asteroid, and in a strange elliptical orbit that brought it in
close to the side of the planet held by the Draco. This unnamed  natural satellite became a
key asset to the Confederation in winning this interplanetary game of chess since this
conflict dragged on and on into a long stale mate,  with the Galactic Confederation council
being every bit as determined as Rex was to win it  and  to claim the entire system.

Each side poured more and more troops and resources into it and each held one and a half
planets, split between Moe, Larry and Curly. Confederation military strategist’s  decided
to place a listening post on that planetoid/moon with the strange orbit around Larry,  the
oddly shaped, oblong, imperfect ”rock” they chose, was little more then an ice “ball” with  
an iron core and  thin atmosphere, where against all odds, “life” actually existed but
barely held on in a savage dance of survival. The Confederation engineers, clandestinely,  
terra formed this inhospitable world to make it more welcoming to its cloaked  observers,
and since they took help where they could get it, they had recruited  some military
personal and mercenaries from Elvis Mellon’s home world of  Earth.

Despite its status as an off limits quarantined world , a savage,  fallen ,  frontier world
filled with talking moneys, some of those talking monkeys were dammed clever and
learned quickly and on Elvis Mellon’s recommendation they recruited a friend of his - a  
U.S Special forces, ex, Black Ops, Colonel, turned rogue soldier of fortune, a veteran of the
Russian incursion into Afghanistan ( in an advisory capacity, WINK , WINK )  the first
Gulf War and other skirmishes, Colonel T.P Sommo was now high up in Galactic
Confederation  Black Ops and maintained a position as a senior member of Elvis’s crew
aboard Visigoth, when available.

It was his Assignment to spy on the Draco from this icy rock and it was given the code
name, “ICE STATION SOMMO.”  Colonel  T.P Sommo and his hand picked staff support
team was comprised of fellow U.S , French Foreign legion, and British   Special forces
veterans from Earth , and smattering of Plaedian and Orion military that the Colonel had
served with since leaving his back water, “Boon docks” planet, out on the galactic rim.
Despite the latest technology and engineering of the Confederations best minds, this
assignment was no picnic. ICE STATION SOMMO, never got above sixty degree’s below
zero  Fahrenheit, it was frequented by blinding snow/ice storms with winds of 200 MPH.
Tts native and adapted life forms were monstrous carnivores that fed on anything that

They  found the warm blooded humanoids newly stationed there to be a special treat,
despite the best efforts of these seasoned warriors with their pressure domed barracks
and personal shielding and  body armor,  the “Yarmaw’s,” ( Lyran miners slang for these
creatures , translates “Jagged fanged mouth  of death” ) managed to take a few of the
Colonels personnel every few weeks, until it was decided to   started feeding  them Draco
prisoners, shipped up from “Rex’s Balls, ” The Draco would have done the same or eaten
the Confederation prisoners themselves so the Colonel felt no remorse for this and it kept
his own men and women from becoming Yarmaw chow.

The Draco did not initially suspect these asteroids were now inhabited or had listening
posts and the Colonel and his personnel patrolled Ice Station Sommo and the surrounding
asteroids and moons, in small, cloaked star hoppers, armed to the teeth.  And so it went
for month after month, neither side gaining any ground and dug in like ticks on a blood
hound, the corpses and causalities piling up like stacks of cord wood, until Elvis Mellon
arrived aboard the Visigoth, with the intentions of entertaining the Confederation troops
and visiting his old pal the Colonel, it was then that all Hell broke lose and the fate of that
Galactic sector and the outcome of the Spider/Draco war decided. And so begins our

Location: ICE STATION SOMMO in orbit of Triune # Two (Code name-“LARRY ” )   

Colonel T.P Sommo sat at his large, dark, Mahogany stained desk, in the small, sparse,
office that was housed in the underground tunnels dug below the small series of cloaked
pressure domes on ice station Sommo. The office walls were prefab slabs of plasteel made
to look like    Oak paneling, with a military motif of photographs, flags and paintings on
the walls and on the desk. Teddy Roosevelt, General George S. Patton, J.F.K, and
Napoleon, among other notables, glanced down at the Colonel from their portraits and
photographs on the fake wood paneling. Pictures of Sir Winston Churchill and Dame Edna
stared back at him from his desk. The sculpture of a bronzed American Eagle with  wings
out stretched, its talons clutching a Draco skull, with a reading lamp coming out of the
eagles back, sat between the photo’s of  Churchill and Dame Edna, its yellowish/green  
light illuminating the Colonels tired face as he studied the latest Intel gathered from the
latest patrols.

When the Confederation’s military high command first suggested  a listening and
observation post on this unnamed   frozen rock,   they had a more temporary and  
utilitarian, stripped down survival  hut in  mind, a far cry from the Colonel’s  three
pressure domed, multi level base with offices,  kitchen, mess hall, Rec room/bar/gym,
etc, that  the Colonel insisted on  having. If not for his major victories over the Draco’s
shock troops and kicking some serious Cockroach and Lubricator ass at the battle of
Dazranee in the Sloth system, they would have never entertained his lavish
requests, but he was also friends with Elvis Mellon and despite Elvis’s official “outlaw”
status with both the Confederation and the Draco star empire and their alliance,   the
Galactic Confederation High counsel and military high command knew Dam well that
Elvis Mellon  had the favor and friendship of the Cybernetic children of the Ascendant ,  
those mysterious, God like super computer/Artificial life forms, with their fleet of solar
system sized “World Arc ships,” and they previously  had shown favor to no  one,
nor made friends with anyone, or even made contact with any sentient races in the galaxy  
for eons  prior to Elvis Mellon’s arrival  on  Aquallaron, and if the Colonel  was friends
with Elvis and Elvis was friends with them, well, it was reasoned by the high commanders
of the Confederation ‘s  military and high counsel that  it might  be advantageous to keep
Colonel T.P Sommo  happy and stay on his good side.

The Colonel at this point in our story was still a relatively young man, somewhere
perhaps in his  early thirties, like his peer and friend, Elvis Mellon. The Colonel  might
remind some folks, especially fellow inhabitants of Earth ,  of a more “Neanderthal,”   Al
Pacino, with a prominent  black, bushy “unibrow,” and a rather impressive, “Roman,”
Proboscis. His white fur lined parka hung on the back of his chair, replaced by his
trademark cape of silver and black backing and red velvet lining over his dark green
military uniform. He was   leaning forward in his swivel chair, a cigarette on a long holder,
burning in the Draco skull ashtray, a bottle of Wild Turkey 106  sitting next to it with a
“Rocks” glass, half filled  with ice and Bourbon in his right hand.

On the wall in front of him there was  series of holo vid screens displayed a number of
varied images with  scenes of  Draco troop movements, supply depots, landing strips,   
his own Confederation  held territories with images of Lyran transports and assault craft
in orbit, raging fire fights between elite Plaedian special forces against armored “Red
claw” Draco and Super Mutant Cockroach warrior drones, ZGN Confederation news with
an up and coming news anchor named,  Cad Bomblinson , but it was an old Earth TV
broadcast of the Tonight show with Johnny Caron that caught The Colonels attention. He
fumbled for the remote and turned the sound up, pausing to sip his bourbon and take a
drag from his almost burned out cigarette. It was an episode from the late sixties or early
seventies where the guests were Elvis Mellon, Henny Youngman and Ann Margaret.
Johnny Carson had a checkered blazer of subdued blues and greens that clashed with the
colorful, red, blue, green, yellow and  orange  tie that was  covered with pic
tures of
demonic clowns  surrounded by flames   that Elvis wore  above his  faded  blue denim
shirt and rather rumpled Beige sport coat.

The Colonel smiled,remembering being back stage at this show, the beauty of space/time
travel  courtesy of , “Virgil,” Elvis’s God like super computer, with its incredible
“Ascendant technology,” he still marveled at its awesome power, the ability to transport
himself, Elvis and the rest of his crew of miscreants anywhere in space or time a cross an
infinite amount of universes, his head still spun from it all but he was learning to take it all
in stride. Now this episode was coming back to him, this was where Elvis brought
“Smokey,” his large, Tom Cat, out on stage, still wearing its black rectangular eye glasses,
and Ann Margaret, sitting between Henny and Elvis, who sat next to Carson,   took the cat
and placed it on her lap and said “Want to pet my pussy?”  

This would later go down in show biz  urban lore as Raquel Welsh saying it  but it was
Ann Margaret  and all three men said. “Yeah, move the cat!” When a voice, much like that
of popular comedian, Paul Lynde, seemed to come from the cat,  “You guys are Cretans,”
( The joke being that IT WAS the cat talking and it  still unnerved the Colonel that Elvis
Mellon had a cat that not only spoke, but  was smarter then most of his crew.....)  
Everyone laughed uproariously, with Carson beaming at Elvis Mellon and saying, “Add
ventriloquism” to your impressive resume of talents!” The Colonel had been back stage
with Doctor Sax, the Doc wearing his  long black, duster, wide brimmed hat and shoulder
length blond hair, but he nor the Colonel, dressed in elaborate  military dress uniform  
with silver and red cape, epilates, blinking and spinning metals, knee high  black, shiny
Jack boots,  a Bandolier of deadly looking bullets across his chest,   did not get a second
glance in 1969.

Elvis had introduced them to Doc Seversen , Tommy Newsom and Ed McMahon as “show
people,”  and part of his entourage. The Colonel smiled at the memory, though oddly this
did not happen some twenty years ago  but just three months ago, (HIS time.) He had
been on a brief furlough from Confederation black ops and had used his leave to catch up
with Elvis Mellon and to see his fabulous new ship the Visigoth. Elvis had suggested the
Colonel quit his military post and throw in with him and his crew, aboard Visigoth,But the
Colonel felt he owed the Confederation and their military high command the benefit of his
expertise and a debt of gratitude for recruiting him and getting him off that backwards
planet he had called home.   He thought about all of this as he switched the holo vid with
the Tonight show off, he knew how it ended.  

Elvis Mellon and the Visigoth should be arriving soon, and the Colonel was brought out of
his trip down memory lane, by the office door chime, he assumed correctly it was the  
“Mess hall-Bot” bringing chow.  The four and a half foot,  vertically oblong, “coat rack on
tank treads,” (  as he likened it to…) Mess hall bot, carrying a tray of food with one of its
multiple , telescoping, snake like appendages , came rolling in, a white chefs hat on top of
its “head,” which was nothing more then a  Grapefruit  sized “knob,” with green and blue
lights forming a type of “face,” with  seeming eyes and mouth, blinking when   it spoke in
a dead pan, electronic voice, this bot always made the Colonel think of a robot from
One of his favorite childhood cartoons, “The Jetsons,” as it chattered.

“Thought you might like some freshly caught, killed and barbecued Draco steak, in stead
of that replicator crap!” It dropped the tray on the desk, careful not to spill the Wild
Turkey, the tray had a large plate, containing what looked like a huge, delicious, sirloin
steak, with a heaping pile of French Fries and green peas, still steaming.   Colonel T.P
Sommo, unrolling the bib and napkins and silverware, placed there by another one of the
bots appendages, saluted the bot. “God dammit, Cookie, your one hell of a Mess Hall bot,
son!! Dismissed!” The Bot saluted with several clawed “arms,” and rolled out of the door,
it swished shut behind him.
He was about to bite into a forkful of steak, when all several holo screens blinked on with
the image of one the Colonel’s, “men,” or in this case, a female Insectoid, “Mantis”   an
Orion immigrant resembling a large Earth Praying Mantis,  light green in color, some nine
feet in length, wearing, protective weather gear and some
armor plating, and some electronic communications gear, around its slender neck. She
saluted and held up the humanoid body of one of her fellow soldiers, one of the Colonels
fellow Earth men, Private Sandoval, his stiff, frozen corpse hung in her claws like a
mannequin, half of his face was covered in quickly freezing, orange  bluish,   ooze, and the
other half of his face was melted off. The Colonel dropped his fork on his plate and plate
and pushed it away, leaning back, he glared at the Mantis that appeared on three holo
screens.” God dammit, Sgt. Sssszzivicck,  Private Sandoval was just a kid!!!

How did those Slime sons of bitches breech our security??, Our cloaking and shields are
second only to God dammed Ascendant frigging technology!!!!  If there’s one Slime piece
of shit, there’s sure to be others and their Lizard buddies and those freak show robots
leaking all that dam oil!!!!  THIS IS A CODE READ, LOCK ER DOWN!!!  REPEAT CODE
Colonel T.P Sommo and five of his seasoned veterans, rendezvoused with Sgt.
Sssszzivicck, three clicks out from the protective shielding of the cloaked, series of
pressure domes that comprised the main base of Ice station Sommo, in a howling ice
storm, at the ungodly hour of 3:00 A.M, or the planetoids equivalent.  The Colonel, the
hood of his parka up and drawn close to his face, and his protective goggles, frosting from
the inclement weather,  crouched down to examine the now frozen corpse of Private
Sandoval. The landscape behind him and his soldiers, some humanoid, and some not, was
something out of a nightmare.

It was a frozen wasteland of ice covered rocks and jagged pinnacles of rock, slag, snow
and ice needles, jabbing up into a black sky, littered with blue, white stars, like cold pin
points of light, unblinking, cold and uncaring, as a raging blizzard, howled around them,
the planetoids thin atmosphere, now  Altered by Confederation terra forming, increasing
the moisture content and frozen precipitation, along with electrical storms with wild blue
lightening arcing a crossed the forbidding sky. Half of the sky was filled with the black
void of space, with its unblinking, uncaring stars, and the other half  was filled by the
massive planet of Triune # 2, or “Larry,”  that  the planetoid was orbiting, a huge, purple
and  Pine tree Green sphere,   spinning in place, its continents and small seas , partially
obscured by cloud cover, as countless war ships from either side, buzzed about in orbit,
and floating automated arsenal platforms could been seen in high orbit with the other
asteroids, it was a dizzying sight, and the Colonel and his men tried not to look up too
long,  the vertigo was too much, the strange sensation of almost falling  “down” towards
the planet, as if the gravity of this frozen ice ball, would fail.

The Insectoid Sgt. Sssszzivicck motioned with one of her front claws, towards the frozen
trail of slime that lead off, East to the horizon. A nod from the Colonel sent two scouts,
privates, Royce, and York, also in white boots, jump suits, and parkas, with laser rifles, off
in the direction of the frozen slime trail, to track the enemy. Colonel T.P Sommo was used
to rough terrain, having fought along side the Mukaddim against the Russians in the
Mountains of Afghanistan, but this frozen rock in space, was not to his liking, and the
visibility was zero, with this raging blizzard. He adjusted the settings on his goggles, with
Their heat sensors; infer red, light refracting, and other enhancements, courtesy of the
latest Plaedian, Confederation technology, he could see his surroundings fairly well, and
the thermal suit kept him toasty and warm, but he would have rather been on some
tropical beach back on Earth, or some exotic, vacation planet.

He dispatched two more of his “men,” to take the body of their fallen comrade back to the
base, one of them actually a female, Lieutenant Lightner, a gal he recruited from Earth, a
career soldier and West Pointer, and not bad on the eyes, to the Colonels standards, but
no time for such
Unprofessional thoughts he mused, and Private Keppler, a “kid,”   also from Earth who
was the same age as Sandoval, was  now a frozen corpse with a half melted face.  That left
the Colonel and his insectoid Sgt  and a few  foot soldiers to secure the area, with a half
dozen of the Confederations latest model security bots. These “Robots,” were the
confederations answer to the Draco’s assassin bots,  like the “Chef-bot,”  they had  lawn
mower sized tank tread chassis, with repulsors , for bad terrain, a pyramid shaped lower
torso with an upside down “pyramid” shaped upper torso, the chest having multiple
weapons, laser cannons, flame throwers, cutting tools, death rays,  thrusting bayonets,
conventional projectile weapons, and multiple appendages , arm like telescoping cables
with clawed hands, larger, hydraulic driven arms for crushing and  lifting heavy objects,
topped by a square, translucent head,  not unlike the chef bots spherical one, filled with a
series of whirling, spinning gears, circuits, blinking , multi colored lights, reminding the
Colonel of a Christmas tree from home.

Unlike the chef bots head, the security bots had what looked like armor plated “helmets”
over the tops of their square, translucent heads with a “chin” guard. The bots came in
three basic “paint jobs,” metallic- bronze, metallic -dark green or metallic- blue, to
designate class and rank, these bots, designed and created by the Colonel And Elvis
Mellon’s old friend, Professor Krophf, the galactic Confederations equivalent of a “mad
scientist.”  The bots  also  had different “specialty’s, ”  the “green” ones  were also  
engineers, as well as battle bots,  building any thing from  temporary survival structures
for the non robotic troops, bridges, walls, dams, etc. The bronze bots were the front line
“battle bots,” the heaviest armed, basically rolling arsenals, programmed to terminate or
capture any and all Draco’s, Grays, and their various allies, including the Lubricators,
fellow robots, but from a very distant and unknown galaxy, the confederation security
bots had been programmed with special protocols to prevent the Lubricators from
overriding   their  programming and assimilating them into their ranks or from scavenging
their parts.

The blue bots, as well as being battle bots, were medics, also equipped with small  
Replicator’s to provide emergency rations, water and medical supplies to the
biological/organic troops. There were two of each color designation, present with the
Colonel and his remaining soldiers.  All the bots had the Confederation insignia of the star
cluster of the “Seven sisters,” The Plaedies, where the Galactic confederation capitol and
headquarters was located, with thirteen “rays” emanating out from them, representing
the  thirteen primary and original  star races/civilizations that had formed it.  The bots
were  then accordingly  numbered , like G.C.S-#  223, 224, etc,  but the Colonel gave them
nick names like   “Mack”  or Jo Jo, Buck, Myron, etc, ” the names depending on  what ever
mood he was in at the time.

He  also had these nick names painted on the bots next to their insignia and number and
designation.  All six bots had formed a defensive perimeter, facing out, from the Colonel
and his “men, ” as the Colonel and Sgt. Sssszzivicck   conferred as to their next move.
“God F%$#&ing DAM, Sgt , I don’t like to repeat myself but I still want to know  How the
Hell did that slime ball , pile of slinking Shit, get on this God dammed ice ball, undetected
???! You know those Motherless sons of shit, seldom work alone, where there’s god
dammed smoke, there’s Sure as shit some god dammed fire!!!!”  The Sgt. cocked her large,
insectoid, mantis head, robotically to the right, as if listening to something, just as all six
bots, emergency response klaxons  , beeped loudly, in sync with their red, danger light,
mounted at the top of their “helmeted”  heads, flashed bright  crimson, cutting through
the blinding snow and ice storm.

The Colonel took several steps back as did the large insectoid and the other soldiers as the
snow erupted like a volcano in between them, a huge shape was rising from the snow,
standing on two massive tree trunk like hind legs, with the size and basic shape of a cave
bear  but with four front limbs, each bristling with deadly claws and a mouth, like
a great open maw, lined with jagged teeth, with three large, shiny black eyes, it was
covered with an off white, combination of fur and scales, an unkempt mane of hair
running down its back, it was a Yarmaw, it grabbed the nearest man and already had him
half way down its throat before anyone could react, the bots did not open fire because the
Colonel and the other organic/biological life forms of their unit were between them and
the beast.  Colonel T.P Sommo slung the laser rifle from his shoulder, took aim and
blasted at the beasts head, disintegrating it  along with the remains of private Rumson,  
who was   beyond help and half eaten by the nightmarish creature.

The charred, smoldering lower half of the Yarmaw, fell over, its burnt  meat , bubbling
and sizzling as frozen ice and precipitation hit the burned flesh.  The bots and men all fell
into combat mode, ready to fire at anything that moved, The Colonel leaned on his rifle
like it was a cane or walking stick and grimly starred at the grizzly remains of man and
beast. “We have to build a better God dammed Mouse trap!!! We have enough to worry
about with the God dammed lizards, bugs, (  turning to the insectoid Sgt. ) -No offense,   
freak job Lubricators and those slime bastards and Gray cyborg cloned pieces of dog shit,
with out having to worry about getting God dammed eaten alive by these giant  Rat  sons
of shit!!!!” At that moment, the snow and ice covered ground in between the Colonel and
his Mantis insectoid Sgt.  was rising  up in three places like some fast growing, termite
mound of an erupting volcano of ice,  this time it was three gigantic Yarmaw’s that sprung
from the snow, mouths open and ready to feed.

In a flash, the Colonel ducked and rolled as the large insectoid -Mantis slashed at the two
beasts  closest to her, decapitating them with her razor sharp claws, the security bots, the
Colonel and the remaining soldiers opening fire in a barrage of laser bolts and projectiles,
cutting the third one to ribbons and the snow outside their perimeter of security bots also  
rose up  all around them in similar eruptions of Yarmaws. It was then that Colonel T.P
Sommo, and Sgt.  Sssszzivicck , both noticed the decapitated  necks of the dead Yarmaw’s,
had some kind of collar with what looked like a transmitter of some kind, possibly of
Draco or Lubricator origins    on them, as did the living Yarmaw’s closing in for the kill,  
apparently someone or something was controlling them and the Colonel had a pretty good
idea who it was, but there was no time to worry about that now.

He nodded to his battle bots and men , and all Hell broke lose, the security/battle bots
had the ability to spin their torsos completely around with laser cannons and projectile
weapons sliding out of both front and back, and they did so, spinning like tops, expertly
mowing down all the encroaching monsters with out a single energy bolt or bullet hitting
their biological/organic companions, the Colonel was screaming at the top of his lungs,
over the sound of gun fire and blasters and howling winds.” KILL THEM SONS OF

Colonel T.P Sommo stood with his parka’s hood down, not a single, perfect, shiny  black
hair out of place, his mirrored snow goggles reflecting back the carnage in front of him, his
cape, blowing in the wind,  he had drawn his specially modified  pearl handled colt forty
fives from their fancy leather holsters and  had one in each hand, blasting away with pin
point accuracy at the  unblinking triple eyes of the hideous monstrous carnivores with
their horrific, gigantic, opened mouths, with row after row of jagged fangs, that would put
any great white shark on Earth to shame. Sgt. Sssszzivicck was blasting them with a back
mounted laser cannon as she swung her formidable , razor sharp claws at the beasts,
chopping their heads off as fountains and geysers of  purplish blood sprayed the
sparkling  white snow.

The storm was fading, and the visibility was getting better, just  as the planetoid reached
its point of orbit that brought it closest to Triune # 2, the massive globe, now framing the
scene of chaotic mayhem like something out a Sam Peckinpah film. The security battle
bots were rolling over the crushed heads of the Yarmaws and the sound of all that fire
power was deafening. Sgt. Sssszzivicck was the first to realize, all the attacking Yarmaws
were dead and cut to ribbons but the Colonel, men and battle bots were still blasting away
at their bullet and lazer ridden corpses like there was no tomorrow, she  waved her claws
in front of the Colonel, deflecting his colt forty fives spray of bullets,  and catching his
attention. She nodded with  her multi faceted, compound eyes meeting his, and he
realized  the attack was very over, he signaled to the bots and personnel  by putting his
guns in their holsters and a quick  hand a cross his neck to say. “CUT IT OFF.”

The smoke from the bots now almost molten guns and the charred Yarmaw corpses hung  
in the air as the scouts returned dragging what looked like a garbage can sized blob of  
orange and blue  jello.  It was a member of the non humanoid race and allies of the Draco,
known through out the galaxy as “The Slime,” and apparently it did have a freezing point.
The Colonel grinned for the first time in a long time and returned the salute the exhausted
and near frozen scouts had given  him. This might not be such a bad day  after all ...... TO
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