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Location: Hexarus Triune star system –aboard stolen C.G Lyran cargo shuttle “Pulsar 9” –
en route to Draco flag ship “The Decimator.”

The C.G Lyran cargo shuttles were built for practicality and function and it showed. They
looked like big flying boxes with a cue ball in front for a cockpit and the Pulsar 9 was one
of the larger models with the round/cue ball cockpit and two huge tea cup shaped
thrusters in the back and the whole thing was painted a dull off white with few markings
on it. Elvis Mellon and Colonel T.P Sommo sat up front in the cockpit with first cohort
Zlaarissh, who happened to be piloting the bulky ship through the obstacle course of
asteroids, moon’s, and the opposing fleets of war ships that all orbited Triune # 2 and her
sister planets. Colonel T.P Sommo sat next to the Draco pilot with one of his modified pearl
handled revolver/blasters aimed at him despite his assurances that it was not necessary.

The curved view screen of the cockpit allowed a rather panoramic view of the enormous
fleets of Draco alliance and Galactic Confederation war ships also navigating through the
asteroid’s, planetoids and moon’s orbiting the three planets as they engaged in an on
going skirmish of epic proportions.  Each fleet had gigantic carriers, super dreadnaughts,
and heavy cruisers, light destroyers, etc, all strategically placed against each other like
some giants chess game.  Amongst the Draco 7th fleet were scattered super mutant
cockroach ships and Lubricator carriers that were actual Lubricators themselves, some
comprised of many Lubricators combined to make up a collective that was both a star
ship/transport and a colonial being of individual Lubricator “robots and others just one
gigantic Lubricator self replicated and built onto to from countless pilfered and scavenged
star ships, space stations, space junk, etc.   ”

The Confederation had Plaedian and Lyran ships, Andromedians, Sirian’s, Alpha
Centurians, Vash, etc,  now joined by Mantis carriers as smaller corsairs, frigates  and
squads of fighters buzzed about them like clouds of gnats. The two opposing fleets were
attempting to blast each other out of space as barrage after barrage of plasma bolts,
directed and sustained lazer fire, shield depleting charges, armor plating –piercing
projectile’s, etc, were hurled between the massive armada’s. The causalities were large on
both sides as shields collapsed and ships exploded or vented atmosphere as life pods
ejected to relative safety to be picked up by their own fleet or by the enemy as prisoners or
to make it through the atmosphere’s of the Triune planets and with any luck not land in
the heart of the war zones or in an active volcano. Zlaarissh had to dodge the occasional
wreckage and debris of doomed ships blown to pieces in the heated battle. Elvis and the
colonel were playing a game of who could identify what side a vessel was from and possibly
name it from the scant, burnt, charred, ragged hulks floating by in haphazard orbits.
“Oooh, there’s a C.G Plaedian nacelle, looks like it say’s “Emancipator.”  “Hey, that’s  a
coning tower from a Draco carrier, “The Apocalypse.” Etc.

The glare of ion cannons and plasma charges lit up the shuttles cockpit with flashes of
dazzling yellow, blue and green after glows that nearly blinded the two humans and the
reptilian until Zlaarissh remembered to lower the cockpits glare reducing blast shields.  
Elvis Mellon and the colonel had been arguing the finer points of  who was a better band,
Flock of seagulls or Yes, as Zlaarissh tried to drown out their ( to him )  meaningless and
incomprehensible  banter by recalling other Nancy Sinatra songs he had picked up on his
secret wireless from Elvis Mellon’s pirate radio station broadcasts.
Zlaarissh’s concentration was broken by the beeping of Elvis Mellon’s wristwatch as the
Colonel shouted. “Michael Score is a far better singer then Jon Anderson and that
seventies progressive crap, NOW answer your dammed watch!!” Elvis glanced out of the
tinted blast shielded view screen as Decimator loomed in the distance as he answered his
beep. “SPEAK.” Zik’s rather whiney voice answered. “Elvis, we have a rather strange
transmission patched through from Virgil for you, it’s from a General Malaise of the super
mutant cockroaches and he insists on talking to you. Virgil wants you to take the call back
here in the cargo hold.”

Elvis got up and gave the colonel a pat on his shoulder as he headed through the hatch to
the cargo hold, saying.  “Even you bought the Yes album “Drama.” The Colonel shouted
back. “Yeah, but that album had that guy from the Bugles singing on it , Trevor Horn!!”
Elvis Mellon adjusted his fedora as he walked into the huge cargo hold. The space had
recently held a pack of Yarn’s the size of earth elephants and it smelled like it. There were
still empty cages that the Draco soldiers now occupied and they did not look too happy
about it. To the back of the near empty cargo hold that reminded Elvis of being on an
empty sound stage, near the entrance to the engine room there was a couple of benches
and seats where Doc Sax , Grond, Professor Krophf and Veracose Primm  sat along with
Gray cyborg clone 113B and the rest of his remaining unit. Elvis ignored the growls of the
Draco’s and he had no qualms about locking them up since he only trusted Zlaarissh and
drone 113B and he knew the other drones followed 113B with out question. Zik was
nervously pacing back and fourth by the humanoids and the clatter of his crystalline claws
on the metal deck echoed through the hold as Elvis approached the giant spider as he
spoke into his watch.

“Virgil, Zik tells me you rang? Some super mutant cockroach general is trying to reach
me?”  Virgil made an appearance in his usual holographic form, taking the appearance of
the late actor Edward Everett Horton, an actor of some distinction, best known for his
appearances in many 1930’s Fred Astaire films and his later   voice over work in cartoons
such as “the adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle.”   Virgil often appeared as actors and
celebrities from Earth and in particular-Hollywood and British films, TV and theater that
he got from scanning Elvis’s rather oddball psyche. Veracose Primm was startled to see a
seemingly solid three dimensional humanoid appear out of thin air with no flash or
shimmering to indicate a transporter beam. He was JUST there, dressed in a black tuxedo
and lighting Elvis’s hand rolled “cigarette.”

Primm noticed that no one other then the Draco and Grays seemed to give the appearance
of this new humanoid a second glance.
Virgil nodded affirmatively and spoke in the voice of the actor he now took the image, form
and voice of so beloved by Elvis in his childhood while watching old movies and Rocky and
Bullwinkle. “Yes, I will patch you through to him, I believe you know him from your early
post pirate days and he says you still owe him a flux capacitor that you had Zik steal from
his ships hyperdrive, I am  putting him through now.”  Virgil pointed a finger in the air in
front of him and a circular holographic “screen” appeared floating in the air. The image of
gigantic a super mutant cockroach eating what looked like pastrami on rye sandwich
coalesced on the screen.  “Long time Elvis, remember me?” Elvis seldom looked surprised
and tried his best to hide it, taking a sip from the scotch glass that had not been in his
hand a second ago and then raising it to the screen. “Well, I’ll be dammed!  YOU’RE
General Malaize? I recognized you from the pastrami sandwich I turned you onto many
moons ago. Had I known you cockroaches would love them so much I should have gone
into the Deli business and made a fortune off of you! How did you manage to get a hold of
Virgil? But better yet; what can I do for you General?”  

The cockroach’s antenna twitched as it ate the last bit of sandwich and dabbed its
mandibles with a napkin. “I have an old C.G transmitter and I knew if I kept calling on all
frequencies your super computer being would pick it up but I must confess that I have the
bridge of Zor’s  flag ship -  The Decimator  “bugged” if you will pardon the pun,   and I
could not help over hearing that you were allegedly captured by  Zor’s shock troops on that
listening post of the confederations , that frigging ice ball orbiting Triune # 2  but Funny;
you don’t look like you have any Draco’s holding guns to your heads, AS I SUSPECTED…..
AND    I see your still friends with that frigging crazy ass  spider!!!

Hey, ZIK!! Good one, stealing our flux capacitor ya bastard!!!”   Elvis looked back at Zik and
then turned back to the hovering holo screen and grinned. “I guess this is the part where
we trust each other to keep quiet about our dirty little secrets like the fact that you bugged
your chief allies flag ship or that I aint been captured but I am pretending to be with the
help of one of Zor’s most decorated and battle hardened combat veterans so’s we can go
pay him a little visit like. I still can’t believe I am running into to you all these years later
and you’re a big wig in the military!”  Malaize chuckled.  

“Hey, your secrets safe with me, honest, my mandibles are sealed!!  (Laughing)   AND  YES  
I am a general  now  in the regular military, that pirate crap was when I was just a kid and
now I got kids of my own, about half a million of them AND on top of that  my  wife filed for
divorce last year!” Elvis threw back his head and laughed   and held his drink up again.
“That’s a lot of child support!!”  Malaize shrugged. “You aint shitting, looking back I should
have only had a quarter million of them but what ya gonna do right?    
Well, I’ll make this short and sweet. YES, despite our alliance with the Draco and you and I
sort of being on opposing sides and all; you really need to know something. We all know
that Zor has a screw loose but now he is really getting out of control and he’s truly crossed
the line and we know this cause like I mentioned before, we have his bridge bugged and
we also heard that lunatic plans on nuking the whole frigging planet of Triune # 2 to kill
that spider down there and the Mantis’s!!!   

I am en route to Decimator myself   with Major Salmonella   but I think there’s little I can
do and no reasoning with him. YOU HAVE TO STOP HIM!!! You have that incredible
technology and that fancy computer being there and I did not sign up for this shit!  War is
one thing, but I don’t want to see the frigging planet get nuked and all those casualties on
both sides because of some insane son of a bitch acting like a baby and having a temper
tantrum!!!  As I recall from our first meeting, you were a pretty stand up guy and you sort
of owe me one. Let’s consider this a sort of secret truce and sort of double agent stuff like
in the movies.”
Elvis nodded in agreement and saluted the cockroach. “Thanks for the Intel General, We
were going to get on Decimator and go wreak havoc anyway, so we will make sure that
asshole does not get to launch any nukes on Zik’s brother and the frigging planet!”  

Zik  had  heard all this and was visible shaking all over  with rage, his massive crystalline
legs clattering and knocking together as he moved close to Elvis to face General Malaize on
Virgil’s floating holographic view screen.  “I’LL KILL THAT COLD BLOODED ASSHOLE AND
MAKE LUGGAGE OUT OF HIS SKIN!!!” Doc Sax and Grond were now standing and both of
them looked grim. Elvis was trying to calm Zik down and diffuse the situation as everyone
started murmuring and chattering amongst themselves, including the Draco over in their
cage; their low guttural tones were further agitating Zik as a majority of his glittering multi
faceted eyes started to turn their way. Elvis stood in front of Zik with his back to the view
screen and put his hands on Zik’s front knee joints as if to push the gigantic spider back.
“Come on, calm down, we will be aboard Decimator any minute and we’ll stop that son of a
bitch!”   Zik was moving forward, pushing Elvis backwards as all eyes now turned to the
Draco in the cage. “Didn’t Zlaarissh say that Zleeerothh and the others were still loyal to
that A*&^%$ Zor and that we could not trust them to help us?”  

Elvis was now leaning forward and putting all his weight against the huge arachnid which
was like trying to stop a U.P.S van that was put in neutral from rolling down a hill. “YES,
But as much as we both aint big fans of the reptiles, those ones are not trying to nuke
your brother and I cant let you kill them!  Virgil, do me a favor and please give the Draco
soldiers a memory wipe back to before they arrived at Ice Station Sommo and then beam
them down to Triune # one or Three, Draco occupied territory, we have no use for prisoners
and I wont kill them.”
Zik stop moving as the Draco vanished in a shimmering light. Virgil smiled and snapped
his finger. “ALL DONE, safe and sound and with out a clue.”  Zik was still shaking and
turned all his eyes on Elvis. “WAIT till the Colonel hears you let them go!! You should have
let me decapitate a few of them!” Elvis looked tired and exasperated as he let go of Zik’s
legs and picked his scotch glass up off  of Zik’s inverted “shoulder” area where his front
thigh  portion of his legs meet the massive body.

“Oh I am sure the Colonel heard the whole thing on his watch and he will have plenty to
say-WONT YOU Colonel?’ Cursing and screaming came from the audio of Elvis’s watch.
“You let them God dammed green scaly skinned raw meat eating sons of whores go???!! I
have a good mind to shoot Zlaarissh here in the head right here and now but I guess that
would wrong huh?”  Elvis turned to the cockroach on the floating holo screen and
shrugged. “See what I have to put with?
Well general, you might not want to be heading to Decimator now because we might just
have to make it go BOOM to stop ol Zor from irradiating the planet and making Zik’s
brother glow like a Christmas tree!”  General Malaize managed to look confused despite
not having much of a range of facial features.” A WHAT Tree? Is that like one of those air
freshener things you hang from your rear view mirror? I got one in my shuttle cockpit.
Elvis nodded affirmatively. “Yeah, something like that. Doe’s it make your cockpit smell like
pine trees?”  The cockroach shook its rather gruesome head negatively as its antennae
raised slightly. “No, like puke and garbage of course!”

Elvis: -“Why isn’t it shaped like a garbage can then, why a pine tree?”  
Malaize:- “I don’t know, ask the guys that manufacture them! We get them from big whole
sale store chain like “Spaceways.” It’s owned by some guy named Finklestein. Say, wasn’t
that the name of your talent agent and manager aboard Delapidator?”  ” Elvis spit his
scotch out in a spray (something he rarely if ever did) and coughed several time’s as Zik
patted him on the back with an enormous translucent claw.  The cockroach on the
hovering screen sounded concerned. “You O.k.?” Elvis composed himself and wiped his
face and mouth with a handkerchief from his sport coats pocket and spoke in a hoarse
whisper. “Yeah, sorry, long story. Now where were we?”  The cockroach paused a moment
as he noticed that Elvis’s scotch glass was full again as if by magic, then he cleared his
throat and continued. “Like I was saying before, I appreciate the warning about boarding
Decimator but as much as I am a big fan of self preservation at any cost, Zor is expecting
us and we are too close to Decimator to turn back now with out raising suspicion and I don’
t feel like being caught in a tractor beam or blasted into tiny little pieces that will float
around in the vacuum of space so I will most likely be seeing you aboard. Try and hold off
making Zor’s pride and joy go BOOM till I get off the ship!”   

Elvis nodded and gave Malaize a thumb’s up as he drained his scotch glass the proper way
as Zik’s massive head loomed over his left shoulder with all of his multiple eyes now
focused on the holo screen and Malaize and then the huge spider spoke.  “Hey, General
On behalf of my brother Zek and myself and Elvis here, Thanks!! Guess I still owe you a
flux capacitor.”

The super mutant cockroach belched and then chuckled. “You want to make us even? Tell
Elvis, next time he’s back on earth to   stop at that Katz Delicatessen in New York City and
bring me back a dozen pastrami and rye sandwiches with mustard and some kosher
pickles and Cole slaw on the side!!  Maybe your fancy computer can replicate a year’s
supply of them?”    Elvis turned sideways to look at Zik and with a sly grin and then he
faced Malaize and pointed his finger at him like a gun. “DONE, and  I guess I should not
ask how you know about Katz deli, though  I think  in 21st century New York city a
cockroach the size of a school bus might still turn a few heads.”  General Malaize held up
an appendage to interrupt Elvis. “Sorry Elvis, Major Salmonella just informed me there’s a
small civilian ship, some private yacht of Draco manufacture that just dropped out of warp
and is right ahead of us apparently heading for Decimator! What the Hell a none military
private luxury yacht is doing in a ferocious space battle is anyone’s guess but we are going
to dock behind them and find out, Malaize out!”

The holo screen disappeared as Doctor Sax and Grond walked over by Elvis and Zik as
Virgil faded out. Elvis talked into his watch as he eyed Zik. “Colonel, relax and take a chill
pill.  We need Zlaarissh alive and he is going to help us, CAPISH? You will get to vent your
frustrations on plenty   of Draco in a few minutes, TRUST ME! Now keep your pants on and
I’ll be up front in a minute!”  Elvis turned to Doc Sax and Grond. “Keep an eye on junior
here and the Colonel and I will be back here before we land in one of Decimator’s hanger
bays ( turning again to Zik )  AND You save all that rage for when we get aboard Decimator
and they you can go berserk, O.K.?”  Zik reluctantly nodded his huge head. “PROMISE?”
Elvis rattled the ice cubes in his scotch glass and took another belt. “Cross my heart and
hope to slap the Colonel!”

Drone 113B had been processing all of this and marveling at his new found freedom and
the wonderful feelings of a full stomach and digesting solids ( and expelling them in a
heated bath room with a magazine rack )  and being intoxicated on alcohol and the
pleasure of emitting methane gas from his rectum and the giant green hairy primate had
been challenging him to a contest of who could “fart” the loudest and so far the big ape was
winning but Doctor Sax did not seem pleased by this and kept hitting Grond with his hat
and waving it like a fan and proclaiming. “Good God’s Man!! Walk over to the other side of
the cargo hold if you have to do that and take the little guy with you!”  113B surmised that
not all humanoids liked the olfactory “smell” of farts. He was also filled with questions
about things and fascinated by the appearance of this “holographic computer being” and
he could not contain his questions any more as he held his hand up like a kid in school.
“Mr. Elvis sir may I speak with you?”

Elvis was turning to go but caught himself and put on his best smile. “Sure, little buddy,
But make it quick (glancing at his watch) we are about to board the Decimator in a few
minutes and I will need you and your pals to do what you do best-BUT for OUR side, er MY
side….since I aint really working FOR the Confederation but just sort of helping them out
occasionally, good will and all that.”  The little gray cyborg clone with the large head and
black shiny eye (  and yes, one with a red glowing ocular implant  )  was still clutching the
cup with a straw  in it that the chocolate shake with the booze had been  in as if it was
some kind of  holy  or magical relic or charm.

He got off his bench and leaned his bulbous head back to look up the large bear of a man
that towered over him. “How does your ships computer appear in holographic form when
we are not in your ship?” Elvis looked over at the Professor who had been silent the whole
time, still hand cuffed to his brief case and occasionally stealing glances at Primm’s bosom.
“Professor, you want to take this one? I really got to get up front and make sure the
Colonel doesn’t do something stupid that I am going to regret.”  Professor Krophf nodded
and motioned for the 113B to come over by him but the Gray had one more question for
Elvis. “Sir (holding up his empty cup) can I get one more of these chocolate shakes?”  Elvis
grinned and spoke into his watch. “Chocolate shake, Jim Beam, 190 proof corn liquor,
same cup.” 113B’s empty cup was suddenly full again as the little Gray stared at it, his
little mouth opened wide in amazement and then turned into  his version of a grin.  
As Elvis walked towards the cockpit door he said loudly. “No more until we kick Zor’s ass
and trash Decimator.”

Location:  Draco super dreadnaught class -flag ship- “Decimator” in high orbit of Triune #
two.  High commander Zor of the Draco-Zeta Reticulli alliance contingent and the seventh
fleet, heir to the throne of the star empire and scourge of the Galactic Confederation was
still someone’s “little brother” and that someone was his older sister Princess Vipra, the
apple of their Father, Rex-the emperor’s eye. Vipra was two years older then Zor but she
acted more like his mother. Zor had just received word that his sister’s private luxury yacht
had signaled Decimator to inform Zor that she and her entourage would be docking and
coming aboard. Zor was beside himself.

He sat in his command chair with the very same bloody scimitar still laying a cross his
leather clad and armored knees, the blood having now dried to a sort of rust color. He was
watching the Decimators big guns blasting several C.G Lyran and Plaedian frigates out of
existence as her smaller guns and assault fighters targeted any escape pods that tried to
make a break for the planets atmosphere or the relative safety of the confederation fleet
now scattered about as they engaged the Draco’s seventh fleet. The C.G Plaedian
dreadnaught “Valiant” had just exploded in a blinding fireball when he heard his sisters
grating voice patched over the loud speaker, informing her “little brother” that she was “in
the neighborhood” and would stopping by.
Zor unscrewed the cap on his little bottle of happy pills that Doctor Zeeennz kept
prescribing him and popped a handful in his mouth, washing it down with some mouse
flavored antacid  crap that he spiked with a little brandy to make it bearable. “IN THE
NEIGHBORHOOD??” he growled so the entire bridge crew could hear him and they all
instinctively flinched and tried to make themselves smaller by scrunching down in their
seats. “I AM in the middle of a major F*&%ING WAR HERE, AND SHE JUST HAPPENS TO

Never the less, Zor knew if he ever wanted to sit on the throne and if he wanted to
continue getting carte blanche to run things his way and to keep living his extravagant life
style then he better just let his sister aboard and put up with her drama and theatrics or
she would make sure their father hears her version of things and one of Rex’s illegitimate
bastard son’s might surface and get handed the throne instead! Vipra was not so bad and
at least she was not seeking an empress-ship her self or making his life too difficult. He
begrudgingly waved his clawed hand as a signal to  let her yacht “the shopaholic” dock.
“LET her aboard BUT make sure her yacht docks in G section in hanger 99 with cargo and
supplies and not in Z section! Zlaarissh should be bringing our long awaited prisoners in
any moment and the last thing I need is my very nosy and interfering sister to screw
things up!!”

Minutes later the private yacht “Shopaholic” was safely docked inside hanger bay 99 in G
section and Princess Vipra was making her grand entrance onto the bridge of Decimator.
As Draco females in their prime go, Vipra was to “normal” straight Draco males what
Raquel Welsh in the late twentieth century had been to human earth males. She was a
knock out with curves in all the right places and a sexy colorful crest (longer on females
and different colors then males, reds, blues, turquoise, etc) her claws were painted on her
hands and feet and she wore a red leather gown and lots of gaudy   jewelry that included
golden neck rings on her slender, long neck and silver nose rings and she carried  a little
creature in her arms that resembled a horny toad from  the deserts of the south west
United States on earth.

This was a “Pleeb,” the Draco equivalent to a miniature poodle. Vipra entered the bridge
with two of Zor’s elite security squad and her own body guard, a large male Draco assigned
to her by the Draco’s version of the secret service, the Imperial security ministry, all
dressed in similar fashion, dark leathers and armored body plating (even 99% of their tails
were sheathed in light weight protective armor and leather) with her personal secretary, a
young Draco male in a dark blue leather suit, carrying a brief case and info pad.  The
bridge crew of about an even ratio of male to female all snuck glances at the Princess as
she swept dramatically around the bridge with her security detail and assistant all  
hurrying to keep up with her as Zor sat fuming and tapping his sharpened toe claws on
the metal plating of the bridges floor.
“Zor, my darling little brother, give us a kiss!” Vipra leaned forward next to Zor’s command
chair (noting that he would not stand up and give her a hug) and they touched the end of
their snouts together with Zor dutifully hissing a guttural greeting that was more sound
then meaningful word and lost in Draco antiquity and a left over from millions of years of
reptilian evolution and passed on behavioral protocols   between family members. Zor held
a clawed hand up to silence  any further greetings and small talk as he  shot her daggers
with his huge seemingly unblinking raptors eyes. “You don’t call, you don’t write, you
don’t email for months and then you JUST show up NOW? Vipra , dear, its not that I don’t
love you (eyeing her “Pleeb” with distaste and loathing as it barked and hissed as she held
it close to Zor)  

“But if you noticed, I am sort of in the middle of something!! (Pointing to the main view
screen that illuminated the already bright bridge with the glare from exploding ships and
plasma and laser fire and charges)     It’s called a WAR WITH THE FRIGGING GALACTIC
CONFEDERATION!!  And right NOW, you  may have noticed as you dropped out of warp
and  docked in Hanger 99 that there was a FRIGGING ALL OUT SPACE BATTLE BETWEEN
THE GREAT MOTHER SERPENT OF US ALL did you not get BLASTED into smithereens or
captured by the Confederation!!! I AM EXPECTING SOME important guests and also some
important prisoners aboard any minute and your timing could not have been worse!!

I know you too well to know that this is not just a social call and family reunion, THERE
your allowance and you need to borrow some money? OR You want an ex husband to
disappear? ” Just then Zor’s young female adjutant, Zlaash, came onto the bridge through
the swishing double doors and bowed before Vipra and Zor. “Pardon my interruption High
commander and Lady Vipra, but the stolen C.G Lyran shuttle and the General Malaize’s
shuttle have both docked in Z section in hanger bay 117. Draco sensors did not detect
Elvis Mellon’s cloaked ship, “Visigoth,” trailing right behind the Pulsar 9 and now tailing
the Decimator.

Thanks to Virgil’s superior technology, when Decimator scanned the stolen C.G Lyran
cargo shuttle to make sure there was no deception and their readings showed a majority of
Draco and Gray cyborg clone life signs, armed and in control and several humanoid life
signs identified as Elvis Mellon, Colonel T.P Sommo, Doctor Sax, Professor Krophf   and
Grond. According to Draco sensor sweeps, all were in heavy chains and unarmed with
Zlaarissh piloting the shuttle.  (That much was true)  And as this data streamed on several
vid screens above the bridges security station to the right of Zor with an image of Zlaarissh
in the shuttles cockpit, Vipra let out a yelp and a growl and tapping Zor on his armored
shoulder pad she said in her most voluptuous voice. “Oooh, who’s that cutie pie?”
Zor gave her a sickened and exasperated look. “Down girl, No fraternizing with the help.
Where is your current husband “what’s his name” anyway?” Vipra let out a laugh that was
more witches cackle then giggle. “Which one?  I divorced number three months ago.”
Zor rolled his eyes and shot a quick look at his young adjutant. “Inform General Malaize I
will meet him on the hanger deck where his shuttle is docked when I have dealt with the
prisoners.” He turned a big toothy grin towards his sister. “Well, your gold digging and
fishing will have to wait while I execute some of our biggest enemies and keep our Dad the
emperor happy and the pay checks trust fund checks rolling in. I hope you brought an
appetite for raw humans!”  Vipra lowered her voice and leaned in close to Zor. “That’s what
I wanted to tell you, I think I am becoming a vegetarian.”   

To be continued….
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