( Written by Joe Fischer )

The following  coded  transmission was intercepted
by Naval intelligence
August   27TH 1962


Eyes Only

To: Raul Castro, Minister of Revolutionary Armed Forces, Cuba

From:  Ivan Ivanovich, Secretary of Caribbean Affairs, Politburo, U.S.S.R.

My Friend:

It has been too long since I have basked on one of the beaches at your Villa de Revolucion.  It has been so
long that my wife tells me that my skin is so pale that she will once again loose me on the steppe when the
autumn snows fall.  I can only vaguely remember how your women appreciate skin not battered by the sun
for a lifetime.   
I apologize for getting right to the subject, but this memo is much more business than pleasure.
Operation “OVERTHRUST” is of utmost importance as I detailed in our last meeting.  I trust that all is
moving as planned.  When we last corresponded, you indicated that your military assets were assembled and
being deployed.  Because of recent intelligence, it is now necessary for us to accelerate the deadline to seven (7)
days from the date that you receive this memo.  

My operative, Col. Balemakov, the man who helped you interrogate that author, has informed me that he is
confident that the American is not the man we seek.  However, owing to the many references in history to
such a character (Code Name: SOOMASHEDSHYEE [Russian for “Not in his mind”], who is to say that he
does not become or spawn the man we seek in the future.  We appreciate your help in finding him.  I hope
that your assets have an easier time following him than mine did.  How you found him in the first place, after
we lost him several hundred miles from Cuba, is a testament to your commitment of our mutual goal –
overthrowing your brother and eventually becoming Supreme Leader of Central America and the Caribbean.  

The Americans and/or SOOMASHEDSHYEE have become very interested in Cabo Diablo and recent
reports give us reason to believe that a contingent is on its way to secure this important outpost.  As you
know, if Mother Russia does not have that God forsaken, bedeviled island to construct a strategic military
base close to America, then you must forfeit a portion of Cuba for such means.  It is the price that one must
pay for such excessive military and infrastructure support.   
Again, you have seven days to prepare your troops and equipment, and position them as discussed.  I regret
having to give you this order, but a failure on any portion of this plan will doom it.  

My friend, for your sake and mine, do not let us down.  


( Written by Rich "Elvis" Mellon )

The following letter was sent by Sam Henderson, Private Investigator from Miami Florida to Gene Miller
of the Miami Herald

August  28th 1962    

To the office of Gene Miller c/o Miami Herald

From Samuel Henderson Private Investigator

Hello Gene,

I am always happy to help a friend. You asked me to some digging around town about any thing concerning that
travel writer for the Triumvirate that passed through here a week ago and was also in the Keys, and also about
that shady character known as “Mr. X.” Funny you should mention this Joseph Mellon; because my kid reads
those comic books he writes on the side, about that crazy Elvis Mellon and all that outer space stuff!
My oldest boy, Harvey, the one that dropped out of the University of Fort Lauderdale to join the Peace corp  
and came back a beatnik (don’t get me started, my wife is still in therapy) Well, he used to read Mellon’s science
fiction stories in those Telstar publication’s “Tales of weird space” and he left one of them in the John and I was
leafing through it one day and BOY is  that guy  out there, brother, but hey, I am not the one with a beach

House in the Hampton’s, and driving one of those Italian sports cars,   so I shouldn’t knock the man, and he
wrote for  “Stars and stripes” and The New Yorker so he’s o.k. in my book. Anyway, Jeeeze, this is going to
sound like one of his kooky sci-fi stories or one of those Ian Fleming novels, and I mention him because
according to some of my old friends and contacts in the F.B.I , my  former employer ,  Joseph Mellon and Ian
Fleming were friends and there are persistent rumors that Mellon was more then just a journalist during the war
but might have been working as an operative for Uncle Sam or the Allied forces and Fleming and him were
involved with some kind of incident in London involving M15 and the O.S.S.  I realize you wanted anything
concerning his recent visit but you know me, once I am on a case I don’t like to leave any stones unturned. I
know that after the war, Mellon seemed to lead a quiet life, settling down and marrying and having kids and the
little house in the suburbs with the white picket fence and a dog named Scruffy, except of course that his job as
a travel writer for both the New Yorker and Triumvirate took him on occasion –around the world and to both
domestic and very far flung, exotic locals and I cannot help but put two and two together in lue of what I have
since uncovered in my investigation. Now I hear he got divorced and spent some time on the funny farm. I also
hear he’s a bit of a booze hound and prone to seeing little green men, maybe he’s seeing Leprechauns? Who the
Hell knows, poor guy, I hear he’s a really nice guy to talk to and is amiable enough. Well, I will spare you the
details of his past for now but the skinny on the streets is he was with that X at the airport bar, as I am sure you
know already, and then they met up with some clown in a crazy military costume, a rumored “Soldier of
Fortune”, like X, a guy known as “The Colonel,” but you know all of that too, I am just giving you confirmation
from several reliable witness’s

including this taxi driver I have known for years, a Cuban National and  I also heard from some of our old
friends in the Navy, that some strange shit indeed happened in a corner of what they are calling “the Triangle,”
with that souped up speed boat I personally witnessed Joseph Mellon and those two  “colorful characters” get
into, with that spooky looking big gray cat, Gene, I don’t know what kind of wacky circus act or shit you got me
into but that god dammed cat had a pair of   glasses, like Cronkite wears and despite my distance and thinking
no one could see me, that freak looked right at me and I felt like he looked right through me and he hissed and
bared his fangs and I had enough. I saw a
lot of strange and horrible shit in the war and I saw plenty of action as a tail gunner and still feel bad about
Dresden, BUT if you saw that dammed cat and the other freaks on that boat like the guy with the big head and
the huge sun glasses, well buddy, maybe Joseph Mellon had every right to  go bonkers and who the Hell knows
what really happened with him and that Rodenberry during the war, I told you that I interviewed   that charter
pilot , the friend of that Melvin Benders brother Stan, the chief editor for the Triumvirate and  Neil was a fly
boy too and heard that story. Now look, I know you talked to that Cuban fellow that works for your News paper
and he told you about the crazy tail Mellon spun
about the U.F.O and it chasing the speed boat and hitting the freighter , “The Cairo”, well my sources in the
Navy say they  not only tracked something strange on radar and found wreckage  but when they later
interviewed these fisherman from a boat called  “la gaviota,”  well they confirmed what your Cuban reporter
said about those goons dragging Mellon out of the bar and I got a hold of some of my  contacts in some rather ,
well shall we say –shadowy places , and apparently there’s chatter about some kind of Soviet build up and Navy
war ships in the vicinity  of the Devils Triangle and that  fairy tale F#$ing -  voodoo island , “CABO DIABLO.”  
Now this you cannot print or run with OR as sure as John F Kennedy is President, we are both dead men,
because there’s shit going on here

that’s bigger then any of us and some how this writer Joe Mellon and this Mr. X and the seeming
“hallucinations” that this travel writer is allegedly having, IS/ARE at the center of this shit or at least a close
second!! I hear that the Soviets, the Cubans, the C.I.A, the God dammed F.B.I, Interpol, Mossad, YOU
F@#$ing name it, are buzzing about not only this Joe Mellon but his allegedly fictitious    creation “ELVIS
MELLON” and all these god dammed comic –F@#$ing science fiction book characters, and what disturbs me
about all this is long before my kids ever brought home those wacky comic books and magazines of Joe Mellon,
I saw that “Elvis Mellon” character on everything from Sid Caesars “Your show of shows” to  the Nat King Cole
show, Danny Thomas, The many loves of Dobie Gillis, ITS JUST GETTING TO WEIRD FOR ME!! What is this-
THAT crazy Rod Serling TV show THE GOD DAMMED “TWILIGHT ZONE”??? Gene, I will snoop around and
do what I can do but I just hope we both  don’t end up seeing that Doctor Felderstein that Mellon was being
treated by!

I will keep you posted,

Your friend,

Sam Henderson


( Written by Rich "Elvis" Mellon )

The following letter was sent from Sam Henderson, Private investigator    

August 28th 1962

To the office of Gene Miller c/o Miami Herald

From Samuel Henderson Private Investigator

Hello Gene, as per your further inquiry into the back ground of Joseph Mellon
He did indeed go to Dartmouth on a scholarship but did not graduate in early 1938 but dropped out after a year
and several months to travel the world and to go to the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. He made trips to England and
Ireland as well being that his Father, Francis Roland Mellon was of English, Irish  ancestry. Francis Mellon,
though from a Pennsylvania coal mining town, had joined Teddy Roosevelt’s rough riders and was present for
the charge up San Juan Hill in 1898. He would later ride in the 8th cavalry Regiment with George S Patton
under the command of Brigadier General John J Pershing in  1916 when they went after Poncho Villa, this is
pertinent to our story because it was these connections that not only got Joe into Dartmouth but allowed Joe to

Accompany Patton in his North African campaign against Rommel. On Joseph’s Mothers side he had German
ancestry and his Great Grand  Father was of royal blood and a Prussian General and it was this connection that
opened doors for Joe at the Berlin Olympics allowing him to meet Der Fuhrer and some of his top men, Joe was
not Nazi sympathizer and strongly hated what they stood for but as a young writer, felt compelled to meet some
of the world leaders and people of historical importance and influence. Joe met Jesse Owens,  the Negro that
won four Gold Medals and he (Joe Mellon ) was appalled when Hitler would not shake the Track star and Gold
medal winners hand because he was African American.  This is where the story really takes a left turn. Joe
ayed  up  his ancestral connection to Barron ( and  General )  Von Schladelhausen and that got him  into the
visiting dignitaries area at the Olympics where Adolph Hitler and his top men were dining on Bratwurst and
Sauerkraut and drinking Rogenbier and Hitler had this elaborate and very fancy beer stein that he was drinking
from and bragged that it had once been the stein  of Charlemagne and   in the possession of Augustus Octavius
Caesar –who got it from his campaign against the Celts in Germania,  and Joe Mellon was determined to steal
the stein  in revenge for Hitler’s horrible treatment of Owens and being then a “College kid” , stealing a beer
stein seemed like the thing to do, now this is

where it gets weird because what happened next  has become a modern urban legend and I have interviewed
several people that were present at the 36 Olympics that either heard about this or saw it first hand but as Joe
Mellon waited for the opportune time to swipe the stein from Hitler , two men suddenly appeared –seemingly
from no where and the story goes that one was this big guy with a beard and sun glasses, battered fedora, sport
coat with a crazy tie and-   Joe Mellon was later quoted as saying he thought he was looking at himself but
twenty years or so older and it scared the crap out him, and the
other guy was a dark haired handsome man that looked Italian and wore  this crazy military uniform and cape
and a deep gravely voice and was shouting obscenities at the Germans and the big guy was holding a big Gray
cat , and Gene ( Jeeeeze, now I am going to be in therapy  the cat  WAS WEARING A PAIR OF GLASSES!    
BETTER tell the nut house to reserve two rooms ) well the big guy runs up and slaps Hitler and gives him the
finger as this Italian fellow is grabbing food off the Nazi’s plates and eating it and drinking their beers and the
big guy grabs Hitler’s beer stein  and looks over at Joe and smiles and the two men and the cat disappeared in
this weird flash  of light before anyone could do anything. I talked to this old German woman that was a beer
maid and was serving Hitler when this happened. Joe Mellon would later leave Berlin and make his

Way to Spain and fought against Franco and there Mellon met his friend Ernest Hemingway and he also met
George Orwell, Robert Cappa and others. He would also go onto to hopping some tramp steamers to the far east
and there’s stories about him in Bangkok, Shanghai, Burma, etc and also South America, this being before Pearl
Harbor. You know his war years with Star and Stripes but I can’t get much information about that incident in
London involving Mellon and Ian Fleming, its still highly classified but Neil Brentwood’s  pilot, Terrance
Martinthorpe, this Brit working out of the Turk and Caico islands, another fly boy that few in the battle of
Britain and whom my  investigation  put
me onto when I interviewed Neil  , shortly before he was to meet Mr. Mellon in  Marathon Key West, well
Terrance heard that MI5 and the O.S.S wanted to interrogate Mellon for his resemblance to the same guy that
stole Hitler’s beer stein and was often seen around 10 Downing St  and hanging out with Ian Fleming at
“Boodles,’ a gentlemen’s club on Saint James St.  in London.  Fleming’s Brother Peter Fleming is also a travel
writer and it turns out that it was Peter Fleming that introduced Joe Mellon to his brother Ian and Peter had
met Mellon in Asia in 1937.   It was Peter Fleming that put Mellon onto being a travel writer after the war. The
plot is really thickening now my friend and apparently when Mellon was grabbed in London for a “friendly
chat”  and would subsequently  meet the Prime Minister , Winston Churchill and also General Dwight  
Eisenhower , what they talked about?  I don’t know,  but references were made to the man that Mellon
resembled popping up during the battle of Stalingrad with the guy in the crazy uniform and they were playing
golf as the battle raged around them and the Ruskies say these two and that cat were seen during the revolution
of 1917  and they never seem to look any older and sometimes even look younger. This is really some crazy
Koo koo shit my friend. I will keep you posted and I am taking the next flight to Caico to try and tail Brentwood
and Mellon , I have to go now, I am still in my office, I sent Trixie home and there’s this funny scratching at my


Sam Henderson P.I

To be continued
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