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Origins of Elvis Mellon # Two- ICE STATION SOMMO

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Location:   Draco star empire Super dreadnought –“Decimator”- Flag ship of
Draco seventh fleet commanded by ZOR –High commander of Zeta Reticulli
contingency of Draco shock troops /Gray cyborg Clone legions, in    high orbit of
Triune # 2 in Triune Hexarus star system. The Decimator was the biggest ship
in the Draco seventh fleet; there were only two more like her in the entire
combined Draco fleet of war ships.

She cut through space above the equator of Triune # 2 with her gigantic
thrusters blazing green flame. Decimator, like all Draco ships, looked deadly.
She was painted black and red and her semi triangular shape was  all jagged
lines and angles like broken glass, bristling with weapons of mass destruction,
her massive docking bays and holds filled with squadrons upon  squadrons of
assault craft and troop carriers carrying legions of Draco shock troops, elite
guard, Gray cyborg clones, kill bots, Ground assault craft, etc, her bridge and
front forward guns were at the end of a slender neck that telescoped out from
the massive bulk  of main decks and engines, its bow crowned with a long
metallic needle.

The Decimator could hold a 21st century U.S aircraft carrier from Earth in its
largest docking bay and it currently dwarfed the other Draco  heavy destroyers,  
carriers, battleships of the seventh fleet stationed around it in orbit of Triune #
2. Zor turned a cold eye to the seemingly smaller ships in his fleet as he stood
by an observation port near the center of one of Decimator’s smaller loading
docks located on the lower port side of the ship, adjacent to the engineering and
science section on deck five.

He and the rest of his retinue and guests had adjourned to the docking bay
where Hemroidicus Buurrnzz    science vessel was now docked, in order to
accommodate the super mutant cockroaches that were to join them for the
second part of the conference and the Draco scientists demonstration of the
Draco military’s latest acquisitions and projects concerning the on going battle
for this star system.  Zor was by no means pleased by this as they awaited the
arrival of the cockroaches’ shuttle as Buurrnzz and his team brought a caged
specimen out for  display and  a demonstration.  

Zor had not appreciated being humiliated by his Father in front of his
subordinates and  guests, as far as he was concerned this particular war front
was under his command and his decisions were his alone to make  and in the
past, despite the alliance the Draco had with the super mutant cockroaches, the
Lubricators, slime and other nefarious races, they were not privy to all of the
Draco’s military strategy’s, military weapons developments, experiments, Intel,
etc. The cockroaches and Lubricators were only to be trusted so far and known
for their deception and double crossing, the slime were more subservient and
loyal but they were not to be fully  trusted either  for a number of reasons  , the
least of which  was the Draco still barely  grasped what the slime were about
and why they chose to ally with the Draco over the Confederation in the first
place,  but right now all Zor knew was his Dad had showed him up in front of
his subordinates and he was fuming.

That was why he was down in the loading dock waiting for those disgusting,
grotesque giant insects and Hemroidicus Buurrnzz classified and deadly “cargo,”
instead of still sitting in his nice and  cozy conference room. The Super mutant
cockroaches were too big to fit in all of the ship’s corridors and   he certainly
was not having them on his bridge!! He would not have minded so much going
aboard the science vessel, snug in the Decimators engineering/science docking
bay, but he would have preferred to just watch   every thing from a virtual holo
screen  monitor from  the  comfort and  safety of the bridge or its adjacent
conference room  with  the heat and lights cranked  to maximum. These docking
bays got drafty and cold to Draco standards, despite the latest technological
advances in heating.

He stood tapping his  claws on the heated metal floor of the loading docks port
side as he watched the fleet framed by the planet below with its myriad of
natural satellites and moons. His mind replayed the last few minutes of the
meeting with Buurrnzz and his/Zor’s department heads and retinue.
Hemroidicus Buurrnzz had been explaining how the collar he had developed
worked on and controlled the carnivorous proto mammals known as Yarmaw’s,
found on several planets and life supporting moons in this system, the Draco
scientist had recorded logs of his experiments with the beasts he had brought
back to Reptilicon # 6-113, and he was playing edited holo-vid transcripts for
Zor and his staff.
Then Zor’s adjutant, Zaart, came into the conference room, looking his usual
nervous and agitated self. (You would look nervous and agitated too if at least a
dozen of your predecessors had been beheaded or garroted for something as
simple as forgetting to bow while you saluted Zor on the way  out the door…..)  
Zaart had informed Zor that Emperor Rex was on Line one and to pick up

Zor pressed a button on the COM link nearest to him on the table and a four
sided holoscreen cube appeared in the middle of the table with the visage of the
emperor Rex, an older version of Zor, fiercer looking if that was possible,
wearing a Dracula like black collar and cape, with a golden metal band around
his forehead, encrusted with three crimson sapphires. He leaned back on an
opulent Throne that appeared to be made of solid gold, also encrusted with
crimson sapphires and green emeralds, sculpted in the back with what looked
like a winged Dragon perched on either side of the throne. He was smoking a
big cigar and held a brandy sifter in one clawed hand as   He glared at Zor and
the other Draco with cold, predatory eyes, unblinking and calculating.

All of the Draco got out of their seats and knelt on the floor, clutching their right
clawed hands to their chests and murmuring with bowed heads. “My Lord.”  Rex
motioned them to their feet and nodded his head ever so slightly, clearing his
throat; he addressed his son Zor with his deep gravely voice. Elvis Mellon had
been quoted as saying that where as Zor’s voice reminded him of Mr. Burns
from the Simpson’s, Rex sounded like the actor Harvey Feinstein, but with the
exception of a few fellow Earth ex patriots and   those non earth beings that
liked picking up old  fashioned earth television signals, no one knew who or
what he was talking about. ANYWAY,   the conversation had gone something
like this-

Zor: “Dad, I mean, er, your greatness?”  
Rex: “Good to see you kid, now shut up and listen! You got that scientist fellow,
Buurrnzz on board yet? I understand he developed those collar transmitters for
those things he’s been experimenting on? Those nasty six legged mammalian
eating machines he’s been genetically tinkering with?”

Zor: “Yes, Sir, he’s aboard and he has a few specimens in the cargo hold of his
science vessel, he’s going to bring them out later to show us what he’s been
doing with them to help us win this disastrous war.”

Rex: “I want Major Salmonella and General Malaize of the super mutant
cockroaches to be brought up to speed on these latest “bio weapons.”

Zor: “But Dad, you said…..”  (Rex cut him off with a raised claw. )

Rex: “Zip it!!”

Zor: “BUT, DAD!!!  You said to keep the cockroaches and the others out of the

Rex: “I changed my mind, so sue me, I am the God dammed emperor, I want
them in on this, and I have my reasons, so   for now -please just shut and
OBEY MY ORDERS!! I have a splitting head ache and my gout is acting up
something terrible.”

Zor: “BUT, DAD, THAT’S SO UN…..” (   Rex again   cut him off with a death glare
and the   raised open palm of his right claw. )  

Rex: “I don’t want to make you look bad in front of your underling’s, son, and I
do love you. You’re my only legitimate, still living son and the only heir the
empire will recognize. I know it must be tough for you having lost all of your
brothers in all of those freak accidents and unfortunate and purely
happenstance tragedies, and funny thing how you were always present when
they met their grizzly ends, aint it? But that’s life, and your sister has no
current ambitions to be empress, not yet anyway, and that’s a scary thought
just thinking about her running  things,  but   I left you in charge of this fiasco
and it’s been dragging out for months now!

I have a good mind to say screw the precious ores, minerals and natural
resources and let’s nuke the dammed planets to cinders to spite the
confederation bastards!! But we invested too much time and money and this to
take such a loss. This plan with the new living bio weapons is a good one and
might very well break the dead lock  but I want the cockroaches in on it and I
want you to treat them with respect and full honors when they arrive on board!
Now make me proud and  win this war!”

Zor: “But, Dad, SIR, Your heinousness, I detest those gruesome and slovenly
mutant cockroaches  and I ….”  (Rex stood up and gave the room another
“Death glare”)   

Rex: “This subject is not open for debate.” (Rex looked towards Hemroidicus
Buurrnzz from the holoscreen cube.)   “Doctor, I am hearing good things about
you and your work. Keep it up and you will go far. I want you to demonstrate
what these hybrid creatures can do for us in winning this battle and with
dealing with that annoying earth human, Colonel T.P Sommo on Ice station
Sommo, but I don’t want your “pets” to kill him, but I DO want that base
captured and hopefully we can set a trap for Elvis Mellon and stop my sons
wining and complaining about this Elvis Mellon’s gods awful radio broadcasts!! I
want the cockroaches present for this demonstration so have it  in the docking
bay so those dammed bugs are not cramped or gods forbid they get stuck in one
of the ships corridors!! That’s all, REX, OUT!”

The holocube screen went dark and vanished. Zor just  sat there fuming and
one could almost see steam coming from his ear holes,  his sharpened claws
were digging into the plasteel, formiclon finish as he said angrily and  miserably
under his hissing breath. “But…Dad.”  The other Draco all sat in deafening
silence, afraid to make eye contact with Zor. His adjutant Zaart looked like he
was going to pee himself and nervously asked. “, S, S, Should I g, g, get General
Malaize on the line?”  He knew right then he should have kept his mouth shut
and he wished that he was sunning himself on a rock back home. Zor’s pupils
narrowed to slits as his cold merciless eyes focused on Zaart. “Line?? We have
not had phone lines since my great, great, great, five times removed Grand Dad
was a  junior lizard, WHY do you insist on using these antiquated

expressions??? I will show you a line!!

Give me that wire that fern plant is hanging from in the corner!” Zaart dutifully
took the hanging plant down and handed Zor the wire, it was his last mortal act,
as   Zor strangled him with it and dropped Zaarts corpse on the floor with a
thud. “General Zleerg, would you be so kind as to contact the cockroaches and
then call personnel and have them send me a new adjutant and some janitors to
get rid of this body?”   
That was twenty minutes ago. Now Zor had calmed down slightly and  turned
away from the oberservation port still in deep thought.   His retinue and
department heads had been gathered a few feet away, making conversation and
drinking the Draco equivalent of coffee and smoking their version of commercial
tobacco cigarettes, now they all walked over to join him and Hemroidicus
Buurrnzz, who had been in the lavatory and was still
Meticulously toweling his clawed hands. Zor’s new adjutant, Zlaash, a young
female , came scuttling over and bowed several times to Zor, she was a smaller,
younger Draco , carrying an info pad  loaded with Zor’s itinerary.

She spoke into the tiny mouth piece on her necklace communicator.  “Cockroach
shuttle- from the cockroach destroyer, “Rubbish”, is asking permission to
dock.”    Zor turned to his new personal secretary with an almost too friendly
grin. “My dear, please signal the cockroaches our permission to dock and extend
our warmest welcome to them.”

There was a slight change in air pressure as the docking bays outer doors slid
open and the force fields compensated to hold the atmosphere in. A Draco honor
guard marched past Zor and his party in full dress with their ceremonial
scimitars held above their heads. They formed a double line as the bulky,
pupa/Larva shaped cockroach shuttle glided into the bay, its repulsors kicking
up dust and debris as landing gear extended.  Zor and his subordinates stood
at attention as the huge super mutant cockroaches crept down the landing
ramp from their shuttle, with General Malaize in the lead and Major Salmonella
followed by their adjutant, Lieutenant Rancor.

Zor put on his best face and actually bowed slightly to the General who in turn
bowed his head low. “Zor, always a pleasure, you remember Major Salmonella
and my adjutant Rancor?” Zor nodded and waved his clawed hand to indicate
his two top aides and the other department heads.

“Good to see you, I am sure you know my top General,  General Zleerg  and my   
Fleet Admiral, Fleet  Admiral Zaarrgh,   and this is my chief engineer, and ships
chief medical officer, now lets get down to brass tacks and afterwards we can  
talk informally.  After  all the  greetings and smooshing was out of the way, with
both parties, Draco and cockroach alike, both hiding their disgust of the others
appearance with  insincere platitudes, Hemroidicus Buurrnzz had the floor along
with his assistant , Jeruungg Splooogg.

A large tank or cage had been rolled out from the science vessels hold, covered
with a tarp and larger then the cockroaches. Six armed Draco soldiers in full
battle gear stood by with lazer rifles and prods, all fully activated and armed
and  the  cockroaches long antenna twitched every time a blood curdling screech
came from the covered tank.

Several Draco lab techs from Buurrnzz team busily worked a series of   portable
computer data consuls that were connected to the tank as the docking bay
buzzed with activity, maintenance bots and Draco support crews were servicing
the docking bays other ships and shuttles. Zor waved his hands in the air
impatiently and shouted. “Get on with it Buurrnzz!!”    The distinguished looking
Draco scientist in the white lab coat, with a pair of large spectacles perched on
his long scaled snout, held a small remote which activated a floating virtual holo
screen that came to life with the image of Yarmaw’s.

“I know everyone present including our super mutant cockroach allies are aware
of the surviving predators native to the Triune Hexarus star system. When our
spies and scouts first discovered the confederation’s mining operations here and
infiltrated these worlds with small scale bands of hired mercenaries and hybrid
clones, they took back some specimens of native life forms deemed useful to our
cause. I and my team at Reptilicon # 6-113 found the proto mammal’s known as
Yarmaw’s to be a fascinating species. Highly adaptable to almost any climate or
eco system, fiercely territorial and extremely dangerous and voracious eating

I decided to do some genetic tinkering, adding the DNA of one of our distant
cousins, a non sentient species of reptile from Kalarius vector, another deadly
predator with a type of armored plating,  toxic, poisonous saliva, thick skull
plates and four horn appendages protruding above their multiple eye sockets,
used for piercing prey. I basically bred the Yarmaw, which is an early proto
mammal, not far from its reptilian ancestors, and the Kalarius Carnosaur, we
then added a little insectoid DNA, among others to the mix and came up with
THIS.”  The Draco lab techs pulled the tarp off the cage to reveal something
right out a nightmare, even by Draco and cockroach standards, even Zor
stepped back and shivered involuntarily.

The creature in the heavily reinforced transparent plasteel tank with triple force
fields shimmering around it looked truly ghastly to the Draco and the
cockroaches alike. It was twice as big as the Yarmaw’s of Triune # 2, but it only
vaguely resembled one of them now. It had six muscular, hairless legs that
ended in razor sharp dagger like claws, its long  bulk of a body, covered with a
leathery gray skin that was itself covered with nasty looking barbs of either
bone  or some hardened cartilage, gave  way to a huge head with a sort of
Triceratops like armor plated skull with four deadly looking horns extending
from  it above five large, shiny black eyes, two more then a standard Yarmaw.

It had three larger eyes in a row with two smaller ones below them. Its mouth
was truly a great maw, twice as wide as Yarmaw’s with fangs like jagged needles
and a barbed tongue  that spat some kind of neurotoxin that paralyzed and
blinded its prey, behind it a long tail that ended in bony  spikes. The hideous
beast paced back and fourth in its cage, growling and eyeing its captors with
total malice.

Hemroidicus Buurrnzz smiled at Zor and asked. “So, do you like it? I called them
“Yarn’s” short for Yarnosaurs. This one is a male drone, the females are even
larger and like insects, they have a queen that can lay hundreds of eggs. They
develop quickly and have an extremely aggressive nature from the time they
hatch. I   have implanted them with pleasure and pain inducers encased in a
small cybernetic implant with which I can control them.”  Buurrnzz signaled the
armed Draco soldiers to open its cage as Zor, his staff and guests all backed up
Zor looked to Buurrnzz who nodded and then he called out. “Send out the
prisoners!”  Out of a side door nearest to the Yarn, who was now cautiously
padding out of its cage, growling and moving its head from side to side, its
horrible black eyes intently scanning and sizing up all of the other life forms
present as potential prey, Draco guards escorted several humanoid
confederation prisoners, some Plaedians and Sirian men and women, dirty,
wounded and in chains.  

Hemroidicus Buurrnzz nodded and held his remote out towards the Yarn as it
crept closer to Zor and his staff. It did not seem to notice the prisoners that
were being unchained and  Zor nervously shouted to Buurrnzz. “Buurrnzz, are
you sure you can control this thing?” The Yarn had the ability to unhinge its jaw
like the snakes of earth; it did so with its mouth opening wide enough to
swallow a Draco whole. Buurrnzz clicked the remote and the creature stopped in
its tracks yowling in pain. The scientist grinned at Zor and  said quietly.  “Just
don’t shout!  They don’t like that.”  The Yarn now turned to the horrified
humanoid prisoners who all screamed and tried to run as the cockroaches and
Draco looked on in fascination. It was over in seconds, the monster sprayed its
toxic saliva at them with pin point accuracy, they all fell to the ground twitching
and moaning as it closed in for the kill, it opened its massive jaws and tore them
to shreds, blood spraying every where.

It roared as it chomped them all down in a matter of minutes, the sound of
bones being ground up and its stomach rumbling, along with the Draco’s heavy
breathing was enough to put the cockroaches off their garbage for  days, or at
least a half hour or so. General Malaize gave Major Salmonella a sideways glance
and whispered.  “Great Mother of us all….”  Hemroidicus Buurrnzz herded the
beast back into its cage with the remote as Draco and maintenance bot teams
came over and mopped up all the blood. Zor was beaming as he clapped the
scientist on his back. “Bravo!! (Turning to the cockroaches) So General Malaize,
what do you think of our new bio weapons?”  The huge cockroach held up its
two front legs in a shrug. “Very impressive, when will they be used in battle?”   
Zor grinned and laughed. “Glad you approve, even as we speak transports are
delivering hundreds of packs of them to the battle lines of Triune # two and  a
stolen confederation  supply  shuttle of Lyran configuration - piloted by hybrid
clone sleeper agents is delivering a pack of them to Ice station Sommo! Now who’
s hungry? ”  

Zor snapped his fingers and Service bots came out pushing a buffet table laden
with  raw sides of beef, on platters, uncut and still oozing blood and tanks of live
rodents  for the Draco and a big table with troughs of organic refuse and
garbage for the cockroaches, and behind it  a fully stocked bar.
As Draco and cockroach alike started to dig in and feast, Zor’s aide held her
clawed hand to her COM link ear piece as if receiving a transmission. She
nervously turned to Zor and said. “Sir, I just received word, Visigoth is in orbit
of Triune # 2, Elvis Mellon  has arrived.”

The cockroaches were busy munching on an assortment of garbage, coffee
grinds, gristle, bones, orange peels*( The Draco did like orange juice with their
breakfast ) and much more disgusting things that need not be spoken of here,
when Zor cleared his throat and picked up a glass of the Draco equivalent of
Champagne and held it up for a toast. The other Draco officers and scientists
were all drinking and eating and making merry as the growls of the Yarn could
be heard from its now covered up cage. Zor cleared his throat again and tapped
a clawed finger on his glass, to get everyone’s attention. “Today is going to be a
great day for the Draco star empire and its allies, we are going to rid ourselves
of several  pests, not the least of which  is that annoying Elvis Mellon and his
equally annoying band of morons , who have just shown up to the party, and  
with the help of our new “pets” we are going wipe out the confederation troops
on all three planets and turn them into Yarn chow!!”   To be continued......
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