(  Written by Rich “Elvis”  Mellon )  

The following letter  was sent to the office  Melvin Bender  c/o the Triumvirate New York city
from Joseph Mellon in San Juan Puerto Rico

September 4th  1962

To the office of Melvin Bender chief editor c/o the Triumvirate

Hello Melvin,

I am sorry that our last long distance phone conversation got cut off in mid sentence. Normally I
would say it’s the distance involved but as you know from my other calls, telegrams and letters,   
something big is going on over near  Cuba and  it involves that dammed Devil island  that we got
yanked off by the Navy! Melvin, this place is crawling with American and foreign journalists,
“spooks” (I suspect C.I.A, British intelligence, etc.)   The buzz is that there are Soviet warships
headed for Cuba and spotted off Cabo Diablo and Vieques might as well put in a revolving door
with the amount of traffic it has in and out with battleships, frigates, destroyers, aircraft carriers.
Granted it’s a Navy base but having been on my share of military bases working for stars and
stripes this is like war time! Maybe the phones went dead due to all the chatter going back and
forth to the mainland and elsewhere? Now, on a lighter note, ( if you could call it that ) Melvin,
what was this

business you were telling me about Henny Youngman approaching you at the Friars club to ask
you about your “Kooky travel writer and his odd sense of humor,” saying he was on the Steve
Allen show with “Elvis Mellon” and that Elvis Mellon was me with a fake beard and dressed like a
beatnik, smoking a funny cigarette and holding this big gray cat in his lap??? NOW do you think I
am nuts Melvin??  That was Henny frigging Youngman telling you that shit!! Jesus- Melvin, I
created Elvis Mellon as a God dammed comic book!!  A made up character!!  I even copyrighted
the name and now some clown is

dressing up  like him , and he happens to look like me?! Same height, coloring, weight,  features,
except longer hair and a beard?  Funny, I started letting my beard come in since getting out of the
nut house, I mean the “hospital”  for my “problem, ” but Melvin something funny is going on!!
Some kind of strange monkey business! I know Henny was a good friend of your Uncle Reuben’s
and I think he’s great, please tell him that wasn’t me, I have no twin brother, you know I only have
a younger brother and two younger sisters and they do not look much like me. Well, at least he
thought that Elvis character was funny, did he really say that he thought he heard that cat
muttering under his breath between commercials and  whistling the theme song to Bridge over the
river Kwai? I could swear I have seen that cat here in Puerto Rico, following us around. Stan says it’
s my nerves.  

Thanks for wiring further travel expenses, the kid went through a lot of film and we are staying at
the El Convento hotel that opened up in January of this year.  It was once a Carmelite convent built
in 1646 under the authority of King Philip IV of Spain, I will of course work this into the current
travel log I am doing! Sorry about that debacle with Naval intelligence and the F.B.I and those C.I.A
spooks,  well, at least I got to that crazy island like you wanted me to but I was informed by the
Navy and those government boys that if I write one world about Cabo Diablo , other then to
debunk its existence and to state categorically as a seasoned travel writer and former journalist of
some respect and reputation that it definitely  does not exist , its simply a myth and legend and
that Jules Verne’s “mysterious island”  was in no way based on  that legend. IF I mention anything

Else I will be charged with treason and summarily executed so- so much for that idea.  Now the
fact that I indeed have written about it in fictional form, via the Elvis Mellon comics , will be
overlooked, simply a made up place in a kooky science fiction comic book for twelve year olds. I
will continue with the theme of Gateway to Hispaniola and play up the Conquistador image,
Ponce De Leon and all that jazz. I must say, Melvin, I have gotten to know your younger brother
Stan fairly well in the last week or so and he’s a pretty nice guy with a great sense of humor, even if
he can be a little tight lipped. He did open up about his childhood and how he was your parents
“love child,” I did not realize that your parents were that young when they had you, and I knew
Stan was considerably

Younger but I did not realize he was some fifteen years younger! He told me about growing up in
Yonkers and you
r  babysitting him when you home from College.    He is very different in
temperament then you and really takes an interest in photography, ham radio’s, hunting and I did
know he was such an avid gun collector!  It has been fun having him, Neil and the kid
photographer, Steve Peters along for company.  I am writing you out on the balcony adjacent to my
room, here at the El Convento Hotel, looking out over old San Juan; the city is truly beautiful as
filled with history! I know we are forbidden from going back to that island and it’s now a no fly
zone and restricted to non military traffic but Neil thinks he has a plan to get back there, Neil has
lots of connections that are

Still active military, I am not without some favors I could call in. I tell you Melvin, all this weird
stuff in the last  year and all the action going on  around here and in what they are calling “The
Devils triangle” is making me  wish I had not trading in my career as a journalist and war
correspondent to become  a travel writer. I had my share of close calls during W.W. Two and
Korea, like catching that shrapnel    at Anzio, (my left ass cheek still hurts when it’s going to rain or
snow!!)   Or freezing my ass off in the Bulge, going down in that Chopper in Korea! No thanks, and
after marrying Ann I did not want to risk it. Granted the travel business took me away from home
but I would rather be on a warm sunny beach drinking Rum then laying in a fox hole in the mud
and snow. Your brother

Stan is away for a few days, he has a habit of just sort of disappearing, and he wouldn’t tell Neil or
I where he was going, just said it was business.  I will try and finish up the article on Puerto Rico
and send that with the kid’s photos via courier by early next week. Its odd Melvin, I am sitting here
on this second floor balcony over looking a peaceful, quiet cobble stoned back street. There’s a nice
cantina down the street and shops and tourists and locals lazily coming and going up and down
the sidewalks but I keep seeing some suspicious looking characters eyeing me up here and
snapping photos.  This one shady looking mug looks like a guy I saw in Key West, this tall lanky
beatnik looking guy,  long scraggly blond hair under this wide brimmed hat, a long trench coat
and black boots,  very scruffy looking, scraggly wispy little beard,  and he’s just leaning against a
street lamp, looking up at me with these steely, squinting eyes.  He looks like he’s talking into his
watch? I don’t know, maybe I have had one to many Mojitos.   I will get busy wrapping up the
article for next months edition and I will get back to you when I can.

Yours respectfully,

Joseph Mellon  head travel writer-  Triumvirate


( Written by Richard Mellon )

The following letter was sent from Herb Goldfarb in Manhattan to Melvin Bender, also in Manhattan.

Sept 4th 1962

From the law offices of Goldfarb, Berkowitz and Chase,

Senior partner, Herb Goldfarb.

To the offices of Melvin Bender, Chief Editor of the Triumvirate.

Hello Melvin,

First may I say I am glad to hear from our mutual friend Shelly Nussbaum, that you are on the mend
from your digestive problems, I know all about them my friend, with four daughters and two sons, the
oldest boy and girl being in College, my Stella and Hershel, I know of ulcers all to well. Stella is
dating some Irish Catholic hoodlum and Hershel wants to major in fashion design, he is always
reading those Meshuggener poems from that Allen Ginsberg, that homosexual beatnik poet, and God
forbid, Hershel seems a little light in the loafers, I don’t think he is interested in girls and wouldn’t
know what to do with one if she bit him in the ass, but I digress; it was good seeing you last month at
Katz’s delicatessen, before you and Moyra made the trip upstate to Kutchers. You did seem to be
popping those antacid tablets like candy. I hope I am not about to aggravate things again by what I
have to tell you.

Since Shellie has me on retainer representing your illustrious magazine, I thought it only fair to give
you a sort of heads up, that things could get ugly with your legal department and this mess with the
copyright business and that business  with your head travel writer’s side job, those comic books he
writes for Telstar. You want to know from ulcers? I have Shellie and Maury screaming at me and
having kinpshins because N.B.C and C.B.S, are threatening law suits over Joeys use of the name and
image of Elvis Mellon, that Chutzpenic comedian, that beatnik weirdo that’s been showing up on the
Jack Parr show and kibitzing with Sid Caesar and Uncle Milty. Joey claims he created the character
Copyrighted him and those stories in 1957.But someone named Elvis Mellon; who happens to look
exactly like the comic book character in Joeys cockamamie stories, has been appearing on television,
stage and in the occasional motion picture since at least 1949. The funny thing is that when I
question N.B.C’s and N.B.C’s legal departments, this Elvis Mellon is under no contract with them,
nothing in writing, no signed agreements, he has no lawyers representing him? Frankly they don’t
have a leg to stand on because until this Elvis Mellon himself comes forward with HIS lawyers and
signs a complaint or follows a suit, N.B.C and C.B.S cant do shit,   but they are not making a stink
about it because of this Elvis’s appearances on their shows, he pulls in big ratings and causes a quite
a stir, when he did that improvisation with Jonathan Winters on Parr’s show the Neilson ratings went
through the roof!  I think the networks are making a stink because they are threatened by    of Joey’s
latest escapades, and they want to protect their ratings winner. I think they are also somehow
threatened by Joeys stature and reputation as such a good travel writer and his celebrity from having
been such a well loved and distinguished war correspondent for Stars and Stripes, I think they are
just making a lot of noise for nothing, but those  rumors abound in the media about Joeys  stay in the
nut hatch and his breakdown last year, the little green men and talking pussy cats that you told me
about, now don’t get me wrong, Joey’s a mentsh , an all around good guy , and I

kept all that in the strictest confidence, but people talk my friend and now with that National
interceptor article that came out just three days ago, N.B.C’S lawyers are calling for an injunction on
the release of any further issues of “Strange tales from space,” featuring Elvis Mellon, pending further
investigation into the legalities of Joeys copyright and possible identity/character theft. I personally
think its just publicity for them and I am not going to let them hang Joey or your magazine or Telstar
out to dry.   I must assume you HAVE heard about the National Interceptor article from James H.
Hannigan? Oy Vey , He lambasted Joey and that News paper fellow with the Miami Herald, Gene
Miller, he points the finger at Joey as being the cause or some magnet for all the strange outer limits
stuff being reported in Florida , the flying saucers and lizard men that , that  drek of a hack writer
writes about. If nothing else it makes Joey look like some kind of nut or drunk and if he looks bad,
the magazine looks bad

Personally I think the Drek auf dem teller Hannigan makes up all the stuff and hypes it, but I am
digressing again. I am writing to warn you that Shelly and Maury (if they haven’t already called you
onto the carpet) are besides themselves and ready to blow gaskets, but they are not mad at Joey per
say, annoyed and concerned? YES, but  they know his travel articles pull in the money and made the
magazine what it is today and they are not about to get rid of the goose that lays the golden eggs. as a
matter of fact that last article’s  he did for August’s issue on the Turks Caico islands and Key West,
was  fabulous, but they don’t need the bad press about Joey even if its coming from a nobody like
Hannigan. You know and I know that people love that rag the Interceptor and eat that crap up about
spacemen and monsters. I will be helping your legal team and Shellie circle the wagons and see what
we can dig up on Mr. Hannigan to get him to shut up and to threaten them with another slander and
defamation of character lawsuit. It won’t be the first we have against them not the last.

As you  and Shellie well know, I have friends in high places and some very low ones as well and I
have some people digging around on anything on this Elvis Mellon in connection with his television,
radio and film appearances and its like he is some phantom or ghost, nobody knows much about him
, no contract’s or agents or offices , he was supposed to have this old Vaudeville agent Moe
Finkelstein , and Henny Youngman, who I see at the Friars club said he has met him and seen him
with this Elvis Mellon, who Henny likes but he said  they are both hard to pin down on anything
when Henny see’s them around town or in Hollywood. Anyway my friend, try and relax and I will get
my team to work on this Hannigan and his rags shyster lawyers.  I thought I would keep you in the
loop since you and the Irishman,( or Englishman, what ever the devil Joey is…) are friends and I
know  Shellie and Maury  do always keep you in the loop as they are too busy yelling and screaming
and pulling their hair out. I hope for Joey’s sake this crazy business calms down and he is o.k and I
will do what I can from my end. Be well my friend.


Herb Goldfarb Attorney at Law.


( Written by Joe Fischer)  

Sept  3rd  1962  

To: Dr. Melanie Brooks, Head of Clinical Psychology, Stanford Univ., California.  

From: Dr. Felderstein

Dear Mel:

I know we usually don’t communicate by mail, but I have a favor to ask you in advance
of the Turks and Cacos Conference on Holistic Evaluation Analysis Results for Support
of Hallucinogenic Reactions with Implicit Use of Narcoanalysis for Korsakoff's Syndrome

First, I want to let you know how special the time we had last spring in Boulder was to
me.  It makes me thirst for our time on Providenciales.  Perhaps we could find one of
those secluded beaches I read about in Joseph Mellon’s travel column and recreate our
Crane Dance without the confinement of the hotel room walls.  Or visit one of the
backwater bars where there are six locals just happy to see an American dollar.  

We haven’t analyzed each other’s sexual desires yet, have we?  We’ll have to consider
that as well.  I will bring the bucket of chicken.  

We can skip Albert Bandura’s presentation.  If I hear him spout off about social
learning theory again, I’m libel to exhibit some aggression.  Next he’ll be saying
something asinine like environment can be altered by behavior.  What a crock.  

Actually, I am planning on going to Providenciales for only a short time and missing
the conference completely.  Allow me to explain.  

Joseph Mellon, yes the travel columnist for the Triumvirate, is a patient of mine.  All
I am willing to put on paper, or share with a beautiful and brilliant clinical
psychologist for now is that some really strange and unbelievable things have happened
to me since I started treating him.  I’m sure you have not read his comic books, one of
which is “The Tales of Cabo Diablo”, but my experiences are not dissimilar to the world
he depicts therein, which in turn mirrors the experiences he shared during

Obviously I have been trying to understand these events.  Are they delusional? If so,
why am I experiencing them too?  At first, I thought it was some infectious psychosis
and was almost excited enough to present a paper in Turks & Cacos, but that did not
explain how subsequent hallucinations were able to attack, bite, slash and abuse me,
and still leave marks where it is impossible for them to be self-inflicted (please, don’
t ask me to explain).  

I have spoken with my partner Dr. Philippe Pinel under very unusual circumstances, to
put it lightly.  He was the first to direct my thinking towards the possibility that
these were not, in fact, hallucinations but real occurrences of a nature beyond my
current ability to comprehend.
Therefore, being unconvinced of the delusional aspects of my own experiences, I am
compelled to follow Mr. Mellon in his apparent quest to answer the bidding of our
shared specters.
Before you make a premature determination as to my state of sanity, please consider
many recent news incidents.  Even if you don’t keep up with current news, I doubt you
have missed the talk on strange occurrences in Florida and the eastern Caribbean.  I
beg you to read James H. Hannigan’s Sept. 1, 1962 article in The National Interceptor!  
Besides the fact that it mentions Joe Mellon directly, it also describes many of my own

Now we come back to my infectious psychosis, it spread from New York to Miami, every
place that Joe has been.
I do have one more piece to this puzzle.  Have you heard of the military build up near
an uncharted Caribbean island in the Bermuda Triangle?  Well, more and more people,
media, military and the like (no politicians yet) are starting to refer to this island
as the “Devil’s Place” and occasionally “Cabo”.  Please refer to the name of Mellon’s
Comic I mentioned before. “The Tales of Cabo Diablo”.  Too much coincidence for me.  

Please consider my sanity in a positive light and I will cherish your response.

Till we meet on Providenciales.  

Your Bubballa
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