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Location; Hexarus Triune star system -   ICE STATION SOMMO  in  orbit of Triune # 2-    
Central Dome # 2 Command center.

The unnamed and inhospitable asteroid/planetoid that had become known as Ice Station
Sommo, named for the lonely outpost that was located there which served as an observation
and listening post for the Galactic Confederation, was making its closest orbit to Triune #
two, the front for what was becoming one of the bloodiest battles in the ongoing war
between the Draco star empire alliance and the confederation. One hundred mile an hour
winds howled and drove sheets of glittering snow and ice showers around the shimmering
force shields of the three domed station as Elvis Mellon’s scout ship/shuttle, “Viking,” sat
unmanned on the outer landing pad. Viking might have been technically unmanned by any
organic biological entities but it was not unoccupied. Like its mother ship, Visigoth, Viking
had as its central computer and “brain,” a subroutine of Virgil that was in essence  the same
as the artificial  intelligence on Visigoth and that “sentience” was actually  in two places (  
and more )  at once.

Virgil vigilantly maintained constant sensor sweeps, sifted through all intercepted
transmissions/data streams/scanned the surrounding environs of not only the ice ball the
station was on but the surrounding asteroid fields, planets, star system, etc. Virgil knew the
heart rate and body temperature of the Yarmaw’s that prowled the ice fields around the
outpost and that of the prey they stalked in this frigid, barren world. “He” also  
simultaneously sifted through and listened to every transmission from every ship in the
surrounding ten parsecs as well as monitoring communications and life signs from Elvis
Mellon and his crew, and any thing living or artificial on Visigoth, Pulsar 9, the station, etc.
Virgil also transmitted any pertinent data to Mr. Smokey’s  collar/”watch” that in turn fed a
steady stream of data to a tiny chip implanted in the cats cerebral cortex that the  cat could
turn  on and off  as needed.
Smokey served as far more then just Elvis Mellon’s “pet,” personal mascot and secretary.
The cat and Virgil shared a special relationship as a sort of management team for Elvis and
his various “enterprises.”

Virgil and Smokey had ended up displacing Elvis’s first manager, Vinnie Finkelstein and
though Elvis had tried to assure Mr. Finklestein that he had an important place in Elvis
Mellon’s crew and still retained the honorary title of manager and the respect and rank that
came with it, Vinnie had taken things the wrong way and had felt betrayed, abandoned and
felt insulted that he was being replaced by a computer and a talking cat. Vinnie having also
been an expatriate of earth and at the time of his “alien abduction” by the Grays he was an
ex Vaudeville comedian turned talent agent to the stars, being plucked from Milwaukee in
1964 after thirty years plus in the business, the fact that the cat sounded just like a former
client of his, Paul Lynde, just added insult to injury. Vinnie had struck out on his own and
had left in a huff, informing Elvis that he and his crew had not seen or heard the last from
Vinnie Finklestein, but more then several years had past
And no one had heard a peep out the former agent and manager.

Elvis Mellon’s current manager   sat in Colonel T.P Sommo’s command chair in the center of
Ice station Sommo’s “nerve center,”   monitoring several data streams at once along with real
time images of events unfolding on Triune # 2. Actually he sat on Lt. Lightner’s lap as SHE
sat in the command chair.   Though the cat  was technically a civilian he had been left in
charge of the station by the colonel  and Elvis Mellon as his I.Q made even Professor Krophf’
s android son, “Voltaire, ” seem like a dottarding idiot and Voltaire was one of the brightest
“minds” - artificial or not, in the whole Galactic Confederation save perhaps his “Father,” the
professor. The C.G station personnel survivors that comprised the skeleton crew that was
left behind to run things were mainly humanoid with about an equal mix of ex patriot Earth
humans and C.G military Special Forces answering to the insectoid Mantis Sgt. Who in turn
took orders from the cat.

The humanoids and Mantis had no problems with this chain of command but even those
used to working along side of very different life forms then their own, which of course
included the Mantis Sgt. And C.G personnel, all had one thing in common; They may have
encountered or read about humanoid/feline species or feline like sentient races in this vast
galaxy and particular universe, but none of them had encountered a seemingly  ordinary,
four legged “Earth” domesticated “House cat” that not only spoke but was their intellectual
superior.  Lt. Lightner, private Keppler and the other's   that had been recruited by the
colonel from earth had seen and experienced a lot of strange things in the last several years
but taking orders from a big “Russian blue” tom cat that wore eye glasses and had a very
dry sense of humor when not talking about his admiration for William F Buckley was
definitely in the top ten of strangeness.

Somehow working along side a gigantic sentient insect the size of a mid seventies Cadillac
seemed perfectly normal compared to a talking cat that often made them feel like cave men
and women. Smokey found it amusing that humans were so easily manipulated into doing
what he wanted and all he had to do was purr and do what typical domestic cats do, rub
against their legs, lay on his back with his legs spread as an invitation to scratch his belly,
meow coyly a few times and they were putty in his paws.  Suckering Lieutenant Lightner
into sitting in the command chair and letting him sit in her lap and getting his chin
scratched had been simple enough for the rather devious feline. Smokey liked humans and
had grown up around them back home on one of the artificial worlds contained in the
gigantic bio domes of the massive “world ark ship,” Tellepharon.

He had bonded with Elvis Mellon  when  he was a kitten and he liked Elvis because he  
treated him like an equal but still  fawned over him and petted him and Elvis knew when to  
treat him like a pet and when not to. Smokey was almost in a trance from Lt. Lightners
ministrations when the sound of Voltaire’s rather high pitched electronically tinged voice
snapped him out of it. “Smokey, direct your attention to the main holo screen please.”
Smokey extended his claws ever so slightly into Lt. Lightner’s thighs to signal her to stop
scratching his neck and head as he straightened up and looked up at the screen. “What am
I looking for other then a raging battle with both sides throwing everything they have at
each other?”

Voltaire sat at a work station/console to Smokey’s right with his silver fingers flying over the
data pads in a blur as he manipulated the stations advanced optical computer interface with
its massive telescope array to close in on activity on the Draco alliance side of the battle
lines on Triune # 2.  Voltaire’s glowing green eyes flashed as he turned his head for a
moment towards the cat. “ Lubricator activity, up till now they have been serving as back up
to the Draco/Yarn advance and trailing behind the super mutant cockroaches and slime
but now they are sending wave after wave of reinforcements and swarming around the
mining operation’s in the foot hills of the front range of mountains north of the Draco
alliance front line. This coincides with chatter I have been picking up on Lubricator
transmissions coded in their own special robotic language that Father (the professor) and I
cracked several years ago.” Smokey nodded. “Yes, Virgil has  been sending me this data, it
seems the Lubricators have the cockroaches ships bugged  just as the cockroaches have the
bridge of the Decimator bugged and  the Lubricators have discovered that the Draco have
been keeping secrets from them in regards to a huge reserve of crude oil below the ore and
mineral deposits on Triune # two!”  

Smokey jumped up onto one of the arm rest’s of the command chair which was Lt. Lightner’
s cue to get up and return to her post at one of the work stations. She did so and Smokey
sat back (cat style) on the chair and paused to let Voltaire speak. He noted that the android
had a jack interface running from the back of his neck into an input on the computer
console, he was directly accessing the stations   advanced central computer core, also
designed by Professor Krophf, the latest and most technologically advanced systems he had
built for the Galactic Confederation.
The cat respected the professors genius and his creations but Virgil’s -“Cybernetic children
of the Ascendant” technology was faster and more advanced then anything in the known
universe and Smokey was accessing this data from Virgil before Voltaire could assimilate it,
formulate it into standard C.G language and speak it but he kept that to himself and let the
android speak since he knew Professor Krophf programmed Voltaire with human emotions
like pride, arrogance, self esteem, etc, and the cat did not want to hurt the androids feelings
which  was a bit ironic in itself but  the feline could appreciate these emotions and excelled
in them himself so he kept his mouth shut in that regards and just limited his part in the
conversation to.   “You were saying, Voltaire?”  

The humanoid and insectoid  station personnel went  about their business of monitoring
the station’s power functions, defense perimeters, the telescope array, etc, and listening to
the exchange between the cat and the android with certain awe and fascination as Voltaire’s
metallic sounding electronically “tinged” voice rang out over the hum of the stations life
support and computers. “Well, obviously the Draco do not  have much use for oil unless
they are going to sell it to some backwards semi barbaric industrial civilization like Earth or
the like. I must assume they intended keep the knowledge of this oil reserve secret from the
Lubricators with the intentions of processing it and selling it to them or offering it in some
kind of a trade agreement that would give the reptilians the upper hand in their alliance
with the mechanoids in question though logic would dictate that the Lubricators with their
own special blend of adapted and cannibalized technology from almost every advanced and
semi advanced star civilization and race in this and surrounding galaxies would have surely
detected the oil reserves themselves in their initial scans since their alliance with the Draco
like that of the super mutant cockroaches and slime is based on a certain amount of
deception and  founded on mistrust and greed.

Smokey nodded his head as he continued to watch the central view screen as close up
images showed  scenes of devastating carnage  that included    huge swarms of Mantis
engaged in dog fights with Draco built atmospheric and star fighters piloted by Gray cyborg
clones and  special squadrons  of Draco elite, the cream of the crop of Draco “Top gun”  
pilots who’s small but deadly looking assault craft were designated by black paint jobs with
the familiar red claw clutching a planet painted a lighter shade of crimson.   Wave’s  of  
Mantis troop transports continued to descend from huge carriers hovering in the upper
atmosphere as continuing waves of Draco transports landed as well.

Galactic Confederation fighters of every variety were flying support for the Mantis, the skies
above the battle ground were filled with explosions, green, orange, yellow, red energy and
plasma bolts, tracers and ground ordinance launched from batteries of gun emplacements
on both sides, swirling black and gray smoke from crashing and out of control fighters
exploding into the battle grounds crawling with troops, Draco and C.G alike. Bodies and
wreckage, some   smoldering and burnt, lay every where as Zek, the crystalline blue spider
led a huge platoon of Mantis, humanoid and non humanoid C.G ground troops against
divisions of super mutant cockroaches with mounted lazer cannon’s on their shells, some
manned by Draco foot soldiers and Gray cyborg clones. Zek tore through cockroach and
Draco soldiers like they were rag dolls as  laser beams and bolts bounced   harmlessly  off of
him or refracting back at the enemy as he decapitated cockroaches and Draco alike, leaving
a wake of  destruction and corpses behind him as  Mantis’s crawled or flew behind him
finishing off anyone (  or thing )  left alive.

C.G   battle bots fought with Lubricators in robotic wrestling matches to the “Death.”  The
Lubricators attempting to rebuild themselves or repair any damage by assimilating the
wreckage of their vanquished foes found that some of the C.G battle bots now carried small
destructive charges that blasted them to smithereens too small and thoroughly destroyed to
do any good, it was a type of robot suicide bombing that took out Lubricators as well as
battle bots. Many of the Lubricators were now streaming towards the foot hills behind the
Draco alliance lines and turning their backs on the battle.

Huge ship sized Lubricators were landing from hovering Lubricator transport/collective
carriers bristling with what looked like drills, digging equipment and other mining
implements in the foot hills near the entrance to the mines and firing on any Draco guard’s
that attempted to stop them. Smokey found this of special interest that the Lubricators
were starting to turn on their allies.  The cat found it would have been difficult to focus ones
eyes on any particular image on the central holo screen because there was so much
movement. Every square foot of ground space and air was filled with action and movement,
the constant motion of organic and in organic life, flames, explosions, machinery,
projectiles, lazer fire, plasma bolts, smoke, dust, flying debris, shrapnel, etc, except that the
screen featured superimposed graphics such as glowing red or bright green circles, squares,
dotted or solid, with arrows to focus in on a particular area of movement in real time.

Smokey was receiving a steady stream of data from Virgil who was also observing every thing
going on concerning the planet of Triune # 2 as well as the other two sister worlds and
space fleets. Smokey turned his head slightly towards Voltaire with out taking his eyes off
the screen. “Virgil is monitoring Lubricator chatter as well and  from what he can gather,
the Draco must have found away to mask the oil reserves from the Lubricator sensors but
now that the Lubricators are aware of it they have fine tuned their sensor sweeps and have
pin pointed its location. They are also aware of Zor’s plan to nuke the planet and they are
none to happy about that.”  Sgt. Sssszzivicck who had been quietly manning her post and
wishing she could be on the shuttle with the colonel and Elvis Mellon and the others, could
no longer keep quite as her sharpened claw tips clicked on the touch pads of her console.
“Pardon me for interrupting sirs, but if the Lubricators were listening into the super mutant
cockroach transmissions about bugging Zor’s bridge and all the Intel they received from
doing that, wouldn’t they know about Elvis Mellon’s Trojan horse plan with the Pulsar 9
shuttle? Who is to say that the Lubricators have not informed Zor of the deception? Elvis
and the Colonel could be walking into a trap!”

Smokey took his eyes off the screen to turn around in his chair and look directly at the
large insectoid. “I appreciate your concern Sergeant, however, according to the latest
Lubricator chatter on their scrambled, coded frequencies, they now feel betrayed by Zor and
the Draco star empire and they want that oil above all else, INCLUDING any alliance with
the Draco. They have no great love for Elvis Mellon or the confederation but at this point
they hope he succeeds in stopping Zor from nuking the planet and they are prepared to fire
upon the Decimator and risk breaking the alliance to stop their precious new supply of oil
from getting destroyed or irradiated.”
Voltaire swiveled his silver head back and fourth from Smokey to Sgt. Sssszzivicck as he
added his two cents to the cats latest update on the Lubricators intentions. “According to
what      I just picked up from their latest transmissions, orders have come from Alph. The
leader and creator of all current Lubricators, Alph, (  Short for ALPHA, the First –Lubricator
)   Is ordering them to start drilling NOW, and to transport the oil to their tanker ships
which are en route to Hexarus Triune as we speak. Alph has ordered them to blast and drill
down through the mines and to destroy or “render inert” anyone or anything that attempts
to stop them, Confederation OR Draco alliance.”

The cat stood up, his tail twitching as cats do when they are annoyed or stressed and then
he sighed and adjusted his glasses with his paw. “And the problem with that is the only way
Virgil and I could entice the Mantis to enter the war as more then just support staff and
observers, and to send lots of troops, was to tell them we would cut them in  on a share of
the mining rights and a share in not just the profits but a good portion of the ores and
minerals. The Confederation high council was grateful that Virgil intervened and brought
the Mantis in but now that he has told them the Mantis are in for a third or more, they are
not to happy about it and pissed at Elvis for letting HIS “ship’s computer” interfere and to
make deals on their behalf with out consulting them first.
Voltaire:- “Have you told Elvis any  of this yet?”

Smokey:- “No, and Pulsar 9 is about to make its final approach to enter the Decimator’s  
hangar bay 117 in Z section , I am not sure if I should bother him with this now.”
Virgil (disembodied voice suddenly speaking from “thin air”….)
“You or I should inform him of this latest turn of events concerning the Lubricators as he
and his team are about to face down Zor and over fifteen hundred Draco and that’s just the
ships crew with out even including the auxiliary legions of Draco shock troops and Gray
Cyborg clone’s and Draco death bots, and I am of course monitoring Zor’s bridge myself and
he plan’s on launching the nukes to coincide with Elvis being dragged in chains to Zor’s
feet and executed. Not to mention that his sister, Princess Vipra just paid him an
unexpected visit and dropped a major bomb shell on Zor and his blood pressure is through
the proverbial roof!”

Location:  Hexarus Triune star system -     Draco flag ship- super dreadnaught- “The
Decimator”- in high orbit of Triune # 2-   On the main bridge.

Once again the (latest) bridge crew was/were collectively flinching and bracing themselves
for certain death while praying to the great mother serpent that they would live to see
another day. They had just heard their leader and heir to the throne, High Commander, Zor
,  of the Zeta Reticulli  contingency  of Draco and Gray cyborg clones, commanding the 7th
fleet of the Draco star armada, gasp as his sister, Princess Vipra,  of the royal  house of Rex,
informed  her brother that she was a vegetarian (  the equivalent of a human  on Earth
telling  his or her family  they want a sex change or they're  a Satanist ) and they all knew
the look in Zor’s eyes, ( the one that  just  came a  cross them )  all too well. Other then the
background hum of the ships massive engines, the air recycler's, computer stations, etc,
and   the live rodent’s squealing in Zor’s “snack” basket attached to the left arm pad of his
chair, you could hear a pin drop.  Princess Vipra stood defiantly in front of her brother,
clutching her now growling Pleeb as her body guards and personal assistant made like
statues and tried to blend in with the back ground. Zor for his part just glared at her, his
already large yellow orbed eyes growing larger and the tiny blood vessel's in them  seemed  
to twitch and double in size.

The tension on the bridge was palpable and thick and Vipra’s painted toe claws dug into the
metal floor plating of the bridge causing an audible squeaking sound as she mentally
prepared herself for her brothers inevitable hysterics but to her surprise he turned his
withering gaze away from her, shooting her Pleeb another baleful look of disdain and
loathing and then his great eyelids slid down as he tiredly lowered his head as a clawed
hand rubbed his forehead to sooth his tension headache. “Your timing really stinks, you
know that?
I have waited for the  moment of my chief nemesis’s capture for years now  and I  just  found
out I have gotten the added bonus of  not only Elvis Mellon but also the pleasure of getting
to execute Doctor Sax and that other thorn in my side,  that maniac Colonel T.P Sommo
and some of their rabble of a crew and  I am in the process of putting an end to this conflict
by  nuking the shit out of that dammed planet and that frigging rampaging spider and all
PUBLICALLY IN FRONT OF MY CREW?” Zor dropped his head into his clawed hands and he
would have curled up into a fetal position if he did not have several pressing engagements
to take care of.         

Vipra put her Pleeb down on the floor to let it run around and nip at the ankles of her
entourage and the bridge crew as she glowered at her brother and smacked him a cross his
toothy  snout. “There is NOTHING wrong with being a vegetarian and it’s a genetic thing not
like we just chose it!!  It must have skipped you and Dad and everyone else in the family
but me.” Zor jumped up and out of his chair and the “scrunching” sound of his leather and
Battle armor sent Vipra’s little Pleeb into a hysterical frenzy of barking and yelping as Zor
paced back and fourth in front of Vipra and  swung his scimitar around  like a Samurai  
sword master.

“Silence that “THING” or I will chop it into little pieces!!! I DON’T HAVE TIME to discuss your
weirdo predilections or latest drama’s!!!!  THAT DAMMED SHUTTLE IS ABOUT TO DOCK
AND A BUNCH OF BUGS TO NUKE!!  What’s the up shot of your visit, Money?  Has Dad cut
you off? SPEAK!!!!!!”   Vipra scooped up  her Pleeb and cradled it like a baby as her
entourage of body guards and her personal assistant stood as stiff as boards as they
nervously eyed Zor’s sword play. Vipra put on her best expression of coyness and humility
(which was not easy to do with the limited range of reptilian facial expressions.)  

“I would rather tell you in private; it’s complicated and rather personal.”  Zor looked like his
head was going to explode as his sword swung dangerously close to Vipra’s young male
personal secretary and the clattering of his claws on the metal floor plating gave away his
nervousness and terror. Zor turned his icy gaze to his sister and put his snout close to hers,
so close she could feel his hot breath on her and the loud and rapid sound of his breathing
was an indication that he was in a very dangerous mood right now. “OH, NOW you want
privacy?  You just shared with my whole bridge crew –WHICH of course means the whole
SHIP, a Major skeleton in your closet and NOW you want privacy???  FINE, BUT IT WILL
HAVE TO WAIT!!! This is the battle bridge of a war ship and we are WAR!!!  My adjutant will
show you and your men and that rug ratazoid to your guest quarters, NOW GET OFF MY

Location: Stolen C.G Lyran cargo shuttle “Pulsar 9” rapidly approaching the “star board”
side of Decimator.  Elvis Mellon was once again sitting up front in the Pulsar 9’s cockpit
with Colonel T.P Sommo and First cohort Zlaarissh as the rest of the impromptu “assault
team” were crowded around the open hatch way door that led from the cockpit into the
cargo bay. Veracose Primm and Professor Krophf stood inside the cockpit behind Elvis and
the colonel’s seats (Zlaarissh and the colonel sat to the left of the door, Elvis to the right)
and Doc Sax leaned in the doorway with Grond and the Gray cyborg clones crowded behind
him, all watching the Decimator looming ahead and seeming to grow larger as they rapidly
approached its star board side. The Decimator like its sister ships, “The Unforgiven,” and
“The Doomsayer,” was the pride of the Draco fleet.

It could hold a 21st century Earth U.S Nimitz class nuclear air craft carrier in one of its
smaller hanger bays, it reminded Elvis Mellon and the colonel of a cross between an
imperial destroyer from Star Wars and one of the big “Neg-Var” Klingon war ships from Star
Trek the Next generation but when Elvis mentioned as much only the colonel got it and
they got a chorus of “WHAT?  From WHAT?”  The Decimator looked like it was carved from
black ice, it was a floating monument to death and destruction, armed to the teeth and
bristling with   super weapons of every variety, huge gun emplacements, projectile cannon’
s, laser cannons, rows of nuclear war heads, neutron bombs, plasma cannon’s, tractor
beams, cutting tools for breaching star ship hulls,  if not for it’s sparse running lights  and
shimmering force shields it almost blended in with the blackness of the space, blotting out
the star field like a sinister shadow.  Its lights were mainly for its gigantic and well lit
hanger bays that were marked by blinking yellow and red lights with their blast doors open,
protected from the cold vacuum of space by force shields. Zik could be heard pacing back
and fourth rather dejectedly in the cargo bay, muttering to himself and cursing and
occasionally stomping his claws on the hard metal floors.  Zlaarissh was gripping the
controls and seemed a bit distracted by Zik’s clattering and muttering in the back. “Is he O.
K back there? We don’t need him freaking out.”  Elvis gave him a side ways glance and met
the colonel’s eyes for a second, grinning. “Oh, actually WE DO want him freaking out; it’s all
part of the plan.”  

Professor Krophf leaned forward so Elvis could hear him above the ships engines, cockpit
sounds and Zik’s tantrums. “Oh, GOOD, SO there IS a plan? From past experience I seem
to recall you like to sort of wing it and make it up as you go along.”  Veracose Primm was
following all of this and hoping she made the right decision to come along, her earlier rage
and enthusiasm were starting to wane a bit as she realized she may  be on a suicide
mission with  a bunch  of lunatics. The colonel vocalized what was on her and every one else’
s mind’s before Ms. Primm could say it. “So let’s hear your master plan there buddy!"
Elvis made like he was checking to see that his sneaker laces were tied and cleared his
throat. “Well, I don’t have a plan per say, that is, umm, other then having gotten Zik really
wound up and pissed off and letting him loose on the ship and then we all, with our new
ally and guide here (gesturing to Zlaarissh) and our little buddies behind me, shoot our way
to the nearest access for the ship’s main computer and get the professor and Ms Primm to
get control of the ships systems and ….you know….”  (The professor cut him off) “IN other
words, YOU’RE making it up as you go along…….”  Elvis turned his large frame in the seat
to look back at the professor. “Yup, making it up as I go along!! RELAX, what can go wrong?”

Back on the bridge of the Decimator Zor watched the main holo screen as the Pulsar 9
entered the gigantic hanger bay of 117 in Z section where Hemroidicus Buurrnzz science
vessel had previously been docked and where the demonstration of the Yarn’s capabilities
as bio weapons had been shown to members of the Draco high command and the super
mutant cockroaches. General Malaize’s shuttle was now docked in the science vessel’s spot
and there were still several Yarn’s in cages that Hemroidicus Buurrnzz in his hastiness to
escape Zor’s wrath had left behind.  Fleet Admiral Zaarrgh and General Zleerg had joined
their high commander on the bridge to watch this triumphant moment. In a matter of
minutes Elvis Mellon, Doctor Sax, Colonel T.P Sommo and the other rabble would be
dragged in chains up to the bridge to watch Triune # 2 get nuked into oblivion and then
they would be executed, most likely by Zor himself.

They watched in silence as the bulky off white shuttle landed in the spot Draco ground crew
had directed it to.  The cockroach general along with his aide and guards waited by their
shuttle as instructed by Zor, the roar of the caged Yarn’s could be heard over the powering
down of Pulsar 9’s engines as two legions of Draco  shock troops stood at attention, armed
to the teeth, awaiting their prisoners. Decimator’s advanced sensor sweeps showed Elvis
and his companions in chains in the cargo hold, guarded by Zlaarissh’s team of Draco and
Gray cyborg clones. Zor leaned forward in his command chair, still clutching his scimitar
and looked to his two subordinates. “Mark this day in your calendars gentlemen, Elvis
Mellon and his band of scum have been trapped like the rats they are and soon they will
trouble us no more.”
In the huge hangar bay the Pulsar 9’s cargo doors started to slide open on its port side as
Zor’s elite shock troops took a step in unison towards the extending landing ramp and
aimed their blaster rifles at the opening. Zor watched from the safety of his bridge,
expecting Zlaarissh to come walking down the ramp with his prisoners in tow but instead
what Zor saw took him  and his shock troops by total surprise; a gigantic violet hued
crystalline spider came rampaging down the ramp and tearing into the shock troopers
before they could even fire a shot………To be continued
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