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Location- Hexarus Triune star system -ICE STATION SOMMO -Orbiting Triune # 2.   

Elvis Mellon had managed to convince Colonel T.P Sommo to remain on Ice Station Sommo
for the time being and to bring Professor Krophf and the other members of their party to the
command center to better observe what was currently happening on the front lines of the
embattled planets below while Elvis formulated a plan possibly concerning the C.G Lyran
supply shuttle that was now landing on Landing pad # two.  Veracose Primm had returned to
her duties in the science labs as Colonel T.P Sommo and his impromptu welcoming committee
that included his insectoid Mantis Sgt,   Lieutenant Lightner and  several others  of his crack
special forces team , escorted their guests into the Domes of the base proper, down the long
connecting  corridors  to the central dome and the stations “eyes and ears;”   the central
command center containing the stations telescope interface array and its central data
storage and main frame. Command center personnel snapped to attention as the Colonel
and his team walked through the wide double sliding doors, followed by Elvis Mellon and his
rather unusual entourage.

Some of the Colonels hand picked men and women from his home world of earth had gotten
used to seeing a variety  of Extratestrials including  different species of insectoids like the
Mantis, Fire Ants, Super mutant Cockroaches, Earwigs, etc, but they had yet to see the
crystalline spiders  in person, nor had many of the non earth members of the colonels team
from  G.C special forces  ever seen them  in person  or up close  and the stares were quite
noticeable as  Zik and his brother Zek came clattering in behind the humanoids and the
Mantis. Elvis noticed this and cringed, looking nervously back at Zik and making eye contact
with him as he slid his shades down his nose. Elvis could never be sure which eyes of Zik’s were  
looking at  him as they all rotated and rolled in all directions except  when  all twenty of them
moved the same way and focused on his-   which was equally  disconcerting, never the less he
smiled at Zik and said.

“Easy big fella, don’t freak out, their only staring cause your so dammed fabulous to look at.”  
Zik would have managed a grin if he had a human mouth but with his pinchers and
mandibles, when he opened them it scared the be Jesus out of everyone who did not realize
Zik’s kind did not eat flesh or any thing “solid” but rather they fed on sound wave absorbed
through their entire body which acted like a tuning fork, but Elvis knew Zik was attempting a
smile as he stammered.  “Th, thanks boss, I’ll be o.k.” The Colonel was taking no chances and
made frantic hand gestures directed to the curious on lookers to pay attention to their
computer consoles and data streams and to stop staring at the purplish spider.

Lieutenant Lightner was showing Professor Krophf and Voltaire the telescope array interface
as Mr. Smokey the Russian blue house cat jumped up onto the nearest console table to get a
better look at the operation. The cat and the Professor often conferred on scientific and
technical matters and worked on the occasional project together. Sgt. Sssszzivicck had taken
her place at her usual command center post and directed everyone to watch the largest
screen opposite the double sliding doors as the latest images of Triune # 2 battle lines showed
total mayhem and chaos.  The packs of mutated hybrid Yarns in battle armor with Draco
riders were over running the Galactic confederation defenses as legions of Draco in full battle
gear along with Gray cyborg clones, cockroaches and Lubricators stormed into the C.G sides  
trenches.  There were collected and audible gasps in the room as the scenes of carnage
played out from different angles on different holo view screens.

Colonel T.P Sommo turned his back on the forward screens to face Elvis Mellon and his
entourage as he once again threw his hands up in frustration. “They’re being slaughtered
down there because of the Draco’s dammed pulse rifles!! Neither side has used pulse weapons
before because setting off a pulse bomb in the planets atmosphere would wipe out every
body’s power grids and engines, just about every weapon and vehicle used by either side,
except for the Draco’s scimitars and claws would stop working from an E.M pulse but
apparently the Draco learned to develop concentrated pulse beams that just target specific

I don’t know why the lizards didn’t use them  before now but between them and those god
dammed six legged land sharks the confederation  is taking a big hit down there!! For the love
of God man, can’t your super computer intelligence with all its/his, what ever ‘s kind with their
incredible technology just break the rules once and intervene and stop this shit???”  The room
went silent save for the sounds of explosions and screams coming from the holo screens audio,
and the distant hum of the stations power supply. Elvis Mellon looked around the room to find
that once again all eyes were upon him awaiting an answer, but once again he was saved
by a rather grave distraction.  As Elvis took a deep sip (gulp) of his perpetually half filled scotch
and rocks glass and cleared his throat to speak, the command centers lights and power
flickered and all the holo screen’s lost their picture to static and scrambled horizontal lines   as
a loud explosion rattled the room from the North side in the direction of the landing pads and
shuttle bay area.

Elvis raised his left wrist and spoke into the silver “watch” tucked under his cuff. “Virgil? Is Viking
o.k.? What’s going on out there?”  A disembodied voice, charming and distinctly British
sounding, like David Niven or Ronald Coleman, answered.  “Viking is fine of course, but the
Colonel might want to send armed  personnel and security bots to the north dome adjacent
to the shuttle bays, it seems that Lyran supply shuttle was a ruse, a Trojan Horse, loaded with a
pack of the mutant hybrid Yarns with heavily armed Draco troops in heated body armored
suits and with a legion of Gray cyborg clones, they have breached the inner shields with pulse
weapons, blasting a hole in the side of the North dome and they are blasting their way
towards you!”

Elvis and the Colonel exchanged  worried looks and both drew their weapons, Elvis drawing
his rather large and deadly looking blaster pistol, more of a hand cannon, strapped to his left
hip  under his sport coat, and the Colonel  his two pearl handled  forty fives , that  were
actually  both  projectile pistols firing hollow point titanium bullets, and they doubled as  
blasters, firing deadly  plasma bolts. The Colonel was barking orders as Elvis’s posse readied
themselves for battle, the spiders assuming attack postures like two giant Tarantulas which
unnerved many of the Colonels personnel while  Professor Krophf was  opening the briefcase
chained to his wrist and pulling out a very  strange and deadly looking device, causing Elvis to
almost spill his drink (  ALMOST…..)  And to once again push his shades down his nose as to
stare at the super genius.

“Why don’t we hold off on THAT one yet, until things get desperate……”   The Colonel looked
over at the metallic blinking device in the Professors hand that looked like a Play Station
control. “WHAT the Hell is that thing?”  Elvis shook his head negatively and the Colonel
noticed the cats back was arched, his tail bushed in obvious distress and fright, until the
Professor put the device away and locked the case, Elvis was wiping sweat from his brow.
“Never mind what that is, the Professor here is over reacting and a little too anxious to try out
his new toys, aint that right professor?” The Professor grinned sheepishly and took what looked
like an ordinary ball point pen from his right lapel.

“THIS will have to do, it never runs out of ink and can incinerate a Draco from five thousand
yards!” The explosions were getting louder and personnel scrambled out the double sliding
doors as a  skeleton crew was left to  work  the computer consoles. The holo screens were
working again, thanks in part to the Professors android son, Voltaire, who had plugged himself
into the main frame and was using his incredible duel positronic brain with his creator’s vast
knowledge programmed into him to repair any  glitches caused by the Draco attack. Sgt.
Sssszzivicck stood by the Colonel awaiting orders, her front legs with their razor sharp claws
held in the classic “praying” position. Elvis Mellon tapped one of her claws to get her attention
and she turned her large multifaceted eyes towards him.

“Say, uhh, I hear your species can take quite a few plasma bolts and lazer blasts with out
much damage and your exoskeleton is almost as impervious as the spiders. I bet you could
make mince meat out of those Yarns, if you and my Arachnid    friends here - spear headed
the counter offensive against  the  invaders.”  Colonel T.P Sommo stepped in between Elvis
and the Mantis. “I give the orders around here, remember? Technically you’re considered an
outlaw and enemy of the state by even the confederation, at least so they can save face
and keep a modicum of decorum, since you started this war!!

But I digress, that’s a good plan getting the Sgt and your crazy monster spiders to chop them
six legged eating machines to shreds, but WHAT ARE YOU going to do? Go hang out in the
rec hall bar?   Can’t your god like super computer holographic being use its incredible
technology to at least knock out their pulse weapons and even the odds?” Elvis looked up at
the ceiling with a quizzical expression. “Virgil? You hear that?” The charming disembodied
British voice boomed. “DONE!” Elvis stuck his tongue out at the colonel and followed the
Mantis, spiders, Doc Sax and Grond out of the command center, following the Colonels
humanoid personnel. The Colonel followed them as Elvis turned back to shout at his faithful
robot-Beer Two. “Beer Two, you stay here and keep the beers and drinks cold! We will be back
Professor Krophf, Voltaire and the cat remained in the command center manning the consoles
and data streams, rerouting power to reestablish shields and environmental systems   to
compensate for the recently downed shields and he loss of heat from the gaping hole in North
dome # one. The enemy was already in the station but at least if the Draco landed more
ground troops the station would stand a fighting chance. Veracose Primm had heard the
explosions from her office off of the main science lab. She had been half falling asleep at her
desk doing paper work , filling out her reports for the C.G scientific corps when the entire office
and labs were rocked by tremors and explosions, lights flickering, glass breaking, equipment
falling to the floor, in short, total  mayhem and chaos.

She rushed out into the corridor just in time to see a squad of the stations security bots
speeding towards the oncoming pack of Yarns. Doctor Primm could not believe her eyes,
these huge hideous creatures could barley squeeze through the station domes corridors and
their long sharpened horns were scraping the ceilings and shattering over head lights as they
rampaged towards the security bots, their Draco riders crouching low, clinging to the
creatures necks, using the Yarns boney defensive ridges a top their huge skulls like a
Triceratops as shields to hide behind. The humanoid Special Forces personnel that had rushed
to stop the invaders had met with a quick and grizzly end, struck down by the creatures
deadly spray of neurotoxins from their barbed tongues before they could fire a shot.

The creatures then lifted the inert bodies into the air with their horns and flipped them into
their mouths and chewed them whole or trampled them under their six muscular, armored
legs that ended in deadly clawed feet. She ran back into her lab only to find her assistant
Tarvish Smegma pointing a blaster at her. She could hear the Draco war beasts thundering
down the corridor outside along with the sounds of screams, blasters and projectile weapons
as she starred incredulously at Smegma and the blaster pistol aimed at her head.
“SMEGMA?? WHAT are you doing???”

Her alleged lab assistant grinned devishly and with the pointer finger of his free hand, he
placed it over and in his left eye, removing a contact lens to reveal the slit of a reptilian pupil.
“You Plaedians are such bleeding heart liberals and just so predicable. If you haven’t
gathered from the blaster pointed at your head, I am a “plant.” I am a cloned hybrid Draco
humanoid with Plaedian and Sirian DNA , The Draco alliance needed an insider to help
facilitate the invasion and acquisition of Ice Station Sommo, both for its strategic advantage
and to capture its commander and his associate Elvis Mellon. Don’t worry Miss Primm, if you
don’t try anything I won’t kill you, I will need you as a hostage. Her eyes widened in horror as
she saw  the SK10 service bot designated as “Egghead”   rolling in from the adjacent lab
behaving in a most peculiar manner. The bot’s mechanical arms were picking up various lab
equipment, sterilizers, data storage pads, racks of scalpels and cutting tools, etc, and they
were attaching themselves to the bot like some kind of weird, alchemic fusion of metals,
Egghead was becoming a Lubricator.

Location: the Outer corridor connecting the landing pad/shuttle bays to North Dome # One-
Next to the enormous hole blasted in the outer Dome of North Dome one where the heavy
double ply blast doors had been minutes earlier.
First cohort Zlaarissh, of the Red claw, the Draco’s equivalent of Special Forces, and former
team leader of Emperor Rex’s elite guard, was a twenty eight year veteran in the Draco
military and on the short list for retirement and a pension. He did not relish being asked by the
emperor’s snotty son and heir, Zor, that megalomaniac asshole that was high commander of
the Draco war machine, to help lead the assault on this barren rock of ice and snow. The
reptilian Draco were obviously cold blooded and HATED the cold and this was one of the
coldest spots in this or any other sector.  Zlaarissh was no great fan of Zor’s. He had a grudging
admiration for Zor’s bad ass attitude and the fact that he took shit from no one and got the
job done. On the other hand, Zor was a reckless hot head and “crazier then a shit house Rat,”
Which was something Zlaarissh’s grand Dad used to say to him as he taught him to catch the
rodents back at his grand Dad’s cottage nest on the Draco colony world of Tarluusan Devlor.

He wished he was back there right now instead of wearing this uncomfortable and restrictive
heated battle armor as his squad followed these dammed genetic freaks, these hybrid
nightmares into the base of one of the confederations toughest and sickest military
commanders. Zlaarissh knew Colonel T.P Sommo by more then reputation.
Zlaarissh was a battled scarred veteran of many campaigns against the Galactic
Confederation among others, but one of the worst fire fights he had been in was the more
recent battle of Dazranee in the Sloth system against the Confederations toughest troops
and they were led by Colonel T.P Sommo. The Draco had their asses handed to them at
Dazranee  and Zlaarissh did not in anyway relish having to try and capture that confederation
human leader or to occupy his secret base.  This made Zlaarissh think about how Sommo was
a much more honorable military leader then Zor, Zlaarissh’s commander. Zor was a loose
cannon and known for killing his own soldiers, staff and bridge crew on a whim, and that just
wasn’t right.

Zlaarissh loved his empire and his people but he was getting tired of fighting and especially
against a vast confederation of many different species and galactic civilizations that
apparently were far nobler and more honorable then his own. First cohort Zlaarissh had
nothing personal against the confederation and their mainly mammalian humanoid high
council and he knew the real history not taught in Draco school’s, that the Draco had been
the aggressors going back countless eons, it was the Draco always attacking and invading
the confederation worlds and conquering and enslaving them when they could and
liquidating entire planetary populations on a whim.

There had been more fair minded emperors in the past and there had been unspeakably
cruel and heartless tyrants, Rex was actually one of the more decent emperors to come along
in centuries and the fact that they had not just nuked these three planets and their satellite’s
to radioactive rubble spoke volumes. Rex was the one that insisted on conventional weapons,
but then he left his son Zor in charge of this campaign and THAT was NOT a good thing.
Zlaarissh actually knew Rex from their childhood and had served him as team leader of Rex’s
elite guard and he would have risen high in the ranks of the Draco military high command if
not for an incident involving a much younger Zlaarissh and Zor that Zlaarissh got blamed for.
For the honor of the royal House of Rex, Zlaarissh accepted the discommendation and black
mark on his record and he bore a long, hard grudge for that psychopath,  Zor.
Zor knew Zlaarissh had something on him and went out of his way to send Zlaarissh and his
squad into the most life threatening situations and most dangerous battles, the only reason
he did not simply make Zlaarissh disappear like he had so many others and for far less, is
because he feared that Zlaarissh would upon his sudden death make arrangements through
his attorneys to have some trumped evidence brought to light to reveal Zor’s past
deceptions.  Draco lawyers had a reputation for being the most ruthless in the known galaxies
and Zlaarissh smiled to himself thinking about the cut throat Lawyers, the law offices of
“DOWEE, CHEATEM and HOWE, ”  that  had  drawn  up  his will and had indeed  made
arrangements to drop  a big Dime on Zor if anything other then an honorable death  in
combat  or old age happened to him.

Zlaarissh had to cut his dreams of revenge short as the enemy engaged them in a massive
firefight. Those dammed six legged mutants had been making quick work of any C.G station
soldiers and the walls and ceilings were red with their blood to prove it. They had used their
pulse rifles and blasters to take out most of the star hoppers and shuttles as to cut off any
escape on the C.G personnel’s part, but they could not touch Elvis Mellon’s scout vessel, the
Viking. Zlaarissh knew from news reports, scuttlebutt, and his own personal experiences about
Elvis Mellon and his association with this Colonel T.P Sommo and their fabled home world of
Earth. Zlaarissh also knew about his ship, Visigoth and its smaller scouts and shuttles, Viking and
Vandal. It was the dream of the Draco military high command to get a hold of this legendary
“Cybernetic children of the Ascendant” technology, who ever possessed it could rule the
universe, but much to  the chagrin  of Zlaarissh and his squad known as : “The Red claw,” their
pulse weapons, bombs, blasters had done nothing to Vikings shields.

The had even used the Yarn as battering rams to try and rush the ship but the Vikings force
shields were impenetrable and the Yarn bounced off the ships shielding like rag dolls, so plan B
was to knock out the stations shields and make a no bones about it assault, and hopefully in
the process capture Colonel T.P Sommo as bait for Elvis Mellon. The fact that Elvis Mellon had
arrived before the captured C.G Lyran shuttle and he had brought the C.G’s most
distinguished scientist and genius along was an unforeseen plus. Their planted agent, Tarvish
Smegma had given them a full report on a coded channel minutes before Zlaarissh and the
deceptive shuttle had landed.
Zlaarissh was not too happy to hear that two of those spiders were here along with Doctor Sax
and that hairy green ape of a traveling companion. Rumors of Doctor Sax’s war crimes
against the Draco were the stuff of legend. Persistent horror stories of Doctor Sax’s
experiments on tortured Draco captives had scared Draco school children for over a
generation, and he was no slouch as a warrior either. For that matter neither was Elvis Mellon.
It was said Elvis Mellon had more lives then that frigging cat he traveled with, his close calls,
escapes and cheating death by Draco assassins were as infamous as the stories about Doc
Sax, and Elvis Mellon  had left quite a trail of Draco and Gray cyborg clone bodies behind him
for a guy that claimed to be a pacifist.

The spiders reputation for speed and being eight legged killing machines was about to be put
to the test. Zlaarissh along with his squad of thirty five foot soldiers and six Draco riders
mounted on Yarns (of which there were twelve all together) with   a legion of forty Gray
cyborg clones had followed the Yarns through the winding corridors of the station with little
resistance until now.  The pulse weapons had just stopped working and as the Yarns
disappeared around a corner, Zlaarissh heard a barrage of return  fire that included  blasters,
lasers, projectile weapons,  flame throwers and gas grenades, and an extremely  loud and
distinctive human voice cursing in a variety of languages including Draco and  as Zlaarissh
turned the corner he was met with an incredible sight, A huge white Mantis insectoid and the
two translucent crystalline spiders were impaling the Yarns, right through their body armor,
shields down, riders knocked off, the Yarns deadly neurotoxins splattering harmlessly  off the
spiders and Mantis’s impervious exteriors. Zor’s fool proof plan was going down the toilet…….
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