( Written by Rich "Elvis" Mellon )

To the Office of Evan Peabody –C/o The Central Intelligence Agency –Director of Liaison offices –branch
between C.I.A and Majestic 12.

Forward- C.C Office of James Henfield - Majestic 12.

From Naval Commander – Branford Whitmore of Naval Intelligence aboard U.S.S Mullinix- assigned “Gemini
project” August 27th 1962- this coded message was intercepted from Soviet F class submarine “The Hammer
and Sickle”  

As translated into English from Russian TO: Ivan Ivanovich, Secretary of Caribbean Affairs, Politburo, U.S.S.R.

From:  Submarine Commander –Yuri Galettov- Commanding Soviet F class Submarine “молоток и серп”  (The
Hammer and Sickle”)   - 17.9 N Latitude 65.8 Longitude

Comrade Ivanovich:

Concerning “OPERATION OVERTHRUST” –You asked me to keep you informed of both U.S Naval activity in this
area and also to keep you abreast of any strange events in the proximity of Cabo Diablo. As you know we also
have a representative from “Project Falling star” -the  joint mission between Institute # 22 and the Ministry of
Comrade Boris Gorbayev is investigating the alleged Extraterrestrial activity and other “paranormal” phenomenon
regarding that uncharted, unclaimed, much fought over island.  We also picked up a K.B.G agent off the waters
of the Turk and Caico islands, that was tailing that American Travel writer that you told me of, Joseph Mellon and
his connection to that   урод дьявола (Devil Freak) “Elvis Mellon”     

(Code Name: SOOMASHEDSHYEE. )   Well, it seems this is all crazily connected. K.B.G  Agent Peter Yamnanski
briefed Comrade Gorbayev and it seems that Comrade Gorbayev was investigating an American geologist, Jeff
Jetstoned, a man hired by the eccentric American billionaire, Howard Hughes, and this Jetstoned was doing
sonar and depth  readings , plus  core samples of the sea floor around  Cabo Diablo, on a boat called “The Glo-
Mar adventurer.” Hughes has been seen talking to this “Elvis Mellon” and it is even rumored that somehow this
Elvis Mellon is employed by Hughes.  Agent/Comrade
Yamnanski tracked Joseph Mellon and an American charter pilot, Neil Brentwood to Caico, where he has at a  
Heliport and airstrip and their destination is Cabo Diablo! Elvis Mellon and his strange and extraterrestrial (we
assume)   associates have been spotted on the beaches of Cabo Diablo and   according to Comrade Yamnanski,
a double agent, working with in the C.I.A on the island, with the American military expeditionary force, that beat us
to the island and are establishing a base there, Elvis Mellon and his “crew”, including some monstrous (I cannot
believe I am reporting this!)  “Glass spider”, a large gray cat, wearing glasses, that strange character known as
Doctor Sax-seen with this giant green hairy “ape,” and they were in the company of Mr. X.  And that other
mercenary and part of this Elvis’s entourage-The Colonel! Comrade Gorbayev also informs me that X’s boat, the
“Swashbuckler” was trailing Jestoned’s boat, “The Glo-mar adventurer,” and Agent/Comrade Yamnanski informs
me that while he followed Joseph Mellon and Brentwood to Turk and Caico aboard an American cruise ship the
S/S Evangeline, stopping briefly at Nassau in the Bahamas then on to Caico and Comrade Yamnanski recognized
a former defector to Israel, now with Mossad, aboard the ship as well as

Several Red Chinese agents, disguised as Chinese American tourists. We believe they too are trailing Joseph
Mellon, what their interests in him are? I can not speculate too much as I am only a sub commander and not
trained in such heady matters but were I too venture a guess I would say that comrade Yamnanski informs me
that Joseph Mellon’s sentiments and politics are known to be pro- Israeli and Mr. Mellon is rumored to be a left
leaning liberal Democrat, despite his patriotic articles in Star’s and Stripes (Give me Pravda any day )  though I
did enjoy his article on the Eastern front. My Father died in the battle of Stalingrad, I was only ten years old then,
forgive the sentiment, anyway,
something bigger then our putting up missile bases is going on and this island and all this weird stuff seems to be
part of it and these two crazy Americanski’s with the same last name, seem to play a big part in it and its center is
that bewitched island. We are less then half a kilometer off shore of that island and sometimes it disappears from
both sonar and visual readings! We have picked up large objects bigger then anything we or the Americans have,
moving at incredible speeds and then simply vanishing! We surfaced for a brief time last night and I was on deck,
in the conning tower and witnessed several strange sights including what looked like a huge prehistoric beast,
some sea monster, surface and swim close to the boat, like it was trying to mate with it and I was not alone in
seeing this, both comrades Gorbayev and Yamnanski, and two of my officers were present and NO we were not
drinking vodka! A strange fog bank came out of no where  and  what I can only describe as a Dragon headed
Viking long boat , complete with a barbaric looking crew of Vikings , came sailing out it and then the fog bank over
took them and it dissipated and they were gone. I am a loyal party member and I serve Mother Russia and its
navy but I will glad when this assignment is over! I will keep you posted.

Galettov over and out.

( Written by Joe Fisher )
The following air mail was sent from Jeff Jetstoned aboard the Glo mar adventurer some 40 miles due north
of Puerto Rico to Howard Hughes  in Las Vegas , Nevada
August 30th  1962

To : Howard Hughes

From: Jeff Jetstoned  

Well, as you said the shit has hit the fan, and as requested, herein is my take on the rather odiferous emanations
that are  reaching the Glo-Mar Adventurer.   
It seems that everybody and their brother is showing up around this mysterious atoll.  Over the last two days we
have been watched by a pair of submarines (judging by the returns from your exceptional sonar they are Romeo
class – they could be Soviet or Chinese) followed by a gaggle of military ships from more countries than I knew had
navies.  We are being shadowed by a fishing trawler sprouting more antennae than a tenement building, and have
even received warning shots from a flight of Mig-21s with Cuban markings.  The Russians also have us under
observations with a steady rotation of Mi-4 “Hounds” (it takes Soviet talent to make a Sikorsky S-55 uglier than it
already was).  

There is so much radar and sonar activity around Cabo that I don’t think anybody is getting a good picture of what
is there through the noise being generated (I am confident no one else has the resolution provided by the
Adventurers equipment).  Local radio communications are becoming quite difficult and we cannot ascertain
whether this is a result of jamming or just too much radio traffic.      

Thanks to the aerial photos that were provided by your courier Elvis (talk about amazing resolution), we believe
that the Soviets and/or the Cubans have a task force stationed just over the horizon.  The best that we can
ascertain, the task force is comprised of:
•        1 Soviet battleship.
•        2 Soviet heavy cruisers.
•        2 Soviet and 1 Cuban light cruiser.
•        Up to a dozen destroyers from both Russia and Cuba.
•        3 large cargo haulers with numerous cylindrical objects on deck, hidden from view by canvas covers, and two
additional cargo ships with earth moving equipment on deck.  
•        3 tankers/oilers
•        4 of the new Russian Naval Infantry landing craft.

I suggested to Elvis that he provide some air photo prints for U.S. government use.  

The Russians also appear to be trying to ferry scouts or a small ground force to the island in Jak-24s.  Fortunately,
there is something preventing the helicopters from landing on the island.  

Although we have performed only a “float-by” reconnaissance of the island, and a distant one at that (after the
Cuban Migs shot ASMs across our bow).   Additional discoveries that we have made regarding Cabo Diablo are
detailed below.  
1.        The passive sonar gear you provided is receiving some very strange noises emanating from below Cabo.  
Also, we are picking up the unusual signatures of several other submarine craft that “Ears” McFallo assures me
cannot be a conventional sub as a result of the frequency and the fact that many of them are traveling at greater
than the speed of underwater sound.  I am quite speculative of this information as a result of the fact that
hydrodynamic physics would require a craft traveling at those speeds to displace so much water that the wake
would be visible to everyone that came to this party, especially considering the relatively shallow depths proximal
the island.
2.        The Geiger counters you provided are picking up several forms of radiation including some that we do not
recognize.  As an aside, the Geiger counters are also registering spikes every time the Jak-24s pass overhead.  
3.        We have seen some amazing and unbelievable things in proximity to the island including
•        An intermittent, meteorologically unexplained fog bank that engulfs the area and seems to be related to many
of the forthcoming sightings.  
•        Any number of creatures and serpents from lore and myth.  
•        A pre-WWI era amphibious Rolls Royce Silver Ghost that is capable of flying on colorful kite-like wings.  This
auto, though relatively slow and quiet, does not sound like it is running on your normal internal combustion
•        A flight of five TBM Avengers in WWII Navy trim.  
•        A large wooden sailing ship from around the early 1800’s with the name “USS Wasp” on the fantail.  That ship
is the one responsible for the series of large dents in the side of the Adventurer; he actually loosed a broadside on
us.  The relatively low velocity cannonballs were able to pass through the “Repulser Field” that
Chief Phlegming reportedly installed.   I am disappointed; he assured me that nothing could get through.  The
caliber and composition of a shot that imbedded itself in the gunwale indicates that it could be from the early to
mid 1800’s.  

For more detail, see the accompanying photos.   
I would appreciate a little more clarity to your instructions.  Obviously, Capt. McClod and myself are going to
defend ourselves if need be, but are we to continue this passive aggressive stance of idly observing the island?  
What if the Soviet task force, or any other entity for that matter, makes a move for the island?  It seems fortunate
that the Russians can’t seem to land a helicopter on the island, but I cannot assure you that a ship or landing craft
could not place assets there.   
Captain McClod and myself are keeping things together, though you thrust us into an interesting set of
circumstances.  I will continue to correspond as developments arise, but I would appreciate more specific orders.  

Sorry, I must close this memo as I am being called to the bridge because a small craft is approaching.  

Best regards


( Written by Mike Banks )

The following photo's and accompanying note was/were sent to Gene Miller at the Miami Herald  from
Melvin Bender in New York- and copies were also sent to Joseph Mellon on assignment in Turk and Caico
1 - Moyra, some new shiksa of Stan's, and Stan. This one has a funny accent. Sounds
Russian. Doesn't stike me as his usual type, but there must be something there, because
she's been around him constantly lately. Good in bet? That's usually the attraction for
Stan. I can't figure this one. The camper she showed up with had funny antennas on it,
but she wouldn't let me take a full picture of it. She must be a radio nut I guess.

2 - Stan with some new friend named Miguel, down at some camp in south Florida. He
wouldn't say where. He spends a lot of time with this guy, and I guess they are both
into fitness now, because he referred to him as his "trainer". His English must not be
so good because Stan says he's taking up Spanish all of a sudden. Go figure.

3 - Stan watching films in his basement. They looked like just movies of empty beaches
with only palm trees. I think my brother is not right in the head sometimes.


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