( Written by Rich "Elvis"  Mellon )

Message received by AIR STATION CLEAR WATER, FLORIDA 2:00 p.m Eastern Standard
(Civilian) time. August 29th 1962.

From unidentified Phantom F4 pilot-

Air Station Clearwater – a Sikorski S-51 Dragonfly has gone into the drink , 17.6 N Latitude 65.9  
Longitude , off the beaches of island known as Cabo Diablo, this is currently a restricted fly zone for
commercial and private craft- due to classified military operation being carried out by the United States
Navy. The Dragonfly is registered to one Neil Brentwood of Sunbird enterprises, inc. of Miami,  Florida
with heliport in Turk and Caico, repeat- A Sikorski S-51 owned and operated by one- Neil Brentwood
of Sunbird Enterprises, inc. has gone into the Ocean, reasons unknown,  it is currently  unknown
whether there were any survivors or how many passengers were on board. I have been instructed to
inform your station commander that the U.S Navy will handle any and all rescue operations in the area
of Cabo Diablo, over and out.
The following telegram was sent by Joseph Mellon in Puerto Rico to Melvin Bender in New York.

To the office of Melvin Bender chief editor of the Triumvirate.

From Joseph Mellon –head travel writer- Triumvirate- on assignment in the Caribbean-currently in
Puerto Rico   Sept 1st  1962.

Hello Melvin,

I hope you had a wonderful time in the Catskills! I was able to get a brief call in to Moyra, before
leaving Turk and Caico, and she told me you were in Cedar Sinai, but that you were going to be
fine. I understand you were going to recover up there in the Borscht belt. I myself love it up there
this time of year and especially when the leaves change in October. I suppose you are anxious to
hear about my trip, so I will cut to the chase. Your brother Stan surprised us by showing up in
Turk and Caico, at Neil’s airstrip and heliport.  I have only met Stan once or twice, at your oldest
son’s bar mitzvah and at your Uncle Sheckie’s funeral. Stan is very different then you, I don’t mean
that in a bad way Melvin, he’s a good egg. He said he said things were a bit slow in the accounting  
business and he
Thought he would take some time off to visit Neil and to tag along with his brothers star Travel
writer. I also met the kid you sent to replace Kowalski, the last photographer. He’s about twenty
five and kind of cocky, a kid named Steve Peters. He worked a few years for Look and now he free
lances. He has one of those B Zeiss Contaflex’s and he showed me some of his stuff, he’s dammed
good for his age. Stan knows quite a lot about photography and they hit it off as well and Neil and I
could hardly get a word in edge wise. We had one Hell of an adventure, Melvin, I am in San Juan,
Puerto Rico right now, after getting rescued by the U.S Navy after Neil’s helicopter, a Sikorski, S-51
Dragonfly had engine trouble and landed us in the drink.   The good news is we all got out safely

and were able to inflate Neil’s emergency life raft and   we paddled to Cabo Diablo. Yes, Melvin, We
not only saw it, we were on the island, its breath takingly  beautiful but I will get to that. It’s a small
world, Melvin, that pretty Chinese girl , Mau Hing, that I met in Key West, sailed to Turk and Caico
aboard the Evangeline. Oddly enough a schooner of the same name “ Evangeline” disappeared this
summer, in what they are calling the Devil’s triangle, and Cabo Diablo is IN the Devils triangle, also
known as the Bermuda triangle. Well, Mau Hing told me she grew up in Hong Kong and moved to
San Francisco when she was fifteen. Her parents later migrated to Milwaukee, where she went to
high school and then she went to U.C.L.A, funny she still has a strong accent, but it’s cute. Well,
surprisingly her uncles let her take the ride to Cabo Diablo with us and they charted another plane
for a tour over Puerto Rico. Mau Hing has an interest in photography too and took almost as many
pictures as the kid. She kept taking pictures of me and then as we got close to where the island
was supposed to be, she was taking pictures of all the U.S Navy ships off of the island, They must
have been conducting war games or
Something and the skies were filled with Phantom F4’S and what looked like some recon planes. I
could have sworn I even saw some Soviet M.I.G’s but Stan says they were just U.S navy planes
painted as decoys for the war games, Stan sure knows a lot about military operations, says it’s a
hobby of his.   Speaking of Soviets, that guy I say in Key West, the one that looked like the Red
army captain Demetrius Peyatoff, that I met in Berlin, we got drunk as Hell together one night on
Tvarski, that one hundred and eighty six proof vodka, well this tourist could have been his twin
brother, he was at Neil’s heliport as well, so many people I saw at Sloppy Joe’s bar and grill in Key
West, were all chartering sight seeing flights, guess I cant blame them.  So anyway, some of Neil’s

Planes and other copters (he has a thriving business with about eight pilots) were also in the same
area, how they knew about Cabo Diablo is anyone’s guess but some of the Cuban and Puerto Rican
fisherman I talked to earlier, said that almost every kid growing up in those islands heard folk tales
about the place.  From what we saw-the island was much bigger then I thought, with several coves
and a thick jungle canopy, rising up to a mountainous area towards its center, possible an extinct
or dormant volcano. I thought I did see several PT boats docked in the cove and Quonset huts and
green army tents set up but  when we went to make another pass
,   this Phantom F4 flew really
close to us and the pilot radioed Neil and told him the island was currently part of a classified
military operation (must have been the war games) and the air space was restricted,  no sooner
had he said that and Neil was taking us out of there, and the kid and Mau Hing were snapping
pictures of the ships, planes, and the island, even Stan had a
camera and was taking pictures, we heard the radio chatter say something about a “funny light” we
heard the same Phantom
F4 pilot saying. “what the hell is that thing?” and “OH God, is that a flying
saucer?” and “Bogey at 4:00 o’clock” then suddenly Neil’s Sikorski engines conked out and the
blades started slowing down and he had to put us down in the water! Stan had the raft and pulled
the thing to inflate it and then he threw it out the side door and that saved our collective asses. No
sooner had we all gotten out that the Dragonfly was smoking and then sunk like a stone in the
water. By then we were in sight of the beaches of Cabo Diablo and we paddled ashore. I don’t k
now if the Navy and Marines actually had men stationed there or a base or what. We did not see
anyone, we saw ships in the distance and of course the planes flying overhead but we were already
on the beach way before anyone showed up to rescue us, that was a day later after we spent the

night on the beach. Melvin, the place IS a tropical paradise, and it really is a lost Eden, but it’s also
a very weird and spooky place at night! Neil had the foresight to have grabbed his old army pack,
filled with a first aid kit, old C rations, water, flares, a gun and knife, compass, waterproof matches,
etc. He even had a few bottles of booze in there and a carton of Lucky Strikes!  Before the sun
went down we gathered some firewood in the Jungle and started a big signal fire and we even shot
some flares off but the Navy didn’t apparently see us until the next morning, almost noon. You
would think the signal fire and flares would have been spotted by all the God Dammed jets and
planes that were flying over at dusk and dawn but, no dice. Funny thing is at night we barely saw
any ships at all despite the earlier traffic! It was almost like the island moved or was hidden, I know
that sounds crazy, Melvin, but you had to be there, it seemed like we were almost

in another time.  My watch stopped and Neil and Stan’s were going backwards!! Well, we had the C-
rations and water and booze and Stan and the kid managed to  catch  some fish with home made
fishing poles and some fishing line that Neil had, and we cooked the fish over the fire and had the C
-rations and   sat around the fire and passed the whiskey and  vodka around. Stan is a pretty
funny guy, Melvin, The kid, Peters is o.k too, he loosened up when he got a couple belts in him and
Mau Hing stayed glued to me all night, I will be a gentlemen and wont disclose the details of our
trip  into the jungle and away from the others, after they fell asleep, God,  it felt great to hold a
woman  in my arms again and have one under me! She’s almost fifteen years younger then me, but
she’s a grown woman and she is the one that dragged ME into the bushes. It was great but she
sure asks a lot of questions, guess she just wanted to get to know me better, asking me about
when I was born, where, my parents, when I was in Shanghai, and Berlin and Spain, she said she
had been reading my stuff since she was a teenager.  

Anyway, lets just say I relieved a lot of stress and tension and that woman is wild cat, my back still
smarts from her scratches.  So anyway, before that, its weird, Melvin, really weird, we kept seeing
these phantom lights in the jungles and out over the water, the kid was snapping pictures of them
and at one point, Stan and Neil went chasing after them but they just faded out.  We heard a lot of
strange sounds too, I am no stranger to tropical islands and jungles and I spent time in the
Amazon and South east Asia, Equatorial Africa, I know what monkeys and birds sound like and
what we heard on that island was
none of the above! It scared the Be Jesus out of me and I am a forty six year old man!  In human
screams and calls, growls,   strange, almost electronic buzzing and high pitched whistles, things
moving around in the brush, BIG things and I know there are no elephants in the Caribbean!!  Stan
and the kid swore they heard people talking, off in the brush and Stan said if he didn’t know better,
one of them sounded like that comedian that puts out the records, Bob Newhart! The moon was
bright that night and out past the reef’s , we saw something gigantic swimming and breaching out
of the water, Melvin , I wont

tell you I saw some sort of prehistoric sea monsters because then you would have me  back with
Felderstein  or writing for  Mad Magazine, SO I wont tell you I saw a sea monster…but the others
sure as Hell did!!   The craziest thing was when we saw what looked like some kind of glowing,
spinning, almost submarine shaped “craft”  with  different colored blinking lights around its middle,
rotating and blinking in sequence as the thing lifted out of the water and flew up into the night sky,
faster then anything I have ever seen until it disappeared into a pin point of light, as it did so some
gigantic creature like a Pterodactyl  came screeching down from tree tops and  flew in low over the
fire, its wing span was like that of Brentwood’s Dehavilland Beaver! Melvin, that place is like
Something out of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “the Lost World”  or “One step beyond.”

So we took turns keeping watch, we had Brentwood’s pistol and   your brother Stan had a gun, for
an accountant, he sure knows a lot about guns, the military, and photography. I know you were in
the signal core during the army, was Stan in the war? Well, anyway, so after Mau Hing and I snuck
off for a little recreation, we curled up by the fire while Stan kept watch, but eventually he felt
asleep and all of were out. The next morning we awoke at dawn and there were all kinds of strange
tracks in the sand, big, little, human, some kind of animals, some really strange ones some gigantic
bug or spider. I know what your thinking , Melvin, and I am only telling you what everyone saw,
including your brother, guess I will leave all that out of the travel log. The kid said when he got up
in the middle of the night  to take a leak  in the bush’s , he saw some of nine foot tall, lime green,
hairy  ape like thing walk out the jungle with a big gray cat, yes, Melvin, the cat had on glasses
( according to Peters ) and a little more then a year ago I would of asked him if he was on goof balls
or smoking reefer, but having seen that cat myself- either the C.I.A is doing some kind of mind
control or causing mass hysteria, that MKULTRA operation,or who knows? But I aint the only one
seeing cats with glasses and flying saucers and strange shit. So the kid say’s he tries to get a
picture of this green ape and cat and he says “Cheese” and the ape says “Me, like cheese!”  And he
grins like an idiot with these big rounded teeth with big gaps in between them, and the cat ( of
course the cat talked )  says to the ape “Don’t be a moron, we are figments of his imagination,
remember?” and the cat was winking until the gree
N ape said. “Oh, right me not here, sorry mister,
we just fig Newton’s  of you magination.” And they both faded out.

The kid figures it was a crazy dream and I wasn’t about to tell him other wise.
When he woke up there was a fig Newton in his shirt pocket
, and a few long lime green hairs. The
foot prints next to him were these funny looking bare foot, six toed ones the size of big shoe
boxes like a size twenty five.  Either some sailors were playing a practical joke or something was
visiting us that night. I found cat paw prints too.
Someone had written in the sand with a stick, it said “NOT YET, we are having too much fun.”  
Before we even had breakfast, the U.S aircraft carrier, the U.S.S Independence, steamed into view
and a Navy helicopter landed on the beach. They took us aboard and this Naval intelligence guy,
Branford Whitmore with two M.P’s took us to sick bay and checked us out and with an armed
guard, took us to the mess hall and let us have breakfast, eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, orange
juice and coffee, it was pretty good for Navy chow, better then I remembered while being a guest
on several ships during the war for “Stars and stripes.”   They acted kind of funny about Mau Hing
and took her off somewhere, Whitmore said she would be fine, but there was some question as to
her citizenship. Naturally the checked us all out and asked a million questions and there was this

C.I.A spook on the boat as well, Special agent Evan Peabody, they kept asking me if I used to wear
a beard, and where my “crazy outfit” was. They took us back to Viaques and interrogated us some
more. They wanted to know what I had been doing in Cuba, and said they knew I was brought
before Raul Castro and some Soviet Russian general. I told them everything that happened from
my flying to Miami for the Triumvirate until my getting Shanghaied by X and getting knocked off the
boat by that weird, giant glass spider, they looked at each other like I was nuts and asked if I  was
seeing a psychiatrist and if so , who. When I am told them Doctor Sydney Felderstein on Madison
Avenue, they seemed even more disturbed. They told me we were trespassing on a classified
military operation but since we didn’t know, and it was obvious that I am a well respected travel
writer for such a prestigious magazine, and with my past merits with The New Yorker and Stars and
Stripes, that they were letting me go. They arranged to get me to the larger island and I took a taxi
to San Juan with the kid, Brentwood and Stan, they

said they were holding Mau Hing for further questioning and to forget about her. I will miss her but
do not want to argue with Uncle Sam. Neil is pretty shook up about losing the Dragonfly but his
insurance should cover it. The Navy swears they didn’t shoot us down, but they were very tight
lipped when I asked them about the Phantom F4’s pilot saying something about Flying saucers and
strange lights.  I do not think I am going to be able to get near that island but now Brentwood and
Stan are determined to get back there and sneak around, Stan said something about having some
connections and pulling some strings, Funny, I pictured this conservative, traditional Jewish
accountant, more like you Melvin, and don’t take that the wrong way, I really like him as I like you,
he’s just sort of a Dark Horse, like I am.   We ended up killing almost all the booze that night on
the island and we talked about all sort of things but Stan seemed a little leery of Mau Hing.
Anyway, Melvin, I will spend the next few days down here with the kid and do some sight seeing in
old San Juan. Neil and Stan are going to tag along, Neil has a niece at this convent, the community
of Daughters of Charity, they wear those funny habits with the wings on their head, or what ever
they are, he wants to drop in on her and say hello.
I will let you know what pans out and the kid has to get a new camera, the Navy confiscated his,
saying he took pictures of a classified area and if he didn’t want to hang for treason to give it up.   
I told him to submit a voucher to Accounts receivable, and then maybe you can wire us the money.
Stan says to say Hello, and to calm down.
I will try and call you in a day or two,


Joseph Mellon- head  travel writer  The Triumvirate.
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