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( Written by Joe Fischer )

The following letter was sent from Stephanie Moore, receptionist for Doctor Sydney  Felderstein , in
Manhattan, New York city, New York to Melvin Bender , also  in Manhattan.  
SEPT 3rd 1962

To:  Melvin Bender, Triumvirate Publications

From: Stephanie Moore

We have never met, but we have talked on the phone briefly; I am Dr. Felderstein’s receptionist/secretary.  Dr.
Felderstein has gone missing under bizarre circumstances and the police refuse to believe my story.  I told them the
same story I am about to tell you.   
I am turning to you as a friend of the Doctor’s and the boss of Joseph R. Mellon, a patient of the Doctor’s that I think
is tied to his disappearance in some manner.  You are my last resort; I have nowhere else to turn.   
Since Mr. Mellon has been a patient of the Doctor’s, there have been some strange occurrences.  During a hypnosis
session, a gray cat with black spectacles (yes, glasses) appeared from nowhere and passed my desk.  I swear to you,
he waved one of his paws at me and said “Good morning ma’am” as the door to the Doctor’s office opened itself so
that he could enter.  Shortly after that he exited the Doctor’s office, said “Good day” and disappeared from the
middle of the room.  I swear to you, I did not imagine this.  

As Dr. Felderstein’s secretary, I am responsible for typing up his patient notes.  The Doctor had apparently
witnessed the same cat as his notes commented on the cat’s appearance and the fact that they had a brief
conversation.  He was quite distraught afterward.  He even commented how he probably wouldn’t break one
hundred on the golf course that afternoon.  When he came to work the next morning, he looked so disheveled it was
obvious he had stayed up all night.  He greeted me with a dull “Wow, Man”, gave me the “victory” sign with two
fingers and dragged himself into his office
A few weeks passed and the Doctor seemed to be recovering from the shock of this incident.  Then one morning,
before the first patient of the day arrived, the door to my office was blasted off its hinges, flying across the room.  
Through the ragged opening entered two large, green lizards walking almost upright.  They hissed and growled at me
(that is the only way I can describe the noise they made) and when I did not reply, knocked me to the floor and used
some sort of weapon that whined and emitted a beam of light to blast the door to the Doctor’s office into

They grabbed the panicked Doctor, and dragged him out the now non-existent doors while he struggled and
protested loudly.  I don’t believe he had any idea what was happening to him.  I certainly didn’t.   
I followed them to the roof of the building where they loaded the Doctor onto a what I can only guess was a grubby,
overused personnel carrier, but much more streamlined than anything I have seen in war movies.   
Well, I have strong feelings for the Doctor.  He treated me for certain compulsive behaviors and gave me a job to get
me away from the temptations posed by my being a stewardess.  Much to my humility, I offered to become his wife,
but he insists that he does not allow himself to become involved with patients or employees.   
Anyway, without a thought except to help the Doctor, I jumped into the open ramp of the personnel carrier just
before it closed and hid in a small compartment just inside the door.  Fortunately, I was not noticed.  God, did it
stink in there.   
The movement I felt while in the “closet” where I hid made it obvious we were traveling, but there were no windows
to see where.  However, I could view the Doctor through a small hole that appeared to have been melted through the
metal door of the compartment I occupied.  Well, these lizard-things were all around the Doctor making their hissing
and grunting/growling noises.  The Doctor looked dumbfounded because he couldn’t understand these beasts any
better than I.  One of them went to a console and suddenly I could understand all that they were saying.  

The gist of the interrogation (it could be construed no other way) was that the “Draco” were looking for some guy
named Elvis Mellon.  I learned that they called themselves Draco once I could understand them.  The Doctor
contended that he did not know who that was and that the only Mellon he knew carried water in its moniker.  They
showed him a picture that he seemed to recognize. If he did recognize him, he denied it.  I could not see the picture
from my vantage. They were indiscriminately rough with him and it took all I had to stay put and not reveal my
Before I continue, please believe me when I say that all I tell really happened.  I have learned a great deal about
psychology since my current employ, so please do not think me a lunatic when I say that these creatures are space
aliens and we were traveling into space.   
The ship was parked in a place that I can only assume was the inside of a hanger or something because of the number
of similar ships that I would later spy.  After the Draco escorted the Doctor off the ship, I located the photo that was
shown to Dr. Felderstein and there was no doubt that it was Joseph R. Mellon, your writer and the Doctor’s patient.  
However, the picture was obviously taken at some Halloween party because everyone in the picture, including
Mellon, was dressed in silly costumes, some very imaginative.  I guess the Doctor’s denials were just following his
oath to protect patient confidentiality.  

I was able to hide overnight in my little cubby.  The following day, the ship returned to some golf course in
Springfield, NJ where I abandoned my ride and snuck out of the woods that the Draco seemed to be investigating.  
They were flicking their tongues and cocking their heads at every leaf, twig and square inch of an acre or better.  
They also carried these flashing boxes that looked a lot like those new pocket transistor radios.   
As soon as I could, I went back to the office.  The office door now had a smattering of boards nailed in place with a
handmade sign that said “Police Line, Do Not Cross”.  I had no problem squeezing between the boards where I
retrieved Mr. Mellon’s file.   
The only thing there that I didn’t already know about was a handwritten note by the Doctor.  In it, he tells of a visit
by two space men and Dr. Philippe Pinel, his partner.  Dr. Pinel was supposed to be in France and the note said that
this meeting happened in some woods on Baltusrol Golf Course.  I think that’s the same place that I escaped the
Dr. Felderstein told me about your stress problems, so I hope that it isn’t too much to ask, but I need someone to
help me find out what is going on.  I need to do what I can to help the Doctor as I don’t even have a job without him.  
Contact me at my Jamaica, Queens apartment at your first opportunity.  I will not move until I hear from you.
( Written by Rich “Elvis” Mellon )

The following newspaper/magazine article appeared in the National Interceptor
Sept 2nd  1962


Section # 3.
 Latest buzz by James H. Hannigan

This roving reporter has just spent several weeks in Miami, Florida, Key West, Florida, and Puerto Rico, as well as the
Bahamas, hot on the trail of what could be the most mind boggling and head line grabbing story of this century! My readers
might recall some ten years ago when this then “wet behind the ears" reporter covered the “Flatwoods Monster” incident in
West Virginia, and  the Venusians landing in Utah, in 1957, well dear readers, I have got a tale for you! The Interceptor sent
me down to Miami from our headquarters in Toledo, Ohio, to cover the Miss Universe pageant on July 14th of this year. I was
to follow some of the girl’s on a photo shoot and press junket, in the greater Miami area and in the Florida Keys. As this
intrepid reporter hit the streets to interview “John and Mary Q Public,” and get the skinny on the latest gossip from the Golden
states grapevine, some
weird stories started to surface, tales of flying saucers over the fair city of Miami, and strange lights in the sky, strange “reptile
men” in silver space suits seen lurking on the beaches of Marathon and Key West, Florida, gigantic “glass” spiders, scuttling
down back alleys in the Cuban district.  I knew I had something big here, bigger then my article on Liz Taylor marrying Eddie
Fisher! I had been covering the Hollywood beat for sometime but the “powers that be” at my distinguished newspaper knew
that my talents were best used uncovering those things that go bump in the night and not of this earth, especially after my
temporary leave of absence to go under cover at Sing Sing and
pretend to be a convict arrested for graft, embezzling, illegal gambling and adultery, all made up of course!! Yes, I realize that
many of you that saw my photo’s in the striped pajama’s and chains and  thought that was real but I can assure it was all part
of very secretive assignment. Well, once my chief got word of  my uncovering some weird outer space invasion of Southern
Florida, they wanted me on the case, sorry girls, I had to leave the lovely ladies of the Miss Universe pageant but I did spot one
of my fellow newspaper men, Gene Miller of the Miami Herald chatting up Miss Sweden, Now, Now, Gene, don’t you have a
wife and kids at home? I kid, I kid, Genes a fine man ladies and gentlemen, even if he did accuse me of plagiarism once or
twice. Speaking of journalists, newsmen and writers,

I would later spot the legendary Stars and Stripes writer and now head travel writer for the big New York city “rag”, The
Triumvirate, Mr. Joseph Mellon,  in Miami and in Key West and this is where our story heats up folks, many of these strange
sightings and reports, and believe me the Miami and Dade county police scanners were rife with them, these “U.F.O’s,”  big
glass spiders and lizard men, were always seen in the near vicinity of where  Mr. Mellon was either staying, or on assignment
for the Triumvirate, or seemingly following him around with a cast of very  shady characters, right out of a Mickey Spillane  
novel. This dedicated reporter lost no time in hoofing it down to Key West after first interviewing some of the eye witness’s
that called the police or the Miami Herald or the fire dept with their exciting and often hysterical reports of monsters, lizard
men and even big gray cats wearing glasses!!  Helen Lipschits of Boca Raton was with her husband Moe, visiting Moe’s sister
Bernice in Key West, they had dinner and drinks at Sloppy Joes bar and grill on a Thursday evening and Bernice spotted

Mr. Mellon, having recognized him from his travel log pictures and guest articles in other magazines and she asked if he could
autograph the June issue of the Triumvirate with Mr. Mellon’s article Lake Champlain, Mr. Mellon graciously signed and
chatted with the Lipschits and according to Helen, some strange looking characters and “foreigners”  were watching him like
hawks, Mrs. Lipschits told this reporter she was reminded of that British tv show, The Avengers or the other one “Secret
agent man, ” the way Mr. Mellon’s  “observers” acted. After Mr. Mellon left with an unidentified companion, the Lipschits,
with Moe’s sister left also and were getting into Mr. Lipschits Cadillac coup de ville , when they saw two strange looking
lizard men, seven feet tall with huge fanged
teeth, swishing tails, silver space suits and wearing  some kind of crazy armor and holding big pistols like something out of
Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers!They growled menacingly at the Lipschits and disappeared in a flash of green light!!  This was
minutes after Mr. Mellon left; maybe they wanted his autograph too?  Big time, Mr. Fancy pants New York travel writer. This
reporter is NOT casting any dispersion on Mr. Mellon’s character or implying he has anything to do with these strange events
and sightings but is it a coincidence that our star Hollywood Gossip columnist, Sherry Berrett , heard that Mr. Mellon spent
some time recently in a sanitarium ( “funny farm” ) but maybe it was from being followed around by space men and alien
monsters!! Could it be Mr. Mellon’s on the side stories in Tales of weird space and those way out comic books are coming to

Mr. Hector Velasquez a street sweeper in Miami’s “Little Havana”, the Cuban district, informed me that shortly after Mr.
Mellon was seen   there with a man wearing an eight army pin on his panama hat,  combat boots and Bermuda shorts, and
some guy dressed in a silver and red cape with some crazy Napoleon kind of uniform, "get up" ,  all coming out of a cigar
shop off N.W 33 ave, they jumped into a waiting taxi, Mr. Velázquez informed me that he heard this voice, in English,
speaking from the shadows of the alley way next to the cigar shop, Mr. Velázquez was reminded  of that funny comedian, Bob
Newhart, and when he stepped into the alley to investigate, he claims this gigantic glittering glass spider, something out of his
worst nightmare, yet strangely beautiful, a spider the size of the taxi cab, with twenty baseball sized eyes , like cut diamonds, it
looked at him with those hypnotizing , yet horrific ( his words ) eyes and said to him in English. “They never wait for me.”
And the spider simply vanished. I would suspect Mr. Velázquez of smoking funny cigarettes or drinking too much mescal but
similar stories to his and those of the Lipschits are popping up all over Florida! My boss has informed me that Triumvirates
lawyers might not let me pursue this story to its conclusion but I will be on the trail of these strange sightings and perhaps Mr.
Mellon as well, as circumstances permit. Watch the skies dear readers and this has been your roving reporter of the strange
and bizarre, James H. Hannigan reporting from Key West, Florida  

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