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Location:  Hexarus Triune star system -ICE STATION SOMMO – inside central dome # 2- in the
command center.

Professor Krophf sat in Colonel T.P Sommo’s   command chair in the center of the command center. He
was letting his android “son,” Voltaire; handle any repairs to the stations central computer main frame
and secondary systems knowing that Voltaire could do  it three times as fast as he could, perhaps four
times as fast. He was shifting his field of vision from the main holo screens to the smaller read outs and
monitors below them, watching the streams of encoded data as well as the images from Triune # Two
and other parts of the station and planetoid, etc, passing by at an amazing speed as Voltaire’s silver
fingers danced on the key pads and screens in a blur.
The professor felt at home in the stations “brain”  amidst the Galactic Confederations latest and most
advanced technology, as he should since it was he who designed most of it and had upgraded, updated
and enhanced what he had not. He was one of the C.G’s  brightest minds and his eccentricities and
idiosyncrasies (  of which  there  were many  )   were gladly and gratefully tolerated and or  ignored  
because of his incredible breakthroughs in science, physics, technology, his designs and inventions had
revolutionized  the confederations industries and his work in cybernetics and robotics was visionary and
had made the galactic confederation one of the milky way galaxies super powers and had  made life for
its citizens bordering on Utopian.

He was a little nervous about being so close to actually combat and he could not only see and hear the
vicious, raging battle going on in the corridors of north dome # one and spilling over into central dome #
two on the holo screens from the stations security camera bots (he designed them as well) but he could
hear the explosions, tracer fire, projectiles, blasters, grenades, etc, going off right down the corridor as
the very walls shook and vibrated from it all. Elvis Mellon had assured the professor when he invited
him along on this “mission” that he would be safe and sound with the aid of Virgil’s every vigilant
security and the good professor and Voltaire would be beamed to safety and or totally shielded by
Ascendant technology at the first sign of trouble and now it was somewhere around the fourth or fifth
sign of trouble and “trouble” was getting closer. He noticed the cat, Mr. Smokey, seemed perfectly at
ease and calm as he peered through his rectangular glasses over the shoulder of Voltaire. The professor
found it amusing that his intellectual equal in Elvis Mellon’s crew was a domesticated house cat native
to earth.

This was not to say that Elvis and his crew were by any means dumb, but the cat made Albert Einstein
and Stephen Hawkings seem like drooling morons.
The professor noted that the cat wore a silver collar that was almost hidden by his fur. It closely
resembled the silver “watch” (at least it looked like a watch) that Elvis and every member of his regular
inner circle of crew members and entourage wore. Zik the crystalline spider wore one on his left front
leg; Doc Sax had one as did the genetically enhanced chimpanzee’s that remained behind on Visigoth
with the enhanced German Shepard, “Thor.” Several other crew members that were rarely seen and
spent most of their time in the lower decks of Visigoth doing Gods know what: also wore them. The
professor knew they were of Ascendant technology as given to Elvis and the crew by Virgil the ships
super A.I holo being, it was far more then just a ships computer and Professor Krophf would have
preferred to spend this latest outing with Elvis aboard the ship communing with this vast artificial
intelligence that often made he and the cat feel rather stupid and clueless.

He had seen Elvis use the watch on occasion and he knew it was like an earth “Swiss army knife” to the
millionth degree. It contained its own replicator and transporter device, weapons, shields, cloaks. It told
time from any sector of the galaxy, it was an uplink/transceiver to Virgil, it played music, and it was a
technological marvel that made anything he had designed pale by comparison. He wished he had one
now as he watched Elvis, the Colonel and the others battling it out with the invading Draco and their
monstrous mutated beasts and Gray cyborg clones. The holo screen to the right of the central screen in
front of him showed a real time blow by blow of the battle as recorded by a hovering camera bot the
size of a bowling ball that hovered close to the corridors ceiling. The professor gripped the arm rests of
the chair as he watched the huge spiders and insectoid mantis dicing and splicing the Yarns like one of
those earth Japanese Teppanyaki chef’s the professor had seen on a visit to earth with Elvis and the
More then half of the Yarns were now dead,  chopped up carcasses piled up in a heap of gore and meat,
crumpled armor, and bones that the Draco were now using as a defensive wall to hide behind since the
invasion had suddenly  taken an unexpected turn.  Elvis Mellon, Colonel T.P Sommo and Doc Sax
crouched behind what remained of the security/battle bots that comprised their first line of defense
against the enemy, all three men had their weapons drawn and were firing between the bots that were
taking a barrage of hits to their upper torsos and heads, their shields diminishing with each  hit.

The professor watched in rather horrified awe as he saw Draco foot soldiers, heavily armored in heated
suits, their heads  helmeted in a sleek design that allowed for their long reptilian snouts, their eyes
covered in a darkened visor that obviously  had some kind of cybernetic ocular interface as they
dragged their dead into another pile behind the Yarn corpses and some were propped up on them  as
they fired off a steady stream of plasma and  laser bolts at the spiders, mantis, the humanoids and bots.
The plasma and laser bolts bounced harmlessly off the spiders and lit them up like Christmas tree’s,
their purplish and blue hues casting a strange glow on everything as they moved deeper into the pile of
Yarn’s. The surviving Draco kept piling up their dead and those of the expendable Gray cyborg clones
to put a barrier between them and the relentless Arachnids  and insectoid but most of them were falling

The professor asked Voltaire to turn up the audio so he could hear the conversation Elvis, Doc and the
Colonel were having, that’s when he noticed Grond, the hairy green giant ape was nonchalantly crawling
over the pile of Yarns, swinging his war club at helmeted Draco heads, somehow avoiding being hit by
the enemies weapons with out appearing to be shielded and the professor noted he was not wearing one
of those silver watches. He surmised maybe  it was felt he was from too backwards a stone age ( to put
it mildly  )  culture to be trusted to not abuse the powers of the “watch,”  but someone or “something” (
the Prof. suspected Virgil ) was protecting Grond and the sight of giant of a humanoid/hominid,
mammalian ape, wearing no clothing other then his spiked lime green hair, his huge mouth opened in a
wide grin revealing a mouth full of huge, flat teeth, swinging his war club like a baseball bat and the
sound of his club making contact with Draco helmets sounding like a gong, seriously disturbed the Draco
and they were actually falling back from his approach as the spiders and mantis closed in behind him.  
Professor Krophf leaned forward to listen to the Colonel shouting over the near deafening cacophony.
“So what was your god dammed brilliant plan with the Lyran shuttle? You never got to tell me about
it?” This was said as Elvis passed a flask around, his scotch glass resting on the extended right hip of
one of the battle bots, the Colonel and the Doc taking turns sipping it between shooting at the slowly
retreating  enemy.
Elvis took the flask from the Doc who was picking off Gray Cyborg Clones like he was at a carnival
shooting at arcade ducks and he poured some of the brown liquid into his scotch glass and raised the
glass to his companions. “Well, I figured if we took the Lyran shuttle down to Triune # two then it
would not go against Virgil’s non interference protocols but what we were going to do once we got down
there your guess was as good as mine, I was making it up as I went along.” The Colonel shot Elvis a
bemused look as laser bolts whizzed millimeters from their heads, shouting back. “AS USUAL, but isn’t

He took out the pulse weapons and he’s shielding Grond from getting his ass shot off!!” Elvis shot at
Draco and Grays with one hand and sipped his booze with the other as he responded to the Colonel’s
query. “Well, Yes, there is a big difference between protecting Grond, an innocent primitive who’s only
technology is a wooden and stone club and obliterating the Draco war fleet or making two hundred
thousand Draco alliance ground troops simply  not exist anymore. Yes, Virgil stopped the pulse
weapons from working because that would directly save me and my crew and you and your station
personnel and that’s a different story.

But the politics and protocols of his cybernetic brethren are rather complicated.” The Colonel shouted
over the din of blaster fire, bullets, and explosions. “I’m listening, why don’t you enlighten me?” Elvis
continued to shoot at anything that moved beyond the spider's   and Mantis as he angrily turned to his
old friend. “You have been busting my balls ever since I got here, THIS from a guy who has a frigging
HAIR SALON at his secret observation/listening post! A hair salon, a frigging rec hall with a fully
stocked bar, juke box, karaoke Machine, etc, etc, how about the hot tub in your private quarters? OR
the constant flow of civilian call girls smuggled in as “entertainment?” Hey, don’t get me wrong, I would
be doing the same thing, I would milk that gravy train for all its worth!!   

BUT WHY do you think the confederation gave into your all your insane demands? Do you know how
many untold galactic credits, how many billions they sunk into this fiasco? THIS should be a F*&% ING
RESORT Not some secret outpost!!!  I got news for ya son, they did not shell out that insane amount of
money to build you your private fantasy land just because you’re such a great military commander, no,
no, no, THEY did it because YOU are friends with ME and I have access to Virgil, Visigoth and the other
cybernetic children of the ascendant!!! Do you really think the confederation gives a rat’s ass about you
or me?? HELL-NO!!  They want to get their hands on C.C.O.T.A. technology! Plain and simple, bottom
line is YOU’RE in no position to be passing judgment on me!!    You would not be here if I didn’t hook
you up! Got it?” The Colonel was briefly at a loss for words for about two seconds before he launched
into his  own  tirade. “How the F*&% DO you know about the salon and hot tub, you aint never been
here before!!  Are you frigging spying on me?? AND aren’t I allowed some God dammed perks???”
Elvis laughed and took a break from shooting at the enemy while he lit a cigarette and took a pull from
his glass. “The Professor designed this place for you moron, HE showed me the blue prints!!”  Colonel T.
P Sommo sheepishly replied. “OH” and continued to blast away at the Draco and Grays.

The Doc was listening to all this with out saying a word (  The Doc was not big on conversation ) but he
grinned slightly  at this as he continued to pick off the Gray cyborg clones that tried to climb over the
wall of smoldering corpses and twisted wreckage of smashed security bots courtesy of the now fallen
Yarns. The Gray cyborg clones were being cloned by the Draco and implanted with enhancing and
controlling cybernetics that also gave them a hive mentality, mainly as expendable foot soldiers to do
the Draco’s dirty work. Their origins and enslavement by the Draco was a long strange story that
Professor Krophf knew all too well as he had worked with escaped and defected Grays, studying the
Draco designed cybernetics implants.

He watched via the holo screen with fascination as Doctor Sax stood up like an old west gunfighter, now
drawing another blaster from his right hip holster and with both blasters blazing, methodically picked
off the Gray cyborg clones that attempted to evade the fatal thrusts of the spiders and mantis’s deadly
clawed appendages and trying to run underneath their and in between their legs. None of them made it
very far as the Doc listened to his companions casually talking in the midst of all Hell breaking loose.  A
security bot in front of Elvis fell over in flames and twisted metal as it shields failed with the pounding of
the Draco marksman’s blaster bolts. Elvis stood up with an annoyed look as his fedora was shot off of
his head.
“God dammit,   I just replaced that one!!! NOW, I’m really pissed off!!” He bent down to pick up the
fedora with a smoking hole in it the size of a golf ball and beat it against his leg to put out the still
smoking embers. Shooting blindly with one hand towards the direction of the enemy (and nearly hitting
the insectoid and spiders) and still clutching his hat with the other, he pressed a button on his watch
and said “new hat.” And the fedora was instantaneously replaced by an identical one minus the
smoldering hole.
The Colonel shook his head as he blasted away at the Draco marksmen. “It’s only a frigging hat!!”  Elvis
shot back. “Yeah, get back to me when they put a hole in your cape!! I have seen you almost cry over
that god dammed thing getting a ketchup stain on it!” Doc Sax, who barely spoke most of the time, gave
both men a sideways glance of amusement and said. “The Draco are advancing again, why don’t we  
table the bickering for another time?”

Elvis Mellon put the new fedora on his head, adjusting it slightly and looking to the colonel for feedback.
The Colonel gestured with his right held pearl handled 45. “A little to the left and down a notch,
PERFECT!”  Smoky the cat had now jumped up onto the right arm of the professors command chair
and was watching the scene in the corridor junction. He purred slightly as he turned to Professor
Krophf. “That must be the Draco commander that’s making them advance back over the wall of
carcasses; he must have a death wish walking up on Zik and the other two like that!” First cohort
Zlaarissh, the Draco commander in charge of this disastrous mission might have been a lot of things but
he was no coward or deserter. He did not want to be here or facing this enemy but he was a career
soldier and a loyal Draco star empire citizen pledged to his emperor, despite the fact that the emperors
son Zor was such an enormous prick.
He had ordered his men to fall back but retreat was not an option and the spiders and mantis had never
been figured into Zor’s master plan. The last of the Yarns had just been butchered and the huge white
mantis was now feeding off of them, her head stuck into the rib cage of the last one killed as she sucked
up its entrails like noodles. Zlaarissh knew the spiders did not feed on flesh or conventional food as such
but that gave him little comfort as
they  reared up on their back legs, front four legs arched up in an
attack posture,
their   multi faceted multiple eyes all rotating to stare unblinkingly at him and his
advancing troops (or what was left of them as Draco and Grays fell left and right from enemy fire)
Zlaarissh noted that there were still two C.G  security/battle bots left, along with half a dozen C.G
troops (  he knew the uniform ) along with Colonel T.P Sommo, Elvis Mellon, Doctor Sax and the big
green ape that had rejoined his companions after smashing dozens of Draco and Gray Cyborg Clones to
death with  his war club.

He was in a horrible mood, missing his family, nothing was going right since Elvis’s super computer
disrupted their pulse weapons and the dammed spiders and the big bug killed all the Yarns and
Zlaarissh was feeling like it was a good day to go down in a blaze of glory. He had made it over the heaps
of Yarn and Draco corpses and the wreckage of battle bots with showers of sparks and smoke coming
out of them, his armor smeared with blood and gore.
The remainder of his Draco ground troops and Cyborg clones (which was not many) dutifully followed
him over, keeping up a relentless barrage of ground fire aimed the humanoids since it did not seem to
effect the spiders and merely dented the Mantis’s exoskeleton slightly. Zlaarissh saw the spider’s
enormous bodies rising up to pounce on him and he prepared himself to die when saw a side door open
in the corridor in between the spiders and the humanoids. Tarvish Smegma the humanoid/Draco
hybrid spy came walking out clutching the arm of Veracose Primm, the Plaedian scientist, a large
blaster pointed at her head, and with him a strange and deadly looking bot, similar in shape and size to
the SK10 Service bots but with strange appendages, extra arms, some with razor sharp circular blades,
knives, flame throwers, some kind of SK10 turned Lubricator and it was not alone. Andy the barber bot
rolled out behind it, now also a Lubricator with multiple appendages wielding deadly straight razors
that spun like plane propellers.
Rolling behind the Lubricators was the reconstituted and very much  alive Slime soldier. Everyone
stopped firing at each other and the spiders turned and lowered their front legs.  Zlaarissh signaled for
the remaining Gray’s and Draco to stop firing but to keep their weapons trained on Elvis and his
associates. The only sounds heard were that of burning wreckage, moans from the casualties and dying,
the heavy breathing of the Draco and the electronic whir of the Lubricators spinning blades and
servomotors.  Smegma, still clutching the Plaedian scientists arm, dragged her out into the half ruined
corridor   to face Elvis Mellon. “Zor sends his greetings to you all, especially to YOU, Elvis Mellon and
Colonel T.P Sommo. You two and Professor Krophf will surrender yourselves to the Draco star empire
or I will blast Doctor Primm’s pretty little head off.”  To be continued.....
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