( Written by Rich "Elvis" Mellon )  

The following air mail was sent by Samuel Henderson, Private Investigator in Turk and Caico to Gene Miller
at the Miami Herald  

To the office of Gene Miller c/o Miami Herald

From Sam Henderson Private Investigator.
August 29th , 1962-  Turks and Caico –Providenciales

Hello Gene,
Sorry that  I have not gotten back to you, except for that brief interrupted phone call several days ago.  Brother, you
have given me one Hell of an assignment!! Holy cow,   is this crap getting more koo-koo by the ever loving minute!!  
This crazy stuff with these two Mellon characters that could be twins and that voodoo, Spook Island-  Cabo Diablo
and what ever is brewing in Cuba is all wrapped up somehow and I almost don’t know where to begin,  but I will try.
Last I wrote you about Joseph Mellon’s background and that same night I sent that off and had let my secretary,
Trixie, go home to her cats, and speaking of cats,  some peculiar events transpired. My office is on the third floor of
a walk up on Biscayne Blvd, a little off the beaten path behind Chen’s Hong Kong palace and Goldfarb’s dry cleaners.
There’s a Dentist’s office down the hall and an accountant, I believe he’s a friend an associate of that Stan Bender,
the brother of Joe Mellon’s chief editor for the Triumvirate; I have never met this Stan,

Personally, but I have put the face with the name and though I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but since I have
tailed this Joe Mellon to Turk and Caico, and his charter pilot, Neil Brentwood, who do you think happens to be
tagging along with them, as he is a good friend of Neil’s and his accountant by day? But Stan Bender! Stan Bender is
with Joe Mellon and Neil Brentwood! And now that I know what Stan Bender looks like, I recognized him as one of
the guys skulking around, down the hall with this other accountant, Robert P Lowry. I don’t talk this Lowry much,
except to say good morning or goodnight and we have the same bookie, so naturally we sometimes shoot the breeze
About the dog races and horses and about how the Dodgers are doing, but he’s kind of an oddball. I cant put my
finger on it but Lowry and this Stan Bender are both in some gun club and I see them down at the range every now
and then and occasionally I see some shady characters, along with Bender, coming out of Lowry’s office, after hours
and I may not be the sharpest blade in the drawer but they sure like C.I.A spooks to me, but what do I know? So , the
night I sent that information off to you and heard this scratching at my door, suddenly my oldest son , Harvey, who I
hardly see anymore except when he need’s money ( what else is new? )  Comes to see me with his cute little beatnik
girlfriend, “Sunflower” (can you believe that?!!  SUNFLOWER!!??  ) But that’s what these kids are into nowadays or
at least these kooky beatnik types. So Harvey tells me that when they came out of the stairwell, a crossed from
Lowry’s office, they see this big gray cat!!
The SAME cat that I saw on that friggin speedboat with those circus freaks and Joe Mellon!! The cat wearing a
friggin pair of god dammed glasses!!!! Harvey said the cat was sniffing around Lowry’s office like a hound dog, and
when he saw them come into the hall, he looked up at them and the cat talks!! HE TALKS!! Harvey swears he
sounded just like that comedian, Paul Lynde, and the cat said, “Groovy threads, Hip cats.”

(My son was wearing sandals, a black turtle neck and one of the black, French Beret’s, the girl-too)    And then the cat
just faded out like the Cheshire cat!! Now bear in mind, I wasn’t born yesterday and I know my son and his kooky
girlfriend were all high on that Mary Jane, that reefer shit, the jazz musicians smoke, and Bob Mitchum,  and
normally I would have told them they were nuts but when they said “gray cat wearing glasses” I almost spilled my
scotch! Of course Harvey and the girl were giggling and said, “Pop’s, we,  like,  saw the most far out thing, dig?
Daddio?”, (I’ll give them DADDIO alright!!)    Jeeezzzzus, you and I fought in W.W # TWO  and got called back for
Korea , so some snot nosed brats can drop out of college and smoke reefer and call their Father’s, Daddio??? So
anyway, hey, I am a good Catholic boy (most of the time) that doesn’t believe in little green men and flying saucers,
and the only  talking animal I know of is a talking horse named Mr. Ed, and that’s Hollywood special effects!! So
that’s not even the best part, oh no, it gets better! So I give the kid some scratch to pay his rent in that fleabag
apartment they live in over in the Cuban section, and I locked up and walked them out to my car and gave them a
ride home, since they took the bus and I got a hold of my contacts to make sure that Mellon hadn’t left Key West yet
and   I high tailed it down there as fast I could in my Ford

Sunliner convertible , I left at 9:00 p.m and drove down the Overseas highway one  , doing ninety five MPH  most of
the way, ready to grease the palms of  any “Johnny Law” I came  a crossed , but mercifully , didn’t get pulled over
once. I made the 113 miles in a little under 2 hours, and checked into the Palm’s motor Inn by 11:30 p.m. My “eyes
and ears” –my informants, were keeping an eye on Joe for me and he was   at “Sloppy Joe’s” bar and grill, getting
rather sloppy himself, waiting for Brentwood to fly in from Turk and Caico. Brentwood has a main office in Miami,
but spends most of his time island hopping at works out of Providenciales, the big island in the Caico’s.  I shadowed
Mellon and dressed the part of a tourist, complete with ray ban sunglasses up on my Captains hat, striped shirt,
shorts, deck shoes; I sat three  stools down from him and ordered a Schaefer.

He  was chatting up the bartender about getting grabbed by some Cuban National’s and being brought in front of
Raul Castro and some Soviet military attaché ( the guy has some imagination, I will give him that )  and he was
double fisting, Schaefer’s and  Cutty Sark on the rocks like there was no tomorrow and chain smoking Pall Malls, I
aint no angel myself but he seemed a bit “high strung,” ( if you catch  my meaning )  and he was writing something, I
couldn’t get a good look but I think it was to  his editor , Melvin Bender. So I will cut to the chase, I just happen to
look over in the corner, by the pool table and dart board; (the joint was jumping that night!!)  And I see shady
looking character, this real scruffy looking guy, really wild, long blond hair, this crazy looking, battered, wide
brimmed hat, its August in Florida, for Christ’s sake and this guy has on this long trench coat, and black boots, and
he’s sitting by himself in the corner nursing a beer with a shot glass in front of him, and his eyes….his eyes were like
that fellow from “Rawhide,” Eastwood? Those steely, cold, squinting eyes, like an assassin’s!! He kept looking from
me to Mellon  and I swear, he looked like he was talking into his watch, this fancy smanchy chrome watch, and when
he saw me looking at him , he got up and walked out, he left a fifty dollar bill  for a tip!!

Brentwood showed up right as the character with the hat and funny watch was walking out, the weirdo muttered into
his watch and left. Not much to report from there except these Chinese American tourists, well they might have been
from Hong Kong, because I heard them speaking fluent Chinese amongst themselves, this cute little lady and these
older guys, they acted like her older brothers or uncles, they sat on the other side of Mellon and the girl was
definitely flirting with him, there was just something “off” about them, I cant put my finger on it , and I don’t want to
sound like I am anti Asian, but I kept thinking “RED CHINESE SPIES” ( crazy huh? )  And I realize that Key West is a
tourist Mecca, but it was like the United Nations-there at Sloppy Joes!! There was this Funny looking German guy
with a real thick accent, I kept waiting for him to start goose stepping and “Heiling Hitler” the way he wore his
mustache and combed his hair, and there was a British guy in there, wearing a white dinner jacket and black bowtie, a
real playboy, drinking vodka martini’s and he kept looking over at Mellon too! The Chinese, the German, The Brit,
this guy that talked with a Russian accent, said he defected years ago, all of them were looking at Mellon and
Brentwood and when they left, they all followed them out the door.

I waited a few minutes and then I left too and I think when they all saw that I was behind them, and this could be my
imagination –but for a group of international tourists, they all seemed pretty interested in Mellon and seemed to be
following him and Brentwood as they got in a cab to go to Mellon’s hotel, Brentwood got a room there too so they
could fly out in the morning.  So I arranged that night to charter my own plane to Turk and Caico  and    left Key
West airport at 8:30 a.m the following day, a half hour behind
Them. I loitered around the airport lounge from  awhile and  who do I see sitting there , reading a copy of “Rogue, ”
but that beatnik looking character with the long blond hair,
wide brimmed hat and shiny watch! When Brentwood’s Dehavilland Beaver  took off , I see this weirdo walk out onto
the runway watching them fly away and then ( Gene, I will really be ready for that head doctor,  Felderstein  when I
am done with this case…) I see this funny looking  white plane, or jet, or something, with the letters “VIKING”
painted on the side –in red, and underneath it “if you cant F@#$  it,  kill it!!” and its hovering like a friggin helicopter
-  right over the blond guys head-  standing still in mid god dammed air!! And this blue beam of light comes down and
the guy vanishes into it and it go’s back up into the crazy plane and the thing changes into a Boeing Convair 880 and
shoots after Brentwood’s plane!!! Maybe Joe Mellon isn’t so crazy after all, Gene?

Maybe something really freaking weird is going on, something right out of the “One step beyond” or “The Twilight
zone!”  Do not print this, I will deny everything! So I get to Turks and Caico with out incident, the pilot is one of
Brentwood’s former pilots and competitors, this loud mouthed “kid” ( well, he’s about 24 ...to me that’s a kid )  Lyle
Kerning , and he’s a trust fund brat, and got Daddy to buy  him his own plane! He talked my ear off the whole time
about water polo and he had some new fangled reel to reel tape player , playing that California surf music all the kids
like, and those Jersey kids, Frankie Vali and the four seasons, THEY-  I could tolerate but give me Sinatra and Glen
Miller any day, SO , we land at the International airport and  I take a cab over to Brentwood’s airport and Heliport ,
under the pretense of chartering a sight seeing copter or plane, and Mellon is coming back from checking into the
hotel next door. I  walk into the main lobby and talk to the receptionist, Phyllis, a nice middle aged woman, with a
mid western accent, probably a Hoosier from Indiana, and dammed if the Chinese girl , her companions, the
German, the Russian, the Brit, and a whole mess of others aren’t there, already signed up and waiting for available
pilots!!! It don’t take no rocket scientist to know something really fishy is going on. Gene, if I see that god dammed
cat, or that blond weirdo, with hair like General Custer, I am on the first flight back to Miami and then onto New

o see that Doctor Felderstein!!! Mellon and Brentwood are scheduled to take a ride in a Sikorski S-51 Dragonfly, to
look for that Cabo Diablo.
I don’t know if I will be able to follow them any further unless I find a pilot at the international airport   or hire a boat
captain to take me there. I am writing this from my hotel room at the Trade winds hotel, Sunbird enterprises, inc.
has no available pilots until the day after tomorrow and I do not want the trail to go cold. I spent the afternoon down
at Turtle cove , talking to fishing boat captains and sight seeing tour boat captains and this one rather distinguished
Italian American , calls himself “Colonel” , he seems respectable enough in a blue blazer, captains hat, white pants,
and shoes, a rather impeccable dresser, he smokes those British woodbine cigarettes out of one of those long
holders, he said he would happy to take me out for a look at that island on  his boat, its an old PT boat, a 728, says he
made certain modifications and “souped it up.”  Its called “The Piranha.” This guy seems familiar but I can’t place it,
his grin disturbs me a little and he talks a little like that actor, George C Scott, but much deeper and more gravelly.
If things don’t pan out at the airport I will use him.  I will keep you posted, communications might be a little slow, I
keep hearing there have been a lot of radio interference and failed telephone connections and the mails been slower
with all the excitement about trouble in Cuba and there’s a lot of chatter about U.S warships and Soviet ships being
spotted.  Take care of yourself Gene.

Your friend,

Samuel Henderson Private Investigator
( Written by Rich "Elvis"  Mellon )
The following post card was sent by Joseph Mellon in Turk and Caico to his ex- wife Ann Beauford Mellon ,
in Yonkers, New York  
August 29th 1962
Dear Ann,
By the time you will probably  get this, I will have already  left Miami to travel to Key West and
points beyond for the Triumvirate. Please tell Jimmy, Billy and Susie that Daddy loves them very
much and I will try and see them when I get back to New Jersey and New York. I know we haven't
worked out all the details with the lawyers
but   I already sent a sizable check, that should cover you and  the kids for awhile.
Miami  is beautiful this time of year and I am writing this from the airport bar where I am  
enjoying a cold Coca Cola. I have to run  now, this must be my contact approaching me, a man with a
Panama hat, aviator sunglasses, a flowery Hawaiian shirt, shorts and army boots. Quite the
character, he has an 8th army pin on his hat, looks very ex- military  if ever I saw him. Pet the dog
and kiss the kids for me and Ann, take care of yourself.
Joe      ( to be continued )   
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