( TEXT BELOW  Written by Joe Fischer )

June 7th  1962  

Office of Dr. Felderstein, PhD
128 Madison Avenue, Suite D
New York, New York 10016


Patient: Joseph R. Mellon,  Morris Plains, NJ

Date of Visit:  March 15, 1962

Time of Visit:  9:15 am – 9:45 am

Patient recommended by his friend Melvin Bender of Triumvirate Publications indicating a condition of
hallucinations involving speaking felines and large “crystalline” spiders.  Patient wished to schedule
appointment with partner Dr. Philippe Pinel who was unavailable (on sabbatical in France visiting family).

Mr. Mellon was clearly uncomfortable with the prospect of seeing a “shrink”, but I was soon able to put
him at ease with a discussion on the various bars he has visited during his trips as travel columnist.  

Although this first session accomplished little but to put the patient at ease, he revealed that he is going
through a difficult divorce that he deems his fault as a result of his pursuit of his profession as columnist
and aspiring author.  He professes great love for his wife, but is frustrated by his drive to write making it
impossible for to provide the companionship she desires.  

He admits to having very real hallucinations involving a gray, talking cat that wears glasses and a giant
“crystalline” (his own words) spider roughly the size of a VW beetle.  He described these hallucinations
as non-violent, almost friendly, but quite insistent of their existence and import of their mission.  

The patient did not appear to be under the influence of alcohol or other substance, though he showed
distinct agitation at the prospect of losing his wife and the reappearance of the hallucinations.  

My recommendations were to relax and avoid writing fantasy stories involving both the creatures of his
hallucinations as well as creating any new characters that may trigger other hallucinations.  He should see
me again in two days.  

Issued 2-week prescription for 500 mg diazepam 3 times daily that should keep him nice and relaxed.  
Also hoping it will reduce his motivation for writing during his vacation.  

Date of Visit:  March 19, 1962

Time of Visit:  9:00 am – 10:00 am

The patient seemed more relaxed this visit, perhaps the result of the large doses of diazepam
prescribed.  However, as discussion of the hallucinations proceeded, his agitation grew.  

He described the cat and spider incidents in more detail, indicating that the cats name was Smokey and
that it spoke quite eloquently while rubbing up against his leg.  The advent of these hallucinations
imparting a sense of touch is disturbing.  It indicates a condition whereby the patient is completely
involved in these scenarios, which could mean complete disconnection with the outside world during
these episodes (schizophrenia).  

The spider apparently emits resonant ”chiming” or “strumming” sounds that Joe described as pleasant
and relaxing.  He was unsure if this was a form of communication or not.  It is unusual for a patient
experiencing these symptoms not to be able to provide an explanation or meaning to his visions and
their actions.  Obviously a deep-seated psychosis is at work here.  

He assures me that the hallucinations are not related to a sleep or dream state or drunkenness as they
occur in public as well as in private at any given time of the day.  

The incidents of these creatures realistically appearing to the patient is probably stress induced and
resulting from an overly strong attachment to the characters that he has created and provided with
personalities.  Perhaps there is paper to be written on science fiction induced schizophrenia.  

The most disturbing information to come forward (reluctantly) was that Joe is also hallucinating about a
man who greatly resembles himself and that he has seen on television and stage.  The description
provided does indeed resemble him with long hair, a brown fedora (sometimes silver and shiny as though
covered in aluminum foil), outrageous clothing and looking disheveled.  Owing to Joe’s fastidious
appearance when in my office, this must represent a repressed desire to be relaxed and dress down yet
still not go unnoticed by those surrounding him.  Just like my illegitimate some Mark Mothersbaugh.  

Recommended special visit in two days, my normal day off.  Consider hypnotism during a subsequent

Date of Visit:  March 21, 1962

Time of Visit:  9:00 am – 9:30 am

After consideration, I thought that hypnosis would be the most appropriate means of determining the
perceived reality of these hallucinations to the patient.  

Under hypnosis, the patient described the same hallucinations as when awake, though the stories were
expounded upon in much greater detail and included a vastly expanded cast of characters within his
altered universe.  Beyond the scientific impossibility of much he described, his description of aliens and
intergalactic rogues could only be fantasy dreamed up by an overactive imagination.  However, the
exercise of this imagination into worlds beyond any concepts that science and discovery have brought
forth to date is worrisome.  

Twisting reality is a common psychosis.  Creating an alternate reality that has no basis in modern human
understanding is unprecedented.  Definitely a paper in there somewhere, perhaps even coveted
recognition by the prestigious Society for the Healing and Rehabilitation of Individual Nuts and

About 20 minutes into the hypnosis session, while trying to comprehend the implications of such a deep-
seated psychosis and whether the patient was a threat to himself or others, I could swear that I heard

The gray bespectacled cat described to me lighted onto the lap of the patient saying “Good Morning,
Herr Doctor”.  Though startled, I offered a good morning in return before the full impact of the
hallucination’s appearance hit me.  This is very worrisome indeed.  

“I am here…” the apparition continued “to inform you that you will be visited by three galactic travelers
at noon today.  You must listen carefully to them and do what they say.  If you do not, you will
irrevocably change the fate of earth and all of the Alliance worlds.”  

Before I could get past my incredulity in order to ask a coherent question, the hallucination leaped off
the patient’s lap and strolled out the office door that inexplicably opened then closed to allow passage.  I
ran to the door, but the apparition was gone.  

I feel fine, but how am I experiencing the same identical hallucinations as the patient.  Am I also
experiencing psychosis or is this a contagion that promotes hallucinations.  It can only be that I am
experiencing a psychosis manifested by the description provided by my patient.  I make a note to call
Dr. Pinel and discuss this incident with him tonight.  

After reviving the patient, I told that I can no longer serve as his doctor for personal reasons.  Joe
indicated that he had felt much better since his visits to my office and that he had not experienced a
hallucination since.  After pleading with me, I scheduled one more visit in 4 days in hopes that I will have
my own head squared away by then.  


Date of Visit:  March 20, 1962

Time of Visit:  6:00 pm

Because of a noontime incident, I am compelled to add additional notes on my patient Joseph R.

I attended my normal 11:00 Wednesday golf outing at Baltusrol Golf Course in Springfield, NJ
(followed by drinks at Trader Vic’s, downtown).  On the fourth hole, I hit a ball deep into the woods
and was making an effort to find it so as not to incur another penalty stroke.  

While searching for my ball, I was startled by a “YeeHaaa” and several rapid gunshots as a black caped
figure with a strong military flourish appeared before me, discharging two pistols into the air.  He strolled
up to me, stuck a sneering, angry face into mine and stated through clenched teeth “Don’t you dare
FUCK with the head Joe Mellon or I will replace it with yours.”  He turned with a swish of his cape and
disappeared as suddenly as he appeared.  

Seconds later, another character appeared in the same spot.  His head was turned as though addressing
someone behind him.  “… fuck this one up too.  I wish the Colonel would learn to use discretion once in
a while.”  

He turned to face me and it was Joe Mellon with long hair, dark aviator sunglasses, a brown fedora, a
rather interesting watch that I had never seen before, a kilt sporting the Black Watch tartan, black
patent leather golf shoes with white spats, an orange polo shirt barely containing his ample stomach, a set
of wooden shafted golf clubs in a small canvas golf bag draped over his shoulder with the leather strap,
and a rams horn in one hand.  The polo shirt sported green embroidery over the left breast naming the
course we were on with “2005 PGA Championship” underneath.  

The figure spoke.  “I apologize for my friend there.  He’s a little rough around the edges, but he gets the
job done.  Want one?”  He reached into the folds of his kilt and pulled a steel can of Schlitz and made
a triangular opening on both sides of the top with a can opener.  I took the offering and poured it down

He continued; “You can probably guess why I am here now.  I cannot tell you who I am or where I
come from, but I am here to beg you not to interfere with Joey’s writing or stifle his imagination in any
way.  We need him to keep earth safe, from what I cannot tell you.”  

By now, with the help of the beer, I had gotten enough of my senses back to ask “Are you real?”

He responded with “For a PhD, that’s an awfully stupid question to ask.  Are any of us real?  Is any of
this…” spreading his arms wide “real?? You can touch me if you like, but only the woman get to look
under the kilt to see my blue ribbon.”  

He did indeed feel real.  

“I am sending an old friend over next.  Till we meet again.”  And with that he disappeared.  

A moment after Joe’s altered visage vanished, another figure appeared.  This time it was my partner Dr.
Philippe Pinel.  

With shock, I blurted “I thought you were in France and not due back for another three weeks!”  to
which he calmly replied “I have come here to urge you to not treat Joey Mellon.  He has a destiny for
which he will need to rely on what you understand as his visions and hallucinations.  Here..” he said
handing me a small brown, plastic prescription bottle with a funny looking top; “…give him these and
have him take one before he sits down to write his novel.”  

I took the bottle and struggled with the top.  “What the hell is this?  I can’t even get the top off.”  

Philippe took the bottle from my hands, pressed his palm down over the top and twisted.  The top came
off readily.  “ I forgot, you haven’t seen these bottles yet.  These are lysergic acid diethylamide or LSD.  
As a matter of fact, take one when you get home tonight, it might open you mind enough to allow you a
modicum of understanding concerning these recent incidents.”  

And with that, I experienced a brief disorientation during which I briefly glimpsed a series of strange
creatures sitting around what appeared to be a liquor establishment decorated by Captain Nemo, then
was instantly back on the golf course with my golf ball in my hand.  

I returned to the other three in my foursome and asked them if they had heard or experienced anything
strange in the last 15 minutes while I was gone.  They informed me that had only gone into the woods a
minute ago.  


(  Written by Rich “Elvis” Mellon )    

The following letter was sent from Neil Brentwood in Miami Florida, to
Melvin Bender in New York

July 29th  1962

From Neil Brentwood c/o Sunbird enterprises inc.
    Main office – 103  163rd   street,  North Miami Beach –Miami , Fl ,

To Mr. Melvin Bender- ,   managing Editor of the Triumvirate.

Hello Melvin,

I am sure you have been made aware of the fact that your travel writer,
Joseph Mellon, Never showed up for our scheduled rendezvous at my Miami
office at 2:30 p.m -August 25th. I am not writing this to complain and
since our agreement was pay as you go and day by day, I have no issue
giving back your two hundred dollar retainer check (enclosed) and I am
most appreciative and   grateful that your brother Stan recommended my
charter service to your esteemed magazine and travel writer. As you well
know, Stan has been my accountant for years now and we have become good
friends.  For the record, I am a subscriber and I have been a fan of Mr.
Mellon’s travel log adventures and articles for years now. I have

Enjoyed his writing and particularly those concerning my neck of the
woods, The Bahamas and Florida Keys. I was also hoping to meet your
photographer, Steve Kowalski, the kid that tags along with Mr. Mellon on
some of his assignments and was sorry to hear he had enlisted in the army
and you were hiring a free lance guy to meet Mr. Mellon down here.  I
followed Mr. Mellon’s writings since back before his days with the New
Yorker and that series of articles he did chronicling his pre-“Stars and
Stripes” days before the war, like his adventures in Spain with the likes
of Ernest Hemingway in 1937 /1938 or his stories of accompanying that
rogue archaeologist on explorations of the Amazon and far east Asia.
Apparently Mr. Mellon was bitten early on by the wanderlust bug.

I was really looking forward to flying him around down here and taking a
copter ride to look for that uncharted island that Stan had heard about.
I do not wish to get ahead of myself as to the main reason I am
contacting you but I have heard of this “Cabo Diablo” as well and there’s
some strange stories and legends making the rounds down here about it.
When Shellie called me and asked if I had sent some guy named “Mr. X” to
meet your writer I almost had a coronary. I do  know this X character,  
but I assure you that I did not send him on my behalf and I have not seen
him since 1959 when I was doing some side work  for the “company” ,
those  spooks in the C.I.A ,  in a rather obscure country in South East
Asia , you probably never heard of and never will, called “Vietnam.”
There’s been trouble brewing there for years and the French had been
involved and I was working for

Air America ,  “Anything, anywhere, anytime , Professionally, ”  that C.I.
A operation , hauling cargo and flying De Havilland Canada DCH-4 Caribou’
s to God forsaken places like Cambodia, the Kingdom of Lao’s , Burma,
etc. Anyway, to make a long story short , I met this guy named X  in
Vietnam when he was working as a “consultant, ” a  Soldier of Fortune ,  
for and with the U.S “advisor's there and of course the C.I.A spooks. He
was with this other mercenary that called himself “The Colonel” and
dressed like a cross between Napoleon and Liberace, a real lunatic, but
no one to laugh at. There was and is some concerns about the area falling
to the commies and this Colonel and X    were there “interviewing”
(interrogating) suspected commie spies and believe me, these are two guys
you don’t want to have as enemies, luckily we got along and were
Working on the same side. I had heard from some of my C.I.A connections
and other sources that X has been spotted around the Caribbean , in
Puerto Rico and even Cuba and it would not surprise me that he has
something to do with this Cabo Diablo. I could not imagine what he could
possible want with a travel writer for the Triumvirate until your brother
Stan confided something to me the other night during a get together at
the Flamingo club. You how Stan’s tongue gets to wagging after his third
Manhattan and I first let me say that it is not my intention to besmear
the good name of Mr. Mellon and I will keep what Stan told me in the
strictest confidence.  Stan told me that Mr. Mellon had gone through
some, well, tough times and had a bit of breakdown and got a divorce. I
can certainly

Sympathize as I have already been divorced twice and no all about stress.
When Stan told me the nature of Mr. Mellon’s “hallucinations”, the
Talking cat and the big glass spider and flying saucers or space ships
and his own characters from those anthology stories and comic books he
writes, I was compelled to buy a few of those comics and here is where
this story is going to take a very strange turn indeed. When I saw “Elvis
Mellon and Colonel T.P Sommo take on Khrushchev’s Ape men” and saw the
illustrations of “The Colonel” I am almost dropped my Scotch in my lap!!
He looked just like the guy I saw with X in 1959,  in Vietnam, this guy
that go’s by the title, “The Colonel.”   What are the odds that Joseph
comes up with a bunch of crazy fictitious science fiction/comic book
characters including his own alter ego that even  sort of looks like him
and has the same last name and two characters that apparently seem to
exist  or are based on two real people that I have myself met!! I have
never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Mellon And from what Stan told me
since 1946  he  has lived a pretty normal and humdrum life living in the
New York area, settling down and getting married and having kids and
despite his traveling for the New Yorker and your magazine in the last
ten or twelve years and I know he has been all over the world and even
Hong Kong and Japan but I seriously don’t see how he could run in the
same circles with  C.I.A spooks, soldiers of fortune,  and  the like,  
unless he knew them from  his days as a war correspondent  or before that
when he  

Ran off right out of college to ride tramp steamers and see the world? I
don’t know and I don’t know the guy but he sure seemed like your everyday
“Joe” and nice guy from his articles. I started thinking on this and had
talked to a few old fly boy buddies from my days as a fighter pilot
during W.W 2,  I had been in the Pacific theater with Pappy Boyington  
and his Black sheep squadron  and knew Pappy from  our Flying Tiger days
in China  before the war. I flew Corsairs naturally and I was friends
with some B-17  flying fortress bomber pilots and heard this strange tale
about a Stars and Stripes writer that tagged along on a
mission with the 394th Bomber squadron the “Bomber Barons” and he and
this young pilot named Gene Roddenberry (ironically now a writer himself
out in Hollywood for television) had some strange experience with the
“Foo fighters” those strange lights and flying disks that we thought were
the Krauts or Japs or even Russians but they saw them too and thought
they were ours! Well, the story go’s that this Roddenberry fellow and the
writer who coincidently just happened to be our boy Joseph R Mellon and
the rest of the crew had some oddball incident with  losing time and
going off the radar for a few minutes and
They were very tight lipped about what really happened up there but the
scuttle butt amongst the bomber pilots was something weird happened with
little green men and flying saucers. I am not saying that I believe in
that stuff and  maybe Mellon and Roddenberry had to much   Torpedo Juice  
that day but ironically an old buddy of mine that stays in touch with
Roddenberry and says he writes for a lot of big tv shows like Have gun
will travel and the Lieutenant , and he’s apparently developing some kind
of “space opera” a sort of “wagon train to the stars” , a science fiction
show with space monsters and space ships and aliens and my buddy seems to
think  its because that incident with the foo fighters and Mellon and it
was Mellon that

Inspired him to become a writer back then and Roddenberry even wrote a
popular song during the war, “I want to go home.” I am not saying if
there’s any connections here but maybe Mr. Mellon’s “trauma” or ,
“delicate condition” was from some crazy incident  
During the Big one- W.W 2? I don’t know where this X character and the
Colonel fit into but I know you might think I flipped my lid but it
wasn’t until I saw the Elvis Mellon comic book that I remembered where I
had seen that name and image before- I saw this big guy with a beard and
fedora and crazy checkered sport coat doing some crazy vaudeville act
with Frank Sinatra when Frank had is own show, the Frank Sinatra show ,
this was in 1958 and he introduced this Elvis Mellon character , with  
his dark sunglasses and  he was carrying this big gray house cat and the
joke was the cat was wearing a pair of glasses!!!  Do you think someone
is trying to drive Mr. Mellon crazy or pull something?  I know he was
already writing those Elvis Mellon stories for Telstar back in 56, 57 so
I just don’t know. Anyway,

what I have to tell you next is going to get even stranger and I hope you
do not think me a lunatic or that I am joining Mr. Mellon in his “flights
of fantasy” and need to be prescribed goof balls by Doctor Felderstein
(Yes- I know him through your brother Stan and    my sister in law
Gertrude spent time on his couch, my first wife, Gladys’s younger
sister.  Since I work all over the islands, hauling fat cat American and
European tourists around and doing sight seeing trips, I have a small
Heliport in Caico’s and had ended up flying Copters in Korea, mostly for
Evac and M.A.S.H units and Caico is a British territory and one of my
employee’s was a fly boy during the Battle of Britain a Brit.  Named
Terrance Martinthorpe, he flew Spitfires, anyway, I told him who I was
meeting in Miami and the assignment to check out Cabo Diablo and Terry  
knew the name Mellon

from the magazines and Stars and Stripes and he told me this odd story
about his Aunt working for British intelligence , in an administrative
capacity and she told him that this American writer for Stars and Stripes
was “interviewed” by M15 in  London because of his strange resemblance to
this strange character with a beard and fedora, this “Big Yank” that was
seen leaving the Prime Ministers ( Churchill’s )  office several times
and often popping up  in some restricted area’s and even was seen with
Churchill and Roosevelt  in Malta and surveillance photo’s showed that
Churchill was petting this big gray cat, it didn’t have glasses but
still, what are the chances? Well Joseph Mellon could prove his
whereabouts and was always somewhere else when this big guy would show
up. He was often seen in the presence of this man in a crazy uniform and
cape and referring to him as “The Colonel”!!! Melvin I don’t know what
kind of crazy business your writer
has gotten himself involved in but as a favor to you and Stan and because
I myself have great respect for his work, I will try and find out what
the devil happened to him and if he’s not just passed out on a beach
somewhere with a bottle of rum and some pretty blond! This business with
X disturbs me though and something big is brewing in Cuba . The Navy has
been on high alert and some of my contacts say that the Soviets want to
build missile bases in Cuba and one crazy story said they tried to
clandestinely build something at this Cabo Diablo Island but they either
couldn’t find it or didn’t stay very long!! I will ask around and take a
look for Mellon and I will keep you posted.

Sincerely, Neil Brentwood


( Written by Joe Fischer )

The following letter was sent from Gene Miller of the Miami Herald to Melvin Bender in New

July 30th  1962

To: Melvin Bender, Managing Editor Triumvirate Magazine

From: Gene Miller, Reporter, Miami Herald


Good to hear from you, though sorry to hear the reason.  I enjoyed our lunch while you were
visiting sunny Miami.  I hope you were able to relax enough so that you could put down that
ever-present bottle of Pepto-Bismol.  You drink more of that shit than I do scotch.  As
requested, I have been checking into the disappearance of Joey Mellon and started doing
some digging on this Mr. X fellow.  I met Joey a few years back at a columnist convention in
Santa Fe.  I would describe him as an “odd-sort”, though you can tell that he is a capable and
talented writer by his work.  We have not remained in touch, but I do enjoy his sci-fi stories
in Weird Tales from Space.  I can’t imagine where he gets his ideas.  As you reported Joey
arrived at Miami airport at 2:30 and left the airport lounge about a ½-hour later with a man
wearing a tropical shirt, sunglasses and a Panama hat.    I suspect that this is your Mr. X.  
Witnesses felt that this man likely belongs to a covert government agency such as the CIA
judging by his demeanor.  The police have no missing persons report, so no investigation is
forthcoming.  Perhaps you should consider filing a report with them. My investigation
yielded some interesting and confusing facts about the disappearance and Mr. X.  

Joey had apparently been having some psychological problems and is going through a
painful divorce.  He is seeing a shrink, Dr. Felderstein, in New York regularly.  Some of my
contacts say that he has been hallucinating, had a nervous breakdown a few months ago and
was diagnosed schizophrenic on medication.  You should consider the possibility of this
being a factor in his disappearance.  I am sure that if you had been aware of the apparent
seriousness of his mental condition, you would not have sent him on such an assignment.  

This Mr. X character is scary.  It appears that he has worked as a spook and assassin for
various government agencies and some super-secret groups.  There are no files or
information on him in Washington that I can access through my sources.  I hear that he is
currently working for one of those “unknown” government agencies on an unknown
assignment at an undisclosed location.  There is something very fishy about all of this.  My
sources are very good and I should at least have been able to get a spoor somewhere, but it is
as though he dropped of the earth some years ago.  The people who claim to have worked
with him in Korea, Cuba and some God-forsaken Asian jungle country called Cambodia
describe him as way too serious and immanently dangerous to the bad guys.  

I followed the trail of Joey and this Mr. X to the Miami waterfront where they climbed into a
large cigarette boat that my source says contained a regular circus company of characters
including a gray cat, a circus monkey and a ring master wearing a black cape with gold
epilates.  The bow of the boat was apparently equipped with a glistening dome supported by
eight spindly pedestals.  Perhaps it is some strange new secret radar or weapon or
something.  Funny, but the descriptions kind of reminded me of the drawings in Joey’s

I was unable to ascertain their destination, though they headed directly to the south-
southeast at an unusually high rate of speed, faster than my source had ever seen a boat
move before.  

In addition, it appears that someone with a jet seaplane might be following them.  My source
noted that shortly after their hasty departure, he spotted a fast-moving streak of silver fly
overhead and alight on the ocean about 5 miles off the coast, then headed in the same exact
direction as Joey’s boat.  

I was wondering if this might have something to do with the rumors that I am receiving
about Russian activity in Cuba.  That fucking Castro has apparently invited the Commies in
to help build an infrastructure for the new Cuba.  You know the Russians, once they get a
foot in the door, there’s no closing it.  If they start bringing in military hardware, it could get
ugly.  I might need to resign myself to a job in your frosty north just to get away from the
invasion.  Got anything available.  Besides, the way the Cubans have been pouring into
Miami after Castro took over, this place will be all Latin by the turn of the century.  

Anyway, perhaps this Mr. X is working on this Cuba/Russia thing, but that certainly doesn’t
explain why they need Joey or a bunch of circus performers.  I know Joey served in the war
and was a correspondent for Stars & Stripes; might he know this “X” from his stint?  Perhaps
he is also an operative for this mysterious agency.   
I will keep following up on this and let you know if I hear anything else.  Again, you might
want to file a missing persons report and get a police or government investigation going.   
Hope the wife and kids are safe and well.  Let me know when you coming down again.  My
friend tricky-Dicky (you know, the ex-vice-president) says that we can hang with him at his
Key Biscayne house.  Nice place, but I never trusted that guy.  I think that he only keeps me
around so I can spy on his enemies and provide good press for him.  
Have to get back to work.  I am covering the Miss Universe pageant.  You should see Miss
Argentina in one of them new 2 piece swimsuits, a bikini I think they are called.  I am
definitely rooting for her, especially after the rooting she did in my pants the other day.  

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