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( Written by Joe Fischer )

The following telegram was sent by Howard Hughes in
Nevada to Jeff Jetstoned on the Glo mar adventure
via Western Union in Miami and then sent via

August   29th  1962

To: Jeff Jetstoned onboard Glo-Mar Adventurer

Cc: Julia Childs

From: H.H.

Thank you for the data and your preliminary assessment on the subsurface anomaly below Cabo
Diablo.  That info added a valuable piece to the puzzle that we are currently working on.  

As my man in the field, I felt that you should be made privy to information that will influence the
decisions that I may need you to make from here on.  I apologize for heaping more responsibility on
you, but this is exactly why I have chosen you for this mission.  
Hopefully you were on deck when this message arrived so you could see what the superstructure was
designed for.  I don’t know why this Elvis (the only name he will give) insists on flying that Army
leftover 1920’s aluminum blimp, but that thing is faster than it looks.  My guess is that this message
reached you in less than 4 hours and I am sending it from Long Beach, CA.  They tell me that it
would arrive sooner, but this character apparently takes an “Acid” break (whatever that is) in
Colorado every time he goes cross continent.   
This Elvis character plays an important in role what I am about to tell you.  At times, this may be
very hard to comprehend, but trust that what I tell is not exaggerated to smallest extent.  

As you are obviously aware of by now, Cabo Diablo is a hot bed of the unimaginable as well as
international intrigue, though it is hard for me to separate the two at times.  We are not sure why,
but we (“we” being the good ol’ U.S. of A. and her allies) have interest in that Triassic playground of
an island.  Unfortunately, the Russians (and we think Cubans), Israelis, Chinese, and even Nazi
remnants in Brazil and Argentina want Cabo.  Now that would be bad enough, but there are other
forces involved as well.  Unfortunately, identifying these “other-worldly” forces has been extremely
Why do we want Cabo Diablo?  That is the crux of my problem.  We don’t know!  We don’t think
anyone else does either, except one character.  This man is legend in every espionage establishment
in the world.  The only evidence the public has concerning his existence is rumor and the occasional
piece of film, video and portraiture from mostly historic moments over much of recorded time.  Yes, I
said time.
Do you recall the courier that delivered the seismic data for me?  Well, he is the Man of which I
speak.  I met him in 1946 while flying a bunch of Hollywood friends from L.A. to N.Y. in my first
Connie.  He appeared, flew co-pilot awhile (with a bottomless Martini in his hand), then retired to the
cabin to mingle.  Anyway, all this character tells us is that there is some ancient technology on the
island that powerful alien forces (from off our world) want.  The existence of this technology is evident
by the strange (none military) occurrences that you no doubt have seen.  

At the behest of this Elvis character, the Americans and her allies are doing nothing but taking a
perimeter interest in Cabo Diablo.  The President trusts this oddball, so who am I to second-guess his
decision.  That leaves you and the Adventurer as the only American assets within 75 miles of Cabo.  
We are hoping that your research role will protect you from international threat, but the Adventurer
also has a few assets of her own.  Have Captain McClod and Chief Phlegming fill you in.
The reason for me telling you this is that it would appear that the shit may hit the fan soon and I
want you there to keep telling me what it smells like.  Captain McClod has been instructed to follow
your every order.  He and Chief Phlegming helped build the Adventurer, so listen closely to them.  
Sparky, the ships radioman has been told to give your messages priority.  If you need help, I have Cc’
ed Gloria a copy of this letter as she is heading this mission for the CIA and the President.  If you are
approached by a man who’s hands smell like garlic, it will probably be her undercover.  

While you are investigating this further, please keep an eye out for a few of Elvis’ cohorts and an
American travel author keeping company with them.  They should be easy to recognize; they look
like a bunch of Coney Island sideshow rejects and act borderline friendly.  The author passes a strong
resemblance for our messenger, though I understand he keeps a more reasonable appearance.   
I am sure that you have many more questions, but they will have to wait for now.  My sincerest
apologies for throwing you into this situation unaware.  Your record proves to me that you are the
only one available with enough guts, smarts and imagination to represent the U.S. with pride and
devious creativity.  Use the ship as you see fit, but bring her and my crew back.  

Best of luck.

( Written by Joe Fischer )

The following letter was sent from Julia Childs in California to Howard Hughes in Las Vegas, Nevada

August  30th 1962

To: Howard Hughes

From: Julia Childs

Mr. Hughes:

You have put me in a very bad position with your recent correspondence to Jeff Jetstoned aboard the Glo-Mar
Adventurer.  I understood that Captain McClod was going to lead this mission, not Jeff Jetstoned.  I did not want
Jeffstoned on this mission to at all.  He is a massive security risk, especially considering the sensitivity of Operation
I am also appalled by your lack of encryption when passing messages through ELVIS.  Regardless of how well that
cad has the President fooled, I do not remotely trust him.  I spotted his bemused visage looking over the top of my
bathroom stall at HQ.  I confronted him with my indignation and his smile broadened as he said, “Just curious.”  I
haven’t seen him since.  

His actions behind, I am still quite displeased with your choice of Jetstoned.  I understand that he is a gifted and
almost brilliant geophysicist for one so young.  However, I have already detailed my concerns with his results in
our ESP enhancement with drugs studies.  I know we paid pretty dam well, but most of the volunteer students
were reluctant to return otherwise.  Jetstoned was a little too ambitious and way too scary in that program.  
Innovative, but unpredictable as hell.  
In addition, you have revealed much more of the operation to him than is vaguely prudent.  Not only have you
revealed that a lunatic is providing most of our intel and all but running the operation, but you allowed him access
to the awesome capabilities of the G-M Adventurer.  I know that you are willing to take responsibility, but what
the hell difference does that make when you are untouchable!   
Worst of all, you compromised me.  I have worked very hard for many years to develop both of my personae, my
public anonymity.  Now you have put my life in more danger than anyone ever has before.  Just because you
believe in a Maverick rock hound and the “Rebel without a clause” does not mean that I do.    
Under the circumstances, as there is no way of repairing this situation, I have no choice but to trust your intuition
and allow this to advance as it will.  However, I demand that you reveal my identity to no one again without prior
permission.  If this operation does not succeed or I am compromised, you can forget about that Beef Wellington
dinner I promised.    



( Written by Rich "Elvis" Mellon )

The following coded message was intercepted by Majestic # 12 from an unknown radio source sent to Howard
Hughes in Nevada

August  28th  1962

To the office of Howard Hughes c/o Hughes space and communications company

From Mr. Smoky- personal secretary and administrative assistant to Elvis Mellon

Dear Howard,

Thank you for the Sword fish and the catnip, it was most appreciated. I realize that it must have taken some getting used to after our years of
corresponding indirectly by phone; telegram, radio, and letters, etc ,  and you’re finally asking to see me and discover  that I am a short haired
American house cat. I always get a kick out of humans realizing I can talk and am smarter then anyone on Earth, including Albert Einstein and Nikoli
Tesla, and I have enjoyed conversing with them (and still do on occasion) As well.
I didn’t mind that you had to talk to me from the other side of the glass booth, one must be careful when it comes to germs, though I can assure you
that where I come from
( or “when” I come from )  we are very clean and have the strict
est  cleanliness protocols and Virgil, whom you have met in the guise of Ronald Coleman
or David Niven, keeps our “ship” extremely tidy. We appreciate your keeping all this space/time travel business confidential , with the exception of your
man Jetstoned , who  we approved being made privy to this because of the role he will play in this Cabo Diablo fiasco, the one in 1962 as well as the one
that’s well, lets say  at a future date , I explained to you about polluting the time lines and changing and or compromising them and Virgil and the
others in his contingency  of sentient artificial intelligence ( remember-  its both from the future and another part of our galaxy )  have enough trouble
straightening everything out, what with  the way Elvis haphazardly and recklessly jumps around history and time and space. Of course we wouldn’t be
having this conversation if he didn’t pop  in to meet you one day in 1946  and because he got a whim about meeting you and Catherine Hepburn ( he
gets a lot of whims and impulses - as you may have surmised )  and as I am sure I told you about what happened with Tesla and Einstein and the
Philadelphia experiment in 1943 and how it effects a future date in Montauk Long Island in 1983 , something similar but different happened at Cabo
Diablo when Elvis jumped into the space/time vortex effecting that island and changed some timelines and alternate realities effecting 1961,62 , etc
and this concerns his doppelganger , that travel writer with the same looks and moniker, I am not sure I completely understand all of this myself but in
some ways Joseph Mellon and Elvis Mellon are the same person but from different time lines and realities and  it gets further complicated when Joseph
finally arrives at Cabo Diablo, but that hasn’t happened yet.  

I told you about the off world entities (think of them as the axis powers) those reptilians and their Gray underlings- the Draco and the Grays, well they
further complicated things when they did some space/time jumping and tried to effect the outcome of world war # 2 by making deals with those Nazi
bastards and getting shot down in 1947 at Roswell,  New Mexico. Well they got wind of this Cabo Diablo business because at a future date from now (
1962 )  decades later , they will discover the 1961, 62 parallel and try and stop Elvis Mellon from being Elvis Mellon , but he already figured that out
and went back before they went back ( Like I sad , it gets complicated ) and imagine the bosses ( Elvis ) surprise when he ran into himself at the 1936
Berlin Olympics when he caught himself
trying to steal Hitler’s beer stein,( Virgil and I told him that’s what he gets for trying to keep going back to the same moments , but you think he
listens? And the Colonel??! Those two are the Martin and Lewis of time travelers!! Or Abbott and Costello of Space, and don’t think Elvis hasn’t met
them because he did a  small cameo in Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein , and he used to hang out with Martin and Lewis before they broke up   
in 56 but I am digressing. ) So anyway, Elvis might be a few minutes or  hours late doing his messenger gig for you (he really enjoys that by the way, its
just with the events coming up in October that I cannot disclose yet, lets just say the shit hits the proverbial fan )  So Elvis is stopping in Boston to see
this Harvard University professor, you may have heard of him? Doctor Timothy Leary and his colleagues, Doctors Richard Alpert and Ralph Metzner,
they are friends and hero’s of Elvis Mellon’s, he said something about stocking up, anyway, I have to go back to tailing this travel writer on his way to
Turks and Caico, wonder if he knows he is being tailed by private detectives, C.I.A, K.G.B, MOSSAD, MI5, S.P.C.E.C.T.R.E , T.H.R.U.S.H, Red Chinese
agents, the I.R.S,  Elvis will have fun F#$%ing with them, so will X and the Colonel. Anyway , just wanted to say thanks for the fresh sword fish and catnip
and to keep you in the loop in regards to Jetstoned.  

I will be in touch,

Sincerely, Mr. Smoky.
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