( Written by Rich "Elvis" Mellon )

This travel log article appeared in the Sept 1962 edition of the Triumvirate-on stands Sept 1st




If  Key West Florida was the gateway to the Caribbean , then Turks and Caico  are its crown jewels. Join me,
Joseph Mellon, Head travel writer for this distinguished and venerable magazine, The Triumvirate  as I take a tour
of these beautiful  islands in the West Indies. Turks and Caico's are actually a series of tropical islands broken up
into groups,the larger Caico's islands and the smaller Turk islands. Legend has it that in  1512 , conquistador
Ponce De Leon, sighted the islands. From the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries the islands passed from Spanish to
French to British control and it is the British that still control  it as a territory. Ironically, just this month the
islands became a crown colony when Jamaica got its independence . The islands are located southeast of the
Bahama's and north of Hispaniola.  They are 494 Nautical miles from Miami.

I first arrived at the third largest island in the area and the largest island in population, Providenciales. I highly
recommend Sunbird enterprises, with President and owner Neil Brentwood, for island tours, chartered planes,
helicopters, etc. Neil has his own privately run airport and heliport on the outskirts of the   island and the island
has its own international airport as well.
Providenciales is the urban center of the Turks & Caicos Islands. The locals know it as  "Provo," the island offers
all the modern conveniences one could desire while remaining a  far superior vacation destination for anyone who
wants to  escape from stress and overpopulated cities. It has kept its peaceful and laid back tropical paradise
charm. Located   on the west side of the Caicos archipelago, Providenciales has an area of 38 square miles. Prior to
1960, the island had a population of 500. Today, it has the largest population and contains the largest native and
nonnative population in Turks & Caicos.   

Though Cockburn Town may be the political capital of Turks & Caicos, Providenciales is definitely the nightlife
capital of the islands. White-sand beaches, calm clear water and a bountiful, colorful barrier reef make the Turks
and Caicos island of Providenciales a hot spot for families, snorkelers and divers as well. From Northwest point  
to the far end of Leeward on  the opposite end of the island there are many points of interest to satisfy the most
finicky of vacation travelers. It has golf courses, horseback riding, deep sea and surf fishing, sailing, excellent
seafood restaurants and fine dining, exotic nightlife for the adults and plenty  of fun things for the children as well.
May I recommend one of my favorites for dining and entertainment, The Tiki hut restaurant, bar and grill.
Located Dockside at Turtle Cove Marina. There are a number of wonderful restaurants and bars across this island
, not just  in  its "Hub" Turtles cove, but in Wheeland, Juba point and other locations. As I stroll its white, sandy
beaches with  its swaying palms  and gaze into  the clear, turquoise waters, I feel I never want to leave this tropical


My tourguide Mr. Neil Brentwood of Sunbird enterprises, inc. Took me  on a nighttime tour of Providenciales
and its nightlife and also that of some of the other smaller islands in the company of his good friend Stanley
Bender, Mr. Brentwood's personal and business accountant, from Miami and a frequent visitor of the golden
islands. The following morning we took a helicopter ride over the islands , which I highly recommend for the
adventurous and hearty soul, and we flew over West Caico, East Caico,  Grand Turk, Long Cay, Fish Cay, and
several  smaller islands. These islands are indeed the crown jewels of the West Indies with their balmy tropical
breezes and beautiful emerald, turquoise waters, deserted, white beaches stretching to the horizon; it is a trip you
will not soon forget. Join me next as I make my way to Puerto Rico and  points beyond after I tour some the
areas more mysterious and more remote islands in that area now being called the Bermuda triangle.

This has been your tour guide and travel writer Joseph Mellon  for  The Triumvirate

( Written by Rich "Elvis" Melon )
The following top secret report was sent by James Wakefield of the F.B.I to Evan Peabody C.I.A

August  31st 1962  

From Special Agent James Wakeland Federal Bureau of Investigation.

To  the Office of Evan Peabody –C/o The Central Intelligence Agency –Director of Liaison offices –branch
between C.I.A and Majestic 12.

Forward- C.C Office of James Henfield - Majestic 12.

As per your request for information and background of one Jeffrey Jetstoned, geologist currently in the employ of
Hughes Space and Communications Company, as a free lancer, hired by Mr. Hughes himself.  Jeffrey Jetstoned –
age forty eight, married to Diane Kildare, one child, a boy named K.C, current location and base of operations-
Bucks county,  Pennsylvania. , Hails from Ridgefield,  New Jersey,   Attended Southern Illinois University of  
Carbondale,  class of 1936. Married Diane Kildare upon graduating, but after six months, took a leave of absence
from his Fathers surveyor’s and mining consultant company to join other ex-patriot Americans in Spain fighting
the Fascist
Dictatorship of Francisco Franco. Details are sketchy but we know he was back in the States with  his  wife by
1939 and working at his Fathers firm until Dec 12th 1941, when he enlisted in the U.S Navy and trained to
become a pilot, he flew Wildcats and Hellcats in the Pacific, He received the Navy Cross, The Distinguished
flying cross, in the Battle of the Coral sea.  From 1945 until 51, not much is known  about his   except his
geological consulting took him all around the world, His son K.C was born 1950 and in 51 he was called back in
the Navy Reserves and flew F9F-2 fighter jets.  A College graduate, decorated war hero, family man, member of
the Elks club and the American Legion, but there have been a
few   questionable incidents during some of his overseas consultant jobs, one in Germany stands out, Jetstoned
was there during the Oktoberfest in Munich and ran into and old friend from his days in Spain in 37, 38, one
Joseph Mellon, currently a travel writer for the Triumvirate, their paths also crossed during the war when this
Mellon worked for Stars and Stripes. Jetstoned is an avid collector of Beer steins and Mellon was in Munich doing
a travel piece about the Octoberfest and they apparently like to toss back a few beers and they were both arrested
by Munich police for public drunkenness and

Disorderly conduct when they got in a fight with a local tailor when Mellon tried to take the mans stein from him,
he kept shouting “That’s Hitler’s, but I saw him take it!!” Otto Van Brower, had been in the 24th panzer division
in the Battle of Stalingrad and when he saw Mellon grabbing his stein , witness’s say he looked like he had seen a
ghost and went pale, shouting in German “sein waren Sie, Sie das verrückte amerikanische verrückte spielende
Golf im Kampf von Stalingrad mit dieser anderen Nuss und diese große Katze , which means “its you, you were
the crazy American lunatic playing golf in the battle of Stalingrad with that other nut and that big cat!!”  Then he
said in English, " but you shaved your beard!!!"   Meanwhile Jetstoned was   drunk and grabbing Van Brower,
shouting “give him the god dammed stein!!”   As Mellon tried to pull the fancy stein from his hand, then this
women, Van Browers wife, who  had been a beer maid at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, starts hitting Mellon and
Jetstoned with her purse, until she gets a look at Mellon’s face. Apparently several witnesses’s said she recognized
him and this would all come out later when the Munich police took all of them down to the station for causing a
riot at the Oktoberfest, it turned into a drunken brawl. Eva Van Brower  was a seventeen year old girl and
working as a beer maid at the beer tent reserved for V.I.P’s and the cream of Germany’s Nazi party.

She recognized Joseph Mellon as the young American university student, that was writing a paper on Adolph
Hitler, or that’s what he told everyone so he could get in and drink free beer and eat venal schnitzel and bratwurst.
Mrs. Van Brower was quoted as saying “Ich würde wissen, dass Gesicht überall, Sie dort in Berlin im V.I.P
Bierzelt waren, als jene merkwürdigen Männer und die Katze aus dünner Luft heraus erschienen und Der Fuhrers
Bier Stein! stahlen! Der große Mann sah gerade wie Sie aber Zwanzig Jahre älter aus! war der Ihr Vater?”  which
meant, “I would know that face anywhere, you were there in Berlin in the V.I.P beer tent when those strange men
and the cat appeared out of thin air and stole Der Fuhrers beer stein!! The big man looked just like you but twenty
years older! Was that your father?”   And then she touched his clean
shaven cheek and said “jetzt schauen Sie das Alter des anderen Mannes, aber mit heraus den merkwürdigen
Tüchern und dem Bart, sah ich nie tragende Gläser einer Katze vor, kippe ich glaube, dass Mann Hitler lochte und
seinen Bier Stein stahl!”  translation-  “now you look the age of the other man but with out the strange cloths and
beard, I never saw a cat wearing glasses before , I cant believe that man punched Hitler and stole his beer stein!”
According to a statement by Mr. Van Brower, they all stopped and Jetstoned let him go and Joseph Mellon let go
of the mans stein and said to  Mrs. Van Brower in English, pointing to her husbands beer stein, “But that looks
just like it”   

She told him in English, “After that strange incident that missing beer stein became a thing of legend for us
Germans, they reproduced knock off’s from old photographs and that is what my husband has.” Mellon apologized
to the man and assured him he was not actually present for the battle of Stalingrad but had written an article about
it later when he interviewed red army survivors of that battle that he met at the fall of Berlin.  Van Brower and his
wife often shared their story’s, hers of the strange incident at the 36 Berlin Olympics and his tale of the two
strange men and the cat , calmly  placing golf    as the battle raged around them and the red army  encircled the
24th panzer division and destroyed them, Van bower barely escaped with his life and would never forget the two
strangely dressed men in the snow, the big man wearing light clothing, civilian dress and almost clown like, and
the Italian looking man, with a strange unidentifiable uniform with a red and silver cape and pearl handled
revolvers on his hips with a bandolier of bullets a crossed his chest, both intent on hitting golf balls with their
gleaming clubs and the large feline, wearing spectacles looked on, they were oblivious to the carnage and death
going on around them as bullets strafed the snow right near their feet, the big man just looked over and waved at
Van Brower and the Italian man in uniform just grinned at him as he ran for his life from  his burning panzer.

He and his wife found it incredible and almost unbelievable that they would both see these same strange men and
cat, her in 36 and him later in 1942. They had been married since 39 and she had already told him her tale, so
when he saw them himself, and of all places in Stalingrad during the coldest winter and worst battle so far, he
thought maybe it was shell shock. Now he realized as did she, at the 1956 Olympics they were looking at the big
mans double, if it wasn’t him, he was his doppelganger. Unfortunately, while they all introduced themselves and
discussed what a small world it was, Jetstoned initial violence had caused other drunks to start throwing punches
and now things had deteriorated into a full scale riot. Riot police arrested, Jetstoned, Mellon and the Van bowers
for instigating it.  Now its getting interesting because there were no remarkable incidents in Jestoned’s life or
career, after that all the way  until   a few months ago when Howard Hughes hired him to  do an underwater
geological survey  of some deserted island forty  miles North of Puerto Rico,  coincidentally Joseph Mellon just
happens to be doing a travel article on Key West and points beyond and is later picked up  on that very island by
the U.S Navy, the Carrier Independence, but of course you know this as you were there with that Naval
intelligence commander, Whitmore, so you know that , that s island, “Cabo Diablo” just happens to  be one of the
focal points of a classified  project of the U.S Navy, and other branches of the United States military and its tied in
with Project Gemini and the trouble

Brewing in Cuba with the Soviets.  Mellon was earlier spotted in Cuba, talking to none other then Fidel Castro’s
brother Raul and a Soviet General.  So according to your last message, Mellon was cleared of any treasonous
activities after being interrogated by you and Whitmore ,  aboard the Independence and at Viaques,
But the fact that he and Jetstoned have known each other 25 years and are both  in the vicinity  of Cabo Diablo ,
at the same time, and that Howard Hughes is employing Jetstoned, cannot be written off as coincidence. There is
even a stranger twist to this, as I am sure you are aware both our organizations have been investigating this
“double” of Mellon’s, this character spotted at Stalingrad, the Berlin Olympics, and The conference at
Malta, 110 Downing street, with that unidentified man in uniform and that cat, sometimes a character known as
X, rumored to be a ruthless mercenary, Well, according to certain  reliable sources , Hughes employs a courier , He
flies this Army left over dirigible from the 1920’s, he delivers Jestoned’s seismic reports to Hughes , flying back
and forth from Las Vegas to Cabo Diablo, the man is described as being six foot six inches tall, 220 pounds,
Caucasian, auburn, brownish hair, reddish brown graying beard,  wearing battered fedora, aviator sunglasses,
checkered sport coat , with a brightly colored oversized tie, blue jeans and sneakers.   This fits the surveillance
photo’s of Mellon’s doppelganger, going back all the way to the Civil war, tin types taken with Lincoln,

We don’t question, we just investigate, you boys in the company and your pals in Majestic #!2 are the ones paid to
figure out why. I am sure you have been made aware of the various international agencies tailing Joseph Mellon,
including one of ours and one of yours, plus the KG.B, M15, MI6, MOSSAD, S.P.E.C.T.R.E, T.H.R.U.S.H, S.M.
E.R.S.H, THE I.R.S, THE A.B.C, Some gumshoe detective, named Henderson, there were Red Chinese agents
but the Navy caught one of them pretending to be a tourist, originally from Hong Kong, she’s being interrogated
as we speak.  I hope this information proves useful and let’s keep the communication between our three
departments open. I know your now keeping a close eye on Jetstoned and that boat of his that Hughes gave him,
the Glo mar adventurer. He got out of there right before the Independence got there, but I am sure he will return.
Lets keep each other posted,


James Wakeland F.B.I

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